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Beating The Bosses Quick and Easy

This is just the stuff cheatcodes said to put up here:

Name: Brandon 
Game: Sonic Adventure 2 Battle
Updated: 7/11/05

Okay, I read a lot of the FAQs and Walkthroughs on how to beat the bosses, and some
of them either left out a lot of stuff, or they were completely wrong. I find my
methods much more effective than the ones other people use. So here’s the contents:

I.	Hero
           a. Big Foot
           b. Dr. Eggman #1
           c. Shadow #1
           d. King Boom Boo
           e. Egg Golem
           f. Rouge
           g. Dr. Eggman #2
           h. Shadow #2

II.	Dark
           a. Hot Shot
           b. Tails #1
           c. Flying Dog
           d. Sonic #1
           e. Egg Golem
           f. Knuckles
           g. Tails #2
           h. Sonic #2

III.	Last
           a. Biolizard 
           b. Finalhazard

				   \ _ _ _ _ _ _ /
				   / - - - - - - -  \


A lot of people say that you should just wait until he stops. I rarely do that. Those
boxes aren’t just there for decoration. Jump on them and wait until Bigfoot turns
around and starts shooting his gun (I never said wait until he stops) Once he comes
closer, jump up and use your homing attack on him. If you don’t think you can do
that, then here’s the other option. Wait until he stops. Dodge his missiles and then
attack him while he’s getting ready go start flying again. If you use the first way,
you’ll be done with the battle in 45 seconds. 

Dr. Eggman #1-

This is, in my opinion, the easiest boss. There’s not much else to say besides keep
shooting him. Try getting behind him and hitting him. It’ll do more damage.

Shadow #1-

First, get a few rings. If you don’t he could attack you, and you’re down for the
count. When he uses the homing attack, dodge it by rolling. After the attack, he
stops. Attack him from behind. You only have to hit him three times, so it’s pretty
easy. It’s a small course, so don’t fall off.

King Boom Boo-

He starts off shooting fireballs at you. He will throw at the exact place you are
standing once he throws it. In other words, keep running and it won’t hit you. This
is what I can’t stress enough. DON’T RUN AT TOP SPEED!!! He will just turn around and
go the other way. Once he finishes throwing fireballs he will shoot fire out of his
mouth. While he’s doing that, run around the other way and attack the ghost with the
hourglass. Boom Boo will go underground. Stand on his shadow and dig and he will come
out much smaller. Hit him and he will run faster. If you keep running alongside him,
you could hit him two or three times within the time of the hourglass. After he is
hit twice, he will try to eat you. At this point, you can run as fast as you can. He
has four health, so it doesn’t take that long.

Egg Golem-

This guy really isn’t hard if you do this right. Keep running in circles and
eventually he will stop to attack. When he finishes attacking, which is banging the
floor, get behind him and jump up the platforms. When you see a platform with a
yellow symbol on it, you can use the Homing Attack the rest of the way up. Use Homing
Attack on the thing on his head. After you hit him once or twice, he will spin around
with his arms out. Just run with the arms, but don’t let them hit you. Then, get
behind him and do the same thing I said before. But, if you go behind him too soon,
the platforms may not be out, so make sure they are before you jump. If you land in
the quicksand for any reason, jump for a pulley and get back up there. Don’t give up.
Then, the Golem will take both fists and smash down part of the floor. He must first
stop moving to do that, so that moment is the perfect time to run behind him. He has
five health, so it will take longer than most bosses.


Rouge is one of the harder bosses, since she is so fast. At first, you can just run
up to her and hit her, or you can Drill Drive her. Eventually, the floor will fall
down. You will float in the air. Try to get on a side platform. If you hear her say
something, she’s going to use her special attack on you. To avoid it, just glide.
Here’s a very useful tip. You can hear everything she’s doing. May not sound helpful,
but it helps A LOT. If you hear her gliding, you should also glide, because that
usually means she is going to Drill Drive you. Another tip: Always try to stay above
her, so she can’t Drill Drive you, but you can Drill Drive her. 

Dr. Eggman #2-

This guy got a LOT better since last time. He now has two special attacks, and one of
them hits half of the room. Try attacking him from behind, because he will most
likely dodge your homing attack if you attack from the front. One of his special
attacks is the missiles. These are easy to dodge; just keep moving, and they will
most likely miss you. His other special attack, I don’t even know what to call it. He
shoots a gigantic laser at you, which could take out a lot of your health. It is very
hard to dodge, but it is possible. It also has the time to hit you twice, so watch
out. I say just keep running in a circle, and hopefully you will dodge it and have an
easy shot at him. TIP- If he is in the center, shoot the capsule going towards the
ceiling. It will explode and he will take damage.

Shadow #2- 

Not the hardest Hero boss, but still hard. At first, you can just use the Homing
Attack on him. But then, after you hit him twice, he will dodge it. So this is what
you do: Get ahead of him so he uses Chaos Control. You know he will use it when he
says, “This is the ultimate power!” He will appear ahead of you, in a green
explosion. When you see the green explosion, charge up your rolling attack. He will
stop when he is further ahead of you to use his special attack. It is easy to dodge,
since you are rolling to hit him now, and that’s how you dodge it. Once you see him
stop, roll towards him and hit him. He has five health, and it might take a few tries
to hit him with the rolling attack, because when his close-up pops up on the screen,
once it goes away, your rolling goes off-course. If you stay on one of the platforms
too long, it will fall, so watch out for that too.

\ _ _ _ _ _ _ /
/ - - - - - - \

Hot Shot-

The same thing as Bigfoot, but this guy shoots a homing attack at you, and you can’t
hit him when he’s charging up. To dodge the attack, just stay away from the red target. 

Tails #1- 

Same thing as Dr. Eggman #1

Flying Dog-

This guy is basically Hot Shot or Bigfoot, but it never lands. Basically what I said
before, jump on the side gate and climb up, and then Drill Drive onto the big hunk of
metal. He also has a homing attack, and he cannot be hit when he is charging up. To
dodge it, stay away from the red target.

Sonic #1-

Same thing as Shadow #1

Egg Golem-

This guy is completely different than in Hero story. Instead of using Sonic, you use
Dr. Eggman. And you don’t attack his head; you attack his chest. His attacks are the
same. To weaken him, you shoot at him until one of the half-broken panels on his
chest breaks. Target the device on his chest to destroy it. He has three places to
target, and each device has to be targeted three times. So basically, he has nine
health. If for any reason you fall, just hover onto a platform and grab the pulley to
get back up there.


Same thing as Rouge.

Tails #2-

Same thing as Dr. Eggman #2.

Sonic #2-

Same as Shadow #2, except his special attack has a different name, but you dodge it
the same way as Shadow’s attack.

\ _ _ _ _ _ /
/ - - - - - - \

The two bosses you face in this story are very hard and they take a while to beat.
Don’t get discouraged if you don’t beat either of them the first time. It took me
about fifteen tries at first to beat Biolizard.


This guy is HARD. The first thing he will do is chase you in a circle. Don’t run at
full speed, or else he will whack you with his tail if you get too close. Then, he
will stop to get energy from the life support on his back. Grind up the tube
connected to his mouth and attack his life support. Then, he will chase you again,
but this time, when he stops chasing you, he will shoot electric balls at you. Dodge
the low ones by jumping over them and dodge the high ones by somersaulting. Then
grind up the tube and attack him again. Repeat once. After you hit him three times,
he will shoot lightning balls at you, and then create smaller pink balls that will
attack you. They rarely hit if you keep moving. You must attack one of the balls, and
you will go up. Do this until you get close enough to attack his life support. Repeat
once. Then, once you hit him five times, he will create more pink balls, only this
time, you will be floating. You must move towards the life support without getting
hit by the balls. Attack him and he’s done. For now, at least.


First, lemme tell you the controls. Up is to move forward, left to go left, right to
go right, A do dash up, and B to dash down. To weaken him, you must dash into the red
bumps on him. You also have to dodge red balls that attack, and in a way, protect
him. His other attacks are a laser, a moving laser, two moving lasers, and two moving
lasers and even more red balls. Make sure Sonic or Shadow don’t run out of rings.
Once either one of them attacks the Biolizard, they go to collect more rings. 

So, that’s basically it. This is my first walkthrough, so I hope you all like it! Oh,
I almost forgot. 

Copyright 2005. All rights reserved

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