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Animal Crossing Guide
by: Fox White

A. Introduction
B. Information
- Game Information
- Release Dates
- Controls
C. Catalog
  a. Furniture
  b. Wallpaper
  c. Carpet
  d. Stationary
  e. Handhelds
  f. Fossils
  g. Music
  h. Gyroids
D. Tips and Hints
  a. Tips
     - Getting a Tan
     - Sending Letters
     - Balloon Gifts
     - HRA Rating Boost
     - The Dump and Lost n' Found
  b. Golden Items
     - Bug List
     - Fish List
  c. Models
  d. Bank Prizes
  e. Characters
     - Tom Nook's Stores
  f. Villagers
E. Free Items
  a. Fruits
  b. NES Games
F. Thanks

- Opened sections A-F.
- All Fossils and Music.
- All Golden Items, Models, and Bank Prizes in Tips section listed.
- Listed 4 Universal Codes.

- All Fish listed with months and locations.
- All of Tom Nook's stores added.
- 6 Characters and 18 Villagers added.
- Species added for characters.

_____A. Introduction_____
Welcome to my Animal Crossing Guide! I won't get to work on this Guide as often as 
I would like to because I haven't got a computer of my own at the moment. (I'm 
currently using one at the computer lab in a local college.) However, I will try to 
add as many things as I can each time I come over here.

_____B. Game Information_____
Game Name: Animal Crossing
Genre: Role-playing Game
# of Players: 1-4 Alternating

Designed by: Nintendo

<-Release Dates->
North America - 09/15/02
Japan - 12/14/01
Europe - To Be Announced

L Button:
R Button:
Z Button:
A Button: Confirm/Grab/Drop
B Button: Cancel/Drop
Y Button:
X Button:
Start Button: Open Inventory

_____C. Catalog_____
Complete: No

a. Furniture
Current: 0/###

b. Wallpaper
Current: 0/##

c. Carpet
Current: 0/##

d. Stationary
Current: 0/##

e. Clothing

f. Handhelds
Current: 8/##

Golden Shovel
Golden Axe
Golden Rod
Fishing Rod
Golden Net

g. Fossils
Current: 25/25
Dinosaur Egg
Dinosaur Track

Apato Skull
Apato Torso
Apato Tail

Mammoth Skull
Mammoth Torso

Tricera Skull
Tricera Torso
Tricera Tail

T-rex Skull
T-rex Torso
T-rex Tail

Stego Skull
Stego Torso
Stego Tail

Ptera Skull
Ptera Right Wing
Ptera Left Wing

Plesio Skull
Plesio Neck
Plesio Torso

h. Music
Current: 54/54
K.K. Aria
K.K. Bossa
K.K. Blues
K.K. Chorale
K.K. Condor
K.K. Casbah
K.K. Cruisin'
K.K. Country
K.K. Calypso
K.K. D & B
K.K. Dirge
K.K. Etude
K.K. Faire
K.K. Fusion
K.K. Folk
K.K. Gumbo
K.K. Lament
K.K. Love Song
K.K. Lullaby
K.K. Jazz
K.K. Mambo
K.K. March
K.K. Parade
K.K. Ragtime
K.K. Reggae
K.K. Rock
K.K. Samba
K.K. Steppe
K.K. Salsa
K.K. Ska
K.K. Swing
K.K. Soul
K.K. Song
K.K. Safari
K.K. Tango
K.K. Technopop
K.K. Waltz
K.K. Western
Aloha K.K.
Lucky K.K.
Imperial K.K.
Rockin' K.K.
The K. Funk
Soulful K.K.
Senor K.K.
Surfin' K.K.
Comrade K.K.
Mr. K.K.
Cafe K.K.
Only Me
Go K.K. Rider!
I Love You
Two Days Ago

i. Gyroids
Current: 0/###

_____D. Tips_____
a. Tips

<-Getting a Tan->
If you want to get your character a tan, go to your island and stand outside for 
about 10 minutes. I suggest you use a parasol unless you want a sunburn. (None of 
the animals notice though.)

<-Sending Letters->
It's a good idea to send letters to the animals in your town. When you send a 
letter, make sure it's long and uses real words. Also, if you attach a present to 
it, the animal may send you a letter with a present attached.

<-Balloon Gifts->
Sometimes you will see a balloon with a present attached. Follow the balloon until 
it lands in a tree and then shake the tree to get the present.

Note: The present won't always get stuck in a tree and it will just float away.

<-HRA Rating Boost->
If you want to boost your HRA Rating, pick a series such as the following: Blue, 
Exotic, Cabin, Ranch, etc. For example, the exotic series has these items: Bed, 
Wardrobe, Bureau, Chair, Bench, Table, End Table, Lamp, Screen, and Chest. Along 
with this set you must have the Exotic Wallpaper and Rug. 

Note: This goes with all series items.

<-The Dump and Lost n' Found->
Everyday you can find stuff that people didn't want in the dump. Also, check the 
Police Station everyday because it also serves as a Lost n' Found.

Note: If you have more then 16 items that you want to dump off, bring a shovel and 
you can dig holes in the ground and bury items. This will cause the dump to be able 
to hold 32 items total.

b. Golden Items

<-Getting a Perfect Town->
Here is an easy way to get a Perfect Town.

1. Collect enough fruits and saplings to have 12 to 16 trees in each acre.
2. Chop down every tree in every acre.
3. Talk to the Wishing Well and ask, "How are things?"
4. Go to the acre it tells you to and plant 12 to 16 trees.
5. Repeat this process.
6. Wait two weeks.

-Alternate Way-
1. After planting all of the trees, go to the Set Clock option.
2. Set the time back one month and start the game.
3. Reset the game and set the time forward one month.
4. Start the game as usual, listen to Mr. Resstti/Don talk to you.
5. Speak with the well and ask, "How are things?"
6. Farley will appear and give you a Golden Axe.

The Golden Axe never chips or breaks.

1. Acre B-3 and all of F are not required places to plant trees.
2. There must be less then 3 weeds per acre and less then 30 total weeds.

<-Obtaining the Golden Shovel->
This is the way to get the Golden Shovel which has a chance of digging up bells.

1. Have 2 shovels.
2. Find a glowing spot.
3. Dig a hole on the glowing spot and plant a shovel.
4. Wait until the tree grows up.
5. Shake the tree and a Golden Shovel will drop from it.

Note: The tree will be golden and only 1 shovel will come from it.

<-Obtaining the Golden Net->
Catch all 40 bugs to receive the Golden Net which is has a larger net attached to 

<-Obtaining the Golden Fishing Rod->
Catch all 40 fish to receive the Golden Rod which will attract any fish in the area 
to it.

-Fish List-
-Name-			-Location-	-Month-
Angelfish		River		July-Oct
Arapaima		River		July-Sep
Arowana			River		June-Sep
Barbel Steed		River		All Year
Barred Knifejaw		Sea		Mar-Nov
Bass			River		All Year
Bitterling		River		Dec-Feb
Bluegill		River		All Year
Brook Trout		Pond		All Year
Carp			River		All Year
Catfish			River		May-Oct
Cherry Salmon		River		Mar-June/Sep-Nov
Coelacanth		Sea		All Year
Crawfish		Pond		Apr-Sep
Crucian Carp		River		All Year
Dace			River		All Year
Eel			River		June-Sep
Freshwater Goby		River		All Year
Frog			Pond		May-Aug
Giant Catfish		Pond		June-Aug
Giant Snakehead		Pond		June-Aug
Goldfish		River		All Year
Guppy			River		Dec-Feb
Jellyfish		Sea		August
Killifish		Pond		Apr-Aug
Koi			River		All Year
Large Bass		River		All Year
Large Char		Waterfall	Mar-June/Sep-Nov
Loach			River		Mar-May
Pale Chub		River		All Year
Piranha			River		June-Sep
Popeyed Goldfish	River		All Year
Pond Smelt		River		August
Rainbow Trout		River		Mar-June/Sep-Nov
Red Snapper		Sea		All Year
Salmon			River		September
Sea Bass		Sea		All Year
Small Bass		River		All Year
Stringfish		River		Dec-Feb
Sweetfish		River		Aug-Sep

c. Models
|House Model|Get an HRA rating of 70,000 points.
|Manor Model|Get an HRA rating of 100,000 points.
|Lighthouse Model|Light the lighthouse while the Mayor is away.
|Museum Model|Donate all bugs, fish, paintings, and fossils.
|Post Model|Deposit 999,999,999 bells into the bank.
|Locomotive Model|Get on Father's Day
|Katrina's Tent|Get on Hallowee
|Market Model|Get on Sale Day
|Igloo Model|Get from an Igloo
|Police Model|Get on Officer Day
|Shop Model|Get on Labor Day
|Station Models 1-15|Get on Hometown Day
|Tailor Model|Get on Graduation Day
|Tent Model|Get from a tent.
|Tree Model|Get on Nature Day
|Well Model|Get on Mayor's Day
|Cosmos Model 1-3|See Resseti on Groundhog Day

d. Bank Prizes
Save 1,000,000 bells in the bank for Tissue.
Save 10,000,000 bells in the bank for a Piggy Bank.
Save 100,000,000 bells in the bank for a Mailbox.
Save 999,999,999 bells in the bank for a Post Model.

e. Holiday Items

<-Spooky Items->
About 10 days before Halloween, you will be able to buy candy from Tom Nook. Buy as 
much as you can in these few days. On Halloween, you will be chased by the animals 
living in your town. One of the characters will not chase you however. Find him and 
speak with him to get a Spooky Item. He will take a piece of candy from you.

Note: If the animals catch you, they will either take a piece of candy, or if you 
don't have any candy, they will transform your clothes and turn all of your items 
into pumpkins and jack-in-the-boxes.

<-Jingle Items->
On Toy Day you will see Jingle walking around. Speak with him to get a Jingle Item.

Note: If you leave the acre and change your clothes then talk to him again, you 
will get another Jingle Item.

f. Characters

<-Pelly, the Post-Office Pelican->
Species: Pelican

Pelly works in the Post-Office. If you have a letter that needs to be mailed, or a 
deposit to make, come to her. She has a thing for Pete.

<-Pete, the Mail-Pelican->
Species: Pelican

Pete delivers the mail to everyone in town so he is constantly flying around with 
no time to talk. Pete has a thing for Pelly.

Species: Ghost

Every night from 12-4, you will hear a voice telling you to come here. This 
character is invisible so you will have to move around until you bump into him. 
When he appears, he will ask you to find 5 spirits that he lost. Use your net and 
search for the spirits. After you collect all 5, take them back to Wisp. You will 
have a choice of having him pull all the weeds out of your town, getting a piece of 
furniture from him, or having him paint your roof.

Species: (I forgot so I'll have to check.)

Occassionally, you will see Gulliver wash onto your shore. Speak with him and he 
will tell you how he managed to get washed ashore. After he tells the story, he 
will give you a unique item.

<-Joan, the Turnip Seller->
Species: Warthog

Every Sunday, Joan will come to town and sell turnips at set prices. Buy as many as 
you can from her and wait until Monday. Check prices with Tom Nook to see if you 
profit from the turnips. Turnips will last a week so you can wait until you have a 
high selling price.

Note: Turnips will go bad if you travel to a friends town, leave them in your 
basement, or wait longer then 1 week.

<-Blanca, the Faceless Cat>
Species: Cat

Occassionally, when you go on a trip to a friend's town, a white cat will walk up 
to you and sit next to you. You'll notice that she doesn't have a face. She will 
ask what you are laughing at and you will get two options. It doesn't matter which 
one you choose so just choose one. She'll ask you to paint her a new face.

Note: She will visit towns sometimes.

Species: Cat

Rover is the first animal you will meet. He greets you on the train while you are 
traveling to ----- town.

<-Tom Nook, the Shopkeeper->
Species: Raccoon

Tom Nook owns the four houses in acre B-3, along with his store. After buying and 
selling a certain amount of items in bells, he will upgrade his store.

-Shop List-
Here is a list of the stores and the items they sell. Each store has a larger 

Nook's Cranny
Wallpaper: 1
Carpet: 1
Tools: 1
Furniture: 2
Clothes: 1
Saplings: 1
Flowers: 1

Nook n' Go


Wallpaper: 3
Carpet: 3
Tools: 3
Furniture: 4
Clothes: 5
Saplings: 3
Flowers: 5

<-Mable Able, the 
Species: Hedgehog

Sable Able's sister and co-owner of The Able Sisters clothing store in town. Mable 
runs the floor in the store (no rhyme intended) and fills people in on how to make 
their own designs. Also allows people to save designs, display designs, and loans 
their equipment to those who have a Gameboy Advance and a Nintendo GameCube Link 
Cable. Sable thinks she talks too much.

<-Sable Able, the
Species: Hedgehog

Mable Able's sister and co-owner of The Able Sisters clothing store in town. Sable 
can be seen making clothing out of designs that are being displayed as well as 
some other kinds. She isn't much for talking.

<-Katrina, the Fortune Teller->

Sometimes, Katrina will visit your town. (You'll know she's there if you see a 
multi-colored tent somewhere in town.) If you pay her 50 bells she will tell you 
your fortune. There are a few things that will happen to you after the fortune.

I'll try to get what she says about each reading.

<-Gracie, the Fashion Diva->
Species: Giraffe

Gracie will occassionally stop by your town in her expensive convertible and ask 
you to clean her car. If you do, she'll give you some of her very fashionable 

<-Wendall, the Traveling Artist->
Species: Walrus

Wendall is a traveling artist who can make unique wallpaper for you. However, you 
must feed him a certain kind of fish for him to give you a wallpaper.

Note: All of Wendall's wallpapers go with Sahara's carpets.

<-Sahara, the Carpet Seller->

Whenever Sahara is in town, bring alot of bells and an old carpet with you and 
Sahara will make you a new one.

g. Villagers
Here is the list of villagers that will come to your town.
Current: 20/###

-Name-		-Animal-
Alli		Alligator
Boots		Alligator
Ursula		Bear
Tutu		Bear
Bob		Cat
Monique		Cat
Olivia		Cat
KiKi		Cat
Rhoda		Chicken
Bones		Dog
Cookie		Dog
Prince		Frog
Sven		Goat
Chevre		Goat
Velma		Goat
Peaches		Horse
Astrid		Kangaroo
Samson		Mouse
Candi		Mouse
Octavian	Octopus
Spike		Rhino
Bangle		Tiger

_____E. Free Items_____
Need some items? Here are a couple codes that'll help you out. Go to Tom Nook and 
choose the option Other Things and select Say Password. You may only say 
three codes a day so choose wisely.

I'll add codes whenever I get a chance to.

|Item Name|
|Code 1|
|Code 2|



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