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                       Section 1 Times to catch fish

                       Section 2 Names of fish + where they are found

                       Section 3 Golden items


           Section 1: Every town has a different time to catch different fish, 
 except for the fish that you can catch all year all day, such as the small 
bass, bass, large bass, Crucian carp,catfish,barbel steed, freshwater goby, sea 
bass, and koi.The coelacanth is the only fish that is only caought when raining 
from 4 P.M. to 9 A.M.


           Section 2: There are a total of 40 fish that can be caught in Animal 
Crossing. Those fish are, Crucian carp, catfish, small bass, barbel steed, 
dace, bluegill, koi, bitterling, loach, carp, pale chub, large bass, bass, 
salmon, pond smelt, angelfish, freshwater goby, guppy, rainbow trout, eel, 
popeyed goldfish, goldfish, brook trout, giant catfish, giant snakehead, cherry 
salmon, arowana, stringfish, sweetfish, pirahna, arapaima. Thesefish are found 
in the river. The killfish, frog, and crwfish are found in the little pond. The 
sea bass, red snapper, barred knifejaw, coelacanth, and jellyfish are found in 
the ocean.

          Section 3: There are 4 golden items you can get in Animal Crossing. 
        ∙To get the golden shovel first you must buy 2 shovels from Tom Nook. 
After that go to the shiny piece of Earth in a circular shape,then dig it up to 
get 1,000 bells, next bury the other shovel and a sapling that has 2 golden 
leaves will pop up. Wait 3-5 days for the tree to be fully grown then shake the 
tree and you will see a golden shovel.
        ∙To get the golden net and golden fishing rod al you have to do is 
catch all 40 bugs/fish.

        ∙To get the golden axe you have to make your town be perfect for 2 

        ∙ Also if you want to get them the easy way you can just use secret 
codes for them.


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