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this guide is a walkthrough for someone , once they are in balamora, getting to 
caius cosades to the first parts of the Fighters guild,theives guild, mages guild, 
and Imperial Legion.

BALAMORA: Once your in Balamora you should head to the left of the Silt strider port 
and to the large circular are near the entrance to balamora. find the Traders 
building. its on the right side and is south of the mages and fighters guild. once 
inside talk to the trader. he’ll brag about his super weapons and how he gets them.  
look over his inventory but dont buy anything thats really cheap. If you went to the 
bandit cave in Sedya neen near the silt strider  port you can sell the skooma and 
moon sugar that you found there. now go to the back of the shop and around the 
corner (on the first floor). youll see weapons and armor along with a lanturn on the 
shelf. take all the armor and weapons (you can take the lanturn too but its not 
worth much).DONT SELL IT TO THE TRADER!!!! if you do he’ll reconise the merchandise 
and youll have a bounty on  you head and he’ll start to attack you. instead go out 
of the shop and head to the right. you should find the armorers. sell the stuff to 
him for some cash unless you want to use it.(note on shops: many shopkeepers make 
their houses their shops as well. if you want, you can go into doors and up/down 
stairs to get to the house area. ussually you can steal a few things for gold if 
your in a crises). now go back to the bottom of the stairs to the silt strider. go 
east from there and go under the arch on the other side of the river. where you 
shoul enter the door to the first building straight ahead(the south wall corner 
club).once inside go up the stairs to your left and talk to the man there about 
caius cosades(Im not sure how you spell it exactly). he’ll tell you directions on 
how to get to caius cosades house and it will be written in your journal. for those 
of you who dont use your journal and dont listen, exit out of the south wall , go up 
the stairs to your right turn left and caius’s apartment should be facing south and 
sort of in a corner. once inside caiuses apartment talk to him about “report to 
caius cosades” and give him the package. then talk to him about your duties. he’ll 
give you 200 gold and tell you to join some kind of faction. I tell you how to join 
and  finish the first duties in the theives guild, mages guild, fighters guild, and 
imperial legion. these are the eaisiest to find, join, and advance in that I’ve 
tried so far to do. they are all imperial factions so they eaisily accept outlanders 
to join (which you are).Now talk to caius about blades trainers and all the people 
he mentions. these people,if you talk to them about blades trainers, will give you 
avereage thing that suit the class they are. so visit whichever one has the same or 
similar class as you sometime to get free stuff. once you exit his apartment you 
should buy or sell anything  you need to so you are ready for your duties.

FIGHTERS GUILD: the fighters guild is an easy guild to start off with but gets 
harder faster as you progress than other guilds and doesnt have many bonuses. you 
can find it near the armorers in balamora and can join by talking to the woman on 
the top get your duties talk to her about duties. your first quest is to 
exterminate some cave rats from a womans house and storage area. the rats arent 
tough alone but theres two in her storage area and they are slightly hard to get rid 
of without taking damage for characters at a low level. the womans house is on the 
east side of town across from the fighters guild over the river. shes in the row of 
houses that is closest to the river. once you find the house enter and talk to her 
about the rats. she’ll give you  a storage room key and tell you one rat is in her 
bedroom while two are in the storage area.the only other door in her house besides 
the one you came in is her bedroom door. open it and kill the rat inside. if you 
have tower key you can close her bedroom door and unlock the chest there to get 
whats inside if you want. go back outside again. south of her door (to the left 
facing away from her door) are some stairs. go up the and youll see a dor that leads 
to storage with a lock level on it. simply open the door like normal and youll 
automatically unlock it with the key. kill the rats inside by concentrating on one 
at a time. if you want you can loot the place but theres nothing of real value 
there. now talk to the woman and she’ll reluctantly pay 100 gold for your services 
(I told you no bonuses). go back to the guild steward (who let you join) and hit 
advancement you will be advanced and can now learn of your next task.

MAGES GUILD: the mages guild is a bunce of magic weilding outlanders who give pretty 
easy quests that dont change in dficulty for the first few. you can find the mages 
guild right next to the fighters guild in balamora. the guild steward is next to the 
bottom entrance but you wont get duties from her at first. you get them from her 
apprentace near the teleporter on the bottom floor in a small room(shes a 
kahajit).shell ask you to get some mushrooms for her that can be found on the bitter 
coast (near sedya neen) and gives you directions on how to get there from balamora 
on foot. Dont follow those directions. you only need to go to sedya neen to get 
those mushrooms. take the silt strider to sedya neen and head towards the tree in 
between the census office and arriles tradehouse. two of the the mushrooms you need 
are right on it and a third is right behind it. the fourth mushroom is behind the 
lighthouse anywhere. they’re all over. once you collect all the mushrooms go back to 
balamora and give them to the kahajit. she’ll give you 4 potions for you trouble. 
you need to talk to the guild steward to advance and her apprentace for more duties.

THEIVES GUILD: the theives guild is one of the best guilds because it allows you to 
clear bountys off your head for half the price if you a member in good standing(you 
havent caused trouble).the only problem is their tasks call for inginuity and 
risks.the theives guild is actually the south wall corner club. you can join by 
talking to the kahajit in the hallway (sugar-lips habasi). she’ll tell you anything 
about the theives guilds rules and how to get prices off your head. Your first task 
is to steal a diamond from the local alchamist. her shop is near the temple along 
the north wall on the west side of town. simply leave the south wall and go straight 
until you reach the last bridge(you might go past it a little to go around the 
buildings) and cross it. go up the stairs closest to the north wall . go pst the 
temple and up more stairs. go straight and its on your right with a starway going 
above the entrance. go in the bottom door and to your right will be a shelf with two 
diamonds on the middle shelf. if you have moonshadow (from the shadow constilation) 
or an invisability potion its a snap. use them/ it to go invisable, sneak, and 
snatch the diamond. doing so will knock you out of invisability but they wont see 
you do it (the shopkeeper and the guard to the left of the entrance. if you dont 
have a way to go invisable chamelion sometimes works but is not guarenteed.if you 
cant do those thing and your not the sneak champion in the universe(you arent) then 
you have two options. you can grab the diamond and rush to the door before your 
arrested(if you are choose resist arrest and keep running) then you can pay 125 gold 
to clear your name(if you live). or you can pay around 250 gold to BUY a diamond and 
give it to sugar lips who will give you an invisability potion to you. he’ll advance 
you and give you your new duties if you ask about them.

IMPERIAL LEGION: the imperial legion is by far my favorite faction to enlist in. its 
duties are on the average side and require a brain to do them but you get tons of  
free stuff. I myself have gotten farther in the Imperial legion than anyhing else. 
if you looted the storehouse in sedya neen by using tower key you probably have some 
imperial stuff(thats good), but you dont NEED anything to fancy to get through the 
first few quests (I recommend having a helm, boots,greaves, pauldrens, and gauntlets 
of any type so it will help you. you only need to wear an IMPERIAL style curiass to 
be a legionare. dukes guard style is acceptable too.). in order to join you have to 
use the silt strider service to travel to sedya neen and then travel to gnisis.go to 
the tradehouse next to the silt strider service and find Darius on the bottom floor 
through a door (his room is big and he has a guard with him). he’ll give you an 
Imperial chain curiass (wear it) when you join. your duty is to get a land deed from 
widow vabados( its not that simple) who lives outside of town. if you go towards the 
front of the temple in the center of town you’ll se a huge rock archway. go out of 
gnisis through there and follow the path untill you see a hut. this is vabados’s 
house(dont depend on the locals to find it, they dont tell you squat) she tells you 
to get lost and that her husband was murdered. ask her about the murder and she’ll 
tell you about him murdered in the eggmine somehow but she has no proof. head back 
to town. go up the hill towards the covered platform. go through the platform and up 
some more to a bridge(it doesnt really look like you can get up to the bridge but 
you can). follow the path and youll see a guard near a door and a wagon with a pick 
under it. take the pick (you wont be arrested) and talk to the guard about the mine. 
he’ll note that you have a pick and give you the key into the mine (its only open to 
miners, a key thing to understand in this murder case.). once inside dont go up the 
planks go down past the water and the up a spiral wood staircase. keep to the path 
until a open area apears with some creatures in it that will attack you. Kill them 
and turn right, towards a door to the queens lair (the queen is blighted which is 
why only miners are let in) and orc guard will treaten to kill you if you dont get 
out soon. ignore the threat but dont stick around or he’ll attack you. go to the 
other side(not left) and throught the door. go down the path and a ghost will talk 
to you. its vabados’s husband of course and he tells you about the murder and how 
lubgrubs (the orc who threatend you) axe was used to kill him and is in some water 
behind the ghost. go in the water and take lubgrubs axe up (make sure you dont get 
over encumbered in the water or you’ll die) . go back out to gnisis (lubgrub will 
threaten you again) and to the tradehouse. go to darius and talk about the murder. 
give him the axe and you’ll get permission to kill lubgrub (Yes!). go back in the 
mine and kill lubgrub. just don’t lure any kwama warriors over or you’ll have 
trouble.take his suff and do what you want with it. talk to darius and he’ll say 
they dont need the land deed. advance and get a shield and your next duties. (hint: 
if you want darius to like you ask about widow  vabados and contribute to the fund 
for her.)

	                                            Note on Imperials in gnisis:
there are few guards in gnisis. they are all spearmen and recruitsin the imperial 
legion but dont take them as being saps. they still enforce the law.
 HINT on the barracks:
If you go into the barracks next to the trade house and go in the door on the bottom 
of the stairs you’ll find its filled with imperial stuff and is easy to loot if you 
close the door.
(you can use the tower key skill on the chest if you have it.)

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