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Anything and Everything Cars in Vice City
By Jim AKA Wit3

Stuff about this guide: This guide is really a follow-up to my last Car guide.  It 
gives details about car missions and other stuff like that.  If you have questions, 
you just give ol’ [email protected] an email.  Go ahead and indulge, if you have any 
questions at all, throw a Q my way!

Sunshine Autos:
 This is THE place for anything and everything cars in Vice City!  Once you buy it 
(a hefty 50 grand), some new things will pop up.  First of all, you’ll gain access 
to the Vice Street Racer.  These are a bunch of races around Vice City, in varying 
lengths.  Each race has an entry fee, and a quadruple (four times the amount put in) 
cash flow for first place.  Here’s a helpful little hint for the races: to get a win 
with NO competition whatsoever, take any vehicle (except helicopters) to the 
starting grid.  Park a few feet away from the grid, and have a Rocket Launcher in 
your hand.  Blow up two cars by pasting them with a rocket; use the front two, so 
you can catch the one that runs.  Pelt the last car with a rocket, then go for a 
best time (you’ll want Fast Load, obtained by getting 45+ points in the shooting 
range in the downtown Ammu-Nation, which is accessible after beating The Malibu’s 
The Shootist mission)!
Note: The races will start when you blow up the first two cars, and you have to beat 
your best time and get first to earn the purse.

Race 1: Terminal Velocity
Length: 1.1 miles (wow, really long)
Entry Fee: $100 (ooh, I might go broke)
Purse (reward): $400 (wow I’m rich)
Details:  A race around the airport.  Not that hard to earn the purse here.

Race 2: Ocean Drive
Length: 1.6 miles (breakin’ a sweat here!)
Entry Fee: $500
Purse: $2000
Details: Gee, I wonder where the race could be!  It’s a long, thin track with a 
hairpin turn on either end.

Race 3: Border Run:
Length: 2 miles
Entry Fee: $1000
Purse: $4000
Details: Starts in Little Havana, goes through Little Haiti, and winds up back in 
Little Havana.  This track runs through some tight areas, so be careful if you 
accidentally let someone live, you won’t have a lot of trouble locating them (unless 
you suck at cornering).

Race 4: Capital Cruise
Length: 2.438 miles
Entry Fee: $2000
Purse: $8000
Details: Goes from the southernmost tip of Ocean Beach to Washington Beach.  There 
aren’t a lot of turns, but you’ll need a speedy car to win, as this track is long 

Race 5: Tour!
Length: very close to 3 miles
Entry Fee: $5000
Purse: $20000 (getting to be a lot of cash, huh?)
Details: Starts at Vice Point (barely), goes around North Point Mall, and runs back 
to the start.

Race 6: VC Endurance
Length: 6.1 miles (the longest)
Entry Fee: $10000
Purse: $40000 baby!  Cash City!!!
Details: Longest race by far, this expansive track spans from right outside of 
Sunshine Autos, goes around the corner and up the street to Downtown, over to Prawn 
Island, and around North Point Mall.  Then, it goes all the way to the southern end 
of the first part of Vice City (Ocean Beach, ya know?), then over the bridge, around 
Viceport, and back to Sunshine Autos.  The best way to win is to blow up your 
enemies before the race starts.

Another thing about Sunshine Autos, there is a garage next to the Vice Street Racer 
sign with a list next to it.  On the list is a group of six cars, each located all 
over Vice City.  Complete each list to earn a cash bonus, a new, completely legal, 
can’t-be-found-anywhere-else, car for you in the showroom.  Plus, the cash icon 
appears, with $4000 after you complete the first list.  After the first two lists, 
$1500 will be added onto the icon, then $2000 on the last list, adding up to $9000

List One Bonus Car: Deluxo
List Two Bonus Car: Sabre Turbo
List Three Bonus Car: Sandking (awesome Monster SUV)
List Four Bonus Car: Hotring Racer (best car for the Vice Street Racer comps)

And the cars required for each list:
List One Cars:          List Two Cars:          List Three Cars:     List Four Cars:
Landstalker		    Sabre                        Cheetah                 
Idaho                         Virgo                        Infernus                  
Cuban Hermes
Esperanto                  Sentinel                    Banshee                  Caddy
Stallion                     Stretch (Limo)         Phoenix                Baggage 
Rancher                    Washington             Comet                  Mr. Whoopee
Blista Compact         Admiral                   Stinger                 Pizza Boy

Cash payment per level of mission (up to 12)
Lv1: $50    Lv2: $200    Lv3: $450    Lv4: $800    Lv5: $1250    Lv6: $1800    Lv7: 
$2450    Lv8: $3200    Lv9: $4050              Lv10: $5000    Lv11: $6050    Lv12: 

Note: press R3 (right analog stick) to initiate car missions

Paramedic missions:  You do these missions in an Ambulance.  Basically, you run 
around, picking people up and rushing them to the hospital before the timer runs 
out.  But there’s a catch; each crash causes the timer to go faster.  Each level 
gives you more people to rescue; you can only carry three people at a time.  Beat 
twelve missions to earn Infinite Run (hold X to run until you want to stop running)
Firefighter missions:  These missions are performed by driving around in a Fire 
truck, dousing flames on cars and people (something new from GTA3).  As you drive, 
you realize that you can get a fairly good top speed, but braking is horrible.  You 
have to hold O down to douse flames.  As with the paramedic missions, there will be 
more cars on fire and more people in the burning cars to rescue.  Flaming people 
will run and you’ll have to chase them.  Complete twelve missions and get Fire Proof 
(guess what can’t happen to you!)

Vigilante missions: You have to get in a Vigilante vehicle (Police, Enforcer [SWAT 
truck],  FBI Washington and [FBI]Rancher, Barracks OL, Rhino [Tank]) to start the 
missions.  The basic idea is to kill the bad guys.  At first, there is only one car 
to chase.  The most cars are three.  Complete twelve missions to earn 150 armor.  
The Hunter (Apache) is the best Vigilante vehicle to use, with Brown Thunder, a 
special type of Vigilante mission.  Hit O to fire rockets and R1 to fire machine gun 
(Apache only, Rhino gets rockets to use)

Taxi missions: Jack yourself a taxi vehicle (Taxi, Kaufman Cab, Cabbie) and hit R3 
to start driving.  A person will show up on the radar, and you have to drive near 
them and wait till they get in the car, then drive them to their destination.  
Complete 100 fares overall to get hydraulic boost for all taxi-type vehicles.

Pizza delivery missions: Grab a Pizza Boy near any pizza shop in town, then talk to 
the guy at the window for your pizzas.  Drive around town, looking for the guys who 
want pizza.  Do a drive by to deliver a pizza.  On level seven, you will have to 
return to the Pizza Shop to get more pizza.  Complete level ten for 150 health.

Cone Crazy: Get up to the multi-level parkway in Vice Point (or thereabouts) and hop 
into the Stallion parked up there.  Then, you will see a bunch of checkpoints, and a 
ton of cones.  Drive through the checkpoints in any order to earn the cash bonus, 
usually about $1000 per time you defeat it.  Oh, and by the way, do not touch any 
cones, or you’ll fail the mission.

PCJ Playground: I’ve heard rumors about a mission called ‘PCJ Playground,’ but I’m 
not sure if it truly exists.  Email me if you have any information about the PCJ 

Distribution: Take your Mr. Whoopee around town, delivering your ‘treats’ to your 
little deals.  You have to buy The Cherry Popper Ice Cream Factory, just off the 
bridge to Starfish Island, in Little Havana to access this mission.  Deliver 
50 ‘treats’ within one run (which means you can’t get jacked arrested or killed) to 
open up the cash flow from Cherry Popper’s.  Watch out for police attention, it 
seriously hampers sales.  You get police attention by delivering too much in one 
area, not to mention gang attention.  Most districts are worth $10 per sale, but 
avoid Little Haiti and Little Havana, each sale there is worth a measly $8.

Test Track, 4x4 or Sanchez Dirt bike: The Test Track is found just off the bridge to 
Prawn Island, in a small tucked-away area.  The 4x4 is the best for first-timers.  
Use its stability to climb over uncharted areas of land to reach checkpoints 
faster.  On the Sanchez, you’ll have more speed but less stability, plus you’ll have 
to deal with a gang on Sanchezes that try to shoot you off.  If you fall off of your 
Sanchez, you’ll have about 30 seconds to get back on any Sanchez in the area.  You 
earn $100 times the number of successful completions.
Chopper Checkpoint Missions
Cash pay out first time through: $100
Ocean Beach Chopper Checkpoint: This one is in Ocean Beach (duh!).  It’s on a pink 
rooftop.  Get in, and fly around.  It is a fairly cluttered area, but the 
checkpoints are easy to hit if you keep moving quickly.

Little Haiti Chopper Checkpoint: Found on a rooftop near a police bribe and Unique 
Stunt Jump.  Little Haiti is by far the most cluttered area you’ll fly through.  
Most checkpoints are fairly easy, though and this one is easy, as most of the 
buildings are low.

Vice Point Chopper Checkpoint: The Sparrow used for this checkpoint is in a backyard 
in a quiet little area (in Vice Point, if you didn’t guess).  There are only 17 
checkpoints, but the abundance of tall buildings narrow streets makes it tough.

Downtown Chopper Checkpoint: Found on a ledge of the V.A.J. building (where you 
started the G-Spotlight mission from Interglobal Films, the porn studio), you have 
to collect 28 checkpoints.  Most of the checkpoints are above the narrow streets, so 
take your time, and improve on your time later on, after you learn the route.

RC Van Races:
You only have to enter the RC van to start the missions, press O at any time to blow 
your RC vehicle up and end the race.  Each mission is worth $100.

RC Bandit Checkpoint Race: Found on the dirt track on the beach in Vice Point, this 
is a race against three other RC Bandits.  You have to beat the others out to earn 
any cash.  The only advice I can give is this: master the R1 handbrake around 
corners to minimize slowdown from regular braking.

RC Baron Checkpoint Race: Found on the top floor of the North Point Mall, you race 
against three other Barons.  Fly all over town, hitting checkpoints.  Advice: NEVER, 
NEVER let go of X (Gas) or you’ll plummet and take forever to get up again.  Hit L2 
and R2 to control yaw, and the Left Analog stick to control pitch (hit down to go 
up, and up to go down).

RC Raider Checkpoint Pickup: Found somewhere in the airport, you pilot a mini-
helicopter to pick up checkpoints.  This time around, there are no other people to 
fly against.  Just your own best time.  You have to be careful as not to blow up 
your craft, or you’ll have to start over.  No really useful advice here.

Hyman Memorial Stadium missions
Each mission has a different cash payment.  These missions are on a rotation, and 
the same mission will appear three nights from when you saw it.  The doors for the 
missions are open from 8:00 p.m. (20:00) to midnight (0:00).

Bloodring (Demolition Derby): The objective in this kind of match is to get the 
target time by passing through checkpoints.  Remember that the car ramming doesn’t 
take damage, but the rammed car takes the damage.  Reach the target time before your 
car is destroyed.  The biggest challenge is the dirt floor.  After you win, you get 
$1000 for each stage passed and $100 extra for each car destroyed (it doesn’t HAVE 
to be by you).  The initial target time is one minute.

Hotring (NASCAR-style racing): Here, you have twelve laps to get first, second or 
third place for a cash prize.  Keep from exploding and you’ll have a chance.  
Demolish your opponents for fun.  You get $5000 for first, $1500 for second and $500 
for third.  You have a health bar, and it lowers easily.  There is a pit stop 
somewhere along the track, but it may cost you the lead, so use the health cheat to 
raise your health.

Dirtring (Dirtbiking challenge): This is a fairly tough mission (even I haven’t 
completed it!) and there are about 32 checkpoints to nail, and some are even upside 
down!  You’ll have to get a good amount of speed, and excellent control.  The ones 
along the narrow walls require incredible control.  Get a good speed, and once 
you’re on the wall, never, never turn.  You get cash based on how long it takes you 
to complete this mission; $50,000 for under five minutes, $10,000 for under ten 
minutes, but more than 5, and $5,000 for longer then ten minutes.

Cheats!!!  (All vehicle-related in some way)

Aggressive Traffic (cars are more violent): R2, O, R1, L2, left, R1, L1, R2, L2
Alter Wheel Size: R1, X, Triangle, right, R2, Square, up, down, Square
Black Traffic (all cars are black): O, L2, up, R1, left, X, R1, L1, left, O
Bloodring (Ver.1): Up, right (x2) L1, right, up, Square, L2
Bloodring (Ver.2): Down, R1, O, L2 (x2), X, R1, L1, left (x2)
Caddy (Golf Cart): O, L1, up, R1, L2, X, R1, L1, O, X
Cars Drive on Water: Right, R2, O, R1, L2, Square, R1, R2
Destroy Cars: R2, L2, R1, L1, L2, R2, Square, Triangle, O, Triangle, L2, L1
Dodo Car Physics (cars can fly): Right, R2, O, R1, L2, down, L1, R1
Faster Cars: Right, R1, up, L2 (x2), left, R1, L1, R1 (x2) 
Floating Cars: Right, R2, O, R1, L2, Square, R1, R2
Flying Boats: R2, O, up, L1, right, R1, right, up, Square Triangle
Hotring (Ver.1): R1, O, R2, right, L1, L2, X (x2), Square, R1
Hotring (Ver.2): R2, L1, O, right, L1, R1, right, up, O, R2
Improve Driving Skills: Triangle, R1 (x2), left, R1, L1, R2, L1
Love Fist Limo: R2, up, L2, left (x2), R1, L1, O, right
Pink Traffic (all cars are pink): O, L1, down, L2, left, X, R1, L1, right, O
Health cheat (stops car from smoking and burning): R1, R2, L1, O, left, down, right, 
up, left down, right, up
Rhino (tank): O (x2), L1, O (x3), L1, L2, R1, Triangle, O, Triangle
Romero’s Hearse: Down, R2, Down, R1, R2, left, R1, L1, left, right
Sabre Turbo: Right, L2, down, L2 (x2), X, R1, L1, O, left
Trashmaster: O, R1, O, R1, left (x2), R1, L1, O, right
And that’s all for the car stuff!  Have fun unlocking all of your stuff!

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