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In this guide there will be all the basics of metal gear solid and other tips to 
help you through the game. Hope you enjoy!

1.Hand to hand fighting

Punch-kick combo:Even without weapons snake is a brutal fighter in hand to hand 
combat. Press B once to throw a jab punch. Press Twice rapidly to throw a left jab 
follwed by by a right cross;and press B three times rapidly to throw a jab punch,a 
right cross , and then a right kick for a three kick combo. Snake can punch enemies 
while holding certain weapons like a FA-MAS and the weapon Socom.

Grab: Get close to a enemy and press A to grab. You can then execute the neck snap , 
the drag or the throw.If a enemy is facing you and alerted to your presence, press B 
once to punch him and then immediately press A to put him in a head lock and after 
that he is dead.

Neck Snap:This is one of my favorite moves to use on a enemy the neck snap. After 
you grab a enemy press A rapidly to snap his neck.

Drag:After you grab a enemy like a gaurd , press any dirrection on the directional 
pad or analog stick to drag a enemy. You can also use him as a shield to protect you 
from shots. If you drag a enemy to long he will squirm free of your grip. To subdue 
a gaurd while dragging him, tap A three times slowly. 

Throw: Get close to a enemy and hold down in any direction on the analog stick and 
then press A to throw him on the ground. You can even toss a enemy off a ledge if 
hes standing close enough to the edge.

Hide: The best thing to do when you have a dead enemy is to put him in a locker. 
Snake can see into lockers. But he can also stash neutralized gaurds in them, to. 
Stand in frot of a of a closed closet or locker and then press Y to open the door. 
You may also hide in a locker just have the door open and then press aginst the back 
wall. To hide a body in a locker, Drag it to an open locker and then close it.

Dog Tags: Snake collects dog tags all throughout the game. To get dog tags you must 
get behind a boss or enemy and pull out you weapon and aim it at them or thier 
heads. They will start shaking and their tag will fall of. Kill them and get their 

2.Weapons/items location.

Weapon           Location           Security Card
AP Sensor        Cargo Dock               N/A
Body Armor       Blast Furnace            N/A
Box#1            Tank Hanger         Level 1
Box#2            Nuke Hangar         Level 4
Box#3            Snow Feild          Level 6
Camera           Armony South        Level 6
FA-MAS           Armony              Level 2
Gas Mask         Nuke Building B2    Level 3
M9               Cargo Dock               N/A
Mine Detector    Tank Hanger         Level 2
Night Vision G.  Nuke Building B2    Level 4
Nikita           Armony              Level 3
PSG1             Armony              Level 5
PSG1-T           Nuke Building B1    Level 5
Socom            Heliport                 N/A
Socom Suppressor Tank Hanger         Level 1
Stinger          Connecting Bridge        N/A
Thermal Goggles  Tank Hanger              N/A

3. This is the end of my guide i hope this was helpfull to you. I have allready beat 
the game so if you have any Questions email me at [email protected]
copy right
Made by:justin L.
sorry i am not able to answer any more questions. Please do not e-mail me. Thanks!
Please do not copy my work. I have worked very hard on it.

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