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MegamanX Collection


Part i.Grizzly Slash/Falcon Armor

To get the part to the falcon armor on this stage,you must keep going throughout 
the level,until the traim crashes.Somewhere there will be a hole in the ceiling.
Go into to it to find Dr.Light's part machine.

Part ii.Squid Adler/Falcon Armor

On the beggining of this stage,you are driving a weird thigy.To get the part,you 
must collect all of the blue orbs while on the car thing.Then when you jump off,
X will shoot 8 blasts at the door,if you got them all.It will blow up,revealing 
Dr.Light's part machine.

Part iii.Izzy Glow/Falcon Armor

You must have Grizzly slashes weapon for this.Once you get to the part where red 
things shoot out blasts of stuff,there will be a hole in the ceiling,where the 
blasts are coming down.Go up there,and charge Grizzly Slashes attack.Use it on the 
red thing,and it will be destroyed,revealing,yet another one of Dr.Light's part 

Part iv.Whale McDuffen/Falcon Armor

You must have Whale McDuffins attack to get this part.Once you defeat the U-555 for 
the second time,you will be in a wooden ship.Once you get to the part where there 
are spikes on the right wall,and a hole in the ground,drop down and go left.Face 
the part machine,and charge Whale's attack.Then blast away.The bomb will blow,and 
you can access Dr.Light's part machine.

Part v.The Skiver/Gaea Armor

You must have the falcon armor to get this part.Once you get to the part with the 
block thing going northeast in the air.Fly up,and left.You will find Dr.Light's 
part machine.

Part vi.Axle the Red/Gaea Armor

You must have the falcon armor to get this part.When you get at the part with the 
ropes,get to the rope under the hole in the ceiling with thorns next to it.Fly 
up,and receive the part.

Part vii.Dark Dizzy/Gaea Armor

You must have Izzy Glows attack to get this part.Before you go into the bosses 
door,drop down the hole.You then must shoot a firefly,and pilot it to the wall that 
is keeping you from getting to the part.You can see a button jutting out of the 
other side of that wall.That is the firefly's target.It will blow,revealing 
Dr.Light's part machine.

Part viii.Mattrex/Gaea Armor

When you get to the big armor robot,go down into the lava.At the end,there is a way 
up,and down.Go down,and then right,then up.Once on the last step,jump right,jump 
out,and into the other robot,jump out,and get the part.This may take a couple trys 
to get it.

Part ix.Extras.

Whale McDuffen's weakness is Grizzly Slashes attack.
Squid Adler's weakness is Whale McDuffen's attack.
Izzy Glow's weakness is Squid Adler's attack.
Notice a pattern?
I'm not sure,but I think Grizzly Slash's weakness is Izzy Glow's attack.

The Gaea armor can destroy the black blocks that have a V on it.


Personally this is my favorite one.I hope you like it too!

Part i.Commander Yammark/Blade Armor

At the beggining,keep going right until you find a hole.(A man is above you)Go down 
and kill the thing at the right of your screen.Hurry and go past it before it comes 
back!You will find Dr.Light's part machine.

Part ii.Sheild Shelldon/Blade Armor

When you get to the laser door on the right,and on the ground,open and go in the 
one on the ground.When you get to the room with the platforms,and the spikes,go to 
the farthes right platform.Them go through the wall on the left.I know you are 
saying what the freakin crap.But trust me.It's an invisible wall.Now this is the 
tricky part.You have to jump to the right spot in the air,because of the invisible 
platforms.Kepp going left to find Dr.Light's part machine.Kill the enemies before 
they take control of the guys mysteriously floating that are yelling help!Hurry!

Part iii.Ground Scaravich/Blade Armor

Okay now don't get mad if you don't find it,because it's random.The things change 
all the time.If your lucky,just keep going throught the level and you will find it.

Part iv.Infinity Mijinion/Blade Armor

Don't get mad at the giant robot,he's easy once you get used to him.Or as Infinity 
Mijinion calls it,her.After the second control device,and thankfully the 
last,instead of going right,which leads too Infinity,go in the diamond.You will 
appear someplace else.Immedeately go left to the part machine.Lucky for you,a lot 
of fat dudes are nearby just begging for help,because they cant move an inch of 
their 1000 pound bodies.The giant robot is best defeated with Zero,but if you go 
through the diamond,you will have to fight High max.X has to fight Dynamo.To defeat 
High Max with Zero,after he attacks,jump up,push up,and press b.Hint:When he flies 
toward you,duck and you won't get hurt.

Part v.Rainy Turtloid/Shadow Armor

You must have the Blade armor for this one.At the end there are wals with spike 
tunnels.Go to the top right one,and fly through.This may take a couple of tries 
first.You will find a help person,and another tunnel.Go through the tunnel to get 
the part.

Part vi.Blizzard Wolfang

You must have Blade armor for this.When you get to the part with the slope going 
down,giant snowballs falling,and possibly fireballs,jump,freeze,and blast onto the 
ledge on the top right of the screen.You will find the part.

Part vii.Metal Shark Player

You must have blade armor for this,and no part that makes you always have chraged 
stuff.You must have also beat Blizzard Wolfang for this.Also it must not have weird 
blocks lying around.Keep going on the level,until you reach a ladder.DO NOT GO DOWN!
Instead,keep going left.Once you narrowly missed being crushed,go down this 
ladder.Go left,kill the things,shoot an ice block,and make it off the edge at least 
halfway.Jump on,jump right,freeze,and dash.There will be the part.

Part viii.Blaze Heatnix

You must have the Blade Armor to get this part.You must also have to have beaten 
Metal Shark Player.Once you have defeated the second weird red circle thingy,and 
went through the door,go up.go in front of  the door.DO NOT GO IN.Fly up,and a 
metal block will appear.Go up,save the guys,and go to a very frustrating 
block,blocking your path.Charge Shark Player's attack,the use it.It will,blow,and 
you can get the part.


Part i.MagamanX1

On the chamelion level instead of going throught the cave,go on top of it.Kill the 
thing,and get a part.
On the penguin level,the part is right in your path.

Part ii.MegamanX4

I might have gotten some names wrong on this.Sorry.

Hint:It's easier with Zero.Split mushrooms weakness is Web Spider's attack.
Jet Owl's weakness is giga attack.
Cyber Peacock's weakness is Dragoon's attack.
The manta ray thing is easy to beat if you stay in the top right corner,and use the 
ice attack.

                            Thank you for taking your time 
                            to read what I had to say.

            And I might have more........This was made by Patrick Malone

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