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                Beginners Guide v0.2 to The Witcher 2
                               Platform: PC
                       Copyright 2011 Val's Evil Twin
                    e-mail: [email protected]

                This guide is exclusive to gamefaqs.
      If you are reading this on any other website it is unauthorized
                      and may be out-of-date.

                           TABLE OF CONTENTS
                   Navigation:  To find  quickly,
           press CTRL + F and   enter "" in the search box.

               - 1.0 -  INTRODUCTION

               - 2.0 -  SOME BASIC CONTROLS

               - 3.0 -  GETTING STARTED

               - 4.0 -  QUICK TIME EVENTS (QTE)

               - 5.0 -  PROLOGUE BUGS

               - 6.0 -  MAKING MONEY (ORENS)

               - 7.0 -  INVENTORY

               - 8.0 -  SPELLS

               - 9.0 -  TRAINING "TREES"

               - 10.0 - SWORDS AND ARMOR

               - 11.0 - CARRY WEIGHT

               - 12.0 - ABILITIES

               - 13.0 - QUEST TIPS AND *SPOILERS*

               - 14.0 - Patches and DLC

               - 15.0 - MISCELLANEOUS TIPS and TRIVIA

               - 16.0 -  THE END OF ACT 1

               - 17.0 -  CHEATS

               - 18.0 -  LINKS

               - 19.0 -  VERSION HISTORY

               - 20.0 -  PERMISSIONS

               - 21.0 -  ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS

                        - 1.0 -  INTRODUCTION

This is the sequel to The Witcher Enhanced Edition, released MAY2011.
While not as long as TW1, it has two distinctly different story lines,
giving good replay value.
Buying online from is recommended as all revenues go directly to the
devs, and their version is "clean" and trouble-free. Australian and New Zealand
d/loaders get the censored version, so tell them you're a Canadian lol.
Current patch is  v1.2 which corrects a bunch of things and also removes DRM.
"A workman is worth his hire" so please buy this from GOG and support the devs.
                   "The Witcher 3" is in the pipeline.
                   If you like TWEE, you will love TW2!

As there is no Walkthrough yet for TW2, these hints and tips might help someone
else as much as they helped me.  This is for others who enjoy a basic guide to
the first few hours with a new game, when the game stretches out before you
along an unknown path, everything is new, and as yet you have no regrets for
bad decisions and missed opportunities.

                        WARNING:  *SPOILERS* ahead.


                       - 2.0 -  SOME BASIC CONTROLS
 There are the usual basic RPG controls for movement and combat.
Double-tapping a direction key allows Geralt to roll.
"R" to use bombs and snares held in your pockets.  You must load your pockets
in the Inventory screen and activate one pocket (there are five) from the
"CTRL" menu.
"E" for blocking. Although blocking is probably overrated.
"F5" quicksave.
"J" for Journal. Read it often for a ton of advice and detail.
"I" for inventory.
"CTRL" for Meditation, Character, Spells, Alchemy, sword select etc quick menu.
"M" for map.
"C" to check abilities and stats on "EASY" and "NORMAL".  On "HARD" you must
The other controls are in the game manual.
Swordplay is different to TW1, it is no longer necessary to time your blows as
in TW1.  You still have to click at the appropriate time though when your
opponent drops his shield.
Spellcasting with "Q" is similar, but spells have different power to TW1.
Igni for instance, is nowhere near as powerful in early stages.
"Z" activates the Witcher Medallion to reveal hidden traps, bodies lost in
the grass, herbs to pick, loot, places of power and objects Geralt can interact
with.  You should press "Z" VERY FREQUENTLY.  Medallion powers can become
exhausted but quickly regenerate.
"3" cycles through spells to show which spell is "ACTIVE".
"4" cycles through pockets to show which bomb or trap is "ACTIVE".

Keys are re-mapped in the Options Tab of the Launcher.


                      - 3.0 -  GETTING STARTED
>Head Start.
To start a new game, put a save game from TW1 "The Ice Plains" or
"Order of the Flaming Rose" in your save game folder:
 "My Documents\The Witcher\saves\".  When starting a new game, you will be
 asked if you want to import your TW1 save.
You will start TW2 with slightly better swords and a proportion (5%) of your
Orens from TW1.
The TW1 swords are soon replaced by better swords, and you might only preserve
a few hundred Orens, but it is better than nothing.

>Leaving Triss.
You will talk to a group of soldiers just to your right as you
exit Triss's tent which will start an extended quest, "Melitele's Heart".
In conversation with the Cinfrid Reavers and Newboy, tell him the amulet is
magic, but doubt it will protect him.  The amulet will be needed much later on.


                     - 4.0 -  QUICK TIME EVENTS (QTE)
<  Quick Time Events (QTEs).
Quick Time Events are a new feature. QTE to load
a ballista requires mashing LMouse button.
I'd suggest beginners turn off "Difficult QTE's" in the Options Screen.
And if the info panels bother you (like they did me), turn off logging and
tutorial panels.
 QTE in fist fights requires pressing "W,A,S,D" keys as they are prompted
on-screen.  To escape the two guards in La Valette's dungeon, press the key as
shown on the screen.  You see "S" on the screen, press "S".  Pressing LMouse is
fail.  (Yes I know it is easy, but some people have trouble!)


                         - 5.0 -  PROLOGUE BUGS

>Bugged: First Ballista.
The ballista at the beginning is the first example
of issues with the keyboard/mouse.  (No problems for those using a controller).
You have to use the arrow keys for direction and spacebar to shoot.  Line it up
between the I and the II, and when it sways over the guy with the plume, press
If he says, "One and a half degrees", you got it.  Otherwise you can load your
save.  I don't think it's that important, just a few less guys to fight later.

>Bugged: Carrying the King.
The QTE is bugged here. Hold "S" to carry the
King across the bridge.  Do not try to turn around, just run backwards, and
don't bother pressing RMouse.

                       - 6.0 -  MAKING MONEY (ORENS)

> Money.
Currency is "Orens" which you receive as: rewards for quests;
selling "junk" jewellery; and looting every body, chest, barrel and crate you
You get a pittance for selling items, but they are expensive to buy.

Dice Poker:
Poker is about 90% luck, 10% skill, and the rewards are small.

                Four of a Kind
                Full House
                6 High Straight
                5 High Straight
                3 of a Kind
                2 Pair
                1 Pair

Arm Wrestling:
Use the mouse to keep the cursor within the yellow bar.  Yeah I know it's easy,
but this IS a Beginner's Guide.
Bartholomew Bargee, the Shipbuilder located over the Flotsam town wall in
Lobiden village, is the final contestant in arm-wrestling.  After you beat
him in the quest, you can play him over and over for 20XP and 200 Orens.
Any (day)time you find him at his boatyard, you can play him again.  It is a
quick way to make money and a slow way to level up.
This is sort of bugged, you bet 100 and win, you should get 200, not 300.
It's legal, but watch they don't fix it in a future patch!


                             - 7.0 -  INVENTORY

Keep ALL items labelled "Quest Item" and be careful they don't get used when
making potions (unless you intend to - like Osmurk)
Be very careful not to sell special/rare items by mistake, eg the Madness
Mutagen.  It is OK to sell Minor Enhancements. You will collect multiple copies
of some books, is OK to sell these.
Keep a good variety of items in inventory because you never know what you will
need later in ACT3.

NOTE:  Read the books you get so your journal gets updated.

NOTE: Unlike TW1, you do not need to read books to collect alchemy ingredients.

WARNING:  The inventory is tough to keep organized, but basically you can sell
anything labelled as junk.  You do not need food at all in this game.
Never sell Quest Items - and be careful about formulas, crafting diagrams and

WARNING: You HAVE to have the formulas in your inventory to make them up, 
so you can't sell them after you've read them - unlike W1.

The version number is not written on the title screen anywhere I can
Patch 1.1 installs updates and the Troll DLC  Update 1.2 will install all other
You know you are patched to v1.1 if you have simply "Options" in the Launcher
Screen.  The original said "Game Settings and Options".
If you have installed patch v1.2 you fix a few things but you also lose a
sword in Act1  was seriously overpowered (it came base with a +50 Bleed factor)
No issue, really - because once you get used to the combat and upgrade your
Quen, you'll be a god anyway.  One good thing that 1.2 fixed was the way the
game "auto-adds" to your recipes in the Alchemy screen.
Now it does not waste your  best/expensive/rare ingredient anymore.  But still
be careful.  I found it best to have a Potion-making session, where you make up
a pile of bombs and potions in one sitting.  It's easier to pay attention to
what is going into each one, so you don't use that special ingredient


                         - 8.0 -  SPELLS

You can press "3" to cycle through your spells.  In practice, it is much easier
to use CTRL to cycle through spells, instead of number keys, as it slows (but
doesn't stop) time.
Press "Q" to cast.  You need to HOLD "Q" for several seconds to cast
Axii (HYPNOTISE).  It is a great spell, an enemy will become your ally for a
short time.
Yrden (TRAP) allows you to attack an opponent from behind (Deals double damage)
Yrden is great against Endregas.
Quen (SHIELD) makes you invulnerable for a time.
Igni (FLAME)is not so powerful in ACT1.
Aard (SHOCK) is good for blasting through rotten boards, or blowing enemies off
a cliff, and not much else.
Quen is the best for the entire game.  It's actually overpowered by Act2, where
you are invincible, even on Hard.  (Unless you let yourself get swarmed.)
Upgrade Quen as soon as you can.
If you are hit, the  duration of Quen is shortened. If you are hit from behind
the spell is broken.  Quen is so overpowered it would not surprise me if it is
they crippled in a future patch.

Quote sth128 @ gamefaqs
"                 [The reason] you have the Quen sign. It lets Geralt do all
the pirouettes, cartwheels, and barrel rolls to his heart's content. "


                   - 9.0 -  TRAINING "TREES"

>Training 'Trees'.
The four Character 'Trees' are accessed from the quick menu
with "CTRL".
You need 6 character talents in the "Training" tree before the other three
trees are unlocked.  As a general principle, work down each tree far enough to
use some of the  mutagen slots.  Upgrading Quen first is my suggestion.
"Venting" works well in conjunction with Quen against swarms of enemies.
"Footwork" from the "Sword Tree" is good to have.
There are not enough talents to complete each tree, so you have to be choosy.
Some Magic and some Swordsman is a pretty normal build.  Some try to do it with
all Alchemy, but that can be difficult in some sections.
If you don't intend spamming Quen, then max the Sword "Tree" imo as all enemies
are vulnerable to the sword. At least get "Footwork" and "Riposte" early on.


                   - 10.0 -  SWORDS AND ARMOR

>The Best Swords.
In Act 1 the best Silver Sword (for monsters) is the Superb Witchers Silver
Sword.  You get the schematic from Merse after doing the Nekker and Endrega
Contracts.  Plug in a couple of Sun Runes and you're good to go!
Berthold Candeleria, a dwarf at the smithy's forge off the Flotsam Town Square,
will craft it for you from Merse's Diagram.

Superb Witchers Silver Sword.
17-25 Damage.
Requirements: 4X iron ore, 4X silver ore, 1X timber, 1X diamond dust.


The best Steel Sword (Human enemies) is the Jagged Blade.  Get the Schematic
from the Dwarven Blacksmith.
NOTE: You need a lot of Endrega teeth to craft that Jagged Blade Sword.
In Act 1 you can buy Endegra teeth from the witch in Lobinden.

Jagged Blade.
19-25 Damage.
Requirements: 16X iron, 1X timber, 15X Endrega teeth.

The best swords, naturally, only become available near the end of the game,
such a shame. Trying to figure out if a certain sword is better than another is
difficult, because it's not just the Damage rating that makes it powerful.
And it depends on what kind of character you are building, so that you can best
"match" your abilities. You would think a sword of Damage 22 is better than a
sword with damage 17.
But if the 17 has a +30bleed ability, I'd choose that one.


>Combat Tips.

Double Click.

The simplest trick is learning to double-click direction keys to roll away from
Stay out of open areas so you don't get swarmed.
Try to fight opponents one at a time.
Have bombs or snares ready in your pockets.

>Power Riposte *.
Quote jaredt13 @ gamefaqs
" Target enemy.
  Hold block.
  When enemy does a power attack, a [sword] icon will appear where your target
    was on their body
  When that icon appears, hit quick attack.
  Riposte complete.  "
 *Skill from the Sword "Tree" required.
 >Roll vs Block?
I prefer to Roll, often exposes the enemy's back!


>Best Armor.
The Hunters Armor is probably the best in Act 1, given by the Troll after
completing the Troll's quest.
+10 Armor
14X cloth, 16X leather, 6X twine.


>Armor Enhancements.
  The best Armor Enhancements are the +2 Diamond Enhancements.  You can buy
the schematic from Sendler.  Make lots, because you'll use them.
Every time you upgrade Armor, which will be about a half-dozen times through
the game, you will use up to 3 for each armor.  There is an Elven Enhancement
that has approx the same +2 stats, but you only pick up a couple of those
throughout the game.  Stock up in Act1.

Bottom line is that you'll have to continually stock up on Diamond Dust, from
the vendor across from the Inn, every time you can, to make the
Diamond Enhancements.  Each one takes 5 dust, so run him out of stock each time
you can.  You'll need lots of Silver Ore as well as Oil for other crafting
later on - as well as Solid Cloth and Hardened Leather.  Better to buy those
items, instead of crafting them.
NOTE: Use Act1 as your main purchasing/crafting opportunity for the rest of the
game.  It helps if you are using a weight MOD. Lol... it really helps!
You'll also need about 15 Harpy traps for later on in Act2.


                       - 11.0 -  CARRY WEIGHT

>Carry Weight.
In TW1 as in all RPGs, carry weight is an issue of game design and balance.
In the Prologue by sparing Aryn, Geralt gets a +50 boost to his
carryweight after you help him out of the dungeon, ie. "Strong Back" Ability.
There are no storage spots to place your items.  There is a "no-weight"
mod available if you want.  It is usually best to play the vanilla game first,
play as the devs intended.
There are some crafting items that are plentiful but heavy.  Leave them until
you need them later: Lumber, Iron Ore, Cloth, Leather etc.

The Zero Weight MOD by mem gives all inventory items zero weight.


or/Direct Link:

If you consider this cheat excessive, there are other mods that give items a
reduced weight.
You can even mount an argument that weight mods are not cheating. =)

                         - 12.0 -  ABILITIES
               (Not to be confused with Steam Achievements)
>Undocumented Abilities.
There are many as yet undocumented abilities for doing certain things, actions
or decisions throughout the game.  There isn't a definitive list as yet.
Examples:  eg finding the white-coated figure near the Balista in Prologue.
           eg. showing mercy to Aryan, and later carrying him from La Valette
Dungeon, which gives Geralt the "Strong Back" ability, increasing carry weight
from 250kg to 300kg.

Strong Back 
Strong Stomach 
Anatomy Lesson 
Child of the night
Arcane Knowledge 
I can hardly wait for "Immolation", +10% fire resist, after you keep stumbling
into campfires!

See "LINKS" section below for more on Abilities and Attributes.


                    - 13.0 -  QUEST TIPS AND *SPOILERS*

>La Valette's Dungeon Quest.
Stun the guards in Valette's Dungeon by approaching from behind and pressing
There are four routes through the dungeon, depending on whether you showed
mercy to Aryan or not, and on which path you take through the dungeon.
Each route is different, and it is worth replaying to do the whole four.
On leaving the dungeon, you meet up with Newboy again.  If you advised him the
medallion would not protect him, even though it was magical, he will give you
the medallion.  This quest (Melitele's Heart) will go on for 2/3 of the game.

>Troll's Quest.
Find the Notice for the Troll Quest on the Flotsam Inn
WARNING: you can screw this quest if you do things out of order.
The Troll's Quest and the Poker Dice quest are interwoven.  DO NOT play Sendler
at dice until you start the Troll Quest, or he won't give you the female troll
head. to the troll, talk to Chorab, see Dmitri's goon at the Inn, kill
Dmitri in the Lobinden cemetery, beat Sendler for the Dice Poker Championship,
and take the female troll head back to the Troll.

>Madness Quest.
Wraiths here are very hard if you are below level 8.
I cast a lucky Axii spell, used oils on the Silver Sword, then Quen
for immunity, and got past the first two.  Then I came across two more wraiths
further along  =(
This quest can be left until the end of ACT1 if you like.

>Melitele's Heart Quest.
(See "Leaving Triss's Tent above)
The items needed for the Melitele's Heart quest are all available either from
earlier quests, the witch in Lobinden, or from Cedric.  You might have trouble
with the ending of Melitele's Heart, where the witch has to perform a ritual
while you fight off re-spawning wraiths.
Ensure you keep your sword holstered while talking to her prior, and don't draw
it until she starts the ritual and the wraiths have appeared.  Prep with some
potions beforehand and use some Spector oil on your sword.  Then Quen up and go
to town, fighting, dodging and rolling.

>Kayran Quest.
When you meet Sile at the docks and get the Kayran quest, you go and talk to
the Merchant and haggle for double payment.  Use Axii (in conversation).  When
you go back for the reward after killing the Kayran, you'll get the Haggling
Ability, which saves you 20% on purchases.

After defeating the monster and the little cutscene with Sile, look
for 2 loot points on the Kayran.  Sile is standing at the end of a tentacle.
Walk up the left side of it to get to one loot point, then go back and walk up
the right side for another.  Hint on the Kayran... there's a little spot where
you can rest, beside the tall stone "foot" on the left side of the field.
Use Quen, switch to Yrden to lay a trap, and roll constantly from one side to
the other.  If you stand still - you die.

You can craft the Karyan trap, but it isn't essential.
It will show you "place points" to put your Yrden, though.

Stuck?  See here:

Still stuck?  Quote Handel @gamefaqs:

             " 1. Preparation
               Drink Osmuk potion and a swallow potion will be good too;
               Put Quen sign on quick slot; watch/skip the cutscene.

               2. Fight
               The main principle of the fight is Kayran cannot hit you when
                you move. So when you have no vigor/defense etc run non-stop.
                So here goes step by step very detailed:
-after the cutscene run to right
-after you hear the sound of the tentacle hitting the ground stop ASAP
-cast Quen, change to Yrden and cast Yrden, trying to stay upon it. If you are
quick enough you will have just enough time to do the both things; if you are
not quick enough you will have to do it in 2 stages; the important thing is
when you hear the tentacle hitting the ground you are safe very for very short
time -so you cast Yrden and are sitting upon the trap under Quen.
The tentacle will hit you and will be trapped byt Yrden. Get up, run to it and
cut it. It is a cutscene so you are safe.

-when you cut it cast Yrden again (you are safe for very short time) and run
from the Kayran as far as you can. He will go mad and if you stay close he will
hit you easily.
-when away enough change to Quen and cast it, then wait for the cutscene where
Kayran hits part of the bridge; after this you can attack again.
-run to the Yrden you already cast and stay upon it (you are under Quen). The
tentacle will hit you and will get trapped. Cut it and run away again to wait
for the cutscene.
-now run to the left side and do this again, Yrden and stay upon it under Quen.
Trap and cut the third tentacle.
-run to the left near the remnants of the bridge and wait for the RMB QTE
(if you miss it just trap and cut another tentacle)
-you will find yourself riding a tentacle in the air. Wait for the LMB QTE and
pump up the LMB (it is easy so you cannot miss it).

-then follows the SPACE QTE. It is easy to be missed and you are dead if you
miss it, but it seems just non-stop hitting SPACE after the previous
LMB pumping will do the job.

-You will jump to the ground and Kayran will destroy the remnants of the bridge
and they will make a ramp. Run and climb upon the ramp and run up (on the left
side). It will be good if you are under Quen because you can get hit there.
Once you are on the top of the ramp the cutscene follows and Kayran is killed."
            [End quote by Handel. Permission requested.]


                    - 14.0 - Patches and DLC

>Patches and Downloadable Content (DLC).
Patch 1.1 installs updates and the Troll DLC.
Patch 1.2 will install all other DLC's
You know your DLC installed correctly if you have the Troll Quest, Mage's
Trousers, BlueStripe Armor, Herbalist Gloves, whetstones etc in your inventory.


                    - 15.0 - MISCELLANEOUS TIPS and TRIVIA.

>The Save Game folder.
This can become bloated and slow load times.  Periodically, clear it out by
archiving to another folder.

Playing on "EASY", you should get through with sword combat alone.
Playing "EASY" and using  magic and alchemy is *very* easy!

When you are swarmed by Nekkers in Act 1, snares are your best friend.
Collect every snare you find.  Put them in your pocket, and press "R" to set.

>Pockets for Bombs, Traps, Daggers.
Pockets are used for holding bombs, daggers and traps.
Use the Inventory screen to fill your pockets.
press"4" to cycle through pockets to equip whichever item is active.
Alternatively, Press "CTRL" and select the active pocket with LMouse.
Youtube video link:

>Training Dummy Ability.
Use your Steel Sword on all the Training Dummies in the game, starting at the
Prologue.  Give you +10% extra XP points ability.  The re-spawning dummies only
count once each.  You have to hit 10 different dummies.

5 in Prologue. Flotsam:  2 at non-human gate; 2 at market gate; 2 in Guards'
House off Market Square; 2 in Temerian part.  Could be more in Act 3, but if
you missed them in Prologue, forgetaboutit!

You need to be quick in the Guard's House, they don't like 'drawn swords'.
The last one (or two) are located in Loredo's mansion.  When you go there with
Roche, the Guards take your weapons at the gate, so you can't attack the
dummies in the courtyard.  When you leave and pick up your swords from the box
at the door, you can immediately re-enter and go back for those dummies.
NOTE: You need ALL the training dummies from the Prologue, those by each
city exit to the forest in Act 1 and those at Loredo's house.

>Good Old Monk.
Beat the monk standing in a corner of the Flotsam Inn at Dice Poker for a
weird reward: a link to where you can  purchase two
Atari titles from GOG at a handsome discount.  Right.

>Nekkers Nests.
South of the Flotsam town gate is a Nekker hotspot.
A general strategy for multiple enemies is to draw them out and back-up.  They
will only follow so far.  Try to keep them away from you and  deal with them
one by one.  Take on the weaker ones first, then go on to the stronger ones.
It's a great place to practice using bombs, spells, and snares.
The guide is wrong in the name for the bombs you need to blow the Nekker nests.
You need Grapeshot.  Get the diagram from Cedric (the elf in Lobinden).

Don't worry if you have destroyed all the nests as Nekkers (and Endregas) will
continue to respawn.  They are the best source of the Greater Mutagens, so kill
all you can!


>The Books.
There are seven books and a graphic novel.
Quote jellyfish007 @ gamefaqs:
            "The Last Wish is the 1st book consisting of several short novels,
The Sword of Destiny (or whatever is the English translation) is the 2nd book,
also a collection of short novels. Both of them create the setting, introduce
characters etc.
Blood of the Elves (a 3rd book) starts the saga which continues through 4 more
books. 7 books total and it's indeed very lame to jump over the 2nd, it
contains a lot of important info required to fully understand some major plot

Witcher Schools.
School of the Wolf (Geralt) was mentioned in the graphic novel.  They were
betrayed at Kaer Morhen in TW1.  The Unnamed Assasin in the outro to TW1 was
possibly a member of the Viper School.
School of the Viper is found in TW2.  Members are Letho of Gulet, Serrit and
Other Witcher Schools are Cat and Griffen, not appearing in the games so far.



                    - 16.0 -  THE END OF ACT 1

>After ACT 1.
At the end of Act1 you have to make a choice.  Either follow Roche or Iorveth.
Ensure you make a findable save here to return to.  Otherwise, start again from
the beginning, because you are now so much smarter and want to do things in a
different way.  After you finish the game with one side from that point, you
can go back and do the other.
It is a totally different game from that point: different town, side quests,
characters, story - for each side.
     The Roche and Iorveth sides are diverse and equally "interesting".
       Playing both from a save point at end of Act 1 is recommended.


                      - 17.0 -  CHEATS

>You can disable the opening videos, but why bother.  It is not a problem to
press "ESC" five times.

>I confess to using the Carry Weight MOD, which assigns a weight of zero to all
objects.  I am ashamed of myself.


                        - 18.0 -  LINKS

>For issues, try Witcher 2 forums, Steam forums or Gamespot forums.

>There isn't a complete wiki done yet because the game is so new, but it's

>There's a heap of videos on Youtube.

>Item stats database  

>A good site for hints:




                      - 19.0 -  VERSION HISTORY
05JUNE 2011 v0.1  Basic Hints and Tips for Prologue/ACT 1 started.
06JUNE 2011 v0.2  All sections expanded.


                     - 20.0 -      PERMISSIONS

         This Beginners Guide to TW2 is exclusive to gamefaqs.
                    It is my own published work.
                Copyrighted by Val's Evil Twin 2011.


                      - 21.0 -    ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS
             This guide is based on my own experience.
Thanks to my friend for generous help and advice.  Much of what's here is his!
   Thanks to members of gamefaqs message boards (acknowledged in text above)
           Thanks to Handel for guide to beating the Kayran.
     ASCII Art courtesy of
        Another great game from CDProjekt Red.  Thanks guys.

                Emails with corrections welcome.
      Until someone does a full walkthrough, this'll have to do ya!
                      Happy monster hunting!
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