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                             Begginers Guide Area 2/Area 3

1.Area 2 intro
2.Area 2
3.Area 3
4.credits and copyright
5.Special Thanks
6.The end

1. Area 2 Intro
We left off at Area 1 when we defeated Baby, know we go to Area 2!

2.Area 2
Go to the door north and unlock it.  Go to the bathroom.  Get the 2 ghosts, 
THEN get the key off the shelf.  Go to the ball room and you find Masked ghost 
doing a dance.  Suck them up.  THEN strange music will come on, 2 people will 
start dancing.  Wait untill the heart is exposed and suck them up!  Get the 
key and go to the next room.  Get all the ghosts in there and touch a button 
you see in the mirrour.  Press it.  The room will expaned!  Suck up the Wanted 
poster and press the button.  50 boos will pop out and hide somewhere!  You'll 
go back to the proffesors lab and get 6 boos and go to the Washroom.  Talk to 
toad and get the key out of the Toilet.  Go to the Crystal Ball room.  Shine 
your Torch at the ball and talk to the ghost.  THEN go to the next room and 
get all the ghosts and get the fire sprite and light the candles and go to the 
Crystal Ball Room.  THEN light all the candles and get the key on the pillar.
I got a go, I'll finish it soon! 

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