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***This FAQ has some content provided by other gamers.***
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1.Legal information
2.Glitch FAQ 
3.Any pokemon cheat
4.Contact information

1.Legal information:
   Ask permission before copying this information.
This FAQ should not be sold for any profit, unless the author gets
a share.I do grant permission for you to print this faq and use it
for personal use only.These questions were provided by online 
forums,I do have permission to list these questions.
2.Glitch FAQ:

Q:There is no more way to get Missing No. by going to Cinnibar :(
Are there any other ways to get Missing No. and do the 
sixth item slot 99 item glitch?

A:Yes,to get Missing No. go to any trainer that is off screen and
sees you right when you move over a screen.When you are near that trainer
move over one screen in the direction of the trainer.Right before you 
get half way between your step press start.You should end your step
and your start screen should be up.Fly, teleport, dig, or use an escape rope.
The trainer should see you, then you will dissapear/fly away.Your start
button,B button,A button should not work.Fight a trainer that you have not
beaten before.Make sure you don't have to press the A button to battle.Also
make sure that the trainer steps towrds you when they see you.If you are 
right in fornt of them and they don't walk towards you when they see you, 
your game will freeze.Beat that trainer.Then get a pokemon with the special
stat at: 31,32,50,52,56,61,62,63,67,68,69,79,81,86,94,95,115,121,122,127,
134,135,137,146,156,159,160,161,162,174,175,or 181.Go to an area where you 
can find a wild ditto.Use the pokedex to find its nest, or go to the unknown
cave.(A.K.A. Mewtwo's cave)Find a ditto,switch to the pokemon that has the 
special stat of one of the numbers above.Defeat the ditto.Now go back to the 
place where you first ran away from the trainer that was offscreen.Make sure
you have a pokeball and a pokemon that can weaken it or make it fall asleep.
Make sure you use weak pokemon on it because the pokemon will be at lvl 7.
Run away from or defeat Missing No. To get x99 on your item that is in the
sixth level slot in your items list.I would recommend getting 99 rare candies.
If you think you have gotten them all already, go to the biking road.Go to Celadon
and go to the left and go through the building that snorlax is sleeping in front
of.go through the door and go down.As soon as you cannot control your bike go to
the grass to your right.Keep pressing A and soon you will find a rare candy.

Q:Are there any area glitches?

A:Yes there is a Safari Zone glitch city glitch.First go to the
Safari Zone.The man will ask you if you would like to join the hunt,
answer yes.Now that you are in the Safari Zone, don't take any steps,
instead hold down and go back into the little building with the man that
asks you if you would like to join the hunt.He will ask you if you are leaving
early.Say no.You will go back into the Safari Zone.Immediately go back into the 
building.He will ask you if you are leaving early again.Say no.You will be sent
back into the Safari Zone.Save and cut off the game.You will be in front of the
building.Go into the building and the man will ask you to join the hunt.Say no.
Go to Cinnibar.Or any other city will do.And walk 500 steps.The P.A. gong will
go off.You will walk back into the building with the man that asked you the 
questions.He will ask you if you got a hood haul.Now one you leave you will
be in glitch city.

Q:Is there any way to get back onto the S.S. Anne?

A:Yes,first go to the man that tells you that the ship has sailed.Stand 
diagonally from him.Move to the right and press start.Save and cut off the
game.When you cut it back on don't move.Go to your pokemon and use surf.Instead
of surfing straight you will automatically go down.Walk down and you will be
on the dock for the S.S. Anne.
3.Any pokemon cheat:
 Just like the Missing No. cheat go to a trainer that is offscreen and appears 
on screen when you move a screen over.Follow the directions of the Missing No.
cheat above.^^^^^Each different special stat number will get you a different
4. Contact Information:
 To contact me for any reason click on my screen name at where you select what 
FAQ you want to read and email me with questions,cheats,or requests for cheats
from other games.

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