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This is a walkthrough for all of the possible upgrades in the Minish Cap. Some 
upgrades come different ways like Kinstone Fusions for instance.

BOOMERANG- Buy the Boomerang at the Rupee Shop in Hyrule Town for 300 Rupees
MAGIC BOOMERANG- You must fuse Kinstones with all the Tingle Siblings 
throughout Hyrule. Tingle is located in South Hyrule Field. Get to him by using 
the Cane of Pacci in the hole on the east side of the field. Talk to him and 
fuse Kinstones with him. Talk to him again and he will ask you to find all his 
brothers so something good will happen. Ankle is located in Lon Lon Ranch. Get 
to him after unlocking Talon and Malon's house by going in the small cave just 
north of Talon and Malon's house. Move the giant block and climb the ladder and 
fuse with him. David Jr. is located in Lake Hylia. He is just south of Rem's 
house. Fuse with him too. Knuckle is located in the Trilby Highlands. Get to 
him after obtaining the Mole Mites. Use the mitts on a cave just north of where 
you enter Mount Crenel's Base. All these fusions will make secret caves in 
trees appear in North Hyrule Field. Enter the cave and press the switches to 
make another ladder appear. Climb down the ladder to the large chest with the 
Magic Boomerang.

BOMBS- After beating the Deepwood Shrine, visit the small mushroom house near 
the portal outside of elder Gentari's house. He gives you a Bomb Bag
BOMB BAG #1- When climbing the Mount Crenel wall, use a bomb on the wall to the 
east side of the wall. This makes a cave appear with a Great Fairy. Throw a 
bomb into the spring to make her appear. Choose "neither" and she gives you and 
upgrade. This gives you 30 Bombs.
BOMB BAG #2- Buy a bag from Rem for 600 Rupees. This gives you 60 bombs.
BOMB BAG #3- Fuse Kinstones with Belari (the Minish who gave you bombs) to make 
a chest appear outside the Fortress of Winds. Open the chest for a bomb bag. 
This gives you 99 Bombs.
REMOTE BOMBS- Fuse Kinstones with Elder Gentari after beating the Temple of 
Droplets to have Belari make Remote Bombs. These allow you to detonate the 
Bombs whenever you want to.

BOW AND ARROW- You can find the Bow in Castor Wilds in a Minish cave. You have 
to battle several Mulldozers.
QUIVER #1- Purchase this from Rem’s shop for 600 Rupees. This allows you to 
hold 50 arrows.
QUIVER #2- Fuse Kinstones with a Minish in the Wind Ruins near the first Minish 
portal. Drop down into his house to make a beanstalk appear to the east in the 
Wind Ruins. Climb it to find the quiver at the top. This lets you hold 70 
QUIVER #3- Use a bomb right at the entrance of the Royal Valley to find a great 
fairy. Answer all of her questions. The answers are no, no, yes, no, and no. 
She will give you another quiver to hold 99 arrows.
LIGHT ARROW- You must fuse a Red Kinstone with Stranger in the yellow roofed 
house in Hyrule Town early in the game. This makes a portal appear in South 
Hyrule Field. Run over to it to warp to a place you haven’t seen before. Walk 
up a flight or so of stairs to find an old man with a blue ghost swirling 
around him. Suck the ghost up with the Gust Jar to rid him of it. Talk to the 
man to get a reward. Later in the game you will return to this place as it is 
on the Cloud Tops. Talk to the man when you return and he gives you the Light 

WALLET- You start the game with a wallet that holds 100 Rupees
WALLET #1- Buy this one from Rem for 80 Rupees. This allows you to hold 200 
WALLET #2- After getting the Cane of Pacci, use it on a hole in the Eastern 
Hills to get on a ledge that leads into the Minish Woods. Go in the tree and 
talk to the Great Fairy. Agree to throw in all your Rupees and she gives you 
another wallet to hold 500 Rupees.
WALLET #3- Fuse Kinstones with Mayor Hagen in Hyrule Town to have a patch of 
water clear in Lon Lon Ranch. Walk down the stairs to find a large chest with a 
wallet that holds 999 Rupees.

SMALL SHIELD- At the very beginning of the game, Princess Zelda wins a drawing 
in Hyrule Town. She picks the shield and gives it to you to keep. It is the 
first item of the game. You can also buy one at Rem’s store for 30 Rupees. I 
don’t know show someone could possibly lose one though . . .
MIRROR SHIELD- To get this amazing shield, you must do several things. After 
you obtain the Four Sword and get the final bottle inside the Goron cave in Lon 
Lon Ranch, fuse Kinstones with the Goron standing to the far right. This makes 
a giant Goron appear at Veil Falls. You can talk to him, but he says to come 
back after you accomplish a major feat. This “major feat” is beating the game. 
Go once and defeat Vaati, then return back to the Goron at Veil Falls. He 
notices your Small Shield, and since Gorons eat that type of metal, he asks to 
eat it. Allow him to eat it. You will now have no shield. For this to work, you 
cannot go to the store and buy one. Now go beat Vaati again without a shield. 
After beating the game again, so and talk to the large Goron and he spits out 
the Mirror Shield. After you get it and think it is crap, block and Octorok’s 
rock that he fires at you and see what happens.

SMITH‘S SWORD- This is the first sword that is given to you by Smith after 
Vaati turns Zelda to stone. It is small and weak, but it does the job for now.
WHITE SWORD- This is the sword after Melari forges the Picori Blade back to 
normal. It deals better damage than the Smith’s Sword.
WHITE SWORD (TWO ELEMENTS)- This is the sword after you fuse the Earth Element 
and the Fire Element into the White Sword at the Elemental Sanctuary. This 
sword allows you to split into two Links!
WHITE SWORD (THREE ELEMENTS)- This is the sword with the Earth, Fire, and Water 
Elements infused in it after you sneak into the Elemental Sanctuary. You can 
now summon three Links!
FOUR SWORD- After you obtain the Wind Element, return to the Elemental 
Sanctuary and fuse in the Element. This gives you the golden Four Sword. Now 
you can summon four Links and do a spin attack to fire a beam that turn people 
that are stone, back to normal. This is the strongest sword in the game.

BOTTLE #1- The first bottle is required to beat the game. Go down the ladder in 
the north part of the Trilby Highlands and bomb the wall to the right to find a 
Business Scrub. Block his nut and buy the bottle from him for 20 Rupees.
BOTTLE #2- Fuse Kinstones with Smith after the Cave of Flames to make a chest 
appear in the Eastern Hills. Open it for a bottle.
BOTTLE #3- Turn Minish in the Milk Bar in Hyrule Town and climb up next to the 
book case to climb across the rafter to go into Rem’s store as a Minish. Grow 
back to normal size and pick up the bottle. He says its not for sale and that 
it is his dog food. He asks you to give it to his dog in Lake Hylia. Go over to 
his house in Lake Hylia and dump in the food. You get to keep the bottle.
BOTTLE #4- Summon all of the Gorons to the cave in Lon Lon Ranch by way of 
Mysterious Walls Kinstone fusions and a farmer Kinstone fusion. This allows 
them to punch through the walls all the way to a large chest with a bottle.

GRIP RING- Buy this from the Business Scrub on Mount Crenel for 40 Rupees. This 
allows you to climb rocky walls.
POWER BRACELETS- You can obtain these while trying to find the second library 
book. Talk to the Minish first in Dr. Left’s house, then go out his chimney and 
all the way through Stranger’s house to the small cave near the tiny waterfall. 
Defeat the enemies to get the Bracelets. These allow you to move giant things 
while you are mini
FLIPPERS- After getting all three books back, go to Elder Librari and he drops 
you into a cave. Defeat all the enemies for the Flippers. These allow you to 
swim now. Press A to swim fast and press B to dive.

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