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Your goal in the Battle Frontier is to aquire all 7 Gold Symbols.  This is easier 
said then done, however.  I will now walk you through the Battle Frontier and the 7 
areas of interest as well as some other goodies found only there.

1.  The 7 buldings and their challenges.
    A.  The Battle Tower
The Battle Tower is by far the most famous building in the Frontier.  In Pokemon 
Ruby/Saphire it was the only new chalenge after beating the champion, and even then 
it had only one level of entry(without taking the link-ups into account).  Well, 
Scott has made quite a few improvements to the Battle Tower.  Their are now 2 new 
areas to enter as well as the Link-up and the singles competition.  The first new 
area is the Double battle area.  As the name implies, you battle with 2 Pokemon at a 
time.  You enter with three Pokemon.  The next new area is the Multi challenge.  You 
choose 2 Pokemon to enter and then you are taken to the Battle Salon.  This is where 
you choose a comp. controlled player to team with in the following battles.

    B.  The Battle Factory
In The Battle Factory you choose 3 Pokemon out of a group of 6 randomly selected 
Pokemon to battle with.  After every battle you get to choose if you want to switch 
one of your Pokemon with one of your opponents.  However, you don't get to see that 
Pokemon's stats or attacks so pay attention while battling(hint).  Before each 
battle the person assisting you will give you a hint about your opponent's battle 

    C.  The Battle Dome
The Battle Dome is set up tournament style with 16 entrants.  Sadly, there isn't a 
link up option :^(.  By the end of a succesful tournament you will have had 4 
battles.  You can enter a single battle tournament and a double battle tournament.  
You enter each with 3 Pokemon.

    D.  The Battle Pike
The Battle Pike is an interesting challenge in a building shaped like a Seviper.  In 
each challenge you go through a series of 14 rooms.  Before entering any of the 14 
rooms their is a group of three paths you can take.  The woman standing in between 
the center and the right rooms gives you a hint about one of the rooms.  You can 
choose to go into the one she talked about or, if you don't like what she described, 
you can test your luck and go into one of the other two.  There are several types of 
rooms in the Battle Pike, so I will provide a description of each, starting with the 
hardest to the easiest(my opinion)  1.Single battle- you battle a somewhat tough 
trainer.  2. Double battle- batle 2 trainers(I think they are always bad trainers)  
3. Wild Pokemon- you walk through a winding room filled with wild Pokemon(you can 
run from them[Hint])  4. Status abnormality-A trainer's pokemon gives your lead 
Pokemon a status problem.  5. Nothing-a person stands in the room and doesn't do 
anything.  6. Healer-a person heals 1 or 2 of your 3 Pokemon.

   E.  The Battle Arena
The Battle Arena is the perfect area for people who want to play the game but are in 
a hurry.  The Battle Arena chalenge is where you and your opponent face off in a 
series of 3 turn battles where, if both opponents haven't fainted yet, after 3 turns 
a judge makes the decision as to whom wins.  There are no substitutions and you 
enter with 3 pokemon each, no double battles.

    F.  The Battle Palace
The Battle Palace takes almost all control of your Pokemon away from you.  Your 
Pokemon chooses its attacks based on its nature and won't use attacks against its 
nature until it is about to faint.  Sadly, I don't know what attacks go where, but 
if I find out I will make a guide for all of you.  Anyway, the only control you have 
over your Pokemon is switching them in and out.  Their are double battles, but you 
can't choose which of your opponents Pokemon it will attack.

    G.  The Battle Pyramid
The Battle Pyramid hosts the battle quest.  You are put into a dark, randomly 
generated maze without your items and flash is useless.  There are trainers and wild 
Pokemon in the maze, and you must get to the teleportation sqare at the end of that 
maze, where ever that may be, in order to get to the next of the 7 MAZES.  You can 
make the maze brighter by wining battles against trainers and wild Pokemon.  Their 
are some items lying around, some really good ones as well as regular items.  If you 
win the battle quest you get to keep them.

2.  The Frontier Brains, Their Symbols, and their Pokemon

    A.  Salon Maiden Anabel of the Battle Tower
        a.  To face her you must win 35 consecutive matches in the singles 
        b.  Her symbol is the ability symbol
        c.  Her pokemon in your first encounter are Alakazam, Entei, and Snorlax.  
On the Second encounter they are Raikou, Snorlax, and Latios.

    B.  Factory Head Noland of the Battle Factory.
        a.  His symbol is the knowledge symbol
        b.  His pokemon are always random, as are your pokemon
        c.  To face him you must win 21 consecutive battles

    C.  Dome Ace Tucker of the Battle Dome
        a.  His/Her(I can't tell ;^)  ) symbol is the Tactics Symbol
        b.  Its pokemon on the first encounter are Swampert, Salamence, and 
Charizard.  Its pokemon on the second encounter are Swampert, Latias, and Metagross
        c.  To face it you must win 5 consecutive turnaments(20 battles)

    D.  Pike Queen Lucy of the Battle Pike
        a.  Her symbol is the luck symbol
        b.  Her pokemon on the first encounter are Seviper, Milotic, and Shuckle.  
Her pokemon on the second encounter are Seviper, Gyarados, and Steelix.
        c.  You must complete 28 consecutive rooms to face her.  Hint, before you 
face her, the hint woman will walk up to you and tell you a horrible fate is about 
to befall you no matter what path you choose, but their is still a matter of luck 
involved.  Depending on the path you choose you will run into somebody who will heal 
1, 2, or none of your pokemon before you face her.

    E.  Arena Tycoon Greta of the Battle Arena
        a.  Her symbol is the guts symbol
        b.  Her pokemon on the first encounter are Herecross, Umbreon, and 
Shedinja.  Her pokemon on the second encounter are Umbreon, Gengar, and Breloom.
        c.  To face her you must win 27 consecutive battles.

    F.  Palace Maven Spencer of the Battle Palace
        a.  His symbol is the spirits symbol
        b.  His pokemon on the first encounter are Crobat, Slaking, and Lapras.  His 
pokemon on the second encounter are Arcanine, Slaking, and Suicune.
        c.  You must win 21 consecutive battles to face him.

    G.  Pyramid King Brandon of the Battle Pyramid
        a.  His symbol is the brave symbol
        b.  His pokemon on the first encounter are Regirock, Regice, and Registeel.  
His pokemon on the second encounter are Zapdos, Moltres, and Articuno.

3. The extra goodies.
    A.  2 Johto pokemon
        a.  Sudowoodo-next to the waterfall near the Battle Palace.
        b.  Smeargle-after Sudowoodo is gone, go down the waterfall and surf west 
until you fide a cave, the Artisian Cave.  Inside is nothing but Smeargle, levels 40-

    B.  Your Aprentice.
In the western side of the Battle Tower loby is a person who wants to be your 
apprentice.  Say yes and they will ask you questions daily.  After they have asked 
you all that they want to know, they leave you and someone else takes their place.  
Later, you can team with them in the multi option of the Battle Tower and face them  
in singles competition.

    C.  Scott
In the northenmost house in the Battle Frontier(the one with a different door 
between the Battle Dome and the Battle Tower) lives Scott.  Talk to him for some 
tips on the challenges and, after you get all of the Silver symbols(won in first 
encounter matches)  he will give you a very rare Lansat Berry.  After Winning all of 
the Gold symbols(second encounter matches) he will give you an extremely rare Starf 

    D.  Battle Points
After every chalenge you complete you get a certain amount of battle points.  The 
higher you record in that area the more BPs you get.  You can redeem them for items 
and attacks.

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