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By A_Black_Dragoon (Puppy Chow in Mario Kart online)
Version 1.33, I'll update as I see/learn more tactics and make grammar 

Due to the fact that so many guides are about VS mode and there's no Battle 
Mode love, I thought I'd make a guide for it =). Not much more to say, so...

-1 ~ Overview
---1a ~ Coin Runners
-----1aa ~ Coins Lost Chart
---1b ~ Balloon Battle
-2 ~ What to Use?
---2a ~ Kart or Bike?
---2b ~ Which Weight?
---2c ~ Auto or Manual?
-3 ~ General Tips
---3a ~ Coin Runners
---3b ~ Balloon Battle
---3c ~ Mini-Map (yes, it's THAT important)
-4 ~ Item by Item Analysis
-5 ~ Course by Course Analysis
---5a ~ Wii Courses
---5b ~ Retro Courses
-6 ~ Version History
-7 ~ Credit, Thanks, and Contacts
*To go to a certain section, like 8) (if there was an eighth section), press 
Ctrl + F and type in 8)*

1) Overview
Battle mode is the alternative to Vs mode, and there's two different types of 
it (okay, who didn't know that?) The general idea is to use items to wail on 
opponents, and there are 5 new courses and 5 old ones, and all will be 
covered later.

1a) Coin Runners (the zomg i jus lost half mi coinz 2 a blu shell an nowz im 
in lazt place! game)
The idea of coin runners is for you and/or your team to collect as many coins 
as possible. The more people you're playing with, the more coins appear on 
the course. Online, don't worry if your team loses - if you have all the 
coins on your team chances are you'll still place high. If your team wins, 
it's like points get added on to all member's score. I'm not sure how much. 
If you get hit with an item, you lose half or more of your coins (see chart). 
So try to avoid being hit. More on this in the strategy section.

1aa) Coin Lost Chart
It's not vital, and it's easy to figure out by yourself, but why not?
| Coins | Coins Lost |
|   1   |     1      |
|   2   |     2      |
|   3   |     3      |
|   4   |     3      |
|   5   |     3      |
|   6   |     3      |
|   7   |     4      |
|   8   |     4      |
|   9   |     5      |
|  10   |     5      |
Only went up to 10, but here's how to know: if you have an even number then 
you lose half. If you have an odd number, you lose half rounded up. Unless 
you have 1-4 coin(s).

1b) Balloon Battle
This has been in every Mario Kart game so far, but a new twist is put on it 
in this game. You play in teams, and you get points by hitting an opponent - 
it's not the last man standing, it's the team with the most points. As in 
Coin Runners, it's still possible to get a high ranking if you lose. If you 
lose all three of your balloons, you will disappear, drop all your items, and 
respawn. Your team is subtracted one point and you yourself have one point 
subtracted from your points.

2) What to Use?
Sadly, you don't have use of hardly any of the bikes/karts available in Vs 
mode. Your only choices are the standard kart or standard bike. Generally in 
Vs mode bikes are more useful due to wheelies, but in Battle mode they're 
about equal. You also can, of course, choose a character and therefore a 
weight class (again, though character's have hidden stats, they're not nearly 
as important in Battle), and Automatic or Manual. Remember -  Battle mode is 
more strategy than anything else.

2a) Kart or Bike?
Again, they're mostly equal, so choose whichever you like most. I, for one, 
use the kart for Battle.

|                          .:.: KartS :.:.                          |
|                               *Pros                               |
|-Orange mini-turbo (obviously)                                     |
|-Larger, making certain techniques easier                          |
|-Generally heavier (though weight doesn't matter much in Battle)   |
|-Faster when not using wheelies                                    |
|-More maneuverable on straights (to be faster, a bike must wheelie,| 
| decreasing its maneuverability and ability to avoid items)        |
|                               *Cons                               |
|-Basically worse in all categories except for weight and speed     |
|-No wheelies                                                       |
|-Larger, making for larger targets                                 |

|                            .:.: BikeS :.:.                            |
|                                 *Pros                                 |
|-Better acceleration                                                   |
|-Able to use wheelies                                                  |
|-Smaller, making a smaller target and can squeeze through walls of     |
| items much better                                                     |
|-Better in all categories except for speed and weight                  |
|-Generally better at turning                                           |
|                                 *Cons                                 |
|-Wheelies are generally not useful, due to the risk of someone dropping|
| a banana right in front of you and you not being able to avoid it     |
|-No orange mini-turbos                                                 |
|-Lower top speed without wheelies                                      |
|-Smaller, making some techniques harder                                |

So make a choice or test each out and decide which one you like most.

2b) What Weight?
In my opinion, Lightweight and Mediumweight are superior to Heavyweight for 
Battle due to speed being less important and acceleration being far more 
important. (No matter what, you'll likely be hit a lot). But anyway:

|                         .:.: Lightweight :.:.                         |
|                                 *Pros                                 |
|-Best acceleration                                                     |
|-Best handling/turning                                                 |
|                                 *Cons                                 |
|-Low top speed so may have trouble getting the first coins on courses  |
| like GCN Cookie Land.                                                 |
|-Low weight (again, weight not that important)                         | 
|Summary: I may be biased, but the best choice - it has the best in the |
|two most important Battle mode stats, and its cons are the least       |
|important in Battle.                                                   |

|                        .:.: Mediumweight :.:.                         |
|                                 *Pros                                 |
|-Average in everything, everything is good                             |
|-Can catch up to lightweights so it can beat them to the first coins   |
|                                 *Cons                                 |
|-No standout strengths, everything is average (>_<)                    |
|Summary: To me, the second best choice. Average in everything. Good if |
|you want an okay acceleration and want to be able to catch up to       |
|somebody. (Hopefully you won't  be doing that much).                   |

|                         .:.: Heavyweight :.:.                         |
|                                 *Pros                                 |
|-Best speed (so it can be first to coins)                              |
|-Best weight (who cares, m i rite?)                                    |
|                                 *Cons                                 |
|-Worst acceleration <-- Makes them suck                                |
|-Worst handling                                                        |
|Summary: Only reason you'd use this is if you really like a heavy      |
|weight character. You'll get hit more than once at a time often due to |
|your slow acceleration (you're invincibility period will run out, and  | 
|then the same person will still be right behind you), and it'll be     |
|harder to turn from an item or incoming person with mega mushroom.     |

So choose one, and move on.

2c) Auto or Manual?
(zomg auto iz 4 the lozerz!!1!!1one!)
No, it's not. But yes, manual is generally better, unless you're using 
something with low drift and mini-turbo, and you're not in Battle mode. So 
I'd go ahead with manual here, but I'll list all pros/cons I can think of 

|                          .:.: Automatic :.:.                          |
|                                 *Pros                                 |
|-Better swerving ability                                               |
|-Can focus on item use more because you don't have to press a drift    |
| button (this goes away when you get used to manual...)                |
|                                 *Cons                                 |
|-Drift/Mini-turbo stats nulled                                         |
|-Can't hop                                                             |
|Summary: Good if you're starting out or hate drifting. >_<. Or you just| 
|like being different.                                                  |

|                           .:.: Manual :.:.                            |
|                                 *Pros                                 |
|-Has mini-turboing + drift                                             |
|-Can hop to change angle faster (just press the drift button and       |
| release it fast)                                                      |
|                                 *Cons                                 |
|-Worse swerving ability (XD)                                           |
|Summary: Use it because the con is very minor, and its pros are much   |
|better than automatic's.                                               |

*Remember people, this is Battle, not Vs mode. >_<*

3) General Tips
So now we come to what makes a lot of people suck at Battle Mode: strategy. 
All of that above? It really hardly matters in Battle, as long as you're not 
running into walls all over the place. There are many course specific/item 
specific tips and tactics, but here I'm just giving basic ones.

3a) Coin Runners 
Already explained the game, let's get to the tips!

****Avoiding Items****
Obviously, just driving around with 20 coins on top of your head is a red 
flag to other players: "Hit me! I'll drop 10 coins for you!" So we need to 
keep them from hitting us. Here's a couple tips on how:
1)	Whenever you have an item that you can hold behind you, do so. But this 
isn't the best form of protection due to mega mushrooms, stars, and 
people firing red shells at you when they're coming at you. It does 
protect you from behind, however.
2)	If you have triple reds or triple greens, resist the urge to use them 
unless the person has over 10 coins (estimate by the stack on their 
heads). This is better than just bananas or shells because they protect 
you from the front too. When you only have two left though, you might 
as well use them - otherwise there's the risk a shell might get 
3)	If you have a mega mushroom or star, again, resist the urge to use them 
unless the person you see is the one with the most coins on the other 
team. Reason? This protects you from everything (unless you have a mega 
shroom and the enemy uses a star, but then it's only 3 coins). See a 
blue shell coming at you? Use it. See a red shell coming at you? Use 
it. See a huge person coming at you? Use it.
4)	Wall red shells as often as possible. On wide open courses it's nearly 
impossible to do, and I'll give more information on how to do this on 
specific courses in the track by track analysis.
5)    Use normal shrooms right away. They don't help much.
6)	If you have somebody tailing you and you don't have protection, brake 
suddenly; they'll pass by not expecting it, and then go another way.
7)	If you do get hit, look at who hit you and if they have more red shells 
or green shells, collect a few and run, or you'll get hit again. If 
they have a mega mushroom, then don't worry - they can't hit you again 
as long as you're flat. And with stars, there won't be anything to 

****Hitting Others****
Unless you get tons of coins in the beginning, then you're probably going to 
have to make someone else drop them to get some. Besides using the later 
mentioned item tactics, there are some things to notice:
1)	Try to find somebody with lots of coins and no protection. Otherwise 
you might only get a coin or two, or nothing at all.
2)	After you hit somebody, you should take some of their coins, but don't 
stay too long, or you'll be a sitting duck for other people coming to 
the crash site.

Just some more tips:
1)	Never stay still with coins. It puts another red flag up for people 
with red shells, triple greens, and mega mushrooms, and, and... >_<: 
"I'm stupid enough to sit still! Come run over me!"
2)	If someone gets hit on the other side of the course, unless it's GCN 
Cookie Land, stay away.
3)    Make as many turns as possible. Just don't go in a circle. >_>.
4)	If you do stop, start again with a mini turbo. It surprises people 
coming in with a mega mushroom.

3b) Balloon Battle
I like this game better because there's less of a chance of you being screwed 
at the last second, and there's just as much strategy (more item usage). This 
section is short - it's more item strategy in Balloon Battle and less general 

****Avoiding Items****
This is not nearly as important as it is in Coin Runners, and you should 
really only pay attention to it whenever you only have one balloon left. And 
even then, the only time to be using the tips (use the ones in the coin 
runners section) is if you have a green shell and that's it. Offense > 
Defense in Balloon Battle.

****Hitting Others****
1)    Try to hit somebody with one or two balloons, if possible
2)    Be wary of what item the person you're going after might have
3)	Have a projectile with somebody tailing you? Brake suddenly, not only 
do they fly past you because they didn't expect you to brake, you get a 
clean shot with a red/green shell.

1)	Again, try not to stay still - it makes you an easy target and doesn't 
help you hit somebody
2)	If an item can be held behind you, do so - it allows you to get another 
item without using the first
3)	Don't sit at an item box using everything right away until you get a 
mega mushroom. I see people doing this all the time, and it's not very 
smart for the above reason
4)	Credits to inviso87 for reminding me about this - after being hit by a 
person with triple something, go ahead and ram themduring your brief 
invincibility period to take away the restof their items.

3c) Mini-Map
The mini-map is so important to Battle mode that I gave it its own special 
section. Here is what you should use it for: (BB = Balloon Battle, CR = Coin 
1)    Finding nearest target (BB)
2)    Finding nearest threat (CR)
3)	Finding closest coin/place with the most coins (CR) <-- Most important 
use, to me
4)	Finding where you are in relation to everything else - useful in Cookie 
Land, Twilight House, etc. (BB, CR)
5)    Seeing if somebody is tailing you without looking behind you (BB, CR)
It may only be 5 tips, but they're useful and it's why after the start you 
see so many people without any coins - they don't look at the mini-map. Trust 
me - it helps.

4) Item-by-Item Analysis
Here I will go through all items and tell what to do with them, giving 
specific strategies for Coin Runners and Balloon Battle for each.

---Green Shell---
-Coin Runners: Hold behind you until you get another item. Then let it fly.
-Balloon Battle: Same. But let it fly when you're near somebody, at least. 
Try to aim it.
-What not to do: In Balloon Battle, don't just fire it off thinking its 

-Coin Runners: Hold behind you until you get another item, and then drop it 
in a narrow passage way or near an item box.
-Balloon Battle: Use it near an item box, or drop it in a narrow passageway. 
-What not to do: Drop it in any old place because you hate bananas.

Use it... It doesn't do much...

---Blue Shell---
Fire. Need I say more?

(I see too many people throwing these things...)
-Coin Runners: Hold behind you and drop it behind you if you see somebody on 
your tail.
-Balloon Battle: When you and somebody else are heading toward each other, 
drop it behind you - they won't expect it and will run right into it. Be 
warned that they could have a mega mushroom or star, though, in which case it 
won't do anything. Obviously, keep it held behind you. You can also use it if 
somebody is following you.
-What not to do: Throw it (a few exceptions).

---Fake Item Box---
-Coin Runners: These are useless for protection. Use them right away, 
preferably on a real item box.
-Balloon Battle: Use it right on top of a real item box.
-What not to do: Use it randomly...

---Golden Mushroom---
(See normal mushroom, but you don't have to be as close...).

Use. O RLY? Note that you don't get any points and the other team doesn't 
lose coins.

---Mega Mushroom---
-Coin Runners: 10 or over coins, hold it unless you see a person with alarge 
number of coins. Otherwise use Balloon Battle tactics.
-Balloon Battle: a) Try to get someone to head towards you, like these 
arrows: -> <-. At the last second, use it and trample them. They won't know 
what hit them. Many times they'll have a red shell or something which won't 
do squat. Watch out for stars, though. b) Alternatively, if you see someone 
being still or waiting at an item box or braking, just use it and run them 
over. Much less risk. c) If you're in a narrow passageway (like SNES Battle 
Course 4) with someone right behind you, and when I say right behind you, I 
mean close enough that on the mini-mapyou look pretty much like one person, 
use it and brake. They'll run rightinto you.
-What not to do: Use it and try to chase somebody down. More often than not 
they'll turn fluidly without braking and you'll have to slow and turn because 
you weren't expecting it. 
*Note: It's easier to hit somebody with this item using a kart because 
they're bigger*

-Coin Runners: With a good amount of coins, just use it. Otherwise use 
Balloon Battle...
-Balloon Battle: Try to tail someone (going head on generally isn't smart - 
they might have a red shell or mega mushroom or star), and when you're close 
enough use it. Or just waste it...
-What not to do: Hold it for the whole match trying to find someone to use it 

---POW Block---
Press the item button... >_>.

---Red Shell---
-Coin Runners: If you have 10 or over coins, hold it behind you as you would 
a green shell. Otherwise, try to hit somebody with it.
-Balloon Battle: Try to aim it like a green shell, and don't be far away from 
your target - they don't automatically home in on next place like in Vs, and 
have limited range, so firing it with the best angle and not being far away 
helps. Make sure the person doesn't have anything protecting them too. If you 
have someone right behind you, brake and then when they pass, use it. Try to 
fire in a straight or open area - less chance of being walled then.
-What not to do: Use it as soon as you get it - usually there's nobody that 
it'll home in on.

-Coin Runners: 10+ coins, you should hold it to save you from an item. 
Otherwise use Balloon Battle tactics... Remember, this steals three coins for 
you, which can end up being better because you don't have to slow down to 
pick up coins.
-Balloon Battle: a) Get somebody to head towards you, they might have a Mega 
Mushroom but that makes it even better. At the second before colliding, use 
the star and you'll steal a balloon. b) Stay still >_<. I know I said not to, 
but now you have fire power. Go to where a lot of people are and wait. 
Someone with a mega mushroom will likely come up to you, not expecting to be 
starred. XD.
-What not to do: Use it as soon as you get it. Because you don't grow in size 
and the person you're chasing knows what they're going to do before you do 
it's very hard to chase somebody down.
*Note: It's easier to hit somebody with this item using a kart because 
they're bigger*

---Triple Bananas---
-Coin Runners: If you haz coins, use them for protection. Else use Balloon 
Battle tactics.
-Balloon Battle: Make a wall of them in a narrow passageway (>:D) or drop 
each behind a different item box.
-What not to do: Drop them all around a single item box. That's a waste of 
two bananas.

---Triple Green Shells---
-Coin Runners: 10+ coins, use them for protection. Otherwise use Balloon 
Battle tactics.
-Balloon Battle: With all three, try to ram somebody - they'll get hit by 
one. Or if you're tailing somebody in an alley like the ones in Block Plaza, 
just fire them all. Use normal green shell tactics if you have two or one. 
I'd recommend firing both at once, however, after you ram somebody.
-What not to do: Use it right away thinking they're useless.

---Triple Mushroom---
(See normal mushroom, but you don't have to be as close).

---Triple Red Shells---
-Coin Runners: With a good amount of coins, use them for protection. Resist 
the urge to use them. Otherwise treat each like a single red shell. It's 
really fun to hit somebody, and while they scramble to collect coins they 
dropped hit them again (when they stop flashing). 
-Balloon Battle: Treat each like a single one.
-What not to do: Fire them all at once. They run into each other >_<.

5) Course-by-Course Analysis
Here I'll go through each course and offer specific strategies for each, as 
well as what I  believe is the best coin runners line at the start of each 
battle. In some courses, certain item usages are changed, and I'll explain 
those here as well. I've added in a 1 vs. 1 strategy for running and hiding 
too, because that's what it usually comes down to: whoever gets the most 
coins first runs away and tries to avoid the other person. I think there are 
always 21 coins in a 1 vs. 1, but could someone confirm this? Sometimes I'll 
add in a "General Tips" part or a "Fun Stuff" part, though not all courses 
have these.
*Note: Coin Runners lines and number of coins are all for 12 person battles, 
though they mostly hold true for all battles.*


-----Block Plaza-----
(wait, it's basically Block Fort! >_<)

---Coin Runners Tips: Walling red shells is easy here - just take a corner 
tight and the shell will likely hit the wall. And with lots of coins, neither 
staying up top or on the bottom is better - up top it's harder to avoid 
shells and the like, but on the bottom people can drop down on you from 
above. Try to take as many turns as possible, when all the coins are gone.

---Coin Runners Path: There are basically two types of starting points here: 
in an alley heading to the center or in a corner. If you are in the corner, 
then you should head straight and go up and collect the coins around that 
center. Hopefully you'll get there first and collect those 6 coins, possibly 
more. (1 on the block you come up on, 1 heading to the center, 4 on the 
center). If you start in an alley (more likely) drive straight ahead and get 
the 3 coins ahead of you. Then collect as many coins around the center as you 
can, and look for alleys where the person didn't get them. No matter where 
you start, you should then drive around the edge - a total of 24 coins will 
appear there (in 12 person battles) later. Also keep an eye on the mini-map 
for where the coins are appearing on the edge and the alleys - 4 appear in 
the straight alley (and later, bridge) on the green section, and 5 appear on 
the yellow one. I average about 12+ coins after all of this. Don't be afraid 
to go up if the coins haven't appeared around the edge yet and you see some 
above you - it's only a brief detour.

---Balloon Battle Tips: After everything sinks, if you're about to be hit by 
a red shell and there's nothing you can do to avoid it, you should 
intentionally fall off - it's still a one balloon loss and the other team 
doesn't get a point. Fake Item Boxes are just as good in the corridors as on 
top of item boxes here - but put them right around a corner so people don't 
see them until it's too late.

---1 vs. 1 Tips: Hopefully you get up first, or there's nothing to do except 
try and cut the other person off. If you do get up, then run away and turn 

-----Delfino Pier-----
(Why the heck is the tide going all the way up to a rooftop?!?!)

---Coin Runners Tips: I hate this stage, because of the irregularly put 
coins. The only tip I can think of is protection is important due to how open 
the stage is.

---Coin Runners Path: Again, there is really no path to take. Get the closest 
coins to you, and notice that later two rows of coins appear on each side of 
the main area - a line of 7 and a line of 9 on each side. A good way to enter 
the upper area when it opens is via the bottom - there'll be coins in the 
basement to get.

---Balloon Battle Tips: If you're going to drop an item, do it at the top of 
the starting area or in the upper area - that way it won't be engulfed by 
water. Dash panel ramps are wide, so items are pretty easy to avoid on them. 
Better to put an item near an item box.

--- 1 vs. 1 Tips: Due to how open the course is, it's harder to run. If you 
do try to run, stay on the bottom and when you do go up, use the dash panel 

-----Funky Stadium-----
(Wait, we just played there 50010923902352 times!!!)

---Coin Runners Tips: With lots of coins, try to avoid the item boxes in the 
sand, and take lots of jumps. In the end stunt sections, jumping over the 
barrier usually results in red shells following you being walled.

---Coin Runners Path: The path you should take changes with the number of 
people. With a lot of them, here's what you should do: After the starting 
jump, do a trick (obviously) and drive over to the closest end stunt section, 
and then go to the farthest end of that stunt section. If that makes sense, 
you should be at a section with a three sided dash panel ramp and 4 item 
boxes. Jump like so, where -s are walls, +s are ground, and =s are dash 
       ->   =+++++=  <-
*For Manual users: Start drifting toward the nine coins before you go off the 
starting jump. If done correctly, you land right in front of the dash 
There are a total of 9 coins on each of these in a 12 vs. 12. After these, 
you should look on the mini-map for coins that are just starting to appear or 
haven't been gotten yet. Some (4, I think) appear at the top of the center 
platform (gotten to by driving up the corners of the center).Get these when 
they appear because a lot of people don't know aboutthem. CrimsonCerberus 
says it's a good hiding spot too.

---Balloon Battle Tips: Place your droppable items near the four question 
mark boxes in the sand (people traveling through the sand also make for good 
targets). Other than that, the course is wide open, but there are many places 
to wall red shells because of jumps.

---1 vs. 1 Tips: If you get ahead early, make jumps to get to the far side. 
The other person will probably follow you - turn around and wait for them to 
start making the last jump towards you, and when they're in the air you 
should jump back towards the other end - they'll land, and you'll already be 
halfway to the other end and they still have to turn around. >:D.

-----Chain Chomp Wheel-----
(This course sux. Never choose it.)

---General Tips: After collecting coins or getting items in the center, drift 
hard to the outside if you're going against the "current" to turn around. 
This not only makes you go with the wheel's turning, but also takes you to 
the outside so you can see more of the course.

---Fun Stuff: If you actually decided to choose this lame course, the item 
boxes in the center seem to always have a star or mushrooms, and I get stars 
way more often than shrooms.

---Coin Runners Tips: Try to go with the flow as often as possible, and avoid 
the chain chomp! Watch the mini-map half the time so you know where it is! 
(To get away from it fast, use the dash panels). Protection here is important 
because the course is so open. With lots of coins, you could stick to doing 
lots of low angle take-offs from the vertical dash panels, then coming back 
and doing another - a lot of people will be preoccupied in the middle. 
Another option, though in my mind not as good, is to go off the dash panels, 
don't do a trick, and hit the side of the rotating star. You'll fall on the 
center part, where you should go in circles around the star. But you're not 
completely safe - red shells can still hit you, and you're in the middle of 
the action. It's better to go to the outside.

---Coin Runners Path: From your starting point, look for the closest row of 3 
coins and take them. Follow this by looking for another, and if you can, go 
with the "current", not against it. Note that all coins (except for the ones 
that appear around the vertical dash panels, but those are hard to aim for) 
appear in 3 rings around the course.

---Balloon Battle Tips: Try to get the item boxes in the center a lot - stars 
own! And going against the wheel makes you a sitting duck for people going 
with the wheel. Again, the chain chomp provides a problem because it costs 
you a balloon (and sometimes a point) and makes you lose your items.

---1 vs. 1 Tips: It's harder to run here due to it being open - when you're 
up stick to using the vertical dash panels tons of times at low angles, and 
then when the opponent gets close go down and use the dash panels to get to 
the other side fast.

-----Thwomp Desert-----

---General Tips: During the thwomp stomp, it's easier to get an item if you 
trick off of the bumps.

---Coin Runners Tips: All coins appear in two rings around the outside, and 
avoid the cacti - they hurt! Also, never go toward the center during the 
thwomp stomp. Period. In fact, if you already have triple green shells or 
star or something, it's a good idea to NEVER go into the center.

---Coin Runners Path: Try to get one of the outer rows of 4 and then an inner 
row of 3. Then go get an item and circle around the outside waiting for more 
to drop. (Mini-map, again!)

---Balloon Battle Tips: Besides using normal tactics, there's really nothing 
to it. During the thwomp stomp, throw bombs you have in the center!*

---1 vs. 1 Tips: One of the hardest courses to avoid people in - all I can 
say is avoid the stomp if you're winning.


-----SNES Battle Course 4-----

---Coin Runners Tips: This is the easiest course to wall red shells, provided 
you don't go out in the edge and don't go in the very center.

---Coin Runners Path: You have a choice of two ways: Go to the second 
farthest out path and go around it (two coins in each section) or go around 
the second inner most path (two-three coins in each section). More people 
take the inner path though, so the outer may be better, depending on what 
happens. Later, about 25 coins appear around the edge of the course and 3 in 
each of the alleys leading out to the edge. Watch the mini-map!

---Balloon Battle Tips: Due to no corners being blind, an item box is still 
the best place for a fake one. Green shells are good here - fire them in an 
alley with a person. With three bananas you can wall off an alley. Also, it 
is possible to throw shells over walls, which can surprise players.

---1 vs. 1 Tips: When you're up, try to stay in a different lane than your 
opponent. It's really easy to run away in this course.

-----GBA Battle Course 3-----

---Coin Runners Tips: Since this course is so open, it's hard to keep coins. 
Better be good at protecting yourself! Avoid the sand in the center at all 

---Coin Runners Path: Try and get the 4 or 3 coins directly in front of you, 
and then go behind a "L" block (picking up coins as you go) and get the coins 
behind them. Later, 4 more coins appear behind each "L" block and 5 coins 
bridge them    _|-----|_    where -s are coins.

---Balloon Battle Tips: Look for idiots in the center to hit - they're easy 
targets. It's possible to wall red shells around the "L" blocks. This is one 
of the more high scoring courses.

---1 vs. 1 Tips: It's hard to hide here, but make use of the "L" blocks a 

-----N64 Skyscraper-----

---Coin Runners Tips: Though it's open, it's easy to avoid shells because you 
can jump the gaps (do a trick just to be safe). Remember that most of the 
coins appear in the center. If you're on the outside and see somebody heading 
towards you, jump the ring - they probably have a mega mushroom or something 
to hit you with.

---Coin Runners Path: Ignore everything. Drift (or turn) hard toward the 
middle, do a trick over the gap, and then drift around the center hole, 
collecting the 8 coins there. Then stay in the center collecting all the 
coins you see and can get to. Later tons of coins appear here - almost all of 

---Balloon Battle Tips: Use red shells in the center - anybody smart will be 
able to avoid them when you're on the outer ring, unless you're really close 
to them when you fire. Instead of putting bananas around item boxes put them 
around the center hole - if someone runs into it and falls in they lose two 
balloons, and a lot of people jump it and then run into the banana. I laid 3 
down there one time, and all got me a point.

---1 vs. 1 Tips: Since it's a circular course, it's hard to run. Focus on 
hitting the other person.

-----GCN Cookie Land-----
(XD Smallest course EVAR!)

---Coin Runners Tips: XD good luck holding on to coins here! Best course for 
Balloon, worst for Coin Runners. Anyway, try to hold on to your coins as best 
as you can, and steal coins when somebody else gets hit, which will happen a 
lot, and since the course is so small it's easy to get to a crash site fast.

---Coin Runners Path: Try and get an inner ring of three coins, and then try 
to get one of the sets in the outer ring. A total of about 35 appear in the 
inner ring, and 25 in the outer. 3 Also appear in the little ways leading to 
the outside from the inner (or vice-versa).

---Balloon Battle Tips: Thank you duffjr, for correcting me here. Hesays that 
the best plan is to drive around the inner ring, and fire your red shells at 
people going around the outer one (through the alleyways, obviously). If I 
may suggest something though, I would say go to the outside if you get a Mega 
Mushroom or Star because there's more people there.

---1 vs. 1 Tips: Another small course, don't even try and hide. Just play 

-----DS Twilight House-----

---Coin Runners Tips: This is one of the easier courses not to get hit on - 
just simply turn a lot, and it's easy to wall red shells by taking a tight 
turn. Try to avoid going out on one of the small corner platform thingys - 
you have to brake to turn around. It's easy to avoid the action in rooms with 
six people.

---Coin Runners Path: Travel straight and get the coins in the corner across 
from you - 3 or 2. Then go and travel around the outside - there's always 4 
at first and another 6 appear later for a total of 10 on each edge, 11 if you 
count a corner. The four corner rooms end up having 9 each, if you count the 
starting ones. And the four middle rooms end with having 4 each. So after 
you're done with the sides look at the map.

---Balloon Battle Tips: One of the more fun ones, try to only fire a red 
shell if you're both in the same room. Other than that, all normal tactics 
apply. Never throw things; they simply hit the roof.

---1 vs. 1 Tips: One of the easier courses to run away on, just make turns 
erratic and try not to slow down at all.

6) Version History

++++Version 1.0++++
The first version, also the first complete version. Not much else to say.

++++Version 1.1++++
First update - added in Version History and added/corrected a few tips (like 
3 XD). More to come - don't worry.

++++Version 1.15++++
Changed Thomp Desert general tip (found out you can trick off of bumps), 
corrected the current version at top of FAQ, and added a little bit to the 
Funky Stadium coin runners path.

++++Version 1.3++++
Added Coins Lost chart, not that it was needed... Added small Chain Chomp 
Wheel tip. Added the ASCII title and made the "What to Use" section better.

++++Version 1.33+++++
Added a few tips.

7) The Cheesy Credits Section
Thank you to GameFAQs, for hosting this guide.
Thank you to Nintendo, for making Mario Kart.

duffjr - Correcting me on a tip.
inviso87 - Reminding me about a tip I had forgotten about.
CrimsonCerberus - Small Funky Stadium tip.

(all contributions listed, no matter how small)


If you wish to contact me about this guide, email me at 
[email protected], but I don't look at that email often, so also 
make an ATTN: A_Black_Dragoon topic on the GameFAQs Mario Kart Wii 
message board if you have information. Thank you! I do not mind if you 
use this guide on another website, as long as you contact me at my 
email about it and provide full credit to me.

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