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 A guide to help you get some major bells!
Table of Contents
Chapter 1:Introduction
Chapter 2:Tom Nook and Your House
Chapter 3:Fruit Trees
Chapter 4:Fish and Bugs
Chapter 5:The End
Chapter 1: Introduction
  Hello!I`m doodle and this is my first guide, so please ignore my bad 
spelling.:)I have played both the gamecube and DS version of Animal 
Crossing.So I guess you could say i have some Experience.While You`re reading 
this please remember that i do not take any e-mails regarding this guide.
Thanks and please enjoy the guide!
Chapter 2:Tom Nook and Your House
   So you come back from the store holding your new DS game:Animal Crossing 
Wild World.You start playing and after a while a racoon named Tom Nook(the 
store owner)talks to you about how much Your house is going to cost.This guy 
is a jerk so I try to ignore him!But anyway,Your payment will start out around 
18,000.(you`ll get these house payments throughout the game)Of course you 
won`t have enough bells, So he`ll ask you to work for him.(you can`t refuse)
His tasks are easy and you should finish them soon.After that you`ll have to 
get money on your own.Now even though Tom Nook is a jerk, He`s a very 
important character.You can sell pretty much anything to him,and that`s how 
you get money.:)
Chapter 3:Fruit Trees
   As you start walking around you should notice that you have some fruit 
trees in your town.You can get five diffrent fruit trees in your town:Orange 
trees,Apple Trees,Pear Trees,Peach Trees, and Cherry Trees.But of course you 
only start out with one of those at the beginning.But anyway,Fruit is one of 
the most common ways to get money.Just shake the tree by tapping on it and all 
the fruit should fall off.Pick up the fruit and sell it at Tom Nook`s 
store.The fruit you start with at the beginning is worth 100 bells a peice.The 
Exotic fruit is worth 500 Bells a peice.Now fruit isn`t the best thing to 
sell,but it does get you started.
Chapter 4:Fish and Bugs
   Once you buy a net and fishing pole from Nook`s things get easier.Certain 
bugs and fish sell for alot!Spring,Summer,and Fall will be easy to find 
bugs.But Winter is more of a fish season.Nook will buy any fish and any bug.
Some rare fish are:
Giant Snakehead
HammerHead Shark
Ocean Sunfish

Some rare bugs are:
Giant Beetle
Hercules Beetle
Japenese Oak Silk Moth

So keep a look out for bugs and fish!
Chapter 5:The End
   Well thanks so much for reading and I hope i helped out a little!
Remember:Please DO NOT send me e-mails regarding my Guide.

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