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Table Of Contents-
Part 1-The Controls
Part 2-Game Modes
Part 3-The Charecters
Part 4-Cheats & Hints


Triangle-rear view
O-Brakes(useful in Rooftops & Warhawk)
X-Hard Turns
Square-Move fairly fast (depending on charecters speed)
R3 or Press square twice & hold-Turbo
Right Analog or Directional Buttons-steer
R1-Switch out to weapon on right
L1-Switch out to weapon on left
R2-Machine gun or Machine Gun Upgrade(if picked up, see part 4)
L2-use weapon
L3-Hard Turn
Up, down, up-freeze attack
Right, left, down-lay mine(hold down down for 1 second for it to be charged up)
Left, left, down, down-invisability
Right, right, down, down-Shield
R1, L1 (at the same time)-Jump
Left, Right, Down, R2-fire weapon backwards(use triangle to see weapons like Gas Can 
to detonate)


Story-Beat the game (getting any movies, levels, or charecters)
Challenge-Chose your charecter & how ever much enemys as you wish
Endurance-Choose level & charecter then fight an endless supply of enemys(most 
levels can be unlocked this way)

2-4p Death match-A classic match that if you have a multitab, you can go up to 4 
players on.  You chose best of 3, 5, or 7.
2p Co-op Story-Beat the game with 2 players(you can get charecters & levels this way 
but not movies)
2p Last Man Standing- Both Players pick a list of four charecters(1 player picks 
first, 2 player picks second & so on)You both will be the next car down on the list 
until one player had died 4 times. 


Special-Exploding Spickeball
Speed-very low
Story-He was a farmer when a pilot came, messed up his face, destroied his crops & 
cheated his wife.  He slaughtered his wife with a hoe.
Wish-He gets on the airplane the pilot was in & drove it towards the tied up pilot.

Car-El Cameo
Special-Suicide Bomber
Speed-fairly high
Story-He says when he was excorcizing a baby the demon came out of the baby & 
possessed him, & made him kill everyone around him.
Wish-Calyspo tells him that the excorcizm was really baptism, & it was him 
(Preacher) doing all the killings.  Brimstone realizes all his struggles to regain 
forgiveness to his Lord's good graces were a waste, the only way out was suicide.

Special-Super Machine gun
Armor-fairly high
Story-When he was on a mission he was assigned to shoot down a terrorist.  He got 
carried away & shot a nearby family.
Wish-Calypso let him re-do that moment of his life.  He focused each bullet on the 
terrorist.  He thought he had killed the freak when he walked away.  The terrorist 
shot him right through the head.

Car-Armored Motorcycle
Special-flaming scythe
Size-very small
Speed-maxed out
Armor-Extremely low(almost zero)
Special-maxed out
Story-In Vietnam he was captured after his friend was shot.  They both were put in a 
cell 20 ft underground.They were both starving when a guy came & gave them a knife & 
said to eat whatever they could find.  Benny (Mr.Grimm's friend) died 3 days later 
of starvation.  Mr.Grimm had to eat Benny to survive.  The next day starvation drove 
him to eat Benny.  Then 20 years later he was taken out by U.S. forces Agents.  They 
tried to take the mask off (Benny's skull) but he wouldn't let them.  
Wish-Calypso gave Mr.Grimm the guy who forced him to eat Benny. He was tied to a 
chair.  Mr.Grimm grabbed an axe & chopped up the freak Then ate him.

Car-a green junky
Special-Homing Turets
Control-fairly high
Story-He got amnesia & didn't know who he was.  Then after beating Minion (his 
Middle) he remebers being a gang member doing small time.  Then his gang invented a 
bomb & putting it in a building. 
Wish-Calypso throws John Doe an ID saying he was a police worker going undercover as 
a gang member.  He remembers going back in the building to retreive the bomb.The 
bomb was about to explode & he couldn't de-fuse it so he threw it out the window.  
The explosion knocked him unconciouse.

Car-orange Dune Buggy
Special-Electric shocker
Armor-fairly high
Story-He was a no-time boxer when a newcomer came.  The newcomer tore No-Face 
apart.  No-Face had to go to a surgeon to get healed.  The surgeon happened to be a 
fan of the fights. When he put No-Face under anesthesia He was muttering "I was 
betting on you," "$20,000 I lost on you"...  When no-Face woke up he couldn't see, 
speak, & his face was flaming in pain.  He killed 5 people trying to hunt down the 
Wish-Calypso had the docter tied up to a post for No-Face.  No-Face also got a 
bonus, Spicked boxing gloves.  He had "K.O"ed the docter.

Car-Blue Sports Car
Special-Screaming missile
Speed-very high
Story-When She was a child in grade-school she fell in love.  She was rejected when 
her love called her fat & ugly.  Her colledge friends all got married & 
lived "happily ever after" & she freaked.  At won of her friend's wedding she blew 
with anger & stabbed the bride.  After that she put on the dress & admired at her 
own looks.
Wish-Calypso gives her a man that he "fixed" for her to love her.  He ended up 
saying ,"I could never love you"  & she hacked away at him with an axe.

Car-Mac Truck
Special-Super ram
Speed-very low (almost zero)
Armor-extremly high (almost maxed out)
Special-fairly high
Story-She had just gotten out of colledge when she applied for a job.  Her boss, 
Mr.Kreedle had always made masks which She thought were scary (Ex;Sweettoothes mask) 
She had accidentally spilled some coffea on his paperwork.  He chased her & then 
locked the "Dollface" mask on her.
Wish-When she gets to Calypso there's the key to her mask attached to a chain 
cennecting to a split scupture of Mr.Kreedle with spickes sticking out from the 
inside, with Mr.Kreedle tied up inside.  She pauses for a moment then grabs the key 
cuasing the sculpter to close in on Mr.Kreedle.  Now that she had the key though she 
didn't want it.  

Special 1-shadow
Special 2-Gunner (trigger by pressing up, up, up on the Special icon)
Story-Right out of high-school Raven, & her friend Kelly fell victim to a prank gone 
awry.  2 men got out of a car & grabbed hold of Raven & Kelly.  they said they 
wondered if whitches could swim.  Raven screamed "she can't swim! she can't swim!"
Then they threw Kelly in the water & she drownded.
Wish-Calypso gave her 2 voodoo dolls & she used them to kill the 2 men.  After that 
she kept them for her parents.

Car-Ice Cream Truck
Special-20 missiles
Size-fairly big
Special-extremely big (almost maxed out)
Story-After he was caught by the cops & put into the electric chair, right before 
they pulled the switch to electracute him, Preacher came in & had a different idea.  
He put a curse on Sweattooth & made him have flaming hair.
Wish-Calypso gave Sweettooth a glass vile containing Preacher's blood.  But there 
was a catch: if he started killing, the fire would return.  Sweattooth threw the 
vile away they slite Calypso's throat.

Story-Charlie got shot one day & his son built a remote control to bring his dad 
back to life.
Wish-Calypso crushes the remote control & asks the kid to take Calypso's place as 
the Tournament leader.

Car-the weird double-Wheeler
Special 1-rediation
Special 2-1-wheeled ram
Speed-fairly high
Armor-fairly high
Special-fairly high
Control-fairly high
Story-Axel's wife got murdured.
Wish-Calypso had the mystery murdurer tied to a chair.  It was Sweattooth, Axel shot 
Sweattooth with the same pistol that killed his wife.

Car-Dumb Truck
Special-Flaming rocks
Speed-very low
Armor-Maxed out
Story-???(doesn't have a Middle or Prelouge & the words on the loading screen don't 
say anything)
Wish-He get's a bomb with a note on it saying "Screw You-Calypso"

Car-Station wagon on tank treds
Special-Flame thrower
Story-He's a cereal killer that cries when he kills someone
Wish-Calypso gives him surgery so he doesn't cry when he kills someone, & a bonus of 
blades insteade of hands

Car-Giant tanker
Special-huge flame thrower
Size-Huge, giant, mammoth (there's no other way to explain it)
Armor-maxed out
Special-maxed out
Control-extremely low(almolst zero)
Story-(doesn't have one.  His loading message is in code which when translated[1=a, 
2=b,etc]says stuff like "we're all in his head" "Sweattooth, we're all just part of 
his thoughts",etc.& he has no Epalouge)


Invincibility(it works in EVERY mode!)-Hold down all the top buttons & press up, 
down, left, right, right, left, down, up.

Unlock Yellow Jacket-In Story or Co-op blow down the flying plane by going to the 
top part of the level(up the route next to the healer) & blow up the plane with a 
couple of missiles.  It'll go around 1 lap then fall down causing a tunnel to 
appear.  Go into the tunnel then shoot the control panael.

Unlock Warthog & Prison Passage-In Story or Co-op go to the fairgrounds & you'll see 
a gas can on a hill, go up the hill (don't turbo or you'll go over the roof) & 
you'll land on a building.  Shoot the round platform & go down for Warthog or Turbo 
& jump to another building till you get to a building with a black cube to get 
Prison Passage.

Unlock Manslaughturer- In Story or Co-op, once the boat decks on land, go beside it 
where the water is on the left side.  You'll see blue crates, blow them up to see a 
ramp.  Wait a while for the ship to open up.  Go inside & shoot the control panel.

Unlock Axel- In Story or Co-op go to the construction site & you'll see a craine 
with a bow hanging on it right above the left hand corner of the construction site.  
Use fire missiles, power missiles, Roadkill's Special, etc missile like weapons with 
low homing at it from a hill.  Once you blow up the box it falls down to the corner 
of the site.  Shoot it open.

Unlocking Minion-Beat the game with every charecter.

Unlocking Warhawk (level)-On the junkyard level blow up the pizza boy with 2 Gas 
Cans then out of the depris a green ramp will appear.  Go up the ramp towards the 
smashy elevator thing & press brakes.  You'll see a black cube at the top, drive off 
& get it.

Unlock Freeway-Get 10 kill count on Endurance mode in the Snowy Roads level.

Unlock Prison Boat-Get 10 kill count on Endurance mode in the Drive in Movie level.

Unlock Minion's Stadium-Go to the elavator in the building next to the bride that 
can be broken into by machine gun ramming into the big window.  Once you get pass 
the window go on the elevator.  Then drive off (slightly)the edge on one of the 
sides of one of the buildings.  Then you'll see a coffea mug if you drove off the 
right side.  There's a black cube inside the coffea.  


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