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Game Title: Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare

Released: 5/18/01 (EU)  6/28/01 (US)

System: Sony Playstation (Can also be played on a PS2)

Number of Discs: 1

ESRB Rated M (Animated Violence and Animated Blood & Gore)

Genre: Survival Horror

Number of Players: 1

Memory Card: 1 Block

Last Update: July 29th, 2001

Version 1.0

 1. Controls

  2. FAQ/Walkthrough (Demo)

   3. FAQ/Walkthrough (Full Version)

    4. GameShark/Xplorer Codes

     5. Credits

COMING SOON: GameShark Codes, Full Version Walkthrough and Secrets.

SUGGESTION: It is suggested that you have your Playstation system hooked up with
an RF Adapter. If it is hooked up through A/V Cables, the picture will appear
extremely dark.

===================================Section 1===================================

Walk: Any direction on the D-Pad
Run: Hold 'Square' while pressing any direction on the D-Pad
Action/Check: 'X'
Shoot: Hold 'R1' and press 'X' NOTE: You automatically lock on to the target.
Aim: Hold 'R1 + L1' to aim.
Flashlight: You start the game with it off. 'Circle' turns it on and off.
In-Game Menu: Press 'Triangle.' This brings up a menu allowing you to change weapons,
              reload ect...
Pause Menu: Start
Free Look: Hold 'L1' to look around freely.
Map: Press 'L2'
Move Arms: 'L3 + L1' (Dual Shock Controller Only)
Walk: 'L3' (Dual Shock Controller Only)

===================================Section 2=================================== 
FAQ/Walkthrough (Demo)

     You begin the game as Edward Carnby. Walk straight until you see the front
gate to the mansion. Walk up the stairs to the gate and press 'X' (the action
button). You'll then see a 'mini-cutscene' with Carnby trying to open the gate,
but can't because it's locked. Of course Carnby must have forgotten he has a gun
and can SHOOT the lock on the gate. Oh well. All games have little  Walk back down the stairs, and your partner, Alean (spelled
correctly?), will contact you via radio prompting another 'mini-cutscene.'
You'll hear gunshots and the usual. Continue walking down the path and the
camera view will change to a view from in the mansion looking out the window. 

     A rather eerie view that adds a cool effect. Ignore the cam change, nothing
'special' happends.....yet. Again, continue down the path and another
'mini-cutscene' will play of a 'monster' having dinner which consists of tasy
'Dog.' When the cutscene ends, walk towards the Dog carcass with your gun up
(Hold R1). The 'monster' won't appear until you try and walk past the dog and
attempt to go down the stairs. Go to the lower left corner of the screen, and
with gun still drawn, slowly walk towards the carcass. When you get a certain
distance from it, the 'monster' will appear and, 90% of the time, grab you and
take a chunk out of you. Fire your gun off (R1 + X) while backing up, this keeps
the 'monster' from being able to get close to you and 'grab' you. 

     Four to five shots will put this guy to rest. Walk down the stairs and go 
through the gate (Press X). You can walk down towards the sewers, but the water 
is to high. Go back up the stairs (if you even went and looked at the sewer, if 
not, just hang a right when you first enter the 'area').and go right. You'll see 
a 'valve,' next to the valve is a box of Magnum Bullets. Grab them and turn the 
valve (Press X). Press 'Triangle' to bring up the menu and reload your gun. Walk 
back towards the sewer. Near the gate another 'monster' will appear. Use the same 
strategy as with the first; back away while capping him. See the reason I had you 
reload? For some reason, the number of bullets on the screen when you raise your 
gun (lower left hand corner) is NOT the amount in the guns chamber. 

     The gun is a six-shot (6 currently in the chamber, with one 6-shot speed-loader 
reload which you carry; the rest are in the box), so after six shots, Carnby will 
stop to reload which takes FOREVER. After you take care of the 'monster,' head down 
to the sewer. 

     Wade through the waist high water. You don't have to worry about any
'monsters' yet. When you reach the end of the first 'sewer hall,' go left.
You'll enter a large room. Again, press 'Triangle' to access the RE-like menu
and reload your gun. In OPM it states that this is a large monster, but all it
takes is a pop in the mouth. What it doesn't tell you is that it takes more than
one 'pop.' When you first enter the large room, the camera will be looking at
you. You don't have anything to worry about yet. When the camera changes so that
it's behind you is when you should put your gun up. Wade to about the middle of
the room and stand still. The rather large monster will pop up behind you. 

     Do a '180' and cap 'em. Stand in the exact spot you're at. He'll pop up behind 
you again. Again, do a quick '180' and cap 'em in the head. Repeat the process until
he doesn't come up behind you. Again, reload your gun, you may have needed to
reload it before this moment. BUT he's not finished yet. Move two to three steps
towards the 'hallway' in the upper right hand corner and stop. He'll come up
behind you just in time for you to finish him with another shot to the head.
He's actually dead now. Go through the 'hallway' noted above and climb the

     When you get all the way up, you'll see a door in front of you. Don't pay
it any attention, it's locked. Climb the small 'ledge' to your left and go
through the door. Be patient, you're almost to the end of the demo and get to
see the climax at the end (wouldn't it actually be the beginning?). When you've
entered the door, turn on your flash light (Press Circle) and look to your left.
On a table is the wonderful, spectacular Rocket Pistol, too bad you don't get a
chance to use it on anything. BTW, you're in a rather large room with many
doors. You can check all the doors if you want, but they're all locked. The only
thing any of them are useful for, is the one in the 'north-east' corner. 

     The only thing you can do with it is look through the 'Spy Hole.' You see 
nothing (I was hoping something would jump at me *sighs*). If you walk past the door 
with the 'Spy Hole,' you'll find a 'sub-room.' There's nothing special about this 
'sub-room' accept for the fact it has a locked trap door. After you've checked 
the doors, walk towards the casket in the 'south-east' corner. When you get to it, 
press X to open it. It might take a few presses of 'X' before it opens up because 
you have to be standing in the exact spot. I could tell you what you see, but why
spoil the fun? You'll 'spoil' the fun for yourself if you read OPM's walkthrough
of the demo, so I'd suggest skipping it until you complete the demo ^_^ A
cutscene plays showing what's in the casket and then something odd happends to
what's in the casket. The cutscene concludes marking the end of the Demo.

===================================Section 3===================================
FAQ/Walkthrough (Full Version)


===================================Section 4===================================
GameShark/Xplorer Codes

GameShark/Xplorer codes for the DEMO
1.  Infinite Ammo Revolver: 80138A84 000C
                            8013DB94 000C

2.  Infinite Ammo Rocket Pistol: 80138A84 000C
				         8013DBB4 000C

3.  Rocket Pistol Equipped: 8013A5D4 0001
				    8013DBB0 0001
				    80166A30 0001
				    80166A34 0001
				    80166A38 0001
				    80167E2E 0001
				    80167FD8 0001
				    8016805C 0001
				    8016808C 0001
				    80168098 0001
				    80168124 0001
				    801F0E4C 0001
				    801F0E50 0001
				    801F0E5C 0001
				    801F108C 0001
				    801F1090 0001
				    801F109C 0001
				    801F10FC 0001
				    801F1464 0001
				    801F1A60 0001

NOTE: Access your 'Inventory' then exit it to have the Rocket Pistol Equipped. 

4.  Revolver Equipped: 8013A5A8 0001
			     8013DB90 0001
			     80166B0E 0001
			     80167852 0001
			     80168014 0001
			     801680FC 0001
			     80169AE8 0001
			     801F0BFC 0001	
			     801F0C0C 0001
			     801F0C54 0001
			     801F0C6C 0001	
			     801F0C80 0001	
			     8010AA44 0001	
			     8010AA9C 0001
			     8010ACAC 0001
			     8010C070 0001

NOTE: Access your 'Inventory' then exit it to have the Revolver equipped.

5.  Flashlight Always 'On': 8013D99C 0001
				    801EF3FC 0001
				    801EF434 0001
				    801FFB7C 0001
				    801FFB84 0001

6.  Flashlight Always 'Off': 8013D99C 0000
				     801EF3FC 0000
				     801EF434 0000
				     801FFB7C 0000
				     801FFB84 0000

7.  (M) Music: OFF / [Game Select Screen]: 801DE600 0000
							 801DE602 0000
							 801DE604 0000
							 C1000000 0000

8.  Time Played: 00h00mn: 8013D9D6 0000
				  8013D9E3 0000

9.  Enemies Killed: 8013D9D0 0000
			  8013D9DC 0000

10.  Medikits Used 0: 8013D9D2 0000
			    8013D9DE 0000

11.  Ammos Used: 8013D9D8 0000
		     8013D9E4 0000

12.  Enable: "Hidden" Game Statistics Menu / [press: L3](NOTE): D00B78BE FFFD
										    800CF9FC 0003

13.  Enable: "Hidden" Cheat Menu / [press R3](NOTE): D00B78BE FFFB
								     800CF9FC 0004 

14.  Debug-Menu (press: L3+R3)(NOTE): D00B78BE FFF9
				           800A1194 0009 

NOTE: To access these (un-linked) "Hidden" menu(s), you must
first --PAUSE-- the game by pressing START then press (either, "L3" (or)
"R3" remember the Analog MUST be: ON) then press "X" to enter and use
"TRIANGLE" to return...

15.  God Mode / Invincibility (NOTE): 300A02FC 0014

16.  Unlimited Ammo (NOTE): 300A02FC 0018

17.  God Mode AND Unlimited Ammo (NOTE): 300A02FC 001C

NOTE: Must be used individually!!!

18. Start Demo in Room with Casket (NOTE): 800CAD04 9F2C
						       800CAD08 9EE4
						       800CAED6 0000

Note: Due to the fact that the game has pre-rendered backgrounds, your character
will be in the final room, but the camera thinks you're at the beginning of the
game. So, just think of it as walking around blind folded. This 'error' cannot
be corrected until a 'Camera Position Modifier' is found.

19. Infinite Health: 8013D9A4 0064 

20. Refill Health (press: L3 + R3): D00B78BE FFF9
					      8013D9A4 0064 

21. Infinite First Aid Kits: 3013DA94 0072
				     8013DA96 0001 

22. Have All Weapons (w/ Infinite Ammo)
(Customized Revolver, Magnesium Flare, Triple-Barreled Gun, Rocket Launcher, 
Grenade Launcher, Lightning Gun, Stun Pistol, Plasma Cannon):
8013DABC 000F
8013DA98 006F
3013DAA0 005E
8013DB94 000C
3013DAA4 0065
8013DBAC 000A
3013DAA8 0066
8013DB9C 0003
3013DAAC 0069
8013DBB4 0003
3013DAB0 006A
8013DBCC 0003
3013DAB4 006B
8013DBD4 000A
3013DAB8 006C
8013DBBC 0009
3013DABC 006D
8013DBC4 000A 

23. Hyper-Mode: E10B78BE 00FF
                3009F10C 0000 

24. Vibration (L3: Strong / R3: Weak)(NOTE): D00B78BE FFFD
					               800B78BA F000
					               D00B78BE FFFD
					               800B78BA 0001 

NOTE: Remember the Analog MUST be: ON.

Codes 1-6 & 18 by 'TheNSR' ([email protected]), 
Codes 7-17 & 19-24 by NBCraftsman.
===================================Section 5===================================

I'd like to thank all of the following people for inspiring and/or helping me
complete this FAQ/Walkthrough:

NBCraftsman for coaxing me into picking this title up.

Infogrames for making this awesome title. THE PSX AIN'T DEAD YET!!!!!!!!

And last but not least, The visitors of the site for constantly coming back for 
more Gundam.......

Edward Carnby, the Alone in the Dark series, Sony Playstation, Infogrames, and 
ESRB are all copyrighted trademarks to their respective owners (Infogrames, Sony,
Electronics Software Ratings Board). This FAQ was written by Ben Malin and is 
meant for personal use only. Any reproduction and/or public use is prohibited 
without the written consent of Ben Malin. This FAQ may only appear on the 
following sites:

Game FAQs (
CheatCC (
The NSR (
GSHN ( (

Author: Ben Malin ([email protected])

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