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 Hi.  This is my first FAQ/Walkthough.  I look and look and look for the best 
walkthough for Animal Crossing but I can't find the best.  So I though about making 
one so here it is.
 This walkthough is made into parts.  Here's the list.

1. Whats Animal Crossing
2. Your House
3. Your Animal Buddies
4. Clothes
5. 'Hand-Held'Items
6. The Tools
7. K.K. Songs
8. Funiture Sets
9. Bugs and Fish
10. Items and How To Get Them
11. Fossels
12. Events
13. Gyroids
14. Rap Up

Part 1. Whats Animal Crossing
  Animal Crossing is a very cool real life time game.  You pay off your house as 
you make it bigger, get the Golden Tools, find all the items, make the best house, 
and stuff like that.  I love the game its so fun and if you dont play it for a 
while cockroaches will be in your house, weeds will grow, and animals might move 
out!  Over all it is the best game for Game Cube( Right next to Prime) if you want 
a long and if you think about it unfinshable game this is your ticket.
Part 2. Your House
  What kind of game would have a house.  Ok your house starts off small but then 
you buy parts to it( upstairs, bigger floors,ect.).  Here are the upgrades:
1. First Payment:19,800 bells
2. Living Room Expansion:148,000 bells
3. Basement:49,800 bells
4. Second Expansion:398,000 bells
5. Second Floor:798,000 bells
  You can buy ALL of them BUT it will take a day for it to be bulit.  You may put 
furniture in your house and gyroids( both below) and it will give you HRA points.  
The HRA is a thing that gives you items for a nice looking house on the inside.  
And they are hard-to-get items too so make your house very tidy because if not the 
HRA will say "Clutter on the floor" a.k.a. no points.  So just as your house there 
is plenty to do so collect birthday cakes and furiture.  Good luck on that.
 Part 2. Your Animal Buddies
   In your AC town there are the Animals that are the same in every town and the 
Animals that move in and out.  There are lots and lots of differnt Animals in the 
game.  I think if you get 15 Animals in our town (the limit) the mayor will ask you 
where a new bridge should be built.  Some of the Animals might move out if you 
don't play the game for a while and if you have 2 towns then if you travel then an 
Animal might move.    

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