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--------------------How to Beat the The Poke'mon League--------------------
Chapter 1 :Legal Stuff
Chapter 2 :League Teams
Chapter 3 :Walkthrough
Chapter 4 :Secrets
you can use Ctrl+F to get right to the one your stuck at.
\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\Chapter 1 :Legal stuff.////////////////////////////
This document is copyright ©2005 by Me, Link1230. 
However, all trademarks and copyrights found in this document are
owned by their respective copyright and trademark holders. No infringement of
copyright is intended. This document may be printed, in part or in whole, for
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|+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+|Chapter 2 :League Teams.|+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+|
My personal favorite team, because it beats 'em to the floor. The reason I like it 
so much is because those Elite Four Just bug me SO MUCH!!

|/\|Poke'mon|/\|---|/\|Level:|/\|---|/\|Moves:|/\|  (Note:* Means Any Move or 
Poke'mon You want)

Blaziken           59-67             Slash-Blaze kick-Sky Uppercut-Bulk Up
Manectric          55-60             Thunder-Charge-Bite-Shock Wave                 
Walrein            57-61             Ice Beam-Blizzard-Body Slam-Calm Mind
Aggron             54-59             Fire Blast-Blizzard-Iron Tail-*
Blastoise          59-65             Hydro Pump-Ice Beam-Surf-*
(Trade FR\LF)
*                  **-**             *-*-*-*

This team covers all of the main weaknesses of the Elite Four Plus Wallace.
I personaly like the Beatdown team more, but it's your choice of which team to 

Sceptile           59-67             Solarbeam-Sunny Day-Leaf Blade-*
Absol              50-56             Razor Wind-Shadow Ball-Bite-Snatch
Lapras(Trade FR/LF)53-57             Hydro Pump-Ice Beam-Surf-*
Jolteon(^)         55-56             Thunder-Thunderbolt-*-*
Machamp(^)         55-57             Cross chop-Seismic toss-*-*
Ninetails          53-56             Flamthrower-Fire blast-*-*
|-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+|Chapter 3 Walkthrough|+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-|

#1 Sydney:
Mightyena,     Dark, Weakness: Fighting, Bug.
Shiftry, Grass&Dark, Weakness: Fire, Flying, Fighting, Bug.
Cacturn, Grass&Dark, Weakness: ^Same as above^.
Crawdant,Water&Dark, Weakness: Electric, Fighting, Grass.
Absol,         Dark, Weakness: Fighting, Bug.

For Sydney Just use Blaziken until he sends out Crawdant. When he does send out 
Manectric. If it's at Level 50 or more One well placed Thunderbolt will take out

#2 Phoebe:
Dusclops       Ghost, Weakness: Dark.
Bannette,      Ghost, Weakness:  ^^.
Dusclops,      Ghost, Weakness: ^  ^.
Sableye,  Dark,Ghost, Weakness: None.
Bannette,      Ghost, Weakness: Dark.

If your using the Beatdown team,unless your a VERY good trainer your just about 
I always use the Beatdown team and I just use Walriens Ice Beam except against 
her Dusclopses, because they have Pressure. If you do use Ice Beam keep a few 
Ethers handy

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