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/\                     \  Okay... So this is what you do: First, I'd suggest
\ \ 1) Perfect Town     \   you get yourself every kind of fruit you can.
 \ \_____________________\   That is, you (if possible) get the password for
  \/_____________________/  the fruits that don't grow in your town.

 Of course, that's not something you HAVE to do, but it's just very helpful.
 So if you do have all the fruits, continue reading... and if you don't, then
 read on too. It won't really make ANY difference after you're done (to have
 all of the fruits).
 Just to clarify, though, I like having all of the fruits because that way
 you will always have plenty of fruits (worth 500 Bells a piece) in case you
 need them...

 Alright, now what you want to do is go talk to the well (even if you know 
 you're far form having a perfect town). This will give you an idea of where
 you are in the process. And believe me, you may be closer to the end than 
 you might think.
 Now, try to remember what it told you (a list of the messages and their 
 meanings is listed below), and go clean your town. That means you go to the
 dump, and collect everything you see there.
 I've heard people saying that it doesn't matter what's there, and others  
 said it did, but since I only got my town perfect after the dumb was empty,
 I'd go clean it up just in case... 

 Now go to Tom Nook's store, and tell him you want to sell him stuff.
 Here's the trick for that: Select (press the X button) all of the items you
 want to sell him, and sell them all at once (make sure you select items
 he wouldn't normally buy, like old shoes, etc). This comes in handy when you
 have a bunch of junk you fished out of the lake.

 Then, you will need to go pull out all of the weeds in your town. There's
 only five new ones every day, so if you play the game often, and go around
 your town when you do, I'd assume there wouldn't be a whole lot of weeds
 to pull out at this time. But if your town is covered in weeds, that's cool.
 I actually enjoy going around and pulling them all out..... But again, that
 might be fun for me only =P

 Coolness... Now your town has no trash in the dump, and no weeks on the 
 Earth, either. You are ready...

 So, do you still remember what the well told you? Now it's time to go do
 what it says. But since it only talks in encrypted (and creepy, according to
 Nintendo Power Magazine (?)) messages, I decoded them all for your benefit!

      Wishing Well's Messages:

 (oh, if you're confused about how to get the Wishing Well to talk to you, 
  all you need to do is go to the well, and press the action button. Then 
  select, "How are things?")

      1) Too few trees: You need more trees on the acre the well specifies.
        -- "In areas where there is little green..." --

      2) Too many tress: You need less trees on the acre the well specifies.
        -- "Trees are a thing of extraordinary beauty but..." --

      3) Too many weeds: You need to get rid of all the weeds in your town.
        -- "When there are too many weeds...and acres in need of care and
            attention... a town feels very unsettled." --

      4) Almost satisfactory: You still have lots of weeds throughout the
         town. Make sure you get the ALL out!
        -- "Things aren't too bad...but with just a little more care and
            attention, everything would be much, much better." --

      5) Almost satisfactory 2: You are almost there... Plant more trees by
         your museum, well, house, train station, beach acres, Mable sisters,
         Tom Nook's store, lake, and water fall.
        -- "It appears that things fare well, by and large.  If you were to
            search out areas where there are too many, or not enough,
            trees...then things would be faring even better." --

      6) Satisfactory: Make sure you don't have trash in your town, or dead
         seeds (trees that you tried to plant, but died). Also, treat this as
         a 'Almost Satisfactory 1 & 2' case.
        -- "Yes...yes.  Things feel as they should.  This is certainly a
            satisfactory level of prosperity...but with just a little more
            effort, things could be even better." --

      7) Perfect!: Tap yourself on the back, and tell you mom you love her!
        -- "Everything is perfect!  [your town] is a very livable place." --

 All righty... here's a more in-depth explanation of the above list:

  --> Too few trees: If you get that message, you'll also get an acre number
  with it (Ex: Acre B4). Then what you might want to do, is to go to that
  acre, and plant some trees there. When you plant trees (assuming that 
  certain acre needs them), make sure you do the following:

         This is what that means: If you plant a tree on a certain spot, make
         sure you plant the next one at least one empty block over. This is
         represented by the following illustration:

         # = Ground
         o = Tree


         As you can see on the illustration above, there are eight trees planted
         side by side, with exactly one empty block in between them. Remember,
         that rules also counts diagonally and vertically. A good way to check
         it, is to walk around your tree. If you can't walk in a circle right
         around your tree, because a rock/wall/fence/tree is on the way, then
         you should change the scheme your trees are planted.

         Some people might tell you that there are 'non-exempt acres,' which
         means you don't need any trees there at all... That's not true!
         Make sure you have enough trees on each and every acres in your town.

  --> Too many tress: Go to the acre the well says you got way too many trees
      on, and chop a few of them down. Read the above check list, and make sure
      you follow those two steps (NO adjacent trees, and 9-16 tress).

  --> Too many weeds: This is kind of self-explanatory... Just go around your
      town, and pull out the weeds. Some people might suggest you wait until
      mid-night, and go hunt the Ghost that clears your town for you, but that's
      not a very good method to clean your town... Just remove the weeds yourself!
      Remember, you don't need your shovel to do that! Just press the action
      button while standing by a weed, and it should come right off.

 --> Almost Satisfactory (1 & 2): That could be either a weed problem, or a 
     lack of trees (or even a problem with way too many trees).
     Just run around your town, and make sure there are no weeds. Check to see
     if there are no adjacent trees, and your dump is empty. Remember, there'll
     be two new items in the dump every day. Plus, five weeds that will also 
     grow daily.
     If that doesn't help, plant MORE trees on beach acres. Make sure the acre
     where your house is located has a whole bunch of trees also.

 --> Perfect town: Bonsai! You've finally made it! 
     Just keep the weeds out for 15 days, and don't chop ANY trees out,
     and don't plant anything (even plants) either!     
     After that is done, go to the well (if you're not there already), and 
     gather up your strength, so you don't cry. Farley, the spirit that lives
     deep within the well, will come and tell you how great you are... 
     He'll also say that you've proven yourself to be trustworthy of 
     having -- The Golden Axe !!!
     Now go around your village, and chop down your 15 days of extra-hard work!

/\                     \  Here are some general hints that might help you out.
\ \ 2) General Hints    \  Also, the information contained below was tested
 \ \_____________________\  at least twice, so I guess you can trust me on 
  \/_____________________/   that...

   Planting trees: As you might have noticed by now, some trees just die before
   they grow and bear fruits. There are multiple reasons for there, but to
   make a long story short, follow this steps to grow trees every time:

       1) When you plant a tree, stand around the seed (or walk around/over
          it) for a few seconds (about 10 seconds). Then leave that acre, and
          don't go back there until the following day. This is why I recommend
          you plant your trees late at night.

       2) Don't time travel while a tree is growing. If you have a tree that's
          grown to the third stage of growth, and go back in time (or more than
          one day into the future), that tree will remain at that stage forever!

       3) Don't plant trees adjacently. For more information on this, read
          the above in-depth explanation for "too few trees."

   Dead trees: If you have a tree that died, that's no big deal. Just plant
   another one on that acre, but don't bother removing the dead one out, if 
   you don't want too. If you have, say, 8 trees on a certain acre, and you
   plant one more, the well will probably say that that acre is good. Then,
   that tree might die the following day, and that acre won't be rated 'good'
   anymore... Just go back there and plant another tree, and the acre is good
   Oh, just a side note: If a seed shows up dead when you wake up, it'll
   still be counted as a tree for that acre. So the well will still say that
   a certain acre is good, even if it has only 8 trees (healthy ones), and a
   dead seed. Just remember that after two days the dead seed will disapear.

   Flowers: I've tested this twice. Flowers are not necessary. Well, sort of...
   I had only one flower by my house when I got my perfect town. Before that, 
   the well wouldn't say my town was perfect... Buy two days after I'd received
   my perfect town, I got rid of that flower. AND I still had my perfect town.
   So if you have no flowers, and won't get a perfect town, just pop a few of
   them up...
To collect pieces from the exclusive Snowman series you have to know how to make 
the perfect snowman! If you succeed at making your snowman perfectly you'll receive 
a piece of snowman furniture from the snowman series. To own the complete series 
continue making perfect snowman (that is after your first one melted or you knocked 
it down).

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