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This Powerful moman warrior belongs to nomadic bands of fighters that roam the area 
near the south sea. The amazon is accustomed to fighting to defend her own, and her 
lifestyle has made her fiercely independant and able to endure severe hardships in 
her quest for survival. The amazon is highly skilled in bowmenship, but is adept in 
the use of spears and varius throwing weapons. Despite the Amozon's skills at 
ranged fighting, She is still very Dangerous in Hand-To-Hand-Combat, and can fend 
for herself impressively.

                           JAVELIN & SPEAR
1.Jab                   Level 1
2.Power Strike          Level 6
3.Poison Javelin        Level 6
4.Impale                Level 12
5.Lightning Bolt        Level 12
6.Charged Strike        Level 18
7.Plague Javelin        Level 18
8.Fend                  Level 24
9.Lightning Strike      Level 30
10.Lightning Fury       Level 30

                          PASSIVE & MAGIC
1.Inner Sight           Level 1
2.Critical Strike       Level 1
3.Dodge                 Level 6
4.Slow Missles          Level 12
5.Avoid                 Level 12
6.Penetrate             Level 18
7.Decoy                 Level 24
8.Evade                 Level 24
9.Valkyrie              Level 30
10.Pierce               Level 30

                         BOW & CROSSBOW
1.Magic Arrow
2.Fire Arrow
3.Cold Arrow
4.Multiple Shot
5.Exploding Arrow
6.Ice Arrow
7.Guided Arrow
9.Immolation Arrow
10.Freezing Arrow

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