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                 ~The Beginners' Guide~

Version History

v0.08 - September 16th, 2009
- Started Guide
- Added ASCII Art
- Added Version History
- Finished Table of Contents

v0.58 - September 17th, 2009
- Added Key Words
- Finished Introduction
- Finished Controls
- Finished Common Terms
- Finished Proper Etiquette
- Started Credits
- Finished The Five Classes
- Finished Maple Island
- Started Ereve
- Finished Legal Mumbo Jumbo

v1.00 - September 18th, 2009
- Finished Ereve
- Finished Tips & Tricks
- Finished Credits

v1.06 - November 8th, 2009
- Added FAQ Question
- Changed Ereve section to reflect patch 0.77
- Added list of websites under Legal Mumbo Jumbo

|1. Table of Contents|---------------------------------------------------[TOC1]

1. Table of Contents -- [TOC1]
2. Introduction ------- [INT2]
3. Controls ----------- [CON3]
4. Common Terms ------- [COT4]
5. Proper Etiquette --- [PRE5]
6. The Five Classes --- [TFC6]
7. Maple Island ------- [MAI7]
8. Ereve -------------- [ERE8]
9. Tips & Tricks ------ [TNT9]
10. FAQs -------------- [FAQ0]
11. Legal Mumbo Jumbo - [LMJ1]
12. Credits ----------- [CRE2]

|2. Introduction|--------------------------------------------------------[INT2]

Hello everyone! If you're reading this, it means you're probably a beginner to
the wide world of Maple Story, or someone on the message board looking to see
if I messed up! Whoever you are, I certainly hope that this guide helps you 
out, and I wish you the best of luck in the Maple World.

First, a bit about myself. I go by 'giggers back' here on GameFAQs, and in 
Maple Story I am a Level 71 Dragon Knight named 'DragnF0rce,' on the server of
Windia. Not too impressive, but nothing to sneeze at either. I wrote this guide
so that new players have a resource on terms, proper behavior, what to expect 
later on, and how they can get off of the tutorial islands and out into the 
"real" world as fast as possible.

I'd like to point out how to navigate this guide. If you'll notice, at the 
right of each section, there are three letters followed by a number. These 
combinations will only appear twice, so if you need to get to a section quick,
just type the numbers in and you'll be at your section.

Now that you know what's up, please, enjoy the guide!

|3. Controls|------------------------------------------------------------[CON3]

In Maple Story, you are allowed to change most of the controls except for the
movement keys. You can do this by clicking the RED button near the bottom right
which depicts three keyboard keys on it, or hitting '\'. In this section, 
however, I will list the default key bindings.

Arrow Up: Use Portal
Arrow Down: Crouch
Arrow Left: Walk Left
Arrow Right: Walk Right
Ctrl: Attack
Alt: Jump
Space: NPC Chat
Z: Pick Up Items
X: Sit (Must be near a bench.)
C: Messenger
B: Monster Book (Catalogues your Monster Cards.)
M: Minimap (Hitting this multiple times will expand the map.)
S: Ability
F: Family
G: Guild
H: Whisper
K: Skill
L: Helper (Pressing this in game does nothing, however.)
': Expand Chat Window
Tab: Move Menu
Q: Quest Menu
W: World Map
E: Equipment
R: Buddy List
I: Items
O: Party Search
P: Party
[: Short Cut Menu
]: Quick Slot (The eight boxes at the bottom right.)
\: Set Key (Opens the Keyboard Settings
`: Cash Shop
1: Chat to All
2: Chat to Party
3: Chat to Buddy List
4: Chat to Guild
5: Chat to Alliance
6: Chat to Spouse
Esc: Menu
F1: 'Hurt' Face
F2: 'Smile' Face
F3: 'Annoyed' Face
F4: 'Crying' Face
F5: 'Angry' Face
F6: 'Weirded Out' Face
F7: 'Disappointed' Face
Scroll Lock: Screen Shot

Whew, that's quite the list, isn't it? Like I said before, most of these are
rebind-able. I myself find this awkward, so I make the following changes:

Space: Jump
Z: Pick Up Items
C: Attack
,: Sit (Must be near a bench.)
A: Ability
S: Skill
J: Messenger
=: NPC Chat

I find this easier, but it's really up to you. Use whatever is more

As an additional note, holding your down arrow and jumping will allow you to
jump through the platform you're on and to the level below you. It's quite
useful. It won't work if there's nothing below you, or the drop is too high.

|4. Common Terms|--------------------------------------------------------[COT4]

Here is a handy-dandy list of common terms that you will usually hear people
saying. If there's something you don't know, there's a good chance it will be
on this list. Some of these terms aren't included, such as LOL, OMG, and 
ROFL. Since you're on the internet, you probably know those already. If people
request that those are added, then I happily will, but for now this will just
be terms new for Maple Story.

AB: Arrow Bomb
ACPQ: Ariant PQ
AE: Arrow Eruption
AP: Ability Points
APQ: Amoria Party Quest
B>: Buying
BF: Bigfoot
Bliz: Blizzard
BM: Bow Master
BoT: Band of Thieves
B-Step: Boomerang Step
CB: Chief Bandit
CC: Change Channels
CGs: Crimson Guardians
CL: Chain Lightning
CO: Current Offer
Comp: Magic Composition
CPQ: Carnival Party Quest
CPQ2: Carnival Party Quest 2
Crit: Critical Throw / Shot / Hit
Crog: Crimson Balrog
CS: Cash Shop
CwK: Crimsonwood Keep
D/C: Disconnect
DEX: Dexterity
Dit: Bandit
DK: Dragon Knight
DrK: Dark Knight
DS: Double Shot / Dark Sight
DTs: Death Teddies
EMS: European Maple Story
EW: Evil Wings
F/P: Fire/Poison
FJ: Flash Jump
FM: Free Market
FoG: Forest of Golem
G2G: Got to Go
Gen: Genesis
GM: Game Master
GMS: Global Maple Story
GPQ: Guild Party Quest
HB: Hyperbody
Hene: Henesys
HH: Headless Horseman
HHG: Henesys Hunting Ground
Himes: Dreamy Ghosts
HS: Holy Symbol
HT: Horntail
I/L: Ice/Lightning
IGN: In-Game Name
INT: Intelligence
IS: Ice Strike
IW: Iron Will
J>: Joining
KC: Kerning City
KFT: Korean Folk Town
KPQ: Kerning Party Quest
KS: Kill Stealer
L/N/O: Leave Name and Offer
L>: Looking For
L7: Lucky Seven
Lith: Lith Harbor
LMPQ: Ludibrium Maze Party Quest
LPQ: Ludibrium Party Quest
Ludi: Ludibrium
LUK: Luck
mATK: Magic Attack
MB: Mortal Blow
MDT: Master Death Teddy
ME: Meso Explosion
Met: Meteor
MG: Magic Guard
Mil: Million
Mit: Hermit
MM: Mushmom
MP3: Mysterious Path 3
MTS: Maple Trading System
MW: Maple Warrior
Nate: Assassinate
NL: Night Lord
NLC: New Leaf City
NPC: Non-Playable Character
NX: Nexon Cash
OPQ: Orbis Party Quest
PAC: Pink Attack Cape
Pap: Papatulus
PC: Price Check
PG: Power Guard
Plz: Please
Pots: Potions
PPQ: Pirate Party Quest
PQ: Party Quest
PS: Power Strike
R>: Recruiting
RL: Real Life
Rog: Balrog
S>: Selling
Sader: Crusader
SB: Savage Blow / Slash Blast
SC: Server Check
SE: Sharp Eyes
Sin: Assassin
Skeles: Skelegons/Skelesauruses
SP: Skill Points
SS: Screenshot
STDs: Straw Target Dummys
STR: Strength
T>: Trading
Tele: Teleport
TS: Thunder Spear
TT: Triple Throw
Vic: Victoria Island
wATK: Weapon Attack
WG: Work Glove
WK: White Knight
WTB: Want To Buy
WTS: Want To Sell
YAC: Yellow Attack Cape
Zak: Zakum
zHelm: Zakum Helmet
ZMM: Zombie Mushmom
ZPQ: Zakum Party Quest

My, there's quite a lot of terms in Maple Story. Don't worry, you'll become 
accustomed to most, if not all of them the more you play.

|5. Proper Etiquette|----------------------------------------------------[PRE5]

As with any online game, and in real life in general, there is a certain 
etiquette that you should follow. Maple Story is no different, although the
community would have you thinking otherwise. Be a positive addition to the
Maple World by following these next few guidelines. You're guaranteed to make
friends, avoid enemies, and have a better experience in general.

1. Just because you're a higher level doesn't mean you can insult someone.

I've seen this countless times, and it's the biggest fire starter for an 
argument. We've all been newbies at some point. We all didn't know much about
the game, we were still experimenting, and we didn't know much. New players
are just like more advanced players, so please, refrain from insulting someone
because they are a lower level than you are. It just isn't nice.

2. Unless in the most dire circumstance, do not beg to other people.

This another thing I've seen many times. Fortunately, I'm one of those people
who will part with a few thousand mesos now and then, as long as the person
asks nicely. Not all people are like me, however. Many people will get annoyed
if you ask them for money or items, so please don't do it. Not only does it
make you look bad, it also makes you look desperate. No one wants to lose
their dignity, so take pride and train yourself for money.


I cannot stress this enough. If you see another player training, leave them
alone. That's all you need to do. There is no reason for you to Kill Steal 
them. It doesn't prove anything to anyone, and is the number one biggest way
to really annoy someone in this game. Entire guilds have gone at war with
one another because a member decided KS someone else. Do the right thing and
leave people to their maps.

4. Scamming is bad, and you should feel bad if you do so.

Scamming is dishonest, un-trustworthy, and just plain low. While it might look
like an easy way to get mesos, you can be sure that it won't be worth it in
the end. Your name will spread, people won't trust you, and you'll slowly
become hated by most of the server. Don't scam please.

5. Communicate with your Party.

If you're doing a party quest, communication is the key. If you don't know
what to do, ask someone in your party. Don't try to wing it and end up
screwing your party up. If you need to go AFK for a moment, tell your group
as well. Nobody likes an unannounced AFKer, especially when the clock is

6. Use proper speech.

This is another important thing. If you typ3 lik d1s, people will quickly 
ignore you. It's annoying, and very frustrating to try and 'decode.' Do your
best to spell words correctly and use proper grammar. Communication is far
easier when other people can understand you.

7. Be kind.

People like nothing more when other people are nice to them. Be a friendly
person to others, and help people out if they need it. You shouldn't act
better than others or elitist. If you notice someone doing something wrong,
kindly explain to them how to fix their problem. Being nice is ALWAYS better
than being rude.

8. Knowledge is power.

The more you know about Maple Story, the better of a player you will be, and
the more you can help out other players. Read guides on your class, and other
classes as well. Learn how the game works, and be more helpful to players who
don't know information. Really, your goal is to become a walking 
encyclopedia of Maple Story.

There we have it. Eight guidelines for maximizing your Maple Story experience,
as well as other people's. Follow them well, for you will be rewarded in the

|6. The Five Classes|----------------------------------------------------[TFC6]

In Maple Story, there are five different classes. Technically, there are six
if you include the Knights of Cygnus, but since those are based off of 
existing classes, I still count them as five. These five classes are:


Each class branches out into two different subclasses, with the exception of
Warriors and Magicians, which have three subclasses. These are as follows:

Warrior  ----> Fighter, Spearman, Page
Bowman   ----> Hunter, Crossbowman
Magician ----> Fire/Poison Wizard, Ice/Lightning Wizard, Cleric
Thief    ----> Assassin, Bandit
Pirate   ----> Brawler, Gunslinger

These classes then move into the 3rd and 4th Jobs, at Level 70 and 120, 
respectively. With each new job advancement, they gain new abilities to make
them stronger. The 3rd and 4th jobs are listed below.

Warrior  ----> Fighter -> Crusader -> Hero
          ---> Spearman -> Dragon Knight -> Dark Knight
           --> Page -> White Knight -> Paladin
Bowman   ----> Hunter -> Ranger -> Bow Master
          ---> Crossbowman -> Sniper -> Marksman
Magician ----> F/P Wizard -> F/P Mage -> F/P Arch Mage
          ---> I/L Wizard -> I/L Mage -> I/L Arch Mage
           --> Cleric -> Priest -> Bishop
Thief    ----> Assassin -> Hermit -> Night Lord
          ---> Bandit -> Chief Bandit -> Shadower
Pirate   ----> Brawler -> Marauder -> Buccaneer
          ---> Gunslinger -> Outlaw -> Corsair

As you can see, there are many paths to choose from, each varying greatly in
their skills, stat distribution, and play style. I'll explain each class,
what weapons they use, and their stat distribution.

STR: The rest of your points.
DEX: See Below.
INT: 4
LUK: 4

Warriors are a unique class, in the way that their secondary stat, DEX, does
not affect most of the weapons they use. Because of this, the DEX cap (the
point at which you stop adding DEX) is debatable.

Common DEX caps are 4, 10, 15, and 19. If you are funded, I'm not sure why
you're reading this, and you should go for 4 DEX. That will maximize your
damage. For anyone else, I recommend having 19 DEX. You will gain DEX and
Accuracy from items, allowing you to put the rest of your points into STR and
do higher damage.

Now that that's over, we have the first subclass for Warriors, the Fighter.

Fighters use Swords and Axes, both one handed and two handed, and shields. 
However, the majority of fighters tend to use swords, because axes become
useless at higher levels. 

Fighters have Rage and Power Guard. Rage increases your damage at the cost
of health, and Power Guard returns 40% of damage taken from enemies back at

If you enjoy dishing out damage, Fighter is for you.


Next up is Spearman.

Spearman use Spears and Polearms. During second job, they use Polearms, because
Spearman attacks have a 60% chance to do a 'slash' attack, as opposed to the 
40% chance to do a 'stab' attack. After advancing to a Dragon Knight, however,
you will be utilizing both weapons.

Spearman have the unique and valuable skill Hyperbody, which increase you and
your parties HP and MP by 60%! Spearman are valued in parties due to this skill

If you like playing with a group and flashy skills, Dragon Knight is a great


Pages are the last route for Warriors.

Pages use Swords and Blunt Weapons, both one and two handed, along with
shields. Many Pages prefer swords, but Blunt Weapons are used by a handful of
Pages. One of GameFAQs resident users is a Blunt Weapon Paladin, and as I hear,
he enjoys using them.

Pages have Power Guard, like fighters, and Threaten, a skill that reduces an
enemies weapon attack and defense. When they advance, they use the elements
to their advantage, gaining the ability to charge their weapons with Fire, Ice,
and Lightning. They also receive more mana than the other Warrior subclasses.

If you like Magic AND Melee, Page might be the path for you.


STR: Your Level + 5.
DEX: The rest of your points.
INT: 4
LUK: 4

STR: Your Level.
DEX: The rest of your points.
INT: 4
LUK: 4

Bowmen specialize in ranged attacks, and can use both Bows and Crossbows. If
you want to be a Hunter, your STR should be Your Level + 5. If you want to be
a Crossbowman, your STR should be Your Level. Some people become STRless
Bowman, meaning all their points go into DEX. Normal bowman will become equal
to them later on in the game, however.

Hunters use Bows, and attack faster than Crossbowman. They get the skill Arrow
Bomb, which allows them to deal damage to a group of enemies. The Hunters 4th
job is one of the most powerful in the gaming, making it very worthwhile to
play as a Hunter.

If you like fast attacks and using bows, Hunter is your class.


Crossbowman, as the name implies, use Crossbows. They attack slower than their
Hunter brethren, but their attacks do more damage. Until 4th job, they are near
equal to Hunters, at which point Hunters become very powerful. Crossbowman get
Iron Arrow, which allows them to shoot through multiple enemies.

If you like heavy Crossbows and strong attacks, Crossbowman is for you.


STR: 4
DEX: 4
INT: All of your points.
LUK: 4

An explanation is required here. Normally, your LUK would be Your Level + 3. 
With recent patches though, equipment has been released so that you don't need
to add any LUK, making yourself stronger. I highly recommend this LUKless 
build. And I mean HIGHLY. You can choose to use the regular formula to wear
Magician clothing, but don't expect to be as strong as a LUKless Magician of
the same level.

The first type of Magician is Fire/Poison.

All Magicians use Wands and Staves, along with special Mage Shields. 

As the name suggests, F/P Wizards use Fire and Poison. They have abilities like
Fire Arrow and Poison Brace. They become very efficient mobbing characters due
to their Poison Mist attack. Like other Magicians, you suffer from low health,
which is what the skill Magic Guard helps with.

If you like the idea of Fire and Poison, this is for you.


Ice/Lightning Wizards use Ice and Lightning. They are fast levelers early in
the game because they can attack multiple enemies at once. They even out with
F/P Wizards in fourth job because both classes receive attacks that can hit 
15 enemies at once, making them good mobbers.

If you prefer Ice and Lightning, you might enjoy this class.


Clerics are the only class in the game that can heal, making you extremely
valuable in parties. This also means you won't have to buy HP potions, because
you can just heal yourself. Clerics normally train on Holy weak monsters, 
because their heal damage Undead monsters. Later in 4th job, they become
Bishops, the fastest leveling class in the game due to Genesis, which hits 
everything on the screen for a ton of damage.

If you like helping people out and then being powerful, become a Cleric.


STR: 4
DEX: See below.
INT: 4
LUK: The rest of your points.

Thieves are another class that can choose to be DEXless or keep DEX. For
Assassins, going DEXless is the best for your damage, and you will be hitting
higher than anyone else of your level. It's different with Bandits, as a
low-DEX build will become better on than a DEXless build. 

First up is Assassins. 

Assassins use Claws and Throwing Stars. To attack, they throw stars at enemies
quickly, and are a fast class in general. They get skills like Haste, and in
third job, Shadow Partner, which allows them to double their damage. They are
no doubt one of the strongest classes in Maple Story.

If you enjoy fast classes and ninja stars, Assassins are for you.


Bandits use Daggers and Shields. They attack by hitting enemies with their
Daggers. Bandits get flashy skills such as Savage Blow, which hits six times,
and Assaulter, which quickly attacks enemies. They also receive the infamous
Meso Explosion, which uses mesos to do serious damage!

If you like melee attacks and flashy skills, Bandit is a good choice.


STR: Same as Level.
DEX: The rest of your points.
INT: 4
LUK: 4

STR: The rest of your points.
DEX: As low as possible
INT: 4
LUK: 4

Pirates get split into the gun using Gunslingers or the knuckle using Brawlers.
As a Gunslinger, you have the option to go STRless, but like Bowmen, STRless
and normal STR even out in the end. For Brawlers, like Warriors, you should
keep your DEX as low as you can.


Brawlers use Knuckles, and the punch and kick to attack their enemies. Brawlers
use abilities like Somersault Kick, Flash Fist, and at higher levels,
Transformation. This makes them much stronger for a period of time.

If you like melee attacks and saying argh, Brawler is for you.


Gunslingers use guns, obviously. The thing about Gunslingers is that they are
pathetically weak until 4th job, where they get a massive damage bonus. Many
people are deterred from the class because of this, but they are rewarding to
train to high levels. Gunslingers use skills like Float and Triple Fire to
move better and increase their damage.

If you enjoy using Guns, Gunslinger may be a good choice.


Now that I've gone over the basic classes, it's time for the Knights of Cygnus
to be explained. 

The Knights of Cygnus have a few perks. The first being that you need to 'link'
another character to it. When you hit level 20, you'll be greeted by a cutscene
and asked if you want to make a Knight of Cygnus. If you decide to, those two
characters will be 'linked.' They each get a skill called "Blessing of the
Fairy." Every ten levels your main character has adds 1 point to this on the
Cygnus, and every ten levels on the Cygnus adds 1 point to this on your main
character. This might sound confusing at first, but you'll quickly understand.

Another perk is that the Knights of Cygnus have a Level Cap of 120, rather than
200. They also receive 6 AP until level 70, as opposed to 5. This makes them
significantly more powerful than regular classes of their level.

Each Knight has their own skill build, and are each based on an existing class.

Dawn Warrior (Fighter)
STR: The rest of your points.
DEX: See below.
INT: 4
LUK: 4

Just like their Warrior counterparts, Dawn Warriors are faced with the DEX
decision as well. Also like Warriors, it's recommended that you cap your DEX
at 19. You'll get the most damage out of your attacks and still be able to
hit things.

Dawn Warriors use Swords, of the one handed and two handed variety. Most opt
for the two handers, because they offer superior damage.

Dawn Warriors use the element of Light. Like all Cygnus Knights, they get a
Sprite that will attack enemies. They also get pretty powerful AoE attacks 
later on, making them a formidable class for training.

If you like AoE attacks and swords, Dawn Warrior is good.


Wind Archer (Hunter)
STR: Your Level + 5.
DEX: The rest of your points.
INT: 4
LUK: 4

Wind Archers use Bows, and like their name implies, use the power of Wind to
their advantage. Wind Archers have a great melee/ranged attack called Storm
Break, which is great for mobbing, and they also get Hurricane at Level 100. In
addition, they receive a skill Eagle Eye which allows them to transform, like
Brawlers, and do more damage. They can also go invisible for a short time, and
receive bonus damage for their next attack.

If you enjoy Bowman and want to be stronger, Wind Archer is a nice choice.


Blaze Wizard (Fire/Poison Wizard)
STR: 4
DEX: 4
INT: Everything.
LUK: 4

Like normal Wizards, Blaze Wizards can opt to go LUKless or LUK. And just like
normal Wizards, LUKless is more powerful. Blaze Wizards use the same weapons
and armor as normal Wizards.

Blaze Wizards are fast levelers, because of Fire Pillar. It's like Heal, 
except it doesn't Heal you, and it does damage to ALL types of enemies. Fire
weak enemies are great to train on. Later on you get Flame Gear, which makes
a wall of Fire for enemies to run into and die.

If you like lots and lots of Fire, choose the Blaze Wizard.


Night Walker (Assassin)
STR: 4
DEX: See below.
INT: 4
LUK: The rest of your points.

Here we have the DEXless vs. low-DEX argument. It's always better for you to
be DEXless, because you will always do more damage than someone of your level
with low-DEX. Choose based on your funding and what other guides suggest.

Night Walkers use claws, use the power of Darkness, along with some exclusive
skills such as Vampire, which attacks enemies and heals you, and Poison
bomb, which makes a cloud of hurtful poison. They also receive Flash Jump and
Triple Throw at lower levels, making them very strong.

If you enjoy speed and raw power, you might like the Night Walker.


Thunder Breaker (Infighter)
STR: The rest of your points.
DEX: As low as possible.
INT: 4
LUK: 4

Like Infighters, keep your DEX low so you maximize your damage. That's about

Thunder Breakers use lightning to attack, and get a unique skill called
Energy Charge, which pushes enemies (and bosses) in the direction you're
facing. They also get Sharkwave, which shoots Sharks when they punch. Think
about that for a moment.

If you like Lightning and THROWING SHARKS, become a Thunder Breaker.


That's about it for classes. After you choose one, look for a detailed guide
on that class. It'll greatly help you out! Now it's time to move on to the
walkthrough of Maple Island.

|7. Maple Island|--------------------------------------------------------[MAI7]

Here we are, the Walkthrough at last. This will take you to your job
advancement, but after that, you're on your own. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you plan on becoming a Magician, go to Victoria Island and
get your advancement AT LEVEL 8. DO NOT wait until Level 10!

It all begins with character creation. This had been made easier since past
versions of the game. Now, all you do is choose your name and your look and
hit "Create." After that, double click your character to start.

When you start, you will be greeted by a textbox from the Maple Administrator,
explaining the basic control scheme to you. If you want to change you control
setup, now is a good time to do it. For now, double click Heena to get the 
quest "Heena and Sera." To complete it, move to the right, climb the ladder,
and talk to Sera. You'll earn 5 EXP. Next, jump down and go into the portal.

Talk to Roger and accept the quest "Roger's Apple." You'll find your HP 
reduced. Go into your inventory, go to 'Use' and double click Roger's Apple
to heal yourself. You will earn 3 Apples, 3 Green Apples, and 10 EXP. 

Congratulations! You leveled up. For now, simply use the "Auto-Assign" button.
When you change jobs, you can re-allocate your ability points the correct way.
Also, you will have a skill point. If you are going to be a Magician or 
Bowman, I recommend putting this into Three Snails. If you're going to be a
Warrior or Thief, put it into Nimble Feet. Now, move to and enter the portal
to the right.

Here, you'll find Nina. Talk to her and get the quest "Nina's Brother Sen." Go
to the house on the right and hit your Up Arrow to go inside. While inside,
talk to Sen to complete the quest. You'll gain 7 EXP and immediately get 
another quest called "What Sen Wants." Exit the house and talk to Nina again
to finish the quest and gain the quest "Tasty Mushroom Candy." Go back into
the house, click Sen, and finish the quest. You'll get 2 Mushroom Candy and 20
EXP. Hooray, another Level Up. Now leave the house and enter the far right

In this map you'll find Todd. Accept his quest, "Todd's Hunting Method." Go to
the right and kill the Jr. Sentinel by attacking it. Then, pick up the 
Shellpiece that it drops. After that, head upwards and talk to Peter to finish
the quest. You'll gain 30 EXP and a random hat. Enter the next portal.

Talk to Robin and accept the quest "Robin the Walking Encyclopedia." After,
talk to him again and select "I have something to tell you." From here, you
can click a topic and he'll tell you about it. When you're comfortable with
the information, click him again to start the quest. If you want to try the
quiz yourself, do so before looking at the next section. Below are the answers.

No, it's not possible
Thief - Nautilus

After answering each question correctly, you will earn 40 EXP, leveling you up
again. At this point, you should be Level 4. Move to the right and talk to Sam.
Accept the quest "Help Hunt the Snails." This requires you to kill 10 Snails,
which can be found in the immediate area. Kill 10 Snails in this map, then 
enter the portal to the right.

This next map has nothing for you, so continue to the right portal.

This next map is Snail Hunting Ground III, and it still has nothing for you.
Move up and to the right and enter the top portal.

You will now be in the map "A Split Road." Talk to Maria and complete the quest
"Help Hunt the Snails." You will earn 60 EXP and level up again. Continue 
talking to Maria and you'll get the quest "Maria's Letter." This quest will
take you to Amherst. To get there, take the portal to the top right.

In this map, "The Field West of Amherst," talk to Yoona to get the quest 
"Helping Out Yoona." This requires you to kill 10 Shrooms and 10 Blue Snails.
Shrooms look like tiny mushrooms, and are located on your current map, so kill
them while you're here. You'll find several Blue Snails as well. If you can,
complete the quest right here in this map. If not, go back one map and kill the
Blue Snails there. Upon completing the quest, talk to Yoona and get 100 EXP.
Another level up! Continue to the portal at the bottom right.

You are now in Amherst. Talk to Rain and accept the quest "Rain's Maple Quiz
1." She will give you some information. Talk to her again to start the quiz.
After completing each question, you need to click Rain again to do the next
one. Like before, you can try the quiz yourself, or look below for the answers.

Oh yes
Level 8
5 points

Overall, you'll have gained 62 EXP from the quiz. Move to the right a bit and
talk to Pio to accept the quest "Pio's Collecting Recycled Goods." For this,
you need to break the wooden boxes you see around town and collect 5 Wooden
Boards and Screws. They spawn around the town, and they appear next to Pio,
above Pio by the item shop, next to Lucas, near the portal at the right of
town, and two are in the house in the middle of Amherst. After you collect the
items, return to Pio. Complete the quest to gain 200 Mesos and 100 EXP. Talk
to Pio again to get the quest "Pio and the Recycling." Simply talk to him
again to finish the quest and get The Relaxer. This is a chair that you can
sit on by double clicking it in your Set-up inventory or putting it on a key
and pressing it. Now that that's done, go right and talk to Lucas.

You'll turn in the quest "Maria's Letter" and get 5 Red Potions, 5 Blue
Potions, and 40 EXP. Talk to Lucas again and get the quest "Chief's 
Introduction." Now, move to the rightmost portal and enter it.

In this map, talk to Mai and get "Mai's First Training." She will give you
a Razor. To equip it, go into your Equip inventory and double click it. Now,
you have to kill 5 Stumps and get 3 Tree Branches. Stumps are to your
right, so go kill them, get the items, and turn in the quest. You'll earn
150 EXP, which should have you at level 7. Accept the quest "Mai's Second
Training," which requires you to kill 5 Red Snails. Do so and return to her.
You'll earn 175 EXP, 10 Egg, and 10 Orange. You'll get "Mai's Third Training,"
which wants you to kill 3 Slimes and collect 1 Squishy Liquid. Complete this
quest and return to her. You will get 200 EXP and be level 8, or close to it.

MAGICIANS, THIS IS WHERE YOU DEPART. Click the light bulb above you and say
that you know everything about the game. When given the class choice, choose
Magician, and then teleport to Ellinia. Move to the top, enter the building,
talk to Grendel the Really Old, and become a Magician. For everyone else, 
keep reading.

The next quest you get is "Mai's Last Training." This requires you to kill 2
pigs. You can find them at the top platforms. Turn in the quest to get 15 Meat,
15 Lemon, and 250 EXP. Now, go back to Amherst and talk to Lucas. You will
complete the quest "Chief's Introduction." You will gain 500 EXP and Lucas's
Recommendation Letter 1. Now we're almost ready to go to Victoria Island. 
Using your map, make your way back to "A Split Road," then take the bottom
right portal.

You'll be in "The Field West of Southperry." Talk to Bari and get the quest
"Bari's Test." For this, you need to kill a single Orange Mushroom and get
1 Orange Mushroom cap. You can find Orange Mushrooms in the current map and
the ones surrounding it. Turn in the quest and you'll gain 700 EXP, leveling
you up once again. Head to the right and enter the portal.

Now you're in Southperry. There's only one more thing to do on Maple Island,
and that's Bigg's quest. Go right and hop down to talk to Bigg's and accept his
quest, "Bigg's Story on Victoria Island." Listen to what he says, then continue
to the right. Now, BEFORE you talk to Shanks, open your quest log. You should
have the following quests completed:

Mai's Training!
Rain's Maple Quiz
Nina's Request
Sam's Request
Pio's Collecting Recycled Goods
Bari's Test
Chief's Introduction
Helping Out Yoona
Robin the Walking Encyclopedia
Todd's Hunting Method
Heena and Sera
Roger's Apple
Pio and the Recycling
Job Recommendation

Magicians, you should have all of these except Bari's Test, Chief's
Introduction, and Job Recommendation. You should also have an extra quest
completed called "Becoming a Magician."

Now, talk to Shanks, and head to Victoria Island.

Ignore the quest you receive upon arriving. Instead, head right, staying on
the bottom, until you find Olaf. Turn in "Bigg's Story on Victoria Island"
to gain 100 Blue Potion for Beginners, 100 Red Potion for Beginners, and 500
EXP. Talk to Olaf again and accept "A Lesson on Job Advancement." Upon talking
to Olaf a second time, he will quiz you. The answers are listed below:

Level 10
Level 8

Complete the quest to gain 65 EXP. If you aren't level 10 already, you should
be very close to it. Click Olaf again and choose the path you want to go. He
will tell you where to go for your job advancement. If you aren't Level 10
by this point, go to the top of Lith Harbor and move to the left. Talk to 
Captain Al and accept his quest, then listen to him. Talk to him until you
complete the quest, which will give you 1500 EXP. Be careful that it doesn't
over-level you to 11! I got by with 99.91% while being 99% at level 9. If
you don't want to risk it, go to the map to the right of Lith Harbor, kill a 
few snails, then come back.

Now, move to the left side of Lith Harbor and talk to Phil. Select "Please
take me somewhere else" and select the town you need to go to for your job


To get your job advancement, you need to find the job leaders. These are as

Henesys: Enter Mushroom Park, go all the way to the right, then enter the
tree that looks like a building.

Kerning City: Go to the right side of the map and look for a door below a sign
that says "fusion bar jazz." Go into this building and go to the lower level.

Perion: Go to the very top of the city and enter the building.

The Nautilus: Enter the whale ship, go up to the top floor, then enter the
room all the way to the left.

Congratulations! You are now a true adventurer of Maple Story. You have escaped
the newbie Island and you can really fight now. Train hard, be knowledgeable
of your class, and you are bound for success. Be sure to read up about your
class and allocate your stats and skills correctly!

|8. Ereve|---------------------------------------------------------------[ERE8]

Welcome, young Knight, to the world of Maple Story. Here, you will find a
walkthrough for Ereve. Because of the nature of Ereve, you won't be leaving
until Level 13, as opposed to 10. Don't worry, your job advancement takes
place on Ereve. 

First, Character Creation. When you create a new character, you will have the
option to choose between a Knight of Cygnus or an Adventurer. Since you're
reading this, you want to be a Cygnus, so choose it. Make your character look
how you want it, name it, then finish. Congrats, you now have a Knight of 

Upon logging in, you will see the basic key settings. If you want to change
your settings, now is the time to do so. After you're done, you can continue.

Follow the instructions and walk to the left. Jump to the platform, hop down,
then climb the rope. When you pass the sign, a creature will begin following
you. His name is Kiku, and he will give you some tips as you progress. You may
double click him at any time and ask for help about certain topics. When you're
ready, go through the portal.

Continue left and talk to Kimu to get the quest "Welcome to Ereve." After a 
brief conversation, continue to the left portal. Talk to Kizan and complete
"Welcome to Ereve." You will earn 5 Red Potions and 5 Blue Potions, along with
15 EXP. This will level you up, and you'll get some Skill Points. Talk to Kizan
again and get the quest "I'll Show You How to Hunt." Go kill 1 Tino and return
to Kizan. You'll get an Elegant Noblesse Hat, a Fancy Noblesse Robe and 30 EXP
for finishing this quest. Go left and enter the portal.

Here, talk to Kinu and get the quest "How Well Do You Know Your Skills?" Go and
kill 3 Tivs using the skill 'Three Snails' and collect 1 Tiv's Feather. You 
don't actually need to use 'Three Snails,' but if you want to, put a point into
it and kill them that way. Turn the quest in to get 40 EXP. Continue through 
the left portal.

In this map, talk to Kia and get the quest "A Box with Goodies Inside." Go 
through the map and destroy the chests to get 1 Building Stone and 1 Drape. 
Turn in the quest and you'll get 1 Noblesse Chair and 95 EXP. You can use the
chair to regenrate health and mana by sitting in it. For now, go into the next
portal. By now, you should be Level 5, or Level 4 and very close to 5.

Talk to Kisha and get the quest "The Empress is Waiting." You will now have a
quiz. Try answering it yourself, or use the answers below:

Yes, I am
Regular Attacks

You will get a Noblesse Certificate and be instructed to find Empress Cygnus.
Move to the left portal, continue through the next map and take the portal. 
Here, hand in the quest "The Empress is Waiting" to get 140 EXP. Then, take the
quest "Greetings From the Young Empress." You will earn the Noblesse Medal. 
Now, talk to Neinheart and accept "Do You Know the Black Mage?" One lengthy
conversation later, and you will gain 380 EXP. You should now be Level 7, or
close to it. You will now need to move three maps to the left, but before you
leave, talk to Shinsoo, who will give you a nice buff which increase your
wATK, MP, wDEF, mDEF, and speed. Head to the portal to the far left.

You will now be in the Knights Chamber, which is full of level 120 Knights of
Cygnus. Gawk at them for a moment, then continue through the portal at the

This is the main area of Ereve. It contains all the shops and goodies. We're
not interested in that right now, so go to the portal all the way left.

Now you'll be in Training Forest 1. Kiku is here, so talk to him to accept
"The First Knigh Training." You have to kill 15 Timus, which are located in the
next map. Head to the portal at the bottom left.

In this map, kill 15 Timus, then return to Kiku. This quest awards you 430 EXP,
10 Red Potions, and 10 Blue Potions. Talk to Kiku and accept "The Second Knight
Training," which has you kill 20 Tiru. These are at the top of Training Forest 
II, so go there and kill 'em. Finally, return to Kiku and turn it in to receive 
510 EXP, 15 Red Potions and 15 Blue Potions. You should now be Level 9, or near
it. Talk to Kiku again and get "The Last Knight Training." For this, you need
to kill 5 Tigurus, which are in Training Forest III. Move two maps to the left,
kill them, and return. This quest will award you with 20 Red Potions, 20 Blue
Potions, and a whopping 1200 EXP.

Congratulations, you may now pick your Knight of Cygnus class. Go all the way 
back to Neinheart by staying to the right and talk to him. You will get the 
quest "5 Different Paths of Cygnus Knights." Here, you may watch a cutscene
showing what you would look like as a high level Cygnus Knight, or you can
skip it. To the left are the Cygnus Leaders. Be aware, after completing the
chat with either leader, you cannot choose a different path.
So, choose your path and become a Knight of Cygnus.

Congratulations on becoming a Knight, but your time on Ereve isn't over yet.
Neinheart wants to tell you something, so go talk to him. He gives you the
quest "Are You Sure You Can Leave?" Guess where you go now? That's right, you
go to Kiku! Head over to Training Forest I and talk to him to get the quest
"1st Acclimation training." You will be killing 30 slimes. Go as far left
as you can go and enter the portal.

You will now be in "Entrance to the Drill Hall." Take the portal under the
shield with the number "1." In here, kill 30 slimes, then go back to Kiku. Turn
this quest in to receive 1450 EXP, which will get you to level 11. Talk to
him again and receive "2nd Acclimation Training." Now you need to kill 30
Orange Mushrooms. Go back to the Drill Hall, kill them, then go back to Kiku.
You will gain 2000 EXP for this, and are now level 12. Getting closer! By this
point, you probably never want to see or hear the name "Kiku" again, but you're
gonna talk to him one more time. Accept "3rd Acclimation Training." For this,
you need to kill 30 pigs. Go to the drill hall, kill them, return to Kiku.

Turning in this quest will award you 2800 EXP. If you leveled up during the
training, then you'll probably be level 14. If not, you'll be level 13 with
less than 10% to go. It doesn't matter either way. For your final task on
Ereve, talk to Neinheart to receive "A Mission in Henesys." You can use the
portal to get to the Sky Ferry, which leads to Ellinia.

Congratulations on becoming a Knight of Cygnus and advancing to Victoria
Island. Bigger adventures await you, with greater challenges and fiercer 
monsters. So go out there and show them what you're made of! 

|9. Tips & Tricks|-------------------------------------------------------[TNT9]

Here are some general tips and hints for Maple Story. Watch out, this section
is DYNAMITE. Ahh... that was uncalled for.

- You can transfer items between characters on the same server by using the
storage NPCs in town. Most of them look like Asian men, and they will be
standing in front of a bunch of equipment and say "Storage NPC" under them.

- Always have Potions. Potions are a huge part of Maple Story, and you can't
train efficiently without them (unless you are a cleric). Always keep a large
supply on you at all times.

- Use common resources to help you. If you are stuck on a quest, don't know
where to train, or are trying to sell an item, use the following websites to
help you out. They are very informative, and will provide most, if not all
of the information you need.

- Don't try to 'play' the market unless you have good funding. You need money
to make money. Although it sounds like a catch 22, it's quite true. You really
need knowledge of the market before you attempt to buy and resell items.

- Although it might look nice, buying armor really isn't worth it. The weapon
defense that they give is fairly useless. Unless you're buying armor that has
godly stats, don't even bother with it.

- Scrolling items is a bad idea at low levels, when a mistake could cost you
a lot. Sell the decent scrolls that you get, rather than risking them on an

- If you are going to sell items in the Free Market, purchase a 90 Day shop
permit. It's well worth the money, even though it requires you to be logged in
while using it. 

- Never trust anyone selling NX. It's guaranteed to be a scam.

- Don't give out your information to anyone, even your most trusted friends. I
can't stress this enough. If you value your account at all, keep it a secret.
If someone you know begs to use your account, only let them do it on your
computer, because even if someone seems innocent, they may have installed a
key logger in their own computer to track your info down.

If you have a tip you'd like to submit, send it to [email protected] I
will add it to the guide post-haste!

|10. Frequently Asked Questions|-----------------------------------------[FAQ0]

Q: What level do you have have to be when your a magician to upgrade to a 
Ice/Lightning wizard? 
A: As with all of the advancements to second job, you have to be Level 30.

If you have a question you would like to ask, email me at 
[email protected] and ask. I'll respond to you in e-mail, then post your
question in this guide and update it.

|11. Legal Mumbo Jumbo|--------------------------------------------------[LMJ1]

Yeah, yeah, copyright giggers back 2009 and whatnot. However, I really don't
care if you use this guide on your site. Just drop me an email and say that
you're using it or something, and maybe leave my name in there. That's about
it. Don't claim you wrote it, though, because you didn't.

Websites This Guide Appears On:

|12. Credits|------------------------------------------------------------[CRE2]

Ah, the Credits. That part that no one really reads, but is completely 
necessary. First, credits go out to SnicketLad and DinoSnack of Basilmarket,
for their abbreviations guide which held many that I didn't know of. 

Secondly, varun619 of Basilmarket's Maple Ethics guide, for inspiring my 
Proper Etiquette section. 

omgairshot of the GameFAQs boards for giving me ideas for some of the tips.

The GameFAQs staff for providing this resourceful site.

Microsoft for their awesome spell checker.

And finally, you, the reader.

Thank you all!

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