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Roark: His Pokemon are a level 12 Geodude and Onix and a level 14 Cranidos. No
matter what starter you picked, it is good against this leader. Use Turtwig's
Absorb and Razor Leaf, Monferno's Mach Punch, and Piplup's Bubble. Geodude and
Onix probably wont even get to attack, and the Cranidos is just stupid. When
you're down to 1hp he would much rather lower your defence than kill you with
headbutt or pursuit. Stealth Rock is just as retarded a move as it does about
2hp damage to foes switching in. LAME! 

Gardenia: Her Pokemon are a level 19 Cherubi and Turtwig and a level 22
Roserade. The first thing Cherubi does is use Leech Seed to drain away your HP,
then attacking with Grass Knot, which really isn't to bad a move. The Turtwig is
obsessed with raising it's defence with Withdraw and Reflect which can be
annoying if the reflect passes on to Roserade. Other than that it will use Grass
Knot. The Roserade varies on it's smartness. It will use Stun Spore to paralyze
and lower speed, then attack with Magical Leaf and Grass Knot. Sometimes it's
dumb enough to forget to paralyze, and sometimes it will use Stun Spore when
you're already paralyzed. Grass Knot is like a grass type Low Kick, as it does
more damage the heavier the enemy. I would say it is a good move.

Maylene: Her Pokemon are a level 27 Machoke and Meditite and a Level 30 (GASP!)
Lucario! The Meditite loves using Detect over and over and over and
over...Probably won't even attack unless it has a type advantage. I'll bet it
thinks it's worth dying just to stale move the Detect. The Machoke is like
Roark's Cranidos, it just LOOOOOOOOVES using Leer! And to top it off, Leer
doesnt even help the only other move it ever uses: Seismic Toss. Lucario loves
using Metal Claw on types it's weak to! But as soon as you take off 1hp it will
use the all powerful Drain Punch to get that very important 1hp back. Drain
Punch is powerful, so you may have trouble with this one unless you use a ground
type to kill him. Drain Punch is an awesome move, but, sadly, only like 5
Pokemon can learn it. Heck, Infernape can't even learn it!

Crasher Wake: His Pokemon are a level 27 Gyarados, a level 29 Quagsire, and a
level 31 Floatzel. This guy's Pokemon are actually smart, for the most part. The
Gyarados will use a combination of Dragon Rage and Brine to take you out. But
the most annoying part is that it knows one of my least favorite moves: Swagger.
The Quagsire just uses an assortment of different attacks which obviously one of
them is Brine. The Floatzel's moves are pretty stupid, as is the Floatzel. It's
main attacks are Swift and Ice Fang, although it will use Aqua Jet and Brine
sometimes too. It has a habit of using Swift whenever it could do a lot more
damage with a super effective Brine. Brine does double the damage when the
opponent's Hp is less than half. It is a very good move that most all water
types can learn.

Fantina: Her Pokemon are a level 31 Gengar, a level 34 Drifblim, and a level 36
Mismagius. None of them really use their signature TM Shadow Claw. The Gengar
likes putting you to sleep and using Dream Eater to drain your HP. Sometimes it
will use Dream eater without putting you to sleep which is about the dumbest
thing any ghost type could do. The Drifblim never stays alive long because it
likes to use Curse when it's at less than half HP, killing itself while putting
a curse on you that you can get rid of just by switching out. Try not to kill it
with a physical attack because it's ability, Aftermath, will cut off a quarter
of your HP. The Mismagius doesn't even use any ghost type attacks. Confuse ray
will be seen a lot with this annoyance of a Pokemon. It likes to use Magical
Leaf and Psybeam to hurt your pokemon, then, instead of killing you, it will be
stupid and use Confuse Ray, like it wants to be cool and make you kill yourself.
Shadow Claw is the best TM yet, it's like a ghost type Slash, as it has a high
critical hit ratio.

Byron: His Pokemon are a level 36 Bronzor, a level 36 Steelix, and a level 39
Bastiodon. Like all Bronzor, this one loves using Confuse Ray and Hypnosis. The
only problem with Bronzor is that he has no attack and no special attack
whatsoever. The Steelix will use Iron Tail a lot, which hits about as often as
Thunder. All I know about the Bastiodon is that it knows Yawn and Iron Head. It
was killed way too fast for me to figure out all it's attacks. Flash Cannon is
one of few Steel type TMs and it's a good one at that. It can lower Special
Defence as well as having 80 strength. An awesome attack for an Empoleon.

Candice: Her Pokemon are Snover level 39, Sneasel level 38, Medicham level 40,
and Abomasnow level 42. I guarantee the Snover will be killed in one hit by
anything super effective. The Sneasel is no different other than the fact that
it is probably faster than you. The Medicham was thrown in there to combat
anything super effective against ice. It's attacks are good against everything
ice is weak against. Example: Rock Slide for the Fire types, Hi Jump Kick for
the rock and steel types, and Psychic for the fighting types. It also likes
using Detect(Duh!). The Abomasnow will definitely be killed by any Fire attack.
It will use Ice Shard to automatically strike first, then succumb to death.
Avalanche is a good ice TM. It's like the move Revenge. You attack last no
matter what, and if you get hit, it does double the damage.

Volkner(What kind of a name is that?Almost as bad as Roark and Gardenia!): His
Pokemon are Raichu level 45, Octillery level 46, Ambipom level 47, and Luxray
level 49. The Raichu will no doubt use Thunderwave to paralyze you so kill it
with a ground type move before it gets a chance.(Wow! This is starting to sound
serious!). The Octillery is the ground killer, but it doesn't do a very good
job. It actually used Thunderbolt on my Hippowdon! Talk about stupid! Earthquake
put it to rest. The Ambipon will raise it's Special attack with Nasty Plot, then
use Charge Beam and kill everyone in one hit. Slam is brain into the ground with
some fighting moves to take him to school.(Forever). If Luxray uses Charge and
then Thunder, say bye bye to whatever Pokemon you have out cuz it's dead.(Unless
its a ground type of course.). For an Electric pokemon, it isn't very fast, so
you can probably kill it before it gets a chance to do this. Charge Beam is a
good electric move that raises Special Attack and does damage. On a scale from 1
to 10 its an 8.      Now heres all the TM's you get from battling gym leaders on
a scale from 1 to 10.

Stealth Rock: definitely a -50. This move should be illegal.

Grass Knot: probably a 5.

Drain Punch: 6 because almost no one can learn it.

Brine: 9 because it's a killer to half health Pokemon everywhere.

Shadow Claw: 9 because it's critical hit King of doom to all but normal types.

Flash Cannon: 10 because its the best Steel type move in this game.

Avalanche: 7 because you have to strike second.

Charge Beam: 8 because its a good all around electric move.

So there you have it. The best gym guide in all the galaxy. Trust me i've
checked. And some of those gym guides only cover the first gym. Or they are
totally wrong.

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