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Game Name:Neophyte I
Type of game:Action RPG
Creator:Aliensoft and Microcosm Inc.
Game Copyright:Alien Software, 1999
Game content age rating:9 and up
Type of guide:FAQ/Walkthrough
E-Mail:[email protected]
Guide copyright:Chaz5000, 2001
Guide content age rating:All Ages
Version Number:1.00
Date of creation:September 7, 2001 is _THE_ website that the latest versions of all my
FAQs can be found at.  This IS an endorsement from Chaz5000!
Spoiler protection has been disabled in this guide
Table of Contents:
Section 1. About the game       A1
Section 2. Commands             A2
Section 3. General suggestions  A3
Section 4. FAQ                  A4
Section 5. Monster List         A5
   Section 1. About the game       A1
  Ah, what blind optimism can lead to.  NEOPHYTE I is the first in a series
of games by Alien Software.  All three games were Shareware, but just like
Aethra Chronicles, the full version was never released.  The game is still
quite fun, and has many secrets to unlock.  However, it is quite "Oldskool".
Before you stand a snowball's chance in Haiti of beating an alligator, you
need to be level 3 or 4.  Healing items and weapons are quite expensive 
compared to Neophyte 3.  To aid in your quest for money, there are several
hidden treasure chests across the land.  There are just a few weapons to
pick from at the beginning, but they are VERY powerful.
   The game is considerably LESS reliable than Neophyte III, and it crashes
every few minutes.  The most common crash happens when you die on specific
screens, but it has a simple solution-don't die.  All in all, it is a noble
prequel to one of the few great PC RPGs.
   Section 2. Commands             A2
(From the rulebook)
 F1 - Help Screen 
 F2 - Save 
 F3 - Load 
 S - Toggle Sound  
 M - Toggle Music  
 X - Hold Down to run 
 I - Inventory 
 Ctrl - Attack 
 Alt - Use tool 
 Space - Accept (reads books/signs, talks to townspeople, opens chests) 
 Esc - Menu, Exit Inventory 
 Button 1 - Tool 
 Button 2 - Inventory 
 Button 3 - Attack/Accept 
 Button 4 - Run 
   Section 3. General suggestions  A3
   1.  Save frequently and save often
   2.  Being backed into a corner can be the best way to fight monsters
   3.  You CAN throw most of the rocks
   4.  DO upgrade your armor & weapons frequently
   5.  Stay away from the ruins until you're at least level 6
   6.  There are lots of treasures hidden beneath trees
   7.  Buy lots of healing items-this is more important than weaponry
   8.  If you get stuck, level up, then wander to every screen twice
   9.  Also check the bookshelves and talk to evryone
   10. The Well Cave with all the rats is an awesome place to level-up
   Section 4:The FAQ        A4
   Q: Where can I find free stuff at the beginning of the game?
   A: Here are five locations-
      1. Your basement
      2. A house in the north part of town
      3. From the townspeople
      4. In a chest under a tree right outside of town
      5. In a chest in the valley near the carpenter's house
   Q: How do I rescue this woman's kitty?
   A: Buy a candle from the man upstairs in the Potion shop, and jump off
      the cliff straight south from your house into the well.  Navigate the
      hideous maze, grab some treasure, and exit the cave a richer and 
      with higher levels.
   Q: This girl has a blob, but I can't attack it.  What do I do?
   A: Save your game, quit, and start up Wandering Hamster to do some 
   Q: AAAAARGH!  The stupid soldiers and orcs kill me EVERY TIME OUT!!!
      What do I do?
   A: Level-up to Level 5 or 6, and pack a bunch of potions, THEN take on
      them(And the ruins)
   Q: Is there ANY way to make the dungeon easier?
   A: Level up, and run from any battles you can.
   Q:Where are the carpenter's tools?
   A:Check in the hole next to the entrance to the dungeon AFTER you 
     defeat Vatimacio
       More questions to come when I get them from YOU.
   Send your questions to me, Chaz5000, at [email protected]
   Section 5:Monster list   A5
  (Taken partially from manual, with additional information provided by
   Chaz5000 in parentheses)
  Blob: These little purple monsters aren't very dangerous, but can do 
        damage to you if you're not careful(Located right outside town). 
  Slimes: Though somewhat tougher than the blobs, slimes are rarely much
          of a problem(Located right outside town).
  Rat: In the early part of you quest, rats may prove to be a 
       nuisance(Located in caves and wells, but not in the overworld). 
  Spider: The spider is quick and packs a venomous bite. Beware!(Located
          in caves and wells, but not in the overworld
  Fish: These water-dwelling creatures are usually pretty easy to deal
        with(Located only in water, primarily water in wells). 
  Giant Snail: It's a good thing these ugly beasts aren't quick. If they
               hit you, they can do quite a bit of damage(More cavedwellers).
  Crocodile : Crocs are mean, fast and can bite your head off if you're
              not careful(Aquatic areas of the overworld, and caves).
  Orc: Orcs can be quite difficult to kill, especially if you're facing more
       than one at a time(Ain't that the truth!  Near dungeons and dungeons).
  Horde: Little is known about the awful creatures of the Horde. You'd better
         be well prepared before you face one of their kind(Yeah, like level
         5 or 6.  Dungeon dwellers and near dungeons)

  Thus ends Part 3 of Chaz5000's forgotten RPG FAQ quest, the previous two
being Wandering Hamster( and 
Neophyte III(  Stay
tuned at the same Bat-Time, same Bat-Website( for
part 4!

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