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Version 1.1
Written by David Chisner "RCone138" (RC1138)
Email Address: [email protected]

Table of Contents
I. Purpose
II. Starting Off
III. Missions 1-9
IV: Copy right

I. Purpose: This walkthrough was written in response to the fact that I could
not locate any help on Assassin's Greed. This is brief walkthrough on all 9
Assassination missions. The difference with this version is that I have edited
some minor typos and included mission names and cash rewards. As a side note, go
to and search Sik Sing Take 2. It is the first video that comes up.
Its creator is Truziz. My friend made it and would love it if you watched it.

II. Starting Off: To find the assassin to start missions, it’s the little x
south on the 3rd island right above the pay n spray and weapons. You don't meet
a person but talk on the pay phone. Also, I recommend using taxis to these
locations so you can skip the drive and arrive at the scene unnoticed. Also the
assassin will leave you body armor and a weapon behind the phone. All is shown
in the opening cut scene. Furthermore, the missions appear in random order. I
just listed them in the order I played them. Note: you don't get to do this
mission until about you are 60% complete with campaign. Check game completion
under stats. Hit start the move over to stats and hit A. You should gain access
to these missions after completing Phil Bell’s Truck Hustle mission. Also, I
believe that cheats will NOT disable the Assassin’s Greed achievement. So these
will make it even easier to beat the 9 missions. If anyone would like to add or
critique any information feel free to shoot an email. Just fill in the subject
or I will delete it.

III. Missions:

1: Migration Control: The target is on the helipad right above the booth
tunnels. Walk up the side of the road and towards the helicopter. You will
notice a couple figures. The man with a red arrow above his head with a
sweatshirt/hooded coat is the target. Use the sniper rifle and aim for a fast
head shot before he gets in the chopper. If you use the RPG, he jumps back into
the car, and you lose. Reward: $3,000

2: Dead End: Right when you get to the red marker, a patriot/hummer drives past.
Blow it up with the RPG right as it goes past. It’s that simple. Note: make sure
there is enough room in between you and target so you don't blow up as well. If
you don’t take the target out right away, it drives to an ally. There you will
be ambushed by more enemies. You have to rush through these guys n stop your
original target before he escapes. Reward: $7,500

3: Industrial Action: This one is more complicated and there is a reason the
assassin gives you a SMG. Good thing there is body armor. When you reach your
location, hop the fence and run around back of the structure to find the stairs
to reach the enemy. Take them out one by one. It will help if you have an
assault rifle to increase range. The enemies have poor aim and you can use auto
aim to complete this mission quickly. On the ground you will find a car in
between the two structures. Near it along the wall is a health pack. Reward: $7,500

4: R.U.B. Down: This is impossibly easy. Don't get cocky and don't be stupid.
This mission is done in one shot. When you arrive in the taxi, all targets have
their back turned to you. There are about ten of them. Two are on motor cycles.
Fire ONE RPG into the center and they should all die. One shot, 10 kills. If
this fails, you can just stay back and snipe. Just take the two on the bikes out
first so you don’t have to chase them. Reward: $4,500

5: Hook, Line and Sinker. You arrive and your target is on a boat at sea. Run to
the boat on the dock. Drive out a little ways. DO NOT GET TOO CLOSE. Stop and
hit Y. You should still be on the boat. Walk on the boat and get as close to the
target as possible. Pull out your sniper rifle and crouch for better accuracy.
Drop him. If you can’t seem to hit him, then chase him in the boat and gun him
down. He is not that hard to chase. Reward: $3,000

6: Bailing Out for Good: This is a little tricky but short. Definitely get body
armor. The target is leaving the police station. The moment you pull out a gun,
he sprints away and his friend open fires at you. I sat across the street and
quickly popped him in the head with a sniper bullet and then ran away from the
station so his friend wouldn't kill me. If sniping doesn't work, well, there's a
reason the assassin let you with a shot gun. If you still can’t get him, then
just chase him in the car and do a good old fashion Liberty City drive by.
Reward: $3,000

7: Water Hazard: Another sniper mission. The target is on the boat with friends.
Get a good shot on him. Crouch for accuracy. The hard part is that the boat is
bouncing. I suggest a chest shot that way no matter where you hit him, he will
go down. Simple enough. Reward: $3,000

8: Taken Out: You need to be quick. The target is in the limo. Pull out an RPG
and shoot it. Time your shot. It’s ok to miss a little, just as long as the car
takes damage. If it doesn't completely explode, the target will pursue on foot.
He is probably on the ground trying to get up due to the explosion. Just gun him
down. If this is too difficult, get your own car and chase the limo till it
stops then either run the guy over or pursue him on foot. Reward: $3,000

9: Derelict Target: YAY last one. Go to the building. Use the smg or assault
rifle. Basically, slowly walk up each floor picking off the targets one by one.
Make sure you get everyone on each floor. I made it to the top and ended up
having to run back down because I missed a guy on the 2nd floor. Shoot the
propane tanks to help clear a floor. When you are finished or nearly finished,
the cops come. Ignore them. Finish job and call your employer. Don't worry about
losing your wanted level. Once that phone touches your ear, ACHIEVEMENT
UNLOCKED: ASSASSIN'S GREED. Reward: $7,000. Total accumulative cash: $41,000


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this includes MySpace and face book.

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