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By: Cameron Couch
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Game:Legend Of Zelda Four Swords Adventures.
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 hey you beat the game!!!! NOT.
 First Gannon will bounce all around the room
and shoot things at you.
 Try to make it so that he almost lands on top
of you when he lands.When he lands slash away at him.
 After a while Gannon will drop his trident. Beware,
it hurts alot. If you have a lot of force fairies 
you should have no problem!!Not
 When Zelda appears Gannon will hurl green light balls
at her.
 So try to stay between Gannon and Zelda using wide 
 And as you did with Phantom Gannon, blast the balls
back with your sword.

 Soon Zelda will send out a ball of light.
 Use the bow she gives you to blast the ball directly
at Gannon. But dont forget to charge the bow up first.

                   HUZZAH!!!!!! YOU BEAT THE GAME!!! 


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