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These are all the animals I've come across in the game so far, so if there are 
more, please let me know.

Deathclaws are the most fierce animals in the Capitol Wasteland, they're claws 
can shed through your armor. Use V.A.T.s. to cripple their legs so they can't 
run as fast. I've only come across them in the Northern part of the map.

Yao Guai are fast, and are descended from black bears. They can maul you down 
to shreds, use a combat shotgun to the head to take them out the easiest.

Fire Ants and Giant Ants are the same, only the fire ants can shoot flames out 
of their mouth, and are a little tougher to take down. If you've done the 
quest 'Those!' then you know to take out the antennae, so they will attack other 
ants. If you didn't know that, well, now you do.

Bloatfly's are very weak, normally a one hite kill, they are hard to hit though 
and have an amazing range for a bee.

Mole Rats are the most common in the Wasteland, they are never alone, so look 
out, they normally come in pairs of two or three.

Brahmin are not evil, but if you attack them, they will do two things, 1.)they 
will run away.(most likely) or 2.) fight, and they are incredibly weak, exept 
the trader's brahmin, they are so tough to take down.

Feral Ghouls are never armed and will rush you, cripple the legs and then go 
for the head. Any weapons but the pistols will work amazing on them.

Super Mutants are pretty tough for lower levels. There are four types of Super 
Mutants, A normal one, a Brute, Master and the worst of thema ll, A Behemoth. 
Don't get anywhere near a behemoth, they carry a firehydrant-pole, they are a 
one hit kill for anything. Super mutants can carry either: Nail oards, assault 
rifle, Chinese assault rife, hunting rifle, missile launcher, minigun or 
Gatling laser. Also sledge hammers and super sledges, but are rare, most use 
nail boards.

Mirelurks look like Turtles, and i think they are. Use V.A.T.S to hit the face 
or use a combat shotgun anywhere else. Mirelurk Kings are different, you want 
to cripple the head as soon as possible, they shoot a paralyse beam at you then 
rush you.

Radscorpians are mildly tough, they have good armored bodies and have a -3hp a 
sec poison damage. The Giant ones are the same.

Vicious dogs are quick, use a hunting rifle, assault rifle or combat shotgun 
for quick work. Regular dogs are the same.

Protectrons are malfunctioning guards. They shoot laser blasts and are easy to 
take down, just aim for the head.

Mr. Gutsy are super tough and shoot a plasma shot from range and a flamethrower 
at close range.

Robobrains are robots with actuall human brains in them, this one is olbious, 
hit them in the head. They shoot a laser but faster than the Protectron.

Sentry bots are the toughest of them all. They are a fast moving armory. They 
can have a gatling laser, minigun, rocket launcher or sometimes a flame 
thrower. Most use a minigun and a rocket launcher.

And finally, Radroaches, are the easiest things in the whole game. They will 
die one hite from almost everything you can think of.

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