Attack and Defense Stategies 2 - Guide for Twisted Metal 4

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Nathaniel Moten
[email protected]

This trick will only work if you have the car Orbital and you're on the Carnival 
level with infinite specials on. Keep using your teleorb to freeze them and pull 
them in the ring of fire. It might take awhile to get them in the flames but if you 
do, use the freeze burst to keep them frozen and their health will deplete very 

This trick will only work if you  have a couple of freeze remotes on the oil rig or 
you can have orbital. This trick is for super slamm and auger because they're big 
and slow, but it will sometimes work on the smaller cars. Get on the platform where 
the helicopter delivers the health and set a freeze remote on the dead edge facing 
the ramp that you use to get on that platform. When the level bosses jump the ramp, 
detonate the freeze remote a second or two before they land over it (don't detonate 
when they're over the remote or they'll land on the platform) and the freeze mist 
will freeze them as they're coming and they'll fall off. If don't right, it should 
work 7-8 out of 10. With orbital shoot the special as they're coming (more 
difficult than using the freeze remotes).

On the Construction yard, use the crane in the middle of the level and pick up a 
car. When you're over the fire, drop them in metal part over the fire. It will take 
a large portion of their health down, but you can pick them up over and over again, 
just don't let them hit the fire. After you drop them in the metal, press x again 
to pick them up. If they put their shields on, then just hold them over the metal 
until their shields is out. They can't hyperspace out of it. (hehehe)
You should also watch out for that if a human player tries to do that to just in 
case he knows that trick but I'd say only a few people may know this.

Defense tip:  If you got a CPU or a human player on your tail just set remote bombs 
behind you and let it off if he is near it, and go in a circle to spring another 
trap like putting your shields on detonate remote bombs and your special. Also if 
somebody is on your tail, let them get really close to your car and hit the brakes 
or reverse, then they will fly right in front of you with their backs turned to you.
Hit shields or invisibility and shoot him with all you got.

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