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Game Title: Bugs Bunny lost in time(I know you know,it just looks better at the top)
Author: Sarah Stagner
E-mail Address: [email protected]

Welcome to the world of time travel! This game seems to be an "un"common game, but 
it is actually very good, you must, MUST, try it out!!!
                               The Stone Age                             
                                   Boss 1:
                               Elmer Fudd in 
                        Guess who needs a kick start 
This guy is the easiest boss in the whole game! All you have to do is jump in a 
hole, move over to another hole(DO NOT JUMP OUT YET!), wait for him to stick his 
head in the first hole that you jumped in and say "Yoohoo, wabbit", then jump out 
and kick him(make sure his head is still in the ground), do this a few more times 
and he'll give you a clock, and before you leave collect all the carrots(gold and 
regular), then go on ahead and leave through the purple glowing rabbit hole.
                              The Pirate Years      
                                   Boss 2:
                               Yosamate Sam in
          ?(I forgot the level's name so please E-mail me if you know)
Sam is in the first level, so you have to get past all the pirates, crabs, and 
sharks to get to him, when you do, he will say something and you will see that he 
has a cannon, and yes, he will try to shoot you! But it really is not as hard as it 
seems, you just have to jump on the grey Acme thing, which I will call G.A.s, that 
is closest to land , but it will sink, so quickly jump on to the next one, and Sam 
will shoot a cannon ball at you! BUT! All you do is jump to the G.A. in front of 
you, and do not worry, the G.A. that Sam sunk will float back with time, at this 
time I suggest you go all the way to the front because Sam will throw a bomb at you, 
that way, you can throw the bomb back easily, then the bomb will explode and Sam 
will jump on his hat. And now you've made hin angry! He will shoot more than one 
cannonballs at a time! I would suggest you kill yourself when he does this by 
jumping in the water, for Bugs has infinate lives and Sam's health will be exactly 
the same, but if you want to test your skills, suit yourself. Now once again, do 
this over and over, again, until Sammy goes flying back to his ship and drops a 
clock for you. Then a G.A. will float up and allow you to reach the clock and the 
magic purple rabbit hole (Whoopee!!!), then you can just leave when you like.
                                       Boss 3:
                                  Yosamate Sam in
                      Sam meets Bunny(or something like that)
This level is one of my favorites! You get to be on a ship and battle Sam with 
cannons! The only problem is you don't have any cannonballs, so you'll have 
to "borrow" Sam's, bwahahaha, anyway, there are three places you can push your 
cannon, left, middle, and right. Best to stay in the middle, because if Sam shoots 
left and your at the right, well, Bugs may have infinate lives, but it will be 
annoying sooner or later. When you get Sam's cannonball in your cannon, part of 
Sam's ship will glow meaning you have to shoot it, do this 2 or3 times and Sam will 
go down to the basement of his ship, so will Bugs, once again, left, middle, and 
right, but this time you have that thing that you use to blow out fires, or 
something like that(usually you can see it in Tom and Jerry), instead of a cannon, 
Sam will send over boatlike bombs and by pressing x, you(not me)have to blow them 
back at Sam's ship! At this part you can get your precious gold carrots. Then Sam 
will go back up, then shoot him again a few more times then he'll go back down , 
then back up which is finally the last time he's moving! I'm really getting tired of 
all this typing!!!!! So just finish him off and say bye-bye to Sam Mc Cranky, then 
your clock will come flying over and you'll automatically leave the level.
                                 TO BE CONTINUED LATER

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