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			 _____ _____ ___  
			|  __ \_   _/ _ \ 
			| |  \/ | |/ /_\ \
			| | __  | ||  _  |
			| |_\ \ | || | | |
			 \____/ \_/\_| |_/
  __      ___             _____ _ _            _____ _             _     
  \ \    / (_)           / ____(_) |          / ____| |           (_)
   \ \  / / _  ___ ___  | |     _| |_ _   _  | (___ | |_ ___  _ __ _  ___  ___ 
    \ \/ / | |/ __/ _ \ | |    | | __| | | |  \___ \| __/ _ \| '__| |/ _ \/ __|
     \  /  | | (_|  __/ | |____| | |_| |_| |  ____) | || (_) | |  | |  __/\__ \
      \/   |_|\___\___|  \_____|_|\__|\__, | |_____/ \__\___/|_|  |_|\___||___/
                                       __/ |                                   
			.-.    . .            .-.   .  .    
			|< .-. | | .-..-..-.  |-.. ...-| .-,
			'-'`-`-'-'-`-'`-'' '  '-''-''`-'-`'-
					(ASCII art generated at
This FAQ will contain spoilers on what you get for rewards (See VCSB2).
The Balloon Number's in this FAQ were taken from the Balloon Map on gamefaqs.
If you have any questions/comments email me at [email protected]
I did not find all the balloons and give all the details, I only helped with 
some, all I did was put the FAQ together, look at credits to find out who 
all helped.


-Special thanks to monkeyman inc (every balloon except listed below) for his 
major role in creating this faq.
-Another special thanks going to stinkymcpeterson and Spartan95135 for 
there work in making a nice red balloon map.

And thanks to:

-Kurgan777 (Balloons 1,12,13,16,23,28,29,33,40,42,46,47)
-orgasmicoprah (Balloons 2,34,35,39,49,50,91,92, and of course this guide)
-atari_classic (Balloons 1,25,26,27,30,37)
-kunta_kinte (Balloons 55,56)
-The Silver Knight (Balloons 22,23)
-ZOLTRIX (Balloons 32,36)
-Chalky83 (Balloon 93)
-Matanbr (Balloon 36)
-DubG 420 (Balloon 47)
-JMC (Balloon 82)


	To find a certain part of the guide just type in the code as listed 
        for each 

REWARDS (Spoiler Alert) {VCSB3}
BALLOONS 61-70		{VCSB10}
BALLOONS 71-80		{VCSB11}
BALLOONS 81-90		{VCSB12}
BALLOONS 91-99		{VCSB13}


Spoilers ahead, these are the rewards you get after every certain number of 
These rewards spawn outside your safehouse's (they do not spawn at 
taken over empire sites).

10 Balloons - Pistol
20 Balloons - Scorpion (SMG)
30 Balloons - Stubby Shotgun
40 Balloons - Molotov Cocktails
50 Balloons - AK-47
60 Balloons - Body Armour
70 Balloons - Flamethrower
80 Balloons - Equaliser (Revolver with Scope)
99 Balloons - Minigun (M249)

And your one step closer to 100%

{VCSB4}				BALLOONS 1-10

1. Under one of the radio towers in the army base (on the roof), there are 
two ways to get this, the easier way is to get a ambulance/boxville/benson 
and drive near the fence, get up on the van and snipe it, or the other way, 
which is just as easy is to get a helicopter and land on the roof with the 
radio towers and just shoot it down.

2. You can get this balloon from outside the army base, the balloon is 
underneath the ledge of the South-East (Bottom-Right) gaurd tower at the 
military base.

3. South of the long building, the balloon is quite high up.

4. Go through the airport gates in a car, the balloon is just under the left 
escalator in the airport and can be shot from outside the airport building 
with a sniper rifle.

5. At the end of the runway under one of the two ramps.

6. Under the roof of one of the green warehouse buildings in the airport.

7. While facing the beachcomber building/south, the balloon is up a tree on 
the right.

8. Standing under the large blue crane device, it is high up above your head.

9. Near the top of the ships mast.

10. Near the back of the impound dept. In the middle of the garages, against 
the back west wall of the impound. (Close to where 8-balls garage will be).

Congratulations! You have unlocked the pistol at all safehouses'! Only 89 
more balloons to go!

{VCSB5}				BALLOONS 11-20

11. On the south side balcony of the light pink/green building, 
(one building north of the low rise pink building.)

12. In the top of one of the trees directly in front of the police station.

13. Behind the large pack of cigarettes above the café.

14. Underneath a set of stairs, in a squared area in the middle of 4 buildings.

15. Up a tree in the middle of the Cuban houses.

16. In front of the shop with the red & white barbers pole.

17. In front of the cinema's main doors.

18. On the northern of the two houses' front porch.

19. On the south-east corner of the mansion, about first floor height.

20. Under the front porch of the house.

Congratulations! You have unlocked the Scorpion at all safehouses' Only 79 
more balloons to go!

{VCSB6}				BALLOONS 21-30

21. Under the billboard, on the south side.

22. Underneath the red bridge.

23. Underneath the building with the red struts, with the yellow and black at 
the bottom.

24. Underneath the green car crushing machine.

25. By the door of ‘le Singe d’ambre'.

26. Under the r*lax billboard.

27. Inside the large warehouse/hanger building in the corner.

28. In a tree behind the large, highest building.

29. On the north side of the largest green building, at eye level- walk to, 
as it is in a small alley way.

30. In the highest of the 3 tubes stuck together on the building site.

Congratulations! You have unlocked the Stubby Shotgun at all safehouses'! 
Only 69 more balloons to go!

{VCSB7}				BALLOONS 31-40

31. Under the twilight knife billboard.

32. Up one of the pillars of the government type building, seen looking west.

33. On the north east corner of the huge building. The balloon can be seen by 
foot, if you walk up the stairs of the next building north, and look where 

34. Under one of the balcony’s in the house behind the fire station. Close to 
the fire chopper.

35. Up the tallest tree as seen on the map, in the middle of the two roads.

36. Where the map describes, (close to the L shaped building, near to the 
two vertical orange neon lights.

37. Up a tree behind the hospital.

38. At the front of the building (south side) , high up where the map indicates.

39. High up near the stadium roof.

40. Below the large satellite dish.

Congratulations! You have unlocked the Molotov Cocktails at all safehouses'! 
Only 59 more balloons to go!

{VCSB8}				BALLOONS 41-50

41. Up a tree behind the low building with a helipad.

42. Behind the building, up a tree.

43. In the middle of the artistic structure in the middle of the building.

44. below the watch billboard

45. Near the top of the building, very high, viewable from the road. On the 
south corner closes to the road.

46. In the buildings tunnel high up. Tricky to get to and park the 
helicopter- probably easier finding the insane jump.

47. In front of the blue building, looking from east. I stood on the of the 
safe house from vice city 1, and sniped it 
(used a helicopter to get up there)

48. in the little out house, on near the tennis courts.

49. Under one of the balcony parts of Mendez’s house. Go up the stairs and 
follow it around.

50. In the alley, above the flame thrower, quite high up.

Congratulations! You have unlocked the AK-47 at all safehouses'! Only 49 more 
balloons to go!

{VCSB9}				BALLOONS 51-60

51. Under the top of the large water tower in the film studios.

52. Under a plant pot at the south side of the building.

53. On the north east side of the building just below the roof, visible 
from the road.

54. On the tip of the north side of the building, on the north-east corner, 
quite high up- visible from the beach.

55. Under the first set of stairs right as you enter the south entrance

56. Under the top of the palm tree just left to the security kiosk at the 
south entrence of the mall

57. Under the north side of the building.

58. On the south side of the building, under one of the pink 
horizontal lines, on the striped windowless part of the building.

59. Underneath the diving board

60. On the north side of the building, high up- opposite end to 64.

Congratulations! You have unlocked the Body Armour at all safehouses'! 
Only 39 more balloons to go!

{VCSB10}			BALLOONS 61-70

61. Underneath the stairs of the building with a pool, standing at the 
front door facing east.

62. Under the roof of the tiki bar surrounded by the pool

63. In the north-west area up a tree. opposite end to number 66.

64. At the window of the burger van.

65. As it is on the map travel north on the most eastern road, there are 
two buildings, on diff levels- the balloon is where the * would be, ___ =--__ 
(hard to explain)

66. Standing in the courtyard area in the middle at the top of the building 
while facing south.

67. Stand in front of the houses garage facing south, the balloon is at the 
top of the building quite high up.

68. Directly under the golf course bridge.

69. At the top of the tree directly south of the driving range.

70. While in the basketball courts head south, in the dead end- the balloon 
is at the end just below the roof.

Congratulations! You have unlocked the Flamethrower at all safehouses'! 
Only 29 more balloons to go!

{VCSB11}			BALLOONS 71-80

71. While standing in front of the pink large building, as on the map, the
balloon is high above the front enterance to the building, a little to the 
right (south).

72. Stand on the beach facing west looking at the watertower- its found on
the building on the left/south of the water tower, sitting on the 2nd story
of the building facing the sea.

73. At the top of the 3rd tree from the cross roads on the right hand 
side of the road.

74. Directly underneath the W on the ‘chunder wheel’ sign while stood 
facing west (the other side of the fence to the fair).

75. Directly behind the red and white vertical striped ‘dodgems’ building 
in the funfair.

76. In between the 4/5th building from the bridge heading north, low down. 
The two buildings are very close together.

77. Directly under the middle of the bridge, using the map, pretty self 

78. Facing the police station door, the balloon is right at the top of the 
right hand tree. This also, is a handy place to climb on top of the police 
station to get the sniper rifle, and likewise shoot the balloon.

79. Behind the pink hotel, north-east side, high up found stood in the alley.

80. Under the north-east side of the blue, green and red hotel- just stand 
to the north side and it is just above eye level.

Congratulations! You have unlocked the Equaliser at all safehouses'! 
Only 19 more balloons to go!

{VCSB12}			BALLOONS 81-90

81. Using a helicopter sit in front of the buildings front door, and fly 
directly up. Then move around to the south facing side of the building, and 
the balloon is near the roof. Alternatively use the high powered sniper rifle 
aiming in the same place.

82. Under the "Stunt Double" sign with the two helmets.
83. In front of the medical foundation building, near the front door.

84. As shown on the map, north of the boat yard, up the highest tree.

85. Down an alley on the north side of the green building- above head height.

86. Behind the building, two buildings north of the ammunation, above eye 
level..on the north west side

87. Behind the brown house next door to ammunation, at eye level (ish) 
towards the south west. easy to find.

88. Above the front door facing north, on the most southernly yellow building.

89. Stand at the front door to the (future) pole dancing club 
(the large pink building) facing south. the building that is whie/cream 
coloured has a blue corner made of glass- the balloon is on the north 
east side of the hotel, on the corner of the blue glass.

90. Behind the hotel facing south, in the corner of the garage/parking 
space. a comet is parked under this gap.

Congratulations! You have unlocked the Sniper Rifle at all safehouses'! 
Only 9 more balloons to go!

{VCSB13}			BALLOONS 91-99

91. Go straight onto the road farthest to the east and stop face west 
towards the blue building with yellow/tan ledge's the balloon will be on the 
3/4th ledge up closest to the intersection.

92. Stop near the Empire Building (Originally Sharks, Medium Venture, 
Prostitution) and go south until you see the alley that leads to the 
carpark on the right, then look right ahead near a sign and under a 
ledge on the corner of a white building with a lot of glass, the 
balloon will be right infront.

93. Explore the derelict building, it is about the 2nd story. 
Easy to find, walk up using the ramp.

94. Behind the green block of flats, through the arch on the right. 
easy to see while facing west stood behind the flats.

95. At the back of the blue rundown hotel, close to the pool.

96. Behind the pink/orange hotel underneath an airvent.

97. In front of the pink/orange hotel underneath a balcony/'overlap 
on the hotel. seen from the east beach road facing west.

98. While stood facing west at the orange hotel, under the third ledge 
high, on the left.

99. Underneath the lighthouse walkway on the highest floor.

CONGRATULATIONS! You have unlocked the Mini-gun at all safehouses' and 
have also completed the balloons part of the game! You are now one 
step closer to 100%.

Once again a MAJOR thanks to monkeyman inc for allowing me to create 
this guide and for his help in a LOT of balloons.


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