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WALKTHROUGH SUBMITTED BY: Derrek Silvas at [email protected]
Here is all of the things that you need to buy,complete,collect,and rob to get 100% 

*complete all main story missions
*complete all extra missions
*complete all odd job [email protected]
*find and complete all 35 [email protected]
*find and jump all 36 unique stunt [email protected]
*collect all 100 hidden [email protected]
*purchase all 15 [email protected]
*rob all 15 [email protected]

Some of this stuff I have submited a walkthrough for like the locations of all 15 
stores to rob,the locations of all 15 properties,the locations of all 100 hidden 
packeges,the locations of all 36 unique stunt jumps,the locations of all 35 
rampages,and the locations of all the odd jobs and a mini walkthrough of each one.  
Ones that have a @ symbol at the end of them I have a walkthrough for.  (I will be 
updating some of them to make it eaiser to understand).  This is all the stuff that 
you MUST DO in order to get 100% completion.  When you complete 100% of the game you 
get 200% max health and 200% max body armor, all vehicles get double health, you get 
a frankie outfit delivered to vercetti estates (your mansion) which says "i 
completed vice city and all i got was this lousey t-shirt", you get unlimited ammo 
for all guns, and I've heared that you get two henchmen that follow you around and 
shoot anything that you shoot at including people but I haven't found them yet so if 
you don't find them then don't think i'm lieing to you but if you find them or know 
where they are then E-mail me and tell me because I can't find them.  I hope that 
this or any other walkthroughs helped you and if you need any help then E-mail me, 
my E-mail address is at the top of this walkthrough.  If I didn't help you with my 
walkthroughs or couldn't help you then sorry and good luck with what you need help 
with.  If you have troubal getting 100% completion or have done everything and don't 
have 100% then E-mail me and I'll try to help you.

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