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                         Gears of War (Xbox 360)
                             Battle Guide

Table of Contents

1.0 Basics
1.1 Shooting/Reloading
1.2 Interacting
1.3 Reviving
1.4 Commands
1.5 Helpful Tips
2.0 Locust
2.1 Drones, Grenaiders(eleite), Snipers
2.2 Wretches(glowing)
2.3 Theron Gaurds(eleite)
2.4 Boomers
2.5 Beserker
2.6 Kryll
2.7 RAAM
3.0 Thanks
1.0 Basics

 The next chapter will go through basic combat skills you will need to survive 
in the game Gears of War, so lets get on with it.

1.1 Shooting/Reloading

   Killing your enemy sucsessfully is top priorrity, so let me tell you that 
RB is to fire, and LB is aim.  Now that we have that out of the way, you gotta 
choose which wepon is appropreiate for the circumstance.  In GoW you can carry 
four Grenades, two different rifles, and a pistol.  Let me tell you this right 
now: ALWAYS CARRY A LANCER SUB-MACHINE GUN.  You should always have it because 
it is an all around good and powerful wepon, it has a chainsaw banoet, so its 
melete attack is deadly.  The second rifle is your choice, you could have a 
shotgun(its usually a one hit wonder), a longshot rifle(a.k.a. sniper rifle),) 
a boomstick (r.p.g., but not a quick reload), a torqe bow(good choice), a 
bursthammer(a step down from the lancer), or the hammer of dawn(a death beam 
from the sky), it's your choice.  There are two pistols in GoW, the snub pistol
(which is a standard peice of equipment for all COGs to have), or the Magnum(a 
revolver looking pistol, no as quick as the snub, but it can pack a punch!!!). 
NOTE: most wepons you have to unlock by progressing in stroy mode.

   All of those wonderous wepons have amo, when they run out of amo they 
are'nt so glorious anymore, so to reload you press RT.  There is a reload 
meter at the top left of the screen.  If you want to reload quicker and have 
the next magazine to be more effective, you try to hit RT once the line gets 
to the white part on the meter, missing it though, will mean a jammed gun, so 
practice it a few times, you'll get it right.

1.2 Interacting

  O.K. you got your wepon, now what.  You can go up to a wall and press A to 
use it for cover, for there you can move around and lean around corners, 
depending on your position you can press A again to exit cover, roll away, hop 
over, got to the nearest cover, or bust out some Neo skills and do a dive.  
You can press A to dodge/roll while you are running, or you may hold it down 
to do a rodie run(run very fast while ducking head).

   You can press X to kick open doors, press buttons, curb stomp a downed 
enemy, grab a twistable vavle, hit a lever or revive an allie(which brings us 
to are next topic).

1.3 Reviving

    So you in combat with your squad, and one of your boys gets shot down, you 
can walk over his body and press X, and he should get up and get back into 
action.  In one player they won't revive you, but in Co-op you and your friend 
can revive eachother.  NOTE: Heal your squadmen quickly cause if all three are 
down then all of the nearby locust will come after you.

1.4 Commands

     Once you enter chapter 2 in story mode, you will be the new captain of 
delta squad.  So when in combat you can hold down LT and press either A(which 
will command you troops to advance forward and open fire), B(which will 
command your troops to fall back and use less fire), or Y(which is a very 
useful "regroup" command).

1.5 Helpful Tips

>once you have eliminated all of the nearby locust, your down squadmen will 
>ememies can still hurt you even though you are in the middle of hacking 
someone in half with the lancer's chainsaw
>yes, where your shots are placed will determine the damage done(so aim for 
the head)
>don't get chainsawed, cause even in two player they can't revive you from that
>don't die

2.0 Locust

    Locust are the COG's emnimy.  As individuals, they are mindless creatures, 
but as a group with wepons, they are a soilder's worst nightmare!!  This next 
chapter will cover most of the locust, and their weaknesses.

2.1 Drones, Grenaiders(eleite), Snipers

    These guys are the pawns in this war of a chess game. Drones are basic 
stupid creatures with guns.  They lack inteligence and accuracy, they should 
be easy to kill.  They are usually armed with a lancer burst.

     The grenaider should be a little more difficult than drones, they can be 
controllable if they are alone, but if they come as a pack, your in trouble.  
They usually have a shotgun, and some grenaides.  So they are a nightmare 
longrange and closerange.  Nothing tricky just shoot them for an long period 
of time,(grenaider eleites are just stronger and smarter).

    Snipers, their annoying.  They usually hide up on ledges.  They are 
extremly weak so half a magazine with the lancer should do the trick.  Be 
careful though, their lack on streangth is made up by their powerful wepons, 
so stay in cover!!!

2.2 Wretches(glowing)

   These guys are weaker than pawns, but they usually come in large amounts, 
which can be really overwhelming, they can also walk on walls a jump really 
high.  They can be killed with one shot with the shot gun or with the magnum.  
The glowing wretches are a little more amped up, and when you kill them a 
small explosion happens, which can be an advantage or disadvantige.  You can 
make one blowup into another, but the explosion can kill you.  So play it safe.

2.3 Theron Gaurd(eleite)

    These bad boys are quick, strong, smart, and come in large amounts.  They 
have nice armor, they usually use the torque bow.  Later on in the game they 
start to replace drones.  They know how to shoot and melete, usually in a 
Theron Gaurd hord there in a theron gaurd eleite, which is a better version of 
the theron gaurd.  You could say that it is their general, unfortunatlly there 
is no shortcut to killing these cunning warriors, but to shoot them the 
oldfasioned way.

2.4 Boomers

   There are three ways to describe a boomer: big, strong, stupid.  Boomers 
look like a drone twice as tall as normal, and three times fatter.  They carry 
the deadly wepon the boomsick.  They usally travel in pairs, and are extremly 
bullet resistant.  If you think your gonna just chainsaw these guys to death, 
your wrong.  Boomers have a powerful melete attack which usually kills you 
instantly.  There only weaknesses are the fact that their slow(walking and 
reloading), and dumb, one time I saw a boomer miss me, and wipe out half of 
his squad!!!

2.5 Beserkers

   Yikes!!!  A beserker is blind so it hunts by smell and sound, the first 
thing you DON'T do is panic(move quickly or shoot).  You get it out side so 
you can use the hammer of dawn to kill it.  The good thing about beserkers is 
that they run fast and can crash through things like locked doors or fuel 
tanks, or they can just run off a train.  The bad thing about them is that 
they can run fast and can crash through you, and normal wepons cannot hurt a 
beserker.  So if you want it to crash into something or run off a ledge, you 
just stand in front of that smashable object or ledge and get its attwntion by 
revving the chain saw or shooting it.  It will charge at you really fast, so 
wait for last second, then jump out of the way, and there you go!!

2.6 Kryll

   You cannot kill Kryll, you can only scare them with light.  You first 
encounter these batlike creatures in chapter two in story mode, they only come 
out at night, if you walk in the darkness with Kryll out they will rip you 
apart, so look for propane tanks so you can produce light.

2.7 RAAM

    He is what you call the big scary boss at the end(he kind of looks like an 
inshape boomer), if you have complete the first chapter in story mode, you 
would have seen him kill your captain in a cut scene.  But you meet him at the 
end of the game.  He is probally the smartest locust, and deffenightly the 
toughest, he has a gun that is automatic and will shoot your arm off if it hit 
you, he has a melete attakck that will kill you guarenteed, and to top it off 
he is surrounded by kryll!!!  THE WAY YOU BEAT HIM IS: you will start out at a 
bunker, STAY THERE, he is at the other side of the train car.  NOTE: When the 
kryll is surrounding him, you won't be able to hurt him.  So you take cover at 
the bunker then when the kryll are on him shoot him with a torque bow, this 
should scare the kryll off for a short peroid of time, once the kryll are off 
shoot him in the head as many times as you can with the long shot.  The kryll 
will go back on, keep on repeating that, until he gets so close to the bunker 
to the point where he's almost touching you, then hop over the bunker and 
rodie run to the next bunker(remember: stay in the light or else the kryll 
will rip you to peices, and yes, the bunkers are in the light), there you turn 
around and take cover, and go back into the torque bow, longshot routeine, 
until he get too close, to the point where you go back to the origanal 
bunker.  Do this until he dies, don't stress in it takes you a few times to do 
it, stay in the light, and take cover, that's all you gotta remember.  Once 
you beat him, congradulate yourself cause you just beat the game, and watch 
the next intense cut-scene.

3.0 Thanks

  ME......that's all.

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