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                         I.E.S. Document #6155
                        Contra-Nostra Operations

                            SPYHUNTER F.A.Q.


Executive Summary:

This is a gameFAQ for Spy Hunter, a Playstation 2 game. It will detail the
intelligence and procedure by which Agent Alex Sects, the Spy Hunter, dealt
with the international criminal corporation known as Nostra, Inc.

Overall, this game is extremely easy to finish if you know what you're doing,
but will drive you nucking futs if you're going where the main path takes you
-- usually into a Nostra missile nest backed up by two dozen E.M.P. Guard



1.0  Interceptor Operations
 .1  System Requirements
 .2  Controller Recommendations
 .3  Armament
 .4  Taking Damage & S.E.V. Mode
 .5  I.E.S. Weapons Van
 .6  Identifying Targets
 .7  Stealth Mode

2.0  Enemies
 .1  Listed Enemies
 .2  Unlisted Enemies and Other Variants

3.0  Mission Reconnaisance
 .1  Cheat Table and "Notes"

4.0  Why We Need This Car in Gran Turismo 3
 .1  G-6155 Versus the Batmobile: Who'd Kill Who?



The G-6155 Interceptor is a high-performance, anti-infiltration confrontation
vehicle. Mounting then state-of-the-art weaponary and gadgetry, a new
Interceptor prototype has been upgraded to 21st Century Standards. I.E.S. techs
still need time to refine the new modifications, but the systems that were
available in 1983 are due to be fitted to the Inteceptor Mk.I after initial
tests are satisfied. The new Interceptor Mk.I is an advanced vehicle that even
a trained monkey can drive without much training -- forward gear selection is
done automatically by the on-board computer system and even the new aquatic
mode transfer is overseen by Leonie -- the only thing the operator cannot do is
fall asleep at the wheel.

What this means: The car is simple to drive; this is not a racing game,
although it looks like it. Unlike Gran Tourismo 3, there are no gear selections
to up-shift or down-shift, and no upgrades save for weaponary. The only speed
controls you have are to release the accelerator, brake, or crash into
something (taking minor damage). It can go on water and on land with ease and
the only thing that the player needs to pay attention to are the objectives and
the enemies.

The Interceptor Mk.I is also equipped with a new generation GPS tracker
launcher, shooting button sized homing beacons that reveal the global position
of a target to I.E.S. security monitors. Because of the small size of the GPS
bugs, the Interceptor carries a functionally unlimited amount.

The Interceptor Mk.II is designed less for covert operations and more for
confrontation -- but since it is built upon the Mk.I frame, a sophisticated
detection suite allows the Mk.II to avoid unnecessary detection. That said, the
Mk.II comes equipped with a Spectrum Scanner (rather than a GPS tracker) that
can detect otherwise invisible detection lasers.

Lastly, both Interceptors have an internal self-charging turbo system that can
provide a quick burst of speed, allowing them to top over 200 miles per hour in
endurance trials. This temporary speed bonus is more effective if the entire
Turbo Bar is used rather than just a short burst, although sometimes short
spurts of speed are required. Because the components are so bulky, S.E.V.s do
not carry this vital system.



2 blocks on your memory card will sufice.



Any controler will do


Name:  Machine Guns
Type:  Forward
Ammo:  2000, then 4000
Pair of forward linked machine guns with limited ammunition. Your basic weapon
is surprisingly effective against all sorts of enemies, even helicoptors and
attack jets (if you ramp your car and aim high). About the only enemies who are
resistant to your guns will be the armoured Road Lords, Enforcers, and tanks.
Despite what the instruction book says, there are no "bulletproof" enemies in
this game. Anything can be killed by machinegun fire -- given enough time and
ammo. And considering the amount of ammo you have for the machinegun, you will
also be using it against immobile targets, un-armoured transports, and saving
your heavy stuff for the enemies that can actually kill you.

Name:  Missile
Type:  Forward
Ammo:  20, 40, then 160 in swarms of 4
Early on, this will be a "back-up" weapon for those enemies who need a lot of
bullets to destroy. As the Interceptor is upgraded with more missile ammo, this
weapon will actually serve as your primary weapon, and you will be using them a
lot more to score 100% hits on enemies rather than waste time on delivering
sustained barrages of bullets and screwing up your times for cheats.

The guided missile does wonders when directed at an enemy (L3 to 'lock-on'),
but can be fired "not locked" on any target and it will seek out the closest

The Swarm missile is the "best" missile upgrade, but you will find that manual
lock-on is a must for this weapon to avoid having one missile tag an enemy
while the other three race ahead and blow up a vacationing family from Berlin,
causing you then, to fail the "No Civilian Casualties" Objective.

Name:  E.M.P.
Type:  Forward
Ammo:  20
This is the dead weight of the Interceptor Mk.II since it is used only to
"complete objectives" in Single Player. While it is fun to use in Two Player
mode (there are no ammo restrictions in Versus Mode), removing an enemy from
the game by destroying it is much better than disabling it. This way, it can't
damage the Interceptor.

The Guided E.M.P. is useful for those essential targets that are not on the
same level as the Interceptor, otherwise, stick with something that can hurt

The E.M.P. cannot be used to hurt Nostra Infantry, but it only sterilizes them
so they can't have kids. They will fire and blow up your Interceptor, however,
as their last act of "manhood."

Name:  Rail Gun (the Eraser)
Type:  Forward
Ammo:  20
This weapon is another guided weapon that you can fool with in only two stages
(Venetian Blind and Eye of the Storm). It packs twice the punch of Swarm
Missile and can destroy tanks with one hit. The "Strider explosion" at the
point of impact can still put the hurt on the Interceptor's paint job, so aim
it away from your face.

The shot is slow compared to the Missile, but considering the power, it won't
be much of a hinderance (except for one objective in Eye of the Storm) so equip
it and blast away!

** NOTE: Due to limited space, the S.E.V. does not carry the Rail Gun as part
of its armament. Use this weapon first before you eject the Interceptor's
armour. That way, you'll have more Missile ammo to use in the S.E.V.

Name:  Oil Slick
Type:  Rear
Ammo:  20
This "weapon" is practically useless unless the target is riding your rear
(tail-gating). In such a case, the enemy is using something more than oil to
throw you off. It will cause enemies to lose control and crash, but it is
useless on the water. It would be better if you stop, let the enemy pass and
then open up with something that kills. Pass this weapon immediately after you
receive the Smokescreen or Flamer. Due to size constraints, the S.E.V. does not
carry this weapon.

Name:  Smokescreen
Type:  Rear
Ammo:  20
Marginally better than the Oil Slick, its only saving grace is that it works
over water as well. It causes enemies to stop firing momentarily while they
gauge where you are; in multiplayer, this means the Interceptor will lose any
lock-on it had and must re-establish a lock-on after a smokescreen is laid out.
The prototype Anti-Interceptors and the stolen G-6155 will use this to aid
their escape. Due to size constraints, the S.E.V. does not carry this weapon.

Name:  Flamer
Type:  Rear
Ammo:  20
A good deterrent to pursuit, although it has very short range. A good counter
to a Mortar Thing or Road Lord thundering behind you, but a better tactic is to
race by a target and hit the flamer as you pass -- the flame will kill the
target as you pass it and I've killed tanks this way in a pinch. Due to size
constraints, the S.E.V. does not carry this weapon.



The Interceptor is tough, but not invincible (yet). Explosions and gunfire will
damage the Interceptor's armour, but collisions don't. Consequently, driving
into things that explode or into your missile explosions are not ideal for the
paint job. Netting too much damage will cause the on-board system bitch to dump
the player into "bike mode." The bike is the S.E.V. (Single-man Emergency
Vehicle) designed to increase mobility at the cost of reduced protection and

In bike mode, expect to:
 - Not finish with an End-of-Stage movie.
 - Die.
 - Not get any cheat.
 - Die.
 - Not accomplish the Sat-Com objective for lack of turbo.
 - And lastly, die.

The S.E.V. has only one quarter the amount of protection of the Interceptor,
carries only three of the Mk.II's forward weapons, has no defensive rear
weapons, and cannot turbo boost. But hey, at least it's water-proof.



I.E.S. has seasoned techs and operatives all over the world offering support
and back-up operations to its agents. The only way to restore a damage
Interceptor to optimum effectiveness is to locate and rendezvous with a Weapons
Van or Weapons Boat. If in S.E.V. mode, the operations team will reattach a new
Interceptor body. In any case, the player will drive off with an Interceptor
with all damage repaired, ammuniton filled, and turbo system recharged faster
than you can say, "Jiffy-Lube."



Red Round Reticules
Pay attention to red reticules as they are crucial to objectives! Miss
destroying (or vaping) one means you failed the objective -- usually a bad
thing, and usually the primary one. This prevents you from going to the next
mission and before you know it, you spent another $5 on Blockbuster trying to
beat this game.

Yellow Round Reticules
Yellow reticules are just as important as red reticules, perhaps even more so
since yellow reticules cannot be destroyed (or vaped) otherwise you fail the
objective. Yellow reticule targets are usually the recipient of a nice I.E.S.
"intel-gathering action" in the form of GPS tracking bugs or an E.M.P. enema.
This is usually game prescribed and not a choice of the player. Later on,
yellow reticules highlight *potential* targets -- this means using the Mk.II's
Spectrum Scanner to properly confirm the hostile before opening fire. Not doing
so usually results in outright *failiure* and another $5 to Blockbuster.

Blue Round Reticules
These are the Weapon Vans, Weapons Boats, defense mission target(s), and
Stealth Gate carrying choppers. Weapon Vans and Boats signify the mid-point of
a stage, but you should pay attention to blue round reticules on missions that
require "Stealth" -- a limited independent Interceptor ability that's
absolutely hush-hush.

Blue Small Reticules
Blue reticules signify a successful GPS tracker tag. You should move on to the
next, and other targets.

Green Glow Globes (Sat-Com)
Sat-Coms are the most annoying feature in this game, ranking well with E.M.P.
objectives, identify the proper target, and "scanning for laser traps,
Captain." Sat-Coms are placed away from the main path and to get them requires
you to take side roads and forks to get to them. Netting all Sat-Coms in a
mission awards you with a well-deserved objective point.

Red "Box" Reticule (Lock-on)
This is one reticule you create yourself after locking on a hostile target.
Very useful in telling you where the enemy is, and what's more, what it is. If
the reticule is high in the air for example, you can be sure it is a chopper of
some sort (hint: there are no friendly aircraft you can lock on to). It may
sometimes give you forewarning of what's up ahead -- like the Force, but with

Green Flares (Rendezvous Point)
The green flares mark where I.E.S. will pick you up and signifies the end of
the stage. You will be treated to a cinematic if your Interceptor is intact, or
else you will simply be booted to the Pass/Fail results screen if you're in the
S.E.V. The only stage with two separate cinematics is the last level, 14: Eye
of the Storm.



Stolen from the Romulan Empire or the Protoss, I.E.S. has managed to create a
stable warp field that can render the Interceptor's body invisible for a short
amount of time. During this time, enemies won't attack the Interceptor although
it can still take damage if it runs into any explosions. Stealth mode is damn
cool, and too bad it wasn't the "missing" fourth defensive weapon. You will
need it to complete certain objectives -- in one case, a primary one.



Enemies in general are designed to chip away at the Interceptor until a swarm
of them can overwhelm you, or destroy your defense mission target(s). Properly
dealt with, they can be ignored, since they prefer to fire on the Interceptor
rather than the relatively weaker defense mission target; what's more, most
enemies can be ignored as you complete objectives. This not only conserves
ammo, but aslo allows you to focus on WHAT'S MORE IMPORTANT. About the only
enemies that need to be eliminated are the enemies that engage in active
pursuit, damaging the Interceptor until you are forced into S.E.V. mode. Those
are the enemies that need to be eliminated from play.



Nostra has increased their arsenal since 1983; however, a lot of the agents on
its pay-roll have not left, nor has the vehicle fleet been junked. Rather,
almost all the older craft have been extensively upgraded in anticipation of
the new offensive.

Name:   Switchblade
Body:   Roadster
Type:   Land
Attack: Diamond tipped drills x1 (side)
Damage: Medium
Threat: Low
Notes:  Attack the Switchblade from the front or the rear. Passing it is
tantamount to asking someone to rob you after visiting an ATM. The drills do
damage at first contact, although prolonged contact does not do more damage,
the Switchblade has a fairly powerful engine that can cause the Interceptor to
behave eratically on the road.

Name:   Road Lord
Body:   Big Rig
Type:   Land
Attack: Hydraulic Rams x1 (360*)
Damage: Light-medium
Threat: Low
Notes:  "Bulletproof," well, not really. Use other weapon systems to terminate
quickly if you are in a hurry. Minimal threat unless it is acting in concert
with other Nostra vehicles.

Name:   Bullseye
Body:   Hummvee
Type:   Land
Attack: Machinegun x1 (360*)
Damage: Light
Threat: Low
Notes:  The standard Nostra vehicle equipped with a 7.62mm machine gun on a
semi-permanent pylon mount. Because of international restrictions, the Bullseye
is protected only by thin sheets of aluminum armour and can be taken out by
even the poorest equipped Interceptor.

Name:   Mortar Thing
Body:   A.P.C. (wheeled)
Type:   Amphibious
Attack: Rapid-fire mortar x4 (360*)
Damage: Heavy
Threat: Medium-high
Notes:  A single Mortar Thing is no problem, but they often work in pairs and
in tandem with Mad Bombers. Being fairly agile, they can easily catch up to
slow moving Interceptors and are able to continue pursuit over land and water.
Although their armour is tough, they can be taken out by sustained gunfire, or
preferably, two well aimed missiles.

Name:   Mad Bomber
Body:   Bell Kiowa helicoptor
Type:   Air
Attack: Bombs x4
Damage: Heavy
Threat: High
Notes:  The Mad Bombers are back with a vengeance, dropping a flurry of bombs
rather than just one at a time. While their aim is fairly imprecise, the
resulting explosions can cause the Interceptor to veer off course at the most
inopportune moment and force you to take a fork you didn't want to. Attack them
with guided missiles when you have the chance, but don't actively go after them
unless you have adequate missiles -- you may wind up with one missile too
little to finish an objective!

Name:   Enforcer
Body:   Sedan
Type:   Land
Attack: Gatling Guns x4 (rear); Rockets x1 (360*)
Damage: Heavy; Heavy
Threat: High
Notes:  Take out the Enforcers early since they can take two missile hits and
can do some damage to the Interceptor. Guided missiles are okay, but the rail
gun is preferred.

Name:   Attack Heli
Body:   AH-64 Apache
Type:   Air
Attack: Machinegun x1; Rocket x1
Damage: Light; Heavy
Threat: Very High
Notes:  Similar to the Mad Bomber but more reliant on direct fire rockets to do
damage. Coupled with their ability to shadow the Interceptor, the Attack Heli
is one enemy you don't want sticking around.

Name:   Jump Jet
Body:   Aerospace Harrier
Type:   Air
Attack: Rocket x1
Damage: High
Threat: Very High
Notes:  Take the Attack Heli and increase its speed and reaction time by two.
Luckily most of the Harriers you will encounter will be in one or two stages.
Use of guided weapons is a must.

Name:   Prototype Anti-Interceptor
Body:   Unknown
Type:   Amphibious
Attack: Unknown; effectively uses Smokescreen (rear)
Damage: Unknown
Threat: Extreme (Objective)
Notes:  All three Nostra Prototype Anti-Interceptors are easily destroyed using
Machinegun or Missile fire. The Smokescreen will disengage the lock-on, so
remember to re-acquire the target after being doused with "car-fart."

Name:   Smoke Stack
Body:   Pick-up Truck
Type:   Land
Attack: Smokescreen (rear)
Damage: None
Threat: Low
Notes:  This should've been an enemy who turned up at the beginning of the
game; instead, its appearance towards the end of the game means you have the
capability of destroying it before it gets a chance to show off its "car-fart"

Name:   Slick
Body:   Coupe
Type:   Land
Attack: Oil Slick (rear)
Damage: None
Threat: Low-medium
Notes:  May cause you to lose control, but otherwise a low player in Spy
Hunter. Like the Smoke Stack, it should've shown up earlier to offer a
challenge, but its "car-piss" ability is of little use when you can simply
lock-on and vape it from afar.

Name:   Minedropper
Body:   Van
Type:   Land
Attack: Landmines (rear)
Damage: Heavy
Threat: Medium-high
Notes:  Not as effective as Nostra hoped since their aircraft destroys most of
the freeway (ala True Lies) in the stage this fella appears. Still, the mines
are no laughing matter. Stay away and cruise by with a flamer or vape it with
missiles before it can take a "car-dump."

Name:   Water Blade
Body:   Speedboat
Type:   Water
Attack: Diamond tipped drills (side)
Damage: Medium
Threat: Low
Notes:  Behaves like the Switchblade, but the wider waterways allow for the
Interceptor to avoid confrontation with this enemy than most.

Name:   Barrel Dumper
Body:   Barge Boat
Type:   Water
Attack: Explosive Barrels (rear)
Damage: Medium-heavy
Threat: Medium
Notes:  The obstacles it dumps into the water may prohibit the Interceptor from
building up enough speed to clear some ramps or objective. Missile fire is
extremely effective against this enemy, conversely you can outpace it.

Name:   Doctor Torpedo
Body:   Katarmaran
Type:   Water
Attack: Torpedo (front and rear)
Damage: Medium-heavy
Threat: Medium-high
Notes:  The torpedoes are damaging and some effort should be made to avoid or
eliminate "Doc."

Name:   Nostra Agent
Body:   various
Type:   various
Attack: Hand Weapons
Damage: Light
Threat: Low-medium
Notes:  Nostra Agents appear in a variety of guises: riding motorcycles,
aquabikes, on foot (they can be run over), and even in Venetian gondolas.
Colliding with these low-paid thugs result in them taking the brunt of the
accident while you continue on your merry way. Machinegun fire is also
effective if you do not want to close in and run them down. Since they do chip
damage, it's best you do not stick around to give them the finger while they
continue to fire on your Interceptor.



Name:   Mine
Body:   Spiked Mine
Type:   Water
Attack: E.M.P. or Explosive
Damage: Disable; Medium-heavy
Threat: High
Notes:  Immobile, but place in spots where you are forced into their nest. The
EM mines work well in tandem with Mad Bombers and Attack craft since they can
hit you while you are unable to retaliate due to the disabling of your weapons

Name:   G-6155 (stolen)
Body:   G-6155 Mk.I Interceptor
Type:   Amphibious
Attack: Unknown
Damage: Various
Threat: Extreme (Objective)
Notes:  This is an exact copy of the car you are driving in 5: Double Vision.
The heavy armour of the Interceptor makes it quite a tough customer and you
should be glad I.E.S. tightened security after this little fiasco. Machinegun
fire may seem ineffective, but you are limited to that weapon until all the
secondary Tower Objective is completed -- also since the S.E.V. is much more
agile than the Interceptor but cannot take too much damage, it would be wise to
use guided missiles to finish the job after the stolen Interceptor sheds its

Name:   Nostra Tank
Body:   Main Battle Tank
Type:   Land
Attack: Tank Gun x1 (360*)
Damage: Brutal
Threat: Medium-high
Notes:  Heavily armed and protected (but sustained machinegun fire can still
destroy them), they are part of Nostra's high-risk security teams. The tank
guns are akin to rocket fire, and should be treated as such. Confrontation is
an issue only when the roadway forces you by one of these monsters. The rail
gun is the preferred weapon, or two volleys of missiles.

Name:   Bullseye (local)
Body:   Pick-up Truck (South America); Dune Buggy (Middle East)
Type:   Land
Attack: Machinegun x1 (360*)
Damage: Light
Threat: Low-medium
Notes:  The local Bullseye variants tend to swarm the Interceptor and they can
do damage that can avoided when they are killed. By the mid-part of the game,
you have enough firepower to crush these upstart road warriors with guided
missiles and rail guns.

Name:   Guard Tower
Body:   Guard Tower
Type:   Land (immobile)
Attack: Rockets x1 (360*) or E.M.P. x1 (360*)
Damage: Heavy or Disable
Threat: High
Notes:  Set in narrow canyons and fjords, Guard Towers are equipped with
"hurt-me-plenty" rocket launchers rather than GDI's stand-by high velocity
machineguns. Their primary goal is to destroy anything carrying an I.E.S.
signature crossing its sights, including Interceptors and vulnerable I.E.S.
Cargo trucks and agents. Vaping them early on gives your defense missions a big
boost since all other enemies ignore the defense mission target(s).



Mission 1
Testing Track
Limit: 8:00
Cheat: 3:40 (Saliva Spy Hunter Video)
Upgrade: Unguided Missile

Primary Objective
1. Shoot all the targets

Secondary Objectives Objectives
2. Pass all slalom gates
3. Avoid barrels
3. Activate all Sat-Coms
4. Place GPS trackers
5. Clear 50 meters on Turbo Jump
6. Minimize civilian casualties

Phase One:
Avoid knocking down any barrels either by collision or by weapons fire. The
Interceptor has "top-secret" tires that take turns more sharply than civilian
models, so you can actually weave through the first part of the course at top
speed. Be sure to drift to the right as you leave the course to the next phase.
Going for the cheat? Make a short turbo boost here, but use no more than 75% of
the boost meter.

Phase Two:
The explosions are fake, but the slalom gates are real. Take them as fast as
you can (to look good) and be sure to head left and up the embankment to avoid
the insidiously placed barrels midway through this phase. When you pass the
"last" gate, don't worry about the remaining gates -- there's more after the
gun range.

Phase Three, Part One:
"Warning. Heavy civilian population."
"Shut up bitch -- and keep your head on my lap."
Do yourself a favour and run down the targets with your Interceptor. It's not
ony faster, it precludes you from accidently "killing" any carboard civvies.
There are three (3) readily marked targets (with big, fat RED reticules) in
this straight-away before you pass into the next section. To make good time on
the cheat, boost slightly (50%) as you pass into the next section.

Phase Three, Part Two:
There are now several targets in this Picadilly Circus roundabout. One should
immediately show up as a red reticule on the right as you make the bend; use
your machineguns to destroy them, then get back on track and head to the right
side of the round about. Take care to avoid the civilian dummies as you ram or
shoot the targets; before you leave, you should hear the system bitch mention
that you completed the first objective.

Phase Four:
Try not to boost since your speed steadily decreases during the cinematic.
Navigate the slalom gates and make sure to head right mid-way through this
phase to avoid missing one carefully hidden slalom gate. If you are to boost,
do so at the end this phase since you will need a full boost meter in a little
while. You will need to use the next phase to recharge your boosters. Note, if
Leonie didn't state that the Slalom Objective was finished, you missed out on
one gate or failed it already. If she tells you she's on her *period*, keep
your pants on or you'll ride the crimson tide.

Phase Five:
The green Sat-Coms are fairly easy to get. Remember to stay out of the way of
the carboard cut-outs and keep at top speed for the cheat time. If you boosted
after the second Sat-Com, do not boost again or you will fail Phase Seven.

Phase Six:
The yellow reticules are the targets for the GPS trackers. While they have very
long range, the targets are quite small. Fire away and line up the shot -- if
it's blue, you tagged it, move onto the next one. Be careful of the civvie
cut-outs and don't bump into them. The GPS targets will disappear after a
while, so don't dwaddle. Be sure to have a full turbo meter and that you're
moving at top speed (~100 mph) before you leave this section.

Phase Seven:
DO NOT hit your boosters until you are lined up "more or less" straight with
the ramp -- so long as you boost while you're some distance away, you'll make
the 50 meters and go on at top speed and good time. [Personal Record: 92

Final Phase:
The Interceptor will shed into the S.E.V. and note that the handling changes
dramatically. Take care not to knock down the barrels as you head into the
Weapons Van and revert into the Interceptor. The turbo boost should enable you
to make a final dash for the finish line (marked by green flares) with time to

For Cheat:
Boost judiciously and you should make it. Don't stop for anything and make sure
you are always making forward progress without failing any of your objectives.
The Tiny Spy Cheat may help in navigating the barrel obstacles (duh). The Music
Video is not as great as I like, but then it already gets an automatic
deduction because of the lack of chicks.


Mission 2
Dragon Strike
Limit: 7:00
Cheat: 3:35 (Green HUD)
Upgrade: Machinegun ammo x2

Primary Objective
1. Destroy "Dragonfly" helicopter

Secondary Objectives
2. Destroy transports
3. Activate all Sat-Coms
4. Minimize civilian casualties

Phase One:
Blast the garage door and make your way out to the loading area. Past the two
Nostra infantry, you will see the forklifts racing away -- notice the large
glass barrier to your right. Blast it and follow the path to the pad where the
Dragonfly is idling. If you like to conserve your ammunition, you can ram the
chopper at full speed, take some light damage and blast past the guards without
a sweat. The first cargo truck should appear soon. Beware the Switchblades and
Bullseyes and take them out without killing civilians and you should come
across the second cargo truck soon enough.

Phase Two:
After the second truck is vaped, begin looking for a left fork to take. Do so
and continue engaging enemy spies for a while. There should be a second left
fork that you should take. That course will carry past an old castle with
easily rammable wood gates and to the first Sat-Com.

Phase Three:
You will need to enter the autobahn to continue -- veer right and onto the
freeway. Stay on the right shoulder to jump a ramp to the second Sat-Com. A
third cargo truck should be ahead, escorted by a single Road Lord. Veer right
to exit to head into the next phase.

Phase Four:
A fourth cargo truck should be around here (not too sure, oops) -- but the
cargo trucks are easily spotted by your system anyway. Pay attention and look
for a right fork after leaving the autobahn. It will lead to yet another ramp
that should net you the third Sat-Com. A fifth cargo truck should come up soon

Final Phase:
After completing the Truck Objective, pay attention and look for a
Sat-Com/green globe on the right. You should be able to get it with no
difficulty. That path leads down into the subway and back up, although I would
like to warn you that there is a part of the subway's right wall that can be
broken (it's towards the end, right before you head up the stairs). This
maintenance section is empty now, but you will be going back in there in 9:
German Blitz, so you might as well see it now. The rendezvous point is at the
end of the road after the subway excursion.

For Cheat:
This stage is ridiculously easy -- surpassing even the first stage. The roads
are wide and open, and there are few if any, obstacles. When you get this
cheat, you may actually use this cheat more than you care for -- the color
makes the HUD look brighter and more easily read than the regular blue one.


Mission 3
Route Canal
Limit: 6:00
Cheat: 2:40 (Saliva Your Disease Movie)
Upgrade: Guided Missile

Primary Objective
1. Destroy satellite trucks

Secondary Objectives
2. Place trackers on cargo ships
3. Activate all Sat-Coms
4. Minimize civilian Casualties

Phase One:
With 4000 rounds, you should have no problem killing everything in this level.
Unfortunately, the cargo ships need to be tracked, not destoryed, so lay off
the trigger when you see a yellow reticule. The first satellite truck is on the
right, up from the water after the barrel dumper and the Nostra agents on the
gondolas. There is a ramp you can take to it. I advise you to do that. The
second satellite truck appears after the first cargo ship; again the satellite
truck is on the right, and away from the water. There is a ramp leading up to
it near the wreckage of the explosive drums.

Phase Two:
Things start to pick up very fast after you destroy the second satellite truck.
You will need: a full turbo bar (you haven't been boosting unecessarily have
you?) and a clear path to the ramp. Clear the path by killing the Mortar Thing
and when you see the road straighten out -- boost. And use it all up to reach
the first Sat-Com. Keep to the right, smash through the "ristorante"
(restaurant) and head up the ramp again. Shortly after the small bridge (you
may have killed the Nostra bikers on it) you need to veer a SHARP RIGHT TURN
and barrel down the street to the third satellite truck. Head back into the
water after destroying it, although those intersted in a good time should stay
on land as much as possible to get up a good speed. The second cargo ship
should be up ahead; past that, you will need a full boost bar to roar up a ramp
on the left of the canal (it'll be the right one of the two) to fetch the
second Sat-Com.

Final Phase:
Hit the Weapons Boat and keep racing ahead; don't boost, you will need a full
bar of boost to get the third Sat-Com. It's in plain sight past the Nostra
gondola nest, and you will need to boost mostly on water to get the speed
necessary to tag it. Deal with the pesky bikers and continue -- the street
should "open up" and the fourth and fifth satellite trucks are in the same
vicinity. Destroy the closer right one, then the left one, then head up the
ramp. Follow the street and pay attention: a ramp on the right side witll net
you the fourth and last Sat-Com right before you see the last cargo ship. Tag
it and head for home.

For Cheat:
Boost when you can spare the meter and let it charge for the times you don't
need it for objectives. Taking the route on the right to the third satellite
truck is an absolute must for the time, as well as not going back to re-do
jumps and retrieving Sat-Coms. As a side note, I like the chick with the low
hanging jeans in this video. I also like the chick in the clothing store. And
the short haired babe headbanging at the Saliva concert. And that purty little
Asian one with the kerchief on the head.


Mission 4
Swamp Venom
Limit: 7:00
Cheat: 3:15 (Night Vision)
Upgrade: Smoke Screen

Primary Objective
1. Destroy control towers

Secondary Objectives
2. Activate all Sat-Coms
3. Place trackers on transports
4. Minimize civilian casualties

Phase One:
Your newly guided missiles will serve you well in blasting all the Guard Towers
you meet -- switch to your guns to vape normal enemies to conserve ammo.
Remember that you only have 20 missiles and seven or them are to be used for
the primary objective. Blast the Guard Tower with a missile and punch through
main gate with your guns. Pay attention and look for a left fork after you pass
a small cabin (also on the left). Taking the fork should lead you to a drum
laden waterway and a ramp leading to the first Sat-Com.

Phase Two:
Continue through the jungle brush (actually Florida) until you come to another
cabin on your right; pay attention, there is a right fork past this shack. Make
a HARD RIGHT TURN to take it and the waterway and ramp should lead to a second
Sat-Com and plant you back on the main dirt road.

Phase Three:
When you hit the water, start aiming for the control towers. Use your lock-on
to hint where you should go next (i.e., towards enemies). After vaping the last
three towers (they are situated right after one another), stay to the right and
look for a big white immobile container-ship. You must pass an obvious laser
trap that actvates a new enemy: EM mines. Pay attention -- to the right, near
the shoreline, is an overturned boat that acts as a ramp for you. Boost a
little (or move at top speed) and get on the immobile white container-ship. The
third Sat-Com can be fetched from the deck. The manner to get the fourth
Sat-Com is the same; the ramp is near the right side of the waterway, cruise
near the back for best results. You do not need to boost to get to the deck of
either boat.

Final Phase:
After you get the last Sat-Com, try to have a almost full boost bar and be
moving at top speed. There will a slanted derelict ship on the left riverbank.
Machinegun any barriers in the way and head inside the derelict ship at full
speed plus boost; the momentum will carry you over and past the laser that
activates the EM mine field. You are now more or less home free, the cargo
trucks need your attention, but they are unarmed and you do not meet much
resistance except for a single Mortar Thing which guards the second truck. Note
that you need to stay on land to tag the trucks -- dipping back into the water
will not allow you to speedily complete this objective. You will see the first
cargo truck is on the left bank. Tag it and look for a small ramp to jump
across the river and tag the second truck on the right bank. Another ramp
allows you to traverse back to the left bank and tag the third truck right
around the time system bitch says, "Warning. Police roadblock ahead."
Destroying the police cars may cause you to fail the minimize civilian
casualties objective, so don't.

For Cheat:
Boost when you can. You can use the Super Spy cheat to help with lack of ammo
in this level and by pass a lot of areas by muscling through them. The night
vision cheat is by far the most useless cheat, next to Rainbow HUD.


Mission 5
Double Vision
Limit: 7:00
Cheat: 3:25 (Early Test Animatic Movie)
Upgrade: 15 mm guns

Primary Objective
1. Destroy stolen Interceptor

Secondary Objectives
2. Activate all Sat-Coms
3. Destroy all comm towers
4. Minimize civilian casualties

Phase One:
Head out the chateau's gate and start unloading your machineguns on the stolen
Interceptor. In doing so, it will emit a smoke screen or oil slick, but you
will be damaging it royally. You can spare about ten missiles or so out of
twenty (the rest should be used for the objectives and for taking out the
S.E.V. when the Interceptor transforms), but your guns should do the job for
now. Be wary of the civilians that stock the right side of the French highway
-- remember Lance Armstrong? You can kill a bunch of 'em and that'll fail the
last objective of minimizing casualties. When the stolen Interceptor zooms
ahead, let it and be on the look out for a a comm tower.

Phase Two:
If you didn't damage the Interceptor enough, it will be loitering around the
next few bends taking it easy. Again, unload the machineguns on it and remember
to reestablish lock-on when your lock-on is broken by smoke or oil. A second
tower should be nearby. Blow it up.

Phase Three:
Past the second tower is a short tunnel. Past that tunnel pay attention and
look for a left fork hidden by vegetation. This fork leads to the third tower
and the first Sat-Com. Upon entering the town, you can destroy the fourth
tower. Pay attention. There is a building with a double wide barn door on the
left side of the road. Smash through it and get ready to catch the stolen
Interceptor heading into the on the right. Boost and get up close but don't
pass it or it will start to hurt you with its rockets. Empty your machinegun
into it and be ready when it begins to shed -- that's your cue to switch to the
missiles, lock-on (while it's still transforming) and blast away. You will
destroy it easily. Those of you using missiles will notice that the lock-on
will be broken once the stolen Interceptor begins to transform -- you will need
to lock on again in such a case.

Final Phase:
If you didn't destroy the Interceptor by now, you will have a tough time as you
navigate between EM mines and trying to tag the last Sat-Coms. Sat-Com three is
acquired by taking a tunnel on the right (instead of plowing into the EM
minefield) and hugging the right wall to a second ramp (no boost or a short
one, is necessary). The fourth Sat-Com is on the left side, in plain sight but
requires a ramp and a full meter of boost to nab. Get them all and make a
beeline for the rendezvous point.

For Cheat:
Not as hard as it appears. Use the Super Spy cheat if you are concerned about
ammo, and you should have an easy time of it. I wonder what kind of handgun
Agent Sects was using in the movie?


Mission 6
Columbian Extract
Limit: 7:00
Cheat: 3:45 (Extra Cameras)
Upgrade: E.M.P. Cannon

Primary Objective
1. Escort I.E.S. cargo truck

Secondary Objectives
2. Destroy prototype anti-interceptors
3. Activate Sat-Coms
4. Minimize civilian casualties

Phase One:
You only need two guided missiles and some machinegun fire to clear this first
phase -- once you race ahead of enemies, they tend to "fall asleep" and not do
anything but wait for you to turn around and wax you. This means the I.E.S.
truck can drive on by without much trouble. The *ONLY* enemies that doesn't
function like this are the Guard Tower and maybe Mad Bombers, but the first Mad
Bomber in this mission is at the end of phase one, so you don't need to worry
to much about it. There are two Guard Towers to take care of however, and
vaping them is top priority. Race ahead of the truck and blast the two towers.
There will be some local colour Bullseyes to impede your progress and your
machineguns should make short work of them. When you clear the jungle and see a
chopper you can't target, you're halfway there already . . .

Phase Two:
When you clear the jungle, look for a small ramp on the road's right side to
allow you to jump on the large ship to your right. Sat-Com numero uno is on the
bow. When you jump off the ship, look for the red reticules to tell you where
the prototypes are and head there guns blazing. The second Sat-Com is on the
left bank, shortly after you exit the ship. Take the ramps and that's Sat-Com
numero two-o. The second prototype should be easy to find. It's also just
sitting there. Vape it and pay attention.

Phase Three:
Going onto the canal lock, there is a "ship" in the middle of the lock that has
"Nostra" on it s stern; hop down, open the backdoor with some gunfire and head
up the ramp to nab Sat-Com numero three-o. The last prototype should come up
soon. It will try and escape by using a smokescreen and speed, so take it out
with missile fire. After the last prototype is vaped, veer left and up the ramp
to the next lock. The left side has a tunnel and the right is a ramp. Take the
tunnel and hop into the lock (on the right side) where the fencing allows you.
It will lead to the last Sat-Com.

For Cheat:
Do not slow down, and remember to judiciously use the boost. The part after the
last Sat-Com can be "hopped" with a small boost to land the Interceptor on high
ground so it doesn' need to spend all that time catching the air. The extra
cameras should be disabled during serious gameplay since it interferes with
normal handling of the Interceptor.


Mission 7
IES Training Facility
Limit: 7:00
Cheat: 3:10 (Rainbow HUD)
Upgrade: Missile ammo x2

Primary Objective
1. Shoot all targets

Secondary Objectives
2. Navigate all slalom gates
3. Avoid barrels
4. Disable EMP targets
5. Navigate lasers
6. Clear 75m on turbo jump
7. No civilian casualties

Phase One:
The barrels are tighter this time around and just take it slow -- the cheat
needs some "help" to make it; it's almost impossible to do it normally under
time. Patience agent. Patience pays. Hehehehe.

Phase Two:
Pass the gates as you did before but REMAIN AWARE that barrels are sometimes
placed right after a gate, forcing you to slow down and make hard turns. The
first ramp needs to be taken at full speed to avoid failing the barrel obstacle
objective, the second ramp with a small boost (50%) and the third ramp with all
the remaining boost (60-75%). Switch to your guided missiles before the next

Phase Three, Part One:
Use your scanner (Press the circle button to regain your strength . . ., etc. -
Metal Gear!) and run down the targets with your car. Do not run over any
civilain cut-outs as I.E.S. switched insurance policies and cannot cover
everyone affected by "collateral damage" in their operations. Switch off
"sterilization vision" before you enter the next phase, you won't need it again

Phase Three, Part Two:
Use your guided missiles to lock on the target(s) and fire carefully --
missiles aren't particular about what lies in their flight path. Target the
fourth target as you round the bend and fire. Next, target the right-most
target and fire as the Interceptor goes on the left side of the round about
(and not the right like the first time). Lock-on and destroy the next target,
taking care not to hit any cut-outs. Lock-on and fire on missile each on the
next two targets before they disappear (they do that now) and go to the next
section. Be sure to lock-on early and be prepared!

Phase Four:
The water course is slalom, except there is one more target you need to balst
around the bend. After you do, switch to your new E.M.P. cannon and slalom the
course gates as accurately and quickly as possible. Beware the moving steel
doors and be sure to veer left to hit the "hidden" slalom gate mid-way through.

Phase Five:
After the slalom gates, there are big boards that say E.M.P. on them. One shot
disables the board and you have twenty. Do not miss. Destroying any board with
missile or gunfire is a failiure. The first board needs to be hit before you
drop down and can't reach it. You can hit it from a far distance away, so line
it up and fire off a shot as soon as you see it. The last two boards require
assistance from nearby ramps. If you miss, turn around and jump again, being
careful not to accidently bump any civilian cut-outs. You can try stopping
after clearing the ramp to land on the flat raised areas, but you cannot do
this for a good cheat time. Turn on your "X-ray vision" before you leave this

Phase Six:
There are invisible lasers in this section. You cannot trip one or you will
fail the objective. Use the Spectrum Scanner. Stay at full speed and you will
clear the lasers by using ramps and steering around obvious traps. You need a
full bar of turbo for the next section and full speed.

Final Phase:
Just like the 50 meter jump but with a better control of the Interceptor. As
soon as you line up the ramp, boost and stay in the air as long as possible.
When you land, you will not affect vehicle transition, but you need to clear
the last few barrel obstacles before you can boost the home stretch (it's not
the curve).

For Cheat:
Use Tiny Spy to make your barrel avoiding easier. The third E.M.P. board needs
you to stand still for a moment but you should make it up elsewhere on the
course. The cheat is useless and a distraction.


Mission 8
Escort Service
Limit: 7:00
Cheat: 3:05 (Inversion Camera)
Upgrade: Flamer

Primary Objective
1. Escort I.E.S. agents

Secondary Objectives
2. Destroy power module
3. Disable bombs with E.M.P.
4. No civilian casualties

Phase One:
Use the opportunity to get up to full speed. You will need the speed to
complete the primary objective. The machinegun works best at vaping the mines,
but the explosions will singe the Interceptor's armour. After clearing the
third sewer tunnel and starting the second drop into the water -- switch to the
missiles and race ahead of the I.E.S. raft.

Phase Two:
This is a repeat of 6: Columbian Extract, Phase One, except that there are more
Guard Towers that need your attention. Focus on blasting them and ignore the
other enemies. Hit the Weapons Boat and prepare for the next phase. The faster
you clear the towers, the better chance the I.E.S. agents have at not turning
into a basket full of flesh.

Phase Three:
Start heading right and use your missiles freely -- you have 40. At each fork,
head right when you can. You will soon see a Guard Tower on a very small
island. There is an overturned red boat/crate/thing you need to hit at full
speed with boost to clear the invisible laser. Blast the control box to open
the door, then vape the power module and head out.

Final Phase, Part One:
Use the rest of your missiles freely in getting back on land. Take any choppers
you want, because you will be using E.M.P. from now on. Pay attention. There is
a left fork past the toll booth area. Take it and it'll lead to the first bomb.
Disable it and head right onto the train tracks. Follow the long train on the
right to bomb number two. Disable it and head into the left side of the Chunnel
(and into opposing traffic). Trust me.

Final Phase, Part Two:
The third bomb is on the left side, on a raised pedestrian walkway (for
emergencies). Ram the Nostra infantry and disable the third bomb. Head back to
the other side of the Chunnel (the right side) and follow the train tracks,
keeping the stopped train on the Interceptor's left. Pay attention, the ramp
leads up to a train, then onto some grating on the right. The bomb is on the
grating. Falling off will screw your cheat time and make you look like an
amateur. Disble the fourth bomb, then head back into the left side of the

Final Phase, Part Three:
The fifth and last bomb is on the left side, on a raised ped platform. It is
very near the rendezvous point, so you will complete all the objectives prior
to leaving.

For Cheat:
Getting to the Chunnel as fast as possible (even ignoring the Weapons Boat)
will ehlp since the E.M.P. has a problem with not going where you want it to
go. I only did it with 3:04 as my fastest time. The cheat earned is useless.


Mission 9
German Blitz
Limit: 7:00
Cheat: 3:45 (Concept Art Movie)
Upgrade: 25 mm guns

Primary Objective
1. Escape Nostra warehouse

Secondary Objectives
2. Scan and destroy trucks
3. Destroy comm towers
4. Disable bombs
5. No civilian casualties

Phase One:
Guess we won't be trying that new flamer for a bit, yet. The first part is fun
once you get used to the rust-bucket's steering and overall sluggishness. The
key is to make the turns as accurately and as quickly as possible -- the game
doesn't care whether you have 1 second or 10 seconds on the timer when you
blast past the main gate. So long as you do, the primary objective is

Quick Tips:
Ramp #1 should be hit at angle so you jump to the right so you land in the
wooden crates, this saves some time. Slow down to take the turn through the
area with a "metal container hanging overhead" quickly. Veer left and into the
wooden crates, then right to correct your course and you will save some time.
Ramp #2 should be hit at angle that takes your car to the left; don't go too
fast either, you'll need to MAKE A HARD RIGHT TURN (~270*) when you land. This
sets you up for the last part of this area: with the raised embankment on the
rust-bucket's left, hug the embankment and drive straight through the next TWO
sets of wooden crates. Pay attention. As soon as you clear the second set of
wooden crates, you need to slow down (release the accelerator) and VEER RIGHT,
then speed up and VEER LEFT to head for the main gate.

Phase Two:
Getting back your Interceptor, select the guided missiles and race ahead. Take
the next available right fork and you will pass a small meadow. The first comm
tower is up ahead (around where the third Sat-Com was in 2: Dragonstrike) I
will not point out where the comm towers are since they are out in the open.
Pay attention as there is a right fork you need to take; it's down into the
subway. The first bomb is in the maintenance tunnel past the fragile right
wall. Disable it, head up to find some more comm towers, tanks and choppers.

Phase Three:
I will point out that the trucks you need to scan and destroy always appear in
the same place (and in the same order), so once you know which ones are the
real McCoy, you don't the scanner to identify them anymore -- you just need to
count. For example, the first truck you see with a yellow reticule can be
destroyed. The next truck should the third one you encounter (including the one
you just vaped). Hit the Weapons Van and continue down the autobahn. Pay
attention, look for a right fork and head that way. Select your E.M.P. and race
past the blockade.

Phase Four:
As soon as you see the gas station, head left to go around it. The second bomb
is beyond the gas station and needs to be disabled. Head back on the road and
vape the last comm tower. There will now be only one path you can take. The
last truck you need to destroy is the one furthest down the road (i.e., with
the greatest lead).

Final Phase:
When the road begins to "wave" (making the screen bounce up and down), ready
your missiles to take down the Mad Bombers. When the yellow reticule pops up,
pay attention. There is a ramp inside the ruins that leads up to the third and
last bomb. Disable it and fall back down to the rendezvous point.

For Cheat:
Easy. Don't stop, and use missiles and E.M.P. only. The concept art shows the
storyboards for each stage and some alternate routes that were developed.


Mission 10
Terrorist Lock Down
Limit: 6:00
Cheat: 3:15 (Fisheye View)
Upgrade: Swarm Missiles

Primary Objective
1. Destroy mobile missile carriers

Secondary Objectives
2. Destroy comm towers
3. Destroy stolen harriers
4. No civilian casualties

Phase One:
Select your flamer and leave it there for the rest of the game. Select your
missiles and leave it for the rest of the game. During this time, you should
build up your speed to prepare for the "countdown timers" that have been
introduced to this mission. There are two comm towers to vape prior to
encountering a familiar sight -- the tunnel and ramp fork from the earlier
Panama Canal Mission. Take the tunnel but DO NOT HEAD RIGHT AND DOWN INTO THE
DRY LOCK or you will fail the mission and pay $5 to Blockbuster. Instead,
follow the tunnel and vape the missile before it has a chance to launch.

Phase Two:
You should keep an eye out for red reticules and focus on them and any "High
Threat" enemies, otherwise, this area is fairly straight forward as you break
into the jungle.

Phase Three:
Once in the jungle, pay attention. You have driven past the rendezvous point of
the earlier mission, and you need to look for a left fork that will take you
past a wooden bridge to the second missile crawler. Kill the missile and
continue on to the next wooden bridge that collapses.

Phase Four:
Look for any comm tower(s) and proceed accordingly. Things will proceed quite
quickly now. Once back in the water, pay attention to a one-of-a-kind target, a
crane, that can be locked-on by your missiles -- destroying the crane will make
a ramp out of an overturned red container. You will need to be at full speed
and boost to make it up on the ship with the third missile crawler. Destroy it
and switch to either your machineguns or stay with your missiles. Past the
third crawler are the four harriers all lined up on an airstrip. The 25 mm guns
can make short work of the grounded planes as you race past. Have you missiles
ready after you destroy them.

Final Phase:
Have your missiles ready to vape the last comm tower BEFORE you go down the
ramp and head home.

For Cheat:
Easy. Turbo here and there and don't stop if you miss a target. If you do,
replay it. The fisheye cheat makes your car seem faster from the perspective
than it really is. It's otherwise like Alienvision from Aliens Versus Predator.


Mission 11
French Kiss
Limit: 6:00
Cheat: 3:10 (Camera Flip)
Upgrade: Guided E.M.P.

Primary Objective
1. Disable bomb on racetrack

Secondary Objectives
2. Avoid lasers and penetrate secret base
3. Destroy chemical containers
4. Destroy communication towers
5. Destroy transports
6. No civilian casualties

Phase One:
You start at the midpoint of 5: Double Vision with a comm tower in front. Vape
it and head into the barn door shortcut you took earlier. A second tower should
be in view almost immediately. Vape it.

Phase Two:
In the water, turn on the "Sterilization View" (Spectrum Scanner) and vape the
third and last comm tower. You should be focusing on navigating the lasers and
not confronting the Attack Helis -- that's the missile's job. The first ramp is
hit at full speed to clear, the second ramp with a 50% boost, adn the last ramp
with a 50% boost. Players interested in time should hit the first ramp at full
speed, the second ramp at 100% boost and steer the Interceptor to hit the third
ramp at full speed to clear the way to the Secret Base. [Note: You can see the
secret base's door on 5: Double Vision. If you see it in this mission, you
failed the objective.]

Phase Three:
Inside the secret base, destroy the three chemical tanks and head out the
base's back door. Three red reticuled chemical barges should follow up in the
next section. Vape each one in turn. Take out any loitering aircraft and switch
to your machineguns before you hit the ramp to get back on dry land.

Phase Four:
Past the Weapons Van, there are a lot of civvie cars and the first three trucks
you need to destroy. Use short controlled bursts of the machinegun and vape
each truck as it comes towards you (they will all be in opposing traffic).
After destroying the third truck, head right, past the police roadblock and hit
your boost inside the tunnel. Switch to your E.M.P. while boosting.

Phase Five:
Race, but do not destroy the cars. It will to your advantage to navigate the
turns as quickly as possible so you can reach the bomb before it explodes. The
yellow reticule should tell you when to make a sharp left turn off the race
track and to the bomb.

Final Phase:
Switch to your missiles and destroy the control panel. This will raise the
bridge to make it act as a ramp later. Ignore the first obviously placed idling
truck for now, you'll get to it last. Instead, hit the water and follow the
channel to the fourth truck. Vape it and lock-on to the last truck. Hit the
ramp you made earlier and do what you do best before you hit the rendezvous

For Cheat:
Somewhat hard. The water sections need to be completed accurately and leave you
enough boost to take out the chem barges later. Accuracy is most important on
the road section and the race. You can boost later on the straight aways. The
cheat earned is useless.


Mission 12
Locked Keys
Limit: 6:00
Cheat: 3:30 (Puke Camera)
Upgrade: Rail Gun

Primary Objective
1. Disable generators in base with E.M.P.

Secondary Objectives
2. Scan and destroy trucks
3. Destroy NOSTRA transmitters
4. No civilian casualties

Phase One:
Vape the first comm tower as you head to the right and back up on dry land.
Stay on the right bank even if there are opportunites to jump to the left bank,
since you can destroy the next two comm towers from the right side. Once on the
main road, head right and take the right highway instead of the wider left
highway. Scane any trucks you come across and remember that the ones you need
to destroy are always in the same place everytime! Hint: the first two trucks
are not valid targets.

Phase Two:
On the left road, beware of falling into the water and into EM Mine City. If
you fall in, switch to your machineguns and make do, If you don't you can
destroy the fourth comm tower easily. Keep right and have a full turbo meter.
Destroy any comm towers you encounter but you need to pay attention.  There
will be a destroyed section of highway that will form a ramp shortly before a
yellow reticule -- a truck that needs some missile love. Hopping the ramp will
give you a clear shot. Continue to the Weapons Van.

Phase Three:
After exitting the Weapons Van, head to the right highway again and stay in the
right lane until you clear both mega-potholes that drop you into the drink. DO
NOT BOOST. When you tag the new stealth gate, you will have 40 seconds to get
into the Nostra base and do your dirty business. Boost when you are back on the
main stretch of highway, and don't miss the next two yellow reticuled trucks as
they are valid targets.

Phase Five:
Ready the E.M.P. after vaping the two trucks and get ready to hit a sharp left
turn into the base. Drive slowly and disable the three generators as you make
ready to escape the base -- there is another entrance to the highway, it's to
the right of the first entrance you encounter.

Final Phase:
Leave and scan for the last truck(s). The last truck to be destroyed is right
before the rendezvous point.

For Cheat:
Do not mess up on the highway jumping part and make your stay inside the Nostra
base as short as possible. Remember where the trucks you need to destroy are
and DO NOT ATTEMPT to reverse gear and retry any missed jumps. Just replay it.
Cheat earned is nauseatingly funny, but ultimately useless.


Mission 13
Venetian Blind
Limit: 5:00
Cheat: 2:15 (Making Of Spy Hunter Movie)
Upgrade: Turbo Recharge x2

Primary Objective
1. Disable hidden I.C.B.M.

Secondary Objectives
2. Destroy scout subs
3. Disable nuclear sub with E.M.P.
4. No civilian casualties

[Note: This mission is the hardest one in the game.]

Select the flamer, then either missiles or the rail gun. What you choose will
affect how you go about completing the stealth sub objective (and the level).
Missiles are faster, there're more of them, but they are weaker than the rail
gun. The rail gun can cleave through anything (and I mean ANYTHING) but the
projectile is slow, there's only one of them at a time, and being on the left
side of the Interceptor means it may miss some targets on the right side of the

Phase One:
This level will proceed *very* fast, as each gate-sub combination comes right
after each other, and how well you do in the previous gate-sub encounter
affects the next one. You will not have time to "re-do" any missed subs since
they will submerge and attack you with torpedoes until you quit or retry. The
first stealth gate is where the last Sat-Com is in 3: Route Canal; stay on the
right side of the road and hit the ramp. Lock-on and vape mini-sub number one.

Phase Two:
After killing sub number one, stay left and go up on the ramp onto dry land.
Pay attention. To destroy the next two mini-subs, you will need to release the
accelerator as soon as you hit the second stealth gate AND VEER LEFT to stay on
the road. If you drop into the water, you will fail the mini-sub objective.
While you are still on the road, lock-on the second mini-sub and destroy it. Be
sure to stay on the road and continue driving.

Phase Three:
You can target the third mini-sub as you hit the third stealth gate; pay
attention, you will need to boost (30%) slightly on the low ramp to fire your
missiles/rail gun over the low fence to vape the sub. You will not be able to
go into the water and you will have to continue down the concourse to a large
plaza area.

Phase Four, Part One:
After vaping mini-sub number three, there will be a Nostra control van
indicated with a red round reticule prior to the street turning left. Destroy
it to start the I.C.B.M. countdown; disable the I.C.B.M. (yellow reticule) with
E.M.P. Pay attention. To the Interceptor's right (or there about) there is a
double wide door into a church or chapel of some sort, ram through it and drive
up the stairs, crash through the window and tag the stealth gate.

Phase Four, Part Two:
As you drop back down on the street, you need to make a HARD LEFT TURN. Now
*really* pay attention; driving back the wrong way (there will be buildings and
shopfronts on the Interceptor's right) there is a right fork in the form of a
small tunnel leading to mini-sub number four and a Weapons Boat. You will
barely have enough time to lock-on and destroy the mini-sub before the stealth
wears off.

Phase Five:
The next two mini-subs are polar opposites; the first one is easy, the second
one is rather hard. The fifth and sixth stealth gates are on the left side of
the canal; there will be shallow ramps leading up to both, so stay on the left
until you tag the sixth stealth gate. The fifth mini-sub comes right after the
stealth gate (easy). Pay attention. Select your missiles after hitting the
sixth stealth gate, and head to the right side of the canal. Go up the ramp and
onto dry land. Now the tricky part, you will need to make a quick right, left,
then right in order to avoid the obstacles and get in position for the next
objective. You must lock-on the mini-sub before you make the series of turns
(to give you less things to do) and launch your missiles as you make the quick
left (while the mini-sub is briefly in view). As soon as you vape the sixth
mini-sub, you should be on a ramp on the right side of the canal, taking
gunfire from Nostra infantry.

Phase Six, Part One:
You should be on a wooden ramp on the right side of a large non-descript brick
building, on land, with a full boost meter. Ram the Nostra infantry and as the
Interceptor steadies out, mini-boost (30-50%) and hop the ramp. You will land
on a small island structure with another ramp. You need to boost (use it up) to
hop this second ramp and into the subpen holding the nuclear submarine.

Phase Six, Part Two:
E.M.P. the nuclear submarine and ignore the Nostra infantry. The subpen exit is
on the right side, so steer accordingly. Switch to the rail gun if haven't done
so. You'll need at most six shots to make it past the last phase. And don't
boost; you'll need every drop you can get to make it for the cheat.

Phase Seven:
It will be clear from here on out: the only obstacles you will face are two
Mortar Things (encountered separately), the last stealth gate/mini-sub combo,
and the game's most psyched jump. For starters, ignore the Nostra bikers and
immolate the Mortar Thing that comes out to assist them. Stay on the right. So
long as you're moving at full speed, there is no reason to use boost to tag the
stealth gate. Pay attention. Stay on land and on the right side of the canal.
Lock-on and sink the seventh and last mini-sub.

Final Phase:
After sinking the last mini-sub, be sure to stay on land and blast the Mortar
Thing ahead of you to clear the way. As soon as you do and you can see (and are
lined up with) the large ramp ahead -- boost -- and you will make the cheat
with time to jerk off to.

For Cheat:
Do not miss any mini-subs, do not miss any turns, and go where you're supposed
to go. Super Spy can alleviate ammo and life problems. The hardest turns to do
are the turn just after the fourth stealth gate; the nuclear sub ramp jumps,
and tagging the seventh and last stealth gate. The cheat is only worth it if
you are into video game history.


Mission 14
Eye of The Storm
Limit: 9:00
Cheat: 5:10 (Tiny Spy)
Upgrade: Leonie gets transferred into an android body and we finally
         get some X-rated Bladerunner as we wonder, "Do a female A.I.
         enjoy binary orgasms?"

Primary Objective
1. Disable the "Four Horsemen" with E.M.P.

Secondary Objectives
2. Destroy all Scud missiles
3. Disable outpost with E.M.P.
4. No civilian casualties

[Note: This is one of the easier missions in the game so long as you take the
alternate paths that protect you from damage, and take the time to eliminate
traps and clear objectives. Remember: the Super Spy cheat is necessary to get
the cheat on this level.]

Phase One:
Select flamer and the rail gun -- if you shed the Interceptor frame, you will
at least have all your missiles, but no rail gun. Destroy the first E.M.P.
tower you see and veer right into a fragile brick wall. This leads to the
outpost you need to disable with E.M.P. (take the high ground).

Phase Two:
Have a full boost meter and move at full speed after you disable the outpost.
Destroy any Nostra buggies and pay attention: after a short drop, the road
veers right. You need to boost as you follow the road and get the speed to sail
into a narrow canyon path (with no enemies) that hides you from the E.M.P.
towers. If you miss, you will be in a world of hurt. You will go to an area
that will collapse into water regardless which path you take.

Phase Three:
Torch the Attack Helis and the Doctor Torpedoes before they can hurt you. Use
up everything you have as you will be nearing a Weapons Van soon. Knock out the
two E.M.P. towers when they get into lock-on range. Try and take the right fork
and ramp leading up to dry land near the second E.M.P. tower. Either path leads
to the Weapons Van.

Phase Four:
After the Weapons Van, try not to fire any weapons, as there are many civvie
cars around. Avoid driving immediately behind the Enforcers as this will
trigger their Gatling Guns to pop up and fire. Avoid them and continue into the
small hamlet. Pay attention. On the right side of the road, where an Enforcer
will merge on the road, there is a brick wall similar to the one earlier in the
level. Driving through it will net you a stealth gate and breathing room as
enemies and the E.M.P. towers let you sneak past. Select your missiles (they're
faster than the rail gun) and prepare to blast Scuds. Do not attempt to lock-on
anything yet.

Phase Five, Part One:
As you past the last E.M.P. tower and turn right, the first Scud and red round
reticule should appear. *Now* you should lock-on and fire. The second Scud is
on the right -- head there before it launches and vape it. Keep to the right.
There's something you need to do. Hope you have boost.

Phase Five, Part Two:
Moving at full speed, look for a ramp past the second Scud. Boost up and vape
the third Scud. As you continue on, slow down or brake as you exit the small
tunnel; there is a drop off you do not want to take. Done quickly enough, the
stealth should wear off by now. There is a narrow metal bridge on the left.
Traverse that and take out Scud numero four-o.

Phase Six:
As you drop back down to ground level, take out the control panel powering the
"emasculating" laser barrier. This will damage the Interceptor, as well as
registering E.M.P. effects. You will enter a large circular area comprised of
four levels. Each of the top three levels have two control panels powering a
"insta-eunuch" laser beam guarding the entrance to the Four Horsemen's silo.
Destroying each one will make it that much safer for the Interceptor. I advise
that you use machineguns to take out the panels and the infantry guarding the
panel as it is cheap and effective. You will need guided weapons later. There
are breaks in each of the inner fences to allow the Interceptor to drop a level
-- careful , since it can't go back up. Exit this area at the lowest point when
you are done.

Phase Seven:
Race past the entry tunnel and head back out to a narrow canyon; follow it
until you reach a blockade of three Nostra tanks. The rail gun's power is quite
evident with one shot, although you only need to eliminate one to pass. Pay
attention. As you round the corner, you should look for and take a small right
fork in the hillside leading you around the main road. Not doing so makes you
fall prey to the oldest trap in the book.

Phase Eight:
Use the rail gun or missiles to destroy the first control panel as you will
need to boost and hop over the deviously laid out "laser greeting card" in the
next room. You can use your machineguns to take out the rest of the control
panels, or if you like, you may stay with guided weapons as you swerve to avoid
the obstacles. The lasers damage you, but the large metal pistons only slow you
down -- however, conssidering the amount of time you need for the last part,
you should attempt to pass this area quickly.

Final Phase, Part One:
Soon, yellow reticules will start to pop up as you vape the last control panel.
Now for the true test of running and gunning. The last chamber is a circular
silo accessible by roads running up and down. There is one road going around
the entire circumference of the silo, with some forks going up and some going
down. The rendezvous point is actually straight ahead from where you come in
and the road is already there -- the only problem is the force field bars even
Super Spies from running through and escaping.

** Remember that you need to come back here after you shut down the force
field. **

Your immediate goal is to get Scotty to lower his force field. There are eight
(8) pylons that need to be blasted to deactivate the barrier: four (4) are
accessible from the level road, while the other four are reached courtesy of
the high and low forks (there are two pylons on the high road and two pylons on
the low road, situated on opposite sides of each other).

However, each pylon is protected by a control panel -- only when the panel
beneath each pylon is destroyed is the pylon revealed to be vulnerable to the
Interceptor's weapons. Obviously, to reach that high up requires a guided
weapon, thus only missiles and rail gun hits are valid.

One last thing: Nostra has situated a few remaining Bullseyes and infantry
where the high roads and low roads meet the middle road and will attack you
when you drive near.

Final Phase, Part Two:
After the force field is gone, get back to the middle (level) road and get back
to the entrance where you first came in as fast as possible. Face the Four
Horsemen and use the E.M.P. to disable them as you pass. The rendezvous (if you
can call it that) is at the end of the ramp leading up and out.

For Cheat:
Use the Super Spy cheat to bypass the tedious "colosseum" area and be sure to
take all the short-cuts available. Slalom the piston phase and use guided
weapons (rail cannon) to take out anything with a pulse inside the Four
Horsemen silo (with the exception of the Horsemen satellites). Use the Tiny Spy
cheat to do the other stages requiring swift manuevering. It also quite a hoot
at boy/girl/girl parties.



** For individual cheats, consult Mission Reconnaissance.

01: 3:40 Saliva Spy Hunter Movie
02: 3:35 Green HUD
03: 2:40 Saliva Your Disease Movie
04: 3:15 Night Vision
05: 3:25 Early Test Animatic Movie
06: 3:45 Extra Cameras
07: 3:10 Rainbow HUD
08: 3:05 Inversion Camera
09: 3:45 Concept Art Movie
10: 3:15 Fisheye View
11: 3:10 Camera Flip
12: 3:30 Puke Camera
13: 2:15 Making Of Movie
14: 5:10 Tiny Spy

Finish Game: Hover Spy
[Note: Puts Interceptor in permanent "boat mode" with reduced friction to any
surface and lowered top speed.]

All Objectives: Super Spy
[Note: Interceptor hull coated with regenerative Protoss alloy and
micro-manufacturing plant for weapon system ammo. God Mode + Infinite Ammo.]



1. Car is so simple even a trained monkey can drive it.
2. Oil slicks teach "advanced speed control."
3. Similarily, smokescreens can hide upcoming 60 mph turns.
4. Flamer deters tail-gaters and does tire damage.
5. I'll be ranked, "1/1" after vaping all other contenders.
6. S.E.V. mode is more nimble than any 4WD/OR with suspension mods.
7. X-ray scope sees what other drivers are doing (picking nose, etc.)
8. (Leading Car) + (Rail Cannon) = (Flaming Wreckage)
9. Chicks. Chicks love anything that's, "25 mm" -- times twelve :D



- The Batmobile has machineguns.
+ The Interceptor has machine cannon.

- Batman needs a Batboat to go on water.
+ The Interceptor can change form depending on the terrain.

- The Batmobile has a large useless jet flame in the rear.
+ The Interceptor has a small rearward flamer that actually kills things.

- The Batmobile is owned and driven by Bruce Wayne, a.k.a. "The Batman."
+ The Interceptor is owned by I.E.S., but anyone can drive it if they pass the
Test Track.

- The Batmobile comes only in Bat Black.
+ The Interceptor has your choice of Virgin White or Carbon Black.

- The Batmobile is repaired by Alfred.
+ The Interceptor has a Midas Team on Speed.

- The Batmobile holds two people, usually Batman and Robin.
+ The Interceptor carries only one man and a horny female AI.

- The Batmobile has a red dome light interior.
+ The Interceptor has the "Sterilization X-ray Vision."

- Batman pilots the Bat Wing.
+ The Interceptor carries guided swarm missiles.

- The Bat Wing is heavily armoured.
+ The Interceptor also has a guided rail cannon.


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