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In this FAQ i will be posting the names of the people on the wanted list and how to 
beat them(not mention their location as well).Be for I start i would like to thank 
the Cheatcodes staff for having such an organized website and for the amount of game 
resouces they have.Now read on to my FAQ on the wnted list.I recomend you beat the 
game before doing the bounties that you can do on free time.

The first wanted person on the wanted list is Baltor the black beard.Baltor among 
the 8 wanted people on the wanted list is relatively the weakest.This is a ship 
battle.Have Vyse and Drachma fire cannons when possible and have Aika gaurd and heal 
during the rounds you need to.

The second bounty is Daikoyua The Wealthy.This is also another ship battle and is 
one tough one.Vyse and someonelse(like Gilder and Enrinque)attack and have aika cast 
red magic and have Fina guard and heal when you need to.

The third bounty is Gordo the round.Unlike bltor Gordo is not much of a challenge 
but is harder than baltor.Keep attacking with everyone until Godo is beaten.I know 
normally you shouldnt attack with aika and Fina but Gordo doesnt counter attack that 
much making him vulnerable to almost every attack.

The fourth bounty a series of 4 ship battles.The first one is a ship battle with a 
spder web called Alania.Kepp fireing st it until you can spare some time for the 
moonstone cannon.The scond one is a black looper that is real hard.The loopers 
normal attack does 2500,so i seriously suggets you raise your party to level 50.ou 
can only hit the black looper with s-moves,i suggest you use prophecy on it because 
one pirats wrath and a prophecy will win you the battle.I cant remember the other 
two.If you know the other two e-mail them to me and i will and them to this FAQ and 
give you credit.

The fifth bounty is Loose Cannon Lapen.Losse cannon lapen is a challenging 
opponenet.If you toy with him you will resort in losing the battle because if your 
party isnt level 45 then you better make them level 45.

The sixth bounty is oone the hardest battles in the game.His name is Lord Bane.Lord 
Bane takes quite a while to defeat becuse his pipes of doom summons a new Zivlyn 
Bane to the field with 7,500 hit points.Dont mind the Zivlyn Banes because ther is a 
glithc in the game.The glitch is once defeating lord bane the zivlyn banes get 

The seventh bounty is is Rupee of the Larso clan.I suggest you make sure your party 
is level 45.Ruppe and his side kick Barta are a tough duo.Rupee doesnt do much but 
Barta is the real problem.Bartas Lgendary punch is almost a one-hit-k.o.

The eight and final bounty is the hardest battle in the game.They are Vyse the 
Fallen Pirate and his two female acomplaces.The names are Vize,Faina,Ayaka.This 
battle is so hard that you have to raise your party to level 99(the higest level in 
the game)This boss battle takes up to two hoyrs long so i also suggest you onlky 
battle them when you have alot of time on your hands.Vizes special move is Falling 
star,Fainas move is Lunar tundra(simalar to Ramirezs silver tundra only this heals 
all status problems),Ayakas move is Wild Fire.Their crew special is similar to 
Prophecy only it is called Final Shine.Its like prophecy only instead of syaing -"In 
Dire need,We call forth the power,of the ancients-Vize and his crew say "In a fatal 
attempt,we summon,the rains of destruction.Vize and his crew special leves you with 
only one hp and a character faints.Have Vyse attack Vize,have Aika attack Ayaka and 
have Fina attack Faina.NOTE-Before you enter this battle your fourth party member is 
removed from your party(Enrique,Gilder,Drachma)Once you beat this battle you unlock 
the hidden swashbuckling rating called "Vyse,King of the Skies Of Arcadia"After you 
aquire this rating you will heaar a chime.Save and exit your file and star a new 
game on a diffrent file and you will have a totaly diffrent adventure(well not that 
diffrent,it only has diffrent bosses)

Special thanks to Overworks.

And once agin thank you cheat codes for having such an organized website.

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