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Castlevania: Harmony of Despair Bestiary
Written by: Zeromitaki
Created: 4/23/12

Greetings and welcome to the Castlevania: Harmony of Despair Bestiary 
FAQ guide. Here, I shall list the MANY monsters and bosses you see 
throughout the entire arcade game we have come to know and love. I 
plan to also list where they can be found, how to fight them, all 
that fun and useful stuff. So if you're curious about who you will 
bump into or just wanna know who drops what, this is the place to 
look. So come with me children. The night is still young.....

Before we begin though, I would like to apologize. Unlike some of 
you, I am pretty poor and live in the country so alas, I have no 
Downloadable Content (DLC). That being said, I haven’t gone against 
any enemies found only on the downloadable levels. Without this, I 
can’t tell you anything about them. I have a list in front of me, 
but it’s fuzzy when it comes to who are bosses or enemies since some 
are mixed in with others. If you have any information on who are bosses 
and who are enemies, PLEASE inform me. Battle strategies would be 
nice too seeing that I never fought them yet. All information will 
be credited to the one who helps in this secion or any other part 
of this FAQ.


Version 1.0 - Original FAQ (Chapters 1-6 monsters and bosses)


Table of Contents:

Template [TEMP]
Core Bestiary [BST1]
Core Bosses [BSS1]
Credits [CRED]



Okay, first thing is first. Below will be my "skeleton" of how I'm 
going to set this up. This just helps you read my entries a little 
better. Makes it easier for you people to know what I speak of. So 
if you're having trouble understanding the bestiary, look into this. 
I promise that if you do, you're head will indeed stop hurting.

* = Only in some entries due to specific characters

Name: (What the monster is called)

Where: (What chapters this monster can be found.)

Description: (The texts used in HD to describe the monster)

Image: (A description of what the monster generally looks like)

Stats: (Weaknesses and resistances)

Strategy: (Tips to keep you alive against said monster)

Drop: (The rare item(s) that the monster drops and how rare it is)

Soul: (The colored soul it gives out when defeated by Soma)

*Black Magic: (A scroll dropped to add to Alucard’s arsenal of spells)

*Spell: (The spell that Charlotte can learn via blocking attacks)

*Hunter Skill (Sub Weapon): (Item dropped that whip wielders can use)

*Glyphs: (Spells that can be stolen by Shanoa)



Below is the list of monsters found in the original, or Core, levels 
in HD. A good place to start if you are having trouble running through 
the levels as a n00b. Now now, there is no shame in it. Not everyone 
can just pick up a game and run through it like a boss. So read 
carefully and let my knowledge help you throughout your journey into 
Dracula’s dark and evil castle.

Name: Zombie

Where: Chapter 1, 9

Description: An animated Corpse

Image: A walking, yellow guy with greenish-blue pants. Has blood on 
his feet.

Stats: Weak - Strike, Slash, Pierce, Petrify

Strategy: Fairly simple creatures. They simply walk towards you 
slowly. Hit them once or twice or just jump over them. They aren't 
very big threats.

Drop: Hobo Clothes (4.3%)

Soul: Yellow (2.3%) - Gain resistance to poison

Name: Bat

Where: Chapter 1, 4, 8, 9

Description: A bloodsucking bat that lurks in the castle

Image: Kind of self explanatory. Black bats with red wings.

Stats: Weak - Slash, Pierce, Petrify, Holy, Poison, Curse

Strategy: These suckers (Ha, see what I did there?) swoop down from 
above soon after coming in close. Just swipe at them since they have 
low health or move out of the way. They will fly away if they miss 
and since they don't lock on, which happens quite a lot. Flies faster 
on hard mode

Drop: None

Soul: Blue (2.8) - Summons a Bat as a familiar

Name: Skeleton

Where: Chapter 1, 2, 3, 7, 9

Description: A skeletal corpse controlled by magic

Image: Your basic walking skeleton

Stats: Strong - Pierce, Ice, Darkness/ Weak - Strike, Fire, Holy

Strategy: A classic enemy from the very beginning. Skeletons just 
throw bones at you from an arching angle. Dodging is easy so move 
and strike. However, it's best to hit the bone soon after it is thrown. 
This launches their projectile backwards and hits other enemies. 
Helps with the achievement Bone Cold Justice.

Drop: None

Soul: Red (2.8%) - Throw bones

Spell: Summon Skeleton - Summon a Skeleton to use in battle

Name: Ghost

Where: Chapter 1, 2, 4

Description: A small spirit doomed to wander the castle grounds for 
all eternity

Image: A small, floating spirit that kinda looks like half of a small 
dinosaur on fire. Fades in and out of vision a little

Stats: None

Strategy: The Ghosts try to just run into you. Fairly slow so just 
brush them aside with an attack or two. They respawn a few times so 
don't stay for too long after defeating one unless you are farming 
for souls. They will continue to follow you throughout the castle 
if you try to run so just kill 'em.

Drop: None

Soul: Blue (2.8%) - Summon a Ghost as a familiar

Name: Axe Knight

Where: Chapter 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7

Description: A zombie warrior in heavy armor equipped with a 
devastating axe

Image: A blue knight that has an axe in it's hand with a shield in 
front of it

Stats: Strong - Pierce, Ice/ Weak - Strike, Lightning, Petrify, 

Strategy: These knight attack in four ways. They either throwing an 
axe normally or low that have boomerang effects. Normally you can 
just duck and lower attacks can be easily hopped over. That or just 
block with a shield or weapon. Another axe throwing move would be 
when they toss it in the air.... just move. Their last attack is them 
rushing you after flailing around a bit so back off. Take out their 
shield with a melee attack then whomp on them.

Drop: Axe Knight Shield (2.3%)

Hunter Skill: Axe (8.3%) - Throw an axe upwards

Soul: Red (2.8%) - Throw an axe upwards

Name: Peeping Eye

Where: Chapter 1, 3, 5

Description: A creature that keeps watch in the castle

Image: A green, floating eyeball with a pointy tail

Stats: Weak - Slash, Pierce

Strategy: They follow you..... That is all. The tail does do damage 
so just whomp on them if they get too close and stay to the side of 

Drop: Monocle (5.3%), Gambler Glasses (0.8%)

Soul: Yellow (0.8%) - Identify breakable walls

Name: Amalaric Sniper

Where: Chapter 1, 3

Description: A fallen angel who is now a fearsome archer

Image: A large, white angel that flies around with a bow in his hand 
from above.

Stats: Strong - Holy/ Weak - Slash, Pierce, Petrify, Darkness, 
Poison, Curse

Strategy: These holy jerks try to shoot at you from an angle. Keeping 
right underneath them is the safest way. They do have another attack 
though by surrounding themselves with arrows and launching them 
outwards in all directions. This takes a second to shoot so find where 
they are being shot and stand in between them to dodge.

Drop: Chakram (2.3%)

Soul: Red (2.8%) - Summon an archer to support you

Name: Fleaman

Where: Chapter 1, 3, 4

Description: A sinister little man who leaps about as if he were a 

Image: A small man dressed in green

Stats: Weak - Slash, Pierce Petrify, Poison, Curse

Strategy: These guys are veeeeeery annooooooying! They hop about and 
try to bump into you. You have to have either a wide attack, a homing 
spell or a quick weapon to dispose of them quickly. Get rid of them 
fast so you don't have to deal with them hopping about.

Drop: None

Hunter Skill: Paper Airplane - Throw a paper airplane outwards

Soul: Red (2.3%) - Summon a Fleaman

Name: Merman

Where: Chapter 1, 9

Description:  Half fish, half man and all monster. It hunts prey near 
the water

Image: A red fish man...... Pretty easy to spot

Stats: Strong - Ice/ Weak - Slash, Pierce, Lightning, Petrify, 
Poison, Curse

Strategy: Mermen are usually found in water and hop upwards if you 
get close so don't be above them while they swim. They float in one 
place while they are in water though. Once out of water, they move 
about. They attack using a water gun from their mouth. Easy to spot 
since they stop and stare at the screen for a moment before hand. 
Just make sure you're not in front of them when they do this or block.

Drop: None

Spell: Splash Needle - Shoot a stream of water

Soul: Red (2.8%) - Shoot a stream of water

Name: Spittle Bone

Where: Chapter 1, 2, 4, 5

Description:  A four-legged skeleton that crawls on walls

Image: Pretty self explanatory. A wall crawler that has a skull head.

Stats: Strong - Pierce, Darkness/ Weak - Strike, Fire, Holy

Strategy: As they crawl about the walls and such, these little guys 
use a flame thrower above them to try and scorch you. Either attack 
from the side or wait for them too attack since it has a long delay 
between attacks.

Drop: None

Spell: Raging Fire - Fire a burst of flames

Soul: Red (2.8%) - Spew fire while spinning around

Name: Bone Pillar

Where: Chapter 1, 2, 3, 7, 9

Description: Stacked dinosaur skulls animated by a demonic force

Image: The description pretty much covers it. T-rex heads that stack 
on one another.

Stats: Strong - Darkness/ Weak - Strike, Fire, Holy

Strategy: The heads turn towards you before launching fire balls. 
Jump when you see them light up to dodge but be careful. Some like 
to fire a bunch at once so distance may be more wise. You can also 
jump on them as platforms to using them to get to higher places and 
dodge their barrage of fire balls is a good strategy as well.

Drop: None

Spell: Fireball - Launch fireballs

Soul: Yellow (1.3%) - Increase CON

Name: Minotaur

Where: Chapter 1, 3, 4

Description: A creature with the head of a bull and the body of a 

Image: A large, brown bull-looking guy with a big axe

Stats: Strong -  Strike/ Weak - Slash, Pierce, Petrify, Curse, Poison

Strategy: These dudes have quite a few attacks. With his axe, he 
either jumps into the air and tries to slash you when coming down 
or shoots forward a little to shank you with his long-ass axe. He 
also shoots fire breath and can guard using his axe. It's best to 
attack from afar or wait for an opening after his attacks.

Drop: Meat Strip (5.3%), Battle Axe (2.3%)

Spell: Raging Fire - Fire a burst of flames

Soul: Yellow (2.3%) - Increase STR

Name: Une

Where: Chapter 2

Description: An eerie plant that feeds on blood

Image: Starts out as a small, green dot on the floor so keep an eye 
out. Blossoms into small tentacle when approached

Stats: Strong - Lightning, Holy/ Weak - Fire, Darkness

Strategy: Only a real threat if you don't see them in their pod state. 
Simple smack them when they pop out to kill them since they have very 
little HP

Drop: None

Soul: Red (4.3%) - Plant Une in the ground

Name: Man-eating Plant

Where: Chapter 2, 9

Description: A carnivorous plant that grew and developed a taste for 
human flesh

Image: A pretty tall plant with a green stem and roots. Has a grey 
rose for a head that blooms into a red flower for a certain attack

Stats: Strong - Lightning, Holy/ Weak - Slash, Pierce, Fire, Darkness

Strategy: These over-sized roses shoot tiny, grey skulls at you that 
bounce once or twice on the ground towards you. It also transforms 
into a "beautiful" flower that shoots pollen spores that float at 
you. It's easy to just stay airborne and slash away.

Drop: None

Spell: Demon Seed - Summons forth malignant pollen

Soul: Red (3.3%) - Send pollen flying

Name: Moldy Corpse

Where: Chapter 2, 7

Description: A human consumed by evil after eating a cursed mushroom

Image: A purple, depressing-lookin' man with a green shirt and blue 
hair. Gets on all fours and summons ‘shrooms on his back when 

Stats: Weak - Slash, Petrify, Curse

Strategy: Keeping distant is key for these monsters. Using knives 
or knuckles are bad seeing that they attack by spreading poison on 
the ground near them. Either attack from a distance or with a long 
melee attack to quickly dispose of them without a problem. Tends to 
drop Amanitas as well so avoid the red item they drop after death.

Drop: Aminita (5.3)

Spell: Poison Spores - Scatter poisonous spores

Soul: Red (2.8%) - Flings poisonous spores

Name: Treant

Where: Chapter 2, 9

Description: An ancient tree animated by purely malevolent will

Image: Pretty obvious really. A large, walking tree.

Stats: Strong - Lightning, Holy/ Weak - Slash, Pierce, Fire, Darkness
Strategy: All he ever tries to do is get close and kick you.... Hard. 
All you have to do is pwn him with attacks until he draws back to 
kick, then just move back a bit. Short, sweet, simple, to the point.

Drop: None

Soul: Yellow (3.3%) - Increase MP recovery speed

Name: Persephone

Where: Chapter 2, 4

Description: The count's demonic maid. She seems to have bought a 
new vacuum cleaner

Image: A girl in a blue dress and has green hair. Sometimes has a 
vacuum cleaner with her

Stats: Weak - Slash, Pierce, Petrify, Curse, Poison

Strategy: If she has a vacuum with her, she will try to hit you with 
the nozzle. This only makes you stand still. This move "sucks" XD 
Simply wait for her to let go. Her only offensive move is a round 
house kick forward. Just beat her down quickly and you won't have 
a problem.

Drop: Forget-me-nots (5.3%), Heart Brooch (2.3%)

Soul: Blue (2.8%) - Enable "Magic Vacuum" to consume enemy HP

Name: Frozen Shade

Where: Chapter 2, 8

Description: A wraith that can freeze the air

Image: A blue, female ice spirit that hovers

Stats: Strong - Ice/ Weak - Strike, Fire, Petrify, Curse, Poison

Strategy: This floating enemy doesn't like to get all up in your grill 
like the others do. She attacks with two ice spells. One is signified 
by a chime noise. This one is a small blizzard that doesn’t reach 
very far. He other summons four icicles that will spin in front of 
her. Simply duck to dodge all projectiles when shot.

Drop: Pudding (5.3%)

Spell: Ice Needle - Launch cutting shards of ice

Soul: Red (2.8%) - Shoot pillars of ice

Name: Ectoplasm

Where: Chapter 2, 4, 6

Description: A substance created by souls who cannot rest

Image: Practically a ball of pink souls. Pretty hard to miss.

Stats: Weak - Holy

Strategy: Sits still until you strike him. Kinda looks like jello 
when you do but don't get too cozy with that. If you don't keep on 
him, he will swoop at you and try to give you the curse status effect. 
In other words, just keep whompng on them.

Drop: Uncurse Potion (5.3)

Black Magic: Summon Spirit (4.3%)

Soul: Yellow (2.3%) - Increase resistance to curses

Name: Imp

Where: Chapter 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

Description: A tiny demon who loves mischief

Image: A small, black demon with a blue after image. Wields a small 

Stats: Strong - Darkness/ Weak - Pierce, Petrify, Holy, Poison

Strategy: These guys are a pain to hit. They keep at a distance so 
the easiest way is spells. They either try top bump into you, shoot 
small sickle spells or grab your head and make you attack for no damn 
reason. Not a big problem, but they tend to follow you so be rid of 
them once you see one.

Drop: None

Spell: Sickle Moon - Launch a vacuum blade at foes

Soul: Yellow (2.3%) - Increase INT

Name: White Dragon

Where: Chapter 2, 3, 5

Description: The bones of a long necked dinosaur, animated by a 
demonic force

Image: A long necked skeletal dragon that stays to a wall

Stats: Strong - Pierce, Darkness/ Weak - Strike, Fire, Holy

Strategy: This sucker doesn't know when to stop moving and seeing 
that the only place to hurt his is his head, it gets really annoying, 
really quickly. Stops to attack though but watch out. If he draws 
back, he is gonna lunge forward so stay back. He also shoots out a 
stream of flame when he stops and opens his mouth. Just try to hit 
him as he moves up and down.

Drop: None

Spell: Raging Fire - Fire a burst of flames

Soul: Blue (2.3%) - Summon a White Dragon

Name: Aliorumnas

Where: Chapter 2, 4, 5, 6 

Description: Witches banished by the gothic king Filimer

Image: A white witch the floats about with a bright light behind her

Stats: Strong - Fire, Ice, Lightning, Holy, Darkness/ Weak - Slash, 
Pierce, Petrify, Curse, Poison
Strategy: This witch has  large arsenal of spells. They can launch 
an ice shard, three fire balls that spread or shoot a lightning bolt 
straight. All are easy to dodge seeing that she summons a black hole 
thing to use them above their head so stay below that and a distance 
away. She can also move her arm a bit and shoot s strange meteor-like 
spell made of symbols at you in a straight path. Move away from the 
front of her to dodge. There is a catch though: All witches can only 
have one of the three elements in their arsenal. Bad for farming, 
but  good for those who don't wanna deal with their attacks.

Drop: Kiwi (5.3%)

Glyphs: Ignis, Grando, Fulgur

Soul: Yellow (2.3%) - Increase MND

Name: Yorick

Where: Chapter 2

Description: A skeleton that ceaselessly chases it's own skull
Image: A headless skeleton that runs about like it's head was cut 
off...... Duh

Stats: Strong - Pierce/ Weak - Strike

Strategy: When you get near these guys, watch out when they reach 
their rolling head. They will kick them at you at decently high speed. 
Best to keep jumping with him. If you get rid of the skull by attacking 
it, his body will jump up and down in rage and rush at you until it 
or you die. In short, jump over his head and jump about as you attack 
his body.

Drop: None

Soul: Red (2.8%) - Kick a skull like a ball

Name: Glasya Labolas

Where: Chapter 2, 3, 4

Description: A demonic dog with large, powerful wings

Image: A big, green dog with black bat wings.

Stats: Strong - Strike/ Weak - Slash, Ice, Petrify, Curse, Poison

Strategy: Best to hit and run on this one. He either lunges forward 
to bite you or sends green bubbles out of his mouth. Definitely keep 
back from these since they poison you.
Drop: None

Spell: Acidic Bubbles - Create poisonous bubbles

Soul: Red (2.8%) - Generates poisonous bubbles

Name: Cave Troll

Where: Chapter 3, 4, 5

Description: A blood-sucking beast that extracts the entrails of cows 
with it's tongue

Image: An orange and green creature with red eyes. About human size.

Stats: Strong - Strike/ Weak - Slash, Pierce, Ice, Petrify, Curse, 

Strategy: Trolls can very annoying with their long tongue attacks. 
If up close, they launch it forward so duck if they hop up close. 
If they jump into the air, back off because they plan on using that 
blasted tongue yet again to hit you from afar. Lastly, they can put 
out their chest a bit and start glowing. When they do, just stay a 
bit away because a small aura with burst around them. Least 
threatening attack since it doesn't reach very far at all.

Drop: None

Black Magic: Dark Metamorphosis ( 3.3%)

Soul:  Red (2.8%) - Attack with a tongue lashing

Name: Medusa Head

Where: Chapter 5, 6

Description: A monster created in great numbers form the head of 

Image: The infamous floating heads. Comes in blue and yellow colors.

Stats: Weak - Slash

Strategy: Anyone who has played ANY Castlevania game are aware of 
these annoying creatures. They head in one direction as they go up 
and down, trying to do contacts damage. Comes in great numbers and 
infinite spawning so watch yourself. Yellow ones turn you into stone 
as well so it's best to avoid contact with them. Low health though 
so just swing away when you reach a room full of them.

Drop: Medusa Shield (0.8%)

Soul: Blue (0.8) - Gain the ability to hover in one location

Name: Witch

Where: Chapter 4

Description: A spell caster who rides an enchanted broomstick

Image: A blond girl with a large witch hat and black clothing. Rides 
on a broom with her cat.

Stats: Strong - Fire, Ice, Lightning/ Weak - Slash, Pierce

Strategy: The witch has two spells, one of which is useful to YOU! 
Yes, you. After she yells, she will either launch a homing orb, which 
you can just out run, or she will glow green and use a rainbow beam 
of light to heal. Now check this out: when she heals, you can walk 
into her pillar of prettiness to heal for 30 HP as well. Cool right? 
Only does this when she gets hurt so attack her once or twice, then 
wait if you need some health. Lather, rinse, repeat.

Drop: Cream Puff (5.3%), Witch's Hat (2.3%)

Spell: Heal - Recovery magic that restores HP, Energy Flow - 
Manipulate magical energy and launch it at enemies

Soul: Red (2.8%) - Manipulate magical energy and launch it at enemies

Name: Succubus

Where: Chapter 2, 6

Description: A demon that assumes the form of a beautiful maiden to 
drain vitality

Image: Starts out looking like a blond female in a red dress sometimes 
(Yoko). Her real form has blue hair and pink wings. Has little 
clothing which is also pink in color.

Stats: Strong - Fire, Ice, Lightning/ Weak - Slash, pierce, Petrify, 
Holy, Curse, Poison
Strategy: Getting close to this seductive demon is a bad idea. The 
only thing she does is lunge forward and try to suck out your health. 
As tempting as she may be. Keep your distance or rush her and retreat 
after a hit or two so she can dash forward. Either jump over this 
or back off.

Drop: Tiramisu (5.3%), Succubus Boots (1.8%)

Soul: Yellow (0.8%) - Absorb HP when attacking

Name: Fire Demon

Where: Chapter 3, 4

Description: This demon is the master of all-consuming flame

Image: A huge red demon with hints of blue, purple and yellow.

Stats: Strong - Fire, Darkness/ Weak - Slash, Pierce, Ice, Holy

Strategy: Has two basic ways off attack as he flies about. One would 
be when he flies above you and tries to swoop down at you. Try sliding 
to avoid being hit or running off. Another would be if you get right 
up in front of him for a moment He will almost instantly shoot a large 
fireball out that can only be dodged by being too far or jumping. 
The easy way out is to keep moving and attack from below until he 
tries to dash at you.

Drop: Agni's Flame (2.3%)

Spell: Flame Shot - Attack with the fire of Hell

Soul: Red (2.8%) - Shoot devastating fireballs

Name: Buer

Where: Chapter 5, 6

Description: A beast with many legs

Image: A ball of flame that rolls about on the ground

Stats: Weak - Strike, Ice, Petrify, Curse, Poison

Strategy: He rolls around..... that is all. If you get close, he picks 
up speed if he is heading towards you. Jump over him, then start 
barraging him with attacks. That or use ice spells. Either way, easy 
to kill and easy to avoid as long as you have a good head on your 
shoulders. If you have problems with this thing, you may wanna recheck 
how "awesome" you are.

Drop: None

Soul: Blue (2.8%) - Wear a cloak of tumble fire

Name: Lerajie

Where: Chapter 4, 5, 6

Description: An evil hunter who uses ricocheting bullets to kill from 

Image: A green man in purple clothing. Hardly looks human and holds 
a long rifle in his hands

Stats: Weak - Slash, Pierce, Ice, Petrify, Curse, Poison

Strategy: This guy is simple to dodge, but you have to have a good 
eye. Before he attacks, he will say "I see you!" and aim. When he 
does, a red sight will show up and show you where he will fire. You 
have a few seconds to get out of his line of fire so find a spot where 
he isn't aiming and sit tight. Does this back to back so soon after 
he shoots, get all up in his business. May jump back to get away and 
can even cling to walls if needed.

Drop: None

Hunter Skill: Ricochet Rock (6.3%) - Throw a ricocheting stone

Soul: Red (2.8%) - Fire magical bullets that ricochet

Name: Gurkha Master

Where: Chapter 1 (Hard), 5, 6

Description: An armored warrior with a knife of the same name

Image: A large, green knight that wields a curve blade

Stats: Strong - Ice/ Weakness - Strike, Lightning

Strategy: Though it may walk weird, it's attacks are more than capable 
of kicking some butt. If close, he will lazily swing his blade in 
front of him so if he draws back, back dash. He will also toss his 
weapon in a boomerang fashion if you are far. Best to duck and slide 
under it as it goes over because it may sometimes still hit you.

Drop: None

Hunter Skill: Boomerang (6.3%) - Throw an enchanted boomerang at foes

Soul: Red (2.8%) - Throw Gurkha knives

Name: The Creature

Where: Chapter 4

Description: An artificial being created by a mad scientist

Image: Ever see what the Frankenstein monster looks like? Yeah, 
imagine him with a purple shirt and tan pants

Stats: Strong - Strike, Lightning/ Weak - Slash, Pierce, Ice, 
Petrify, Curse, Poison
Strategy: This new Frankenstein has four forms of attack. The first 
is simple: jumping. If he jumps, slide under him. Easy. His second 
would be when he opens his arm and you see a red thing sticking out 
of it. That would be a rocket that he aims at you. Takes a few seconds 
to fire so time it right to jump over it or destroy it. Beware the 
explosion. Another is only used when you get in too close, trying 
to reach down and grab you. If he does, he chokes you and causes an 
explosion to knock you back. Just move it when you see him draw back. 
Last is the electric current he uses. If he stops and stretches out 
his arms, simply back way off to dodge the electric attack. By the 
way, if he drops a tan object do NOT pick it up. Does a whopping 100 
damage and poisons you. You have been warned.

Drop: Rusty Food Tin (5.3%)

Soul: Yellow (0.8%) - Restore HP gradually

Name: Dullahan

Where: Chapter 4, 5, 6, 9

Description: A beheaded knight who carried his own head
Image: A large, silver knight wielding a lance. The floating head 
with be bright blue and has yellow hair

Stats: Weak - Slash, Pierce, Holy

Strategy: This guy is very annoying, hands down. As soon as you see 
him, his head will be in his hand. Use this opportunity to attack 
the head before it starts floating about. Once tossed into the air, 
it tends to hide behind the armor while the armor attacks by thrusting 
its lance about. Seeing that the armor isn't effected by attacks, 
this BLOWS. 

He attacks by his lance, which you can duck under and likes to hop 
forward and jamming his lance into the ground. When he doesn’t that, 
a wave of blades crawl forward quickly, so jump A.S.A.P. Last would 
be his curse attack. He seems to laugh as the head comes up front. 
Hit the head a few times but watch out after a short time. He will 
shoot a red spirit into the air that will try to rush at you. Slide 
as it does unless you wanna get cursed.

Drop: Iron Plate (5.3%)

Spell: Ghost Chaser - Unleash a vengeful spirit

Soul: Red (2.8%) - Unleash a vengeful spirit

Name: Harpy

Where: Chapter 5, 7

Description: A vicious bird-like creature with the head and torso 
of a woman
Image: An large, orange bird lady with green hair. Always seen with 
a dagger in her talons when you encounter one

Stats: Weak - Slash, Pierce, Ice, Petrify, Curse, Poison

Strategy: Aside from her flying in annoying, random patterns, these 
birds is fairly simply to take out with a few melee attacks. If you 
let her fly about though, she has four attacks. One is her swooping 
down at you after stopping in the air for a moment (of course). Another 
is tossing her knife. However, she can only do it at a 45 degree angle 
downwards to just stay underneath her when she does. Her last couple 
attacks seem to be her launching her feathers in a three way split 
(again, staying underneath her help) and the same attack that seems 
to fail? Not sure about that but it looks like that or a close range 
force wave from her wings. Either way, if she stops, go underneath 
her before attacking again.

Drop: None

Spell: Featherblades - Shoot razor-sharp feathers

Soul: Red (2.8%) - Shoot razor-sharp feathers

Name: Skeleton Gunman

Where: Chapter 5

Description: A skeleton warrior armed with an old musket

Image: A brown skeleton with purple robes. Seen in groups of three

Stats: Strong - Pierce, Ice, Darkness/ Weak - Strike, Fire, Holy

Strategy: Simple group to take out really. They line up so piercing 
attacks help greatly. Once the first in the line twitches a bit, jump 
to dodge the bullet. they take a while to change places so the next 
can fire while the others load. Just go up and take some names.

Drop: None

Spell: Summon Gunman - Summon a Skeleton Gunman to use in battle

Soul: Red (2.8%) - Fire bullets from your finger

Name: Disc Armor

Where: Chapter 5, 6

Description: An armored-clad soldier that is an expert in throwing 
giant circular blade

Image: Silver and red armor holding a large, circular blade in one 

Stats: Strong - Ice/ Weak - Strike, Lightning, Petrify, Curse, Poison

Strategy: This guy is a douche. No doubt. But there is an easy way 
to kill him if you got the skills. His only attack is sending the 
circular saw at you. He has a chain on it so he can retract it after 
a few moments of it dancing on one spot. If you are on an even level 
with one, rush at it and quickly slide when you're getting close. 
The saw will miss and you will have the freedom to kick his butt 
hardcore. Duck while you do so when he brings the saw back, it won't 
hit you. While in his face, continue to duck and hit. If you kill 
him when his saw is out, the large blade will bounce around. Stay 
away form it because it CAN hurt you.

Drop: Steel Plate (5.3%)

Soul: Red (2.8%) - Hurl a sharp-edged circular blade

Name: Sea Demon

Where: Chapter 2 (Hard), 5, 6

Description: An evil demon of the sea, skilled in ice magic

Image: A large, blue demon with peach wings and red claws. Has a 
dolphin tail as well.

Stats: Strong - Ice/ Weak - Slash, Pierce, Fire, Holy

Strategy: Much like it's fire and lightning cousins, it only attacks 
in two ways. It dives down at you from above or launches an icicle 
in front of him to attack you. As the others, just keep him from 
stopping in front of you and beat down on him.

Drop: Rahab's frost (2.3%)

Spell: Ice Fang - Summon a sharp, fang-like pillar of ice

Soul: Red (2.8%) - Produce columns of ice

Name: Mimic

Where: Chapter 5, 6 (1-6 on Hard)

Description: A creature that disguises itself as treasure, then 
awaits it's prey

Image: Starts out as a brown chest. Then grows teeth and has blue 
ooze coming from it's mouth

Stats: Weak - Fire, Petrify, Holy, Curse, Poison

Strategy: These only appear if you choose a brown chest. Back off 
once you choose one. If it starts oozing out, prepare yourself. Their 
attack is simple though, only rushing back and forth. Either jump 
over them and attack a few times or go to stairs. They can't go over 
steps so you can sit there and laugh as you keep hitting it in the..... 
face? I don't know, just find some type of slant and kill it.

Drop: None

Soul: Yellow (2.8%) - Gain money while taking damage

Name: Dead Warrior

Where: Chapter 5

Description:  A dead Knight whose spirit still lusts for battle

Image: A silver and blue knight riding on half of an undead horse. 
Holds a partisan (spear) to his side.

Stats: Weak - Slash, Pierce, Petrify, Holy, Curse, Poison

Strategy: These guys don't do ANYTHING aside from going back and forth 
in hallways. If you see one, find where it stops to turn around and 
stand away enough to attack him every time he goes to back track. 
Very easy to kill unless you decide to rush at it and get caught in 
a pinball game, you being the ball.

Drop: Partisan (5.3%)

Soul: Yellow (2.3%) - Raise LCK

Name: Nova Skeleton

Where: Chapter 5, 6

Description: Holes were drilled into his head to implant psionic 

Image: Simply a green skeleton with red eyes

Stats: Strong - Pierce, Ice, Darkness/ Weak - Strike, Fire, Holy

Strategy: Before he attacks, this skeleton will draw it's hands back 
and open a portal. Duck when you see this unless you wanna get hit 
with a powerful beam. Limit in range, but better safe then sorry. 
Takes a while for him to recharge so attack after his attack or as 
you're ducking.

Drop: None

Glyph: Nitesco

Soul: Red (2.8%) - Fire a beam at enemies

Name: Thunder Demon

Where: Chapter 6

Description: This demon manifests its fury in thunderous peals

Image: A large, orange demon with blue wings and a long horn

Stats: Strong - Lightning/ Weak - Slash, Pierce, Holy

Strategy: Like the other demons, only worry about two attacks. He 
will either try to swoop down at you or launch a sphere of electricity 
forward if he stops in front of you. Best to stay under him or jump 
like crazy so he can't lock on for his elemental attack.

Drop: Indra's Light (2.3%)

Spell: Thunderbolt - Generate orbs of lightning

Soul: Red (2.8%) - Generate orbs of lightning

Name: Specter

Where: Chapter 6, 8

Description: An eternally wandering spirit, consumed by hatred

Image: A wraith holding a lantern. Tends to fade in and out of sight

Stats: Strong - Strike, Slash, Pierce/ Weak - Fire, Ice, Lightning, 
Petrify, Holy, Poison

Strategy: Fairly simple aspect. They just try to run into you. Simply 
hit them before they hit you.

Drop: None

Soul: Red (2.8%) - Throw lanterns

Name: MalachI

Where: Chapter 5, 6, 7

Description:  A pagan being from ancient times who strikes fear in 
anyone he meets

Image: A very strange looking creature. A green, beat-like body with 
a squid head. Has small brown wings.

Stats: Strong - Darkness/ Weak - Slash, Pierce, Holy, Poison

Strategy: This guy only has two attacks, one of which is much more 
scary. If you're too close, he simply tries to hit you.. Just dash 
back or jump when you see him wind up fro the punch. His other attack 
is MUCH tougher. He summons forth a strange and large ball of dark 
energy via a skull pentagram. Either double jump or if he's a little 
higher, duck. He moves forward with his itty-bitty wings sometimes 
but it's no biggy.

Drop: None

Spell: Nightmare - A concentrates mass of fear and agony born from 
the darkness

Soul: Red (2.3%) - Summon a dark sphere that spews magical energy

Name: Final Guard

Where: Chapter 6

Description: An elite warrior chosen to guard key areas in the castle

Image: An enormous, grey knight wielding a spike shield and a large 

Stats: Strong - Strike, Slash, Pierce, Fire, Ice, Lightning, Holy, 

Strategy: This guys is a DICK! His defense is massive, his attacks 
take names and you can't skip him. His attacks keep you running 
instead of attacking. But, that doesn't make him impossible to beat. 
Patience is key seeing that every attack, no matter what, will only 
deal one damage. That’s right, ONE!

Now then, his attacks use the sword and shield. The only defensive 
thing he has is when he puts the shield in front of him to guard from 
all attacks. Let's start with the large sword, shall we? The sword 
attacks in three ways. He either draws it back in front of him to 
stab, slams it down by swinging it over his head or stabbing the 
ground. The last one is trouble, sending a large fire wave in both 
directions. You just have to back off for the first two attacks, but 
the wave you have to double jump over.

As for the shield, It has two attacks, both of which is just shooting 
it forward on a chain. He will either take a knees and shoot it or 
take one step back. It's best to just retreat from both attacks, but 
you can duck under it when he just steps back. Avoid these attacks 
and just get in close for damage.

Drop: Ring Mail (5.3%)

Soul: Blue (1.3%) - Gain Iron-clad defense



These bad dudes are found at the end of the Core Chapters and are 
your targets. You beat them, you beat the level. They are even sweet 
enough to leave you a special, golden chest that have rare items in 
them at times. However, they are tough so gaining such gifts won’t 
be a walk in the park.

There will be a couple differences in these posts. For one, the 
strategies will be MUCH more longer due to the numerous attacks. These 
are all based on what I have experienced in the boss fights and isn’t 
what I call a “fluent boss guide.” Though I think I did a fine job, 
[please note that if this doesn’t help, there is another on the 
In-Depth section on Gamefaqs.

Another change is the Drop lists. Bosses drop golden chests that 
sometimes hold rare items. I am only listing said rare items since 
they are also known to drop normal items instead. I also include what 
difficulty they drop on and if they can only be obtained by certain 

Name: Gergoth

Where: Chapter 1

Description: A once-gentle beast, warped by magic and driven mad by 

Image: A large dinosaur-like creature. Has grey skin….. What’s left 
of it, and it’s rib cage shows. Half of a tail and wears golden anklets

Stats: Weak - Slash, Pierce, Ice

Strategy: You know how those beams of light try and hit you throughout 
the stage? Well, it’s time to put an end to them. But don’t think 
that because he is the first boss that he will be easy. This large 
beast will mess you up if you underestimate his attacks. Though slow, 
his attacks are wide ranged and strong. Best to use your speed to 
take out this brute.

There are a few attacks he has at first, more when he reaches “stage 
2”. First off, he likes to just walk forward a lot to try and squish 
you. Just hug the wall and duck to avoid any unneeded contact damage. 
He may also try to jump on top of you. Try your best to run or slide 
under him so you avoid this attack because his body gets too close 
to the ground afterwards for you to just back up. Then there is his 
strange “organ” attack. He slumps over for a few seconds before 
sending out his insides like spears. Simply go to the wall again and 
duck to dodge. Lastly (for now) is when he tries to suck up the air 
and bite you. This draws you in so if you time it right, you can slide 
before he bites and he will miss you completely. So aim for his body 
and head for damage. Hitting his feet does half damage, but will be 
useful once he falls after dealing so much damage. Once you hurt him 
enough, he will jump onto the floor and shatter it, making you both 
fall a few floors. His head will be stuck for a few seconds so use 
this time to get some hits on him if you can.

Now that he fell and is back on his feet, his attacks vary a bit more. 
Note that if you took a certain path, you may have to face quite a 
few monsters during battle. Best to make sure you get rid of them 
before the battle commences. You will see what I mean if you messed 
up. Anyways, Gergoth starts to get peeved. His beam attack will show 
up here and tries to blow you away. Just duck to dodge once you see 
him charge up. The only other new attack aside from that will be when 
he starts at the opposite side of the screen and try to slide his 
body towards you. Double jump over him quickly. If you have the double 
jump kick thingy (You know what I speak of right? You double jump, 
then hold down and press jump again to bounce off monsters. Yeah, 
that thing), use it.

While on the second level, aim for his anklets if you can. I know 
what you’re thinking, “But Zero, that only does ½ damage! Why in the 
world would I wanna do that?” Well, if you attack them enough, they 
break off. Then, when you attack, it does DOUBLE damage! Personally, 
that rocks my socks and it helps greatly if you wanna be rid of him 

Drop: Normal - Hercules Ring, Spiked Boots, Blue Knuckles (Alucard), 
Daybreak (Alucard)/ Hard - Tough Ring, Combo Boots, Mjollnjr (Soma), 
Spiked Armor (Whip Wielders)

Soul: Red (0.3%) - Fire devastating laser beams

Name: Puppet Master

Where: Chapter 2

Description: The cursed king of dolls and master of manipulating 

Image: A large, deformed, male doll head with yellow eyes. Mostly 
brown in color with sharp teeth and four arms

Stats: Weak - Strike, Fire, Holy

Strategy: Though this guys only has a few attacks, he is a VERY tough 
boss. As you go through Chapter two, you will notice Iron Maidens, 
which are bloodied-up coffins with spikes in them. Stepping into them 
is a TERRIBLE idea since they trap you and deal a butt-load of damage. 
As you go by them, you may notice moveable crates next to them. It 
is VERY IMPORTANT to block these off by pushing the crates in front 
of them. I will explain later why this must be done. Also, if you 
bump into a room full of dolls with a stack of four Bone Pillars, 
do NOT slay them. Another important element in battling the puppet 

Once you enter his room, you will notice two Iron Maidens there, one 
on each side of him. Of course, don’t go in them. Don’t worry about 
his arms because they don’t to contact damage. First thing to do is 
jump over the Iron Maiden and start hitting him. Now for the attacks. 
I will start with the least threatening attack, his dolls. If he 
screams and opens his mouth, quite a few dolls pop out. Don’t let 
them touch you because they can curse you. Aim for them when they 
summon out, hit them once to kill them, then go back to attacking 

Next is the WORST attack. He will start rambling on about needing 
only a puppet. When he does, pay attention to his lower arms. He seems 
to summon a green puppet into his hand. As soon as it forms, HIT IT! 
It takes three hits (five on hard) to destroy them. Do it quickly 
though because if you don’t, he put it in the Iron Maiden and replaces 
it with YOU! On Hard, this BLOWS and even on normal, it takes out 
A LOT of HP. So definitely be sure to kill it before turning your 
attention back to the Puppet Master.

Lastly, he will start moving about the level veeeeery slowly. Why? 
Because he knows that if he stands in one place the entire time, he 
will get owned. While he does, he summons out one of his curse dolls 
every time he moves (two on hard mode). This is when the crate trick 
comes in handy. He is actually aiming for another Iron Maiden on the 
level to pull that dumb puppet swap move. If you block off all of 
the maidens with crates near them, he will only have access to three 
of them: one above his room, one to the left and one under it. Get 
ahead of him once you see which way he is going. If you don’t, it 
will be nearly impossible to reach the doll to attack it in time. 
If he goes for the lower one, go left into the large doll room and 
head down and to the right to beat him there. To get back up, use 
the Bone Pillars I told you not to touch. Having many players helps 
here by simply giving them certain maidens to guard. As long as you 
set it up right, you can win this nonsense.

Drop: Normal - Holbein Dagger (Alucard), Muramasa (Alucard, Soma)/ 
Hard - Thief Ring, Healing Mail (Jonathan, Shanoa, Julius, Richter, 
Getsu Fuma)

Soul: Red (0.3%) - Throw a puppet and switch places with it

Name: Menace

Where: Chapter 3

Description: A humongous amalgamation of powerful demons

Image: Starts out in a folded up ball thing made of bone. Becomes 
ENORMOUS after it stands. Has three red faces and skeletal armor

Stats: Weak - Holy

Strategy: Though best to have a few people for this chapter, this 
big guy isn’t possible alone. However, you have to set things up for 
him. After circling the entire map, be sure to use the switch on the 
left side to move the golden bridge/gate to the right. You will need 
this to reach his face. B sure NOT to touch the switch on the top 
pf the level until he is standing in the middle of the map. Lastly, 
be sure to be rid of any enemies above him so they don’t interfere. 
Once that is all set up, wake him up by hitting him. Depending on 
your character, you MAY get stepped on a bit as he knocks out 
everything in the middle of the level. Just hang in there until you 
can back off.

You will soon notice that if you attack his legs, arms or body, it 
only does one damage. This is because his red faces on his chest, 
knee and head are his sweet spots. Ignore the chest seeing that it’s 
a pain to hit. For the knee, attack it while he stands still. This 
is hard though without homing attacks. That is what the switch is 
for on the top of the level. Use it to send a huge hammer swinging 
and knock him on his large butt. The knee will be much easier to hit 
then but try to take it out as he is laying there. You can set the 
hammer back up, but you have to hit the gear that it’s attached to 
and that takes FOREVER.

Once you take out the knees, head for the bridge you moved to the 
right and get on top of it to attack his face. His attacks are simple 
to dodge if you pay attention. He either tries to step on you or kick 
you when you are below. Simply retreat if he draws back to kick or 
go in between his legs to dodge his steps. Doing this actually helps 
with hitting his knees since it is a bit lower and closer. If you 
attack his face, he will try to punch you. If you are Shanoa, this 
isn’t a problem (I actually suggest her for this boss). Use your 
Magnus magic to shoot up and dodge his arm before kicking his face 
in some more. Other than that, prepare for a beating >_< Lastly, he 
summons annoying flesh-eating things that try to ram you. Low health 
so get rid of them when they get too close for comfort.

Drop: Normal - Heaven Sword (Alucard), Slick Boots, Lapiste (Shanoa), 
Pneuma (Shanoa)/ Hard - Lapiste (Shanoa), Pneuma (Shanoa), Chaos 
Ring, Nebula

Soul: None

Name:  Brauner

Where: Chapter 4

Description: An artist who became a vampire and renounced humanity

Image: A grey vampire with a purple/blue outfit and blood-red eyes

Stats: Strong - Darkness/ Weak - Slash, Pierce, Holy

Strategy: This chatter box of a vampire has quite the arsenal where 
dodging is key. His Blood Art attacks will have you running about 
like a maniac, giving you little time to attack. But don’t worry, 
there are ways to dodge his attacks. Let’s start with the blood lines, 
shall we? He will say “Blood Art Technique” and start drawing a 
pattern behind him. Pay attention to this because this pattern will 
appear on the screen on a much larger scale. However, this attack 
only goes where you were standing when he spoke. If you simply move 
away a bit, you will dodge it. The drawing will stay there for a while 
unless you attack it. The blood will vanish and give you more room 
to work with.

Then comes the raining blood. No worries though. Soon after he draws, 
he will raise his hand and say “This is art!” Just stay back when 
he does this since it only showers around him. Right after this 
though, he summons a painting, saying “You shall become my 
masterpiece!”. This painting will become one of three things, each 
with their own status effect (lame right?). First is a bunch of black 
heads with one eye. They can easily be destroyed but move quite a 
bit as they come towards you. They will turn you to stone if one hits 
you. Another would be two large, grey demons that rush at you. Simply 
double jump over the first one and you will dodge the one that rushes 
above you. On hard, best to use the jump kick to reach the ground 
faster so the one above doesn’t hit you. These cause curse on contact. 
Last are two, large green things that move like cogs. Back off a bit 
and wait for the time to run in between the strange creature that 
comes your way while the other goes off the other way. Try sliding 
on hard because they spin faster. These ugly things will poison you 
if hit.

Now that you have dodged his annoying “works of art”, he will do one 
of two things. Either start up with his Blood Art crap again or go 
inside a large painting. If he goes into the painting, he will begin 
encircling the room in a horizontal figure-eight pattern. He does 
tend to stop for a moment and try to swoop at you. Best to slide or 
jump but it’s hard to tell how he is going attack so just run away 
and try you best to catch if he will swoop high or low before he hits 
you. After a couple times around the room, he will settle at the 
opposite side of the room from where he started and begin doing his 
Blood Art.

Sounds like a royal pain, right? It is, trust me. It’s best to stay 
away until he tries to draw his pattern. He will miss if you rush 
at him and you can hit him a few times. Retreat to dodge his “art” 
and take out the blood lines as you do for more room. If he goes into 
his painting, he is vulnerable to attacks. Hit him when he summons 
the large painting and wait for him to start settling to get a lot 
of hits in. This guy will take practice, but you can do it!

Drop: Normal - Gold Ring, Olrox’s Suit (Alucard, Soma), Lapiste 
(Shanoa), Pneuma (Shanoa)/ Hard - Alucard Sword (Alucard), Gungner 

Soul: Blue (0.3%) - Draw swaths in the air with cursed paint

Name: Death

Where: Chapter 5

Description: Dracula’s confidant

Image: We all have a good feeling on what this bad boy looks like. 
Half of a floating skeleton that wields a large scythe and has a green 
and red cloak.

Stats: Strong - Darkness/ Weak - Holy

Strategy: The first time you see Death won’t be in his room. He becomes 
transparent and floats about the center of the castle as he tries 
to send a barrage of scythes at you which are indeed destroyable. 
You can go right through him while in this state and is only annoying. 
If you move the beams of light found near the beginning of the stage 
and at the bottom of the clock tower he guards to touch each other, 
it will create a glowing sphere. Let him bump into it on his own and 
it will make him leave.

The REAL fight begins once you reach his chambers. As you fight, small 
sickles will appear and slow come towards you. Definitely not the 
biggest threat. He too can summon sickles like that from his hand 
in a barrage. Much like in the clock tower but quite a few more. Swipe 
at them or use a shield to dodge. Another thing he can summon are 
six larger sickles, three on each side of you. Slide underneath the 
lowest one and get a bit of distance. Duck under the first two that 
move and jump over the last. Be warned though because Death likes 
to be a troll and float above you when you jump over the last one 

These other two are more difficult to dodge. The first is simple,  
but effective. He will quickly float high into the air and try to 
swipe down at you with a fast drop. As soon as you see him go up, 
either keep moving or slide to dodge. The other hard attack to dodge 
will be when he summons forth three, red spirits that encircle him 
and slowly increase their radius. It’s very easy to dodge if you just 
run away but this is also the only time to get in and do damage since 
he doesn’t move. Try to slide into the circle as a spirit goes by 
so you can have some one-on-one time to get some damage in. Other 
than that, watch your jumps and try to hit him as he floats about 
the room.

Drop: Either difficulty - Masamune (Alucard, Soma), Milican’s Sword

Spell: Deathscythe - Summon the Grim Reaper’s scythe

Soul: Blue (0.3%) - Summon the Grim Reaper’s Scythe to attack enemies

Name: Dracula

Where: Chapter 6

Description: The true master of the castle

Image: All of his forms are from Symphony of the Night (SOTN). For 
those who don’t know what they are, his first form is him with a black 
and red cape. His second is a large, green demon with horns. His third 
is him sitting on a large, demonic throne with enormous, red wings 
and large, black hands. Seems to be made up of many demons.

Stats: Strong - Darkness/ Weak - Holy

Strategy: Dun dun duuuuuuuuuun. Dracula isn’t happy of your presence 
and is prepared to PWN YOU! You are insane if you think this is gonna 
be an easy fight. His three forms give him a massive amount of health 
and his attacks are more than strong enough to wipe out an army. You 
better hope you have a Super Potion and some awesome equipment because 
otherwise, you’ll be kissing the floor within minutes.

Let’s start with his first, original form. He likes to teleport A 
LOT in this form. He has three basic moves when he does come into 
vision. One of them is when lifts the back of his cape and launches 
some fire balls. These vary in number and go forward like a wall. 
Either double jump or block them. Next are his meteors that he shoots 
out when opens the front of his cape. They have a pattern of top, 
bottom, top, bottom. Duck under the higher ones and jump over the 
lower ones. Lastly are his pillars of flame that he summons underneath 
your feet. Better move when you see them forming under you. Once you 
do enough damage to him by attack his upper body (only way to hurt 
him), he will combine the meteor attack with his pillar attack. Better 
keep a level head. Go in between two of the flame pillars and dodge 
the meteors like you normally would. Best way to defeat this form: 
wait for him to appear, then jump behind him so his attacks don’t 
hit. You can get plenty of hits in this way.

Once he takes enough damage, he will spread his arms and yell “Give 
me power!!!” He will then transform into a large, green demon. New 
form means new attacks. I suggest keeping close to a wall due to this. 
One of his moves is that he shoots a fire ball onto the ground and 
causes a large, fire wave. Double jump over it to dodge. Next is his 
jumping attack. He will fold his arms a bit before jumping into the 
air so he can travel to the other side of the room. Run away and stay 
to a wall when you see this because going underneath him is a bad 
idea. He shoots down green balls of energy as he does that will poison 
you. His third attack is the curse attack that Dullahan uses, except 
he summons five spirits instead of one. If he is far away and 
un-seeable or barely seeable, you can hug a wall to get out of range. 
If not, then keep on moving and sliding to try and doge these homing 
attacks. Last is his most powerful attack which he steals from 
Gergoth, the first boss. He will charge up a beam in his mouth once 
he stands in the center of the room. Once it becomes a whole ball 
in his mouth, double jump HIGH to dodge his angled attack. Hug the 
wall you are at when this happens so you land on floor rather than 
a beam of death.

The third and final form is VERY tough due to it’s figure. The hands 
can do contact damage and you need to get by them to attack Dracula, 
who is sitting in the center. In order to reach him, either slide 
under his hands to get in close, use spells from afar that can loop 
around his hands or wait for his hands to enclose so you can reach 
him from the side. He has A LOT of attacks in this form so be careful. 
Again, choose a wall and hug it like it’s you buddy.

First off, if you are far away, he tends to swing one of his hands 
to make him move towards you. Duck to dodge or just back off. He tends 
to start glowing blue when he starts getting hit too much. When he 
is like this, he guards against EVERYTHING. That being said, just 
stay away and dodge attacks until he is normal again. Those are the 
simple things though. But don’t get too cozy. It’s his spells that 
you have to fear in this battle.

The first thing I should tell you about is his “rainbow triangles”. 
The three heads surrounding his throne shoot out and form a large 
triangle. Soon after that, they will start shooting triangles at you, 
them slowly shrinking. If he is very far away, no biggy. They vanish. 
This is rare though so hug a wall when you see it form. Wait for three 
of them shoot out at you, then quickly double jump as high as you 
can. Others will shoot at you while in the air but you will fall to 
dodge them. Dodge the last one or two by jumping over them like before. 
Remember this, for this attack does a lot of damage, especially if 
it starts juggling you about.

Then comes the pentagrams he forms. He has three colors: blue, red 
and white. If it becomes blue, slide directly under him. He will 
create streams of blue energy all over the place that burst soon after 
forming. The attack doesn’t go under him though. Then comes the red 
pentagrams. When you see this, one of two things will happen. He will 
either shoot a fireball down onto the ground, creating a wave of 
flames. As before, double jump. If he does the spell and nothing 
happens for a moment, hug a wall and prepare to slide across the entire 
floor. He summons the flame pillars from before, but they lock on 
everywhere you go. Just slide when you see one forming underneath 
you to get out of their way. Last, but certainly not least, is the 
white pentagram which uses his infamous attack, Demonic Megiddo. This 
attack takes name, kicks ass and just rapes all who decide to get 
in it’s way. If you see the white pentagram, RUN FOR THE WALL!!! This 
causes too much damage for you to hesitate. He creates a large 
explosion of darkness around him.

Oh laaaaadies, you get a LOVELY attack just for you. Sweet, isn’t 
he? Sometimes when he starts to use a spell, hearts will pop out 
instead. Laugh now, but these suckers shoot in ALL directions and 
are hard to dodge. If a female character is hit by this seductive 
move, they will aid Dracula by trying to attack the other players! 
Guys, if this is a problem, you have two options: be nice and run 
while dodging Dracula’s wrath or killing them and bringing them back 
with a Water of Life. If you run though, it’s best to duck at a corner 
and hope that Dracula’s next attack doesn’t involve too much moving. 
If you are alone and have a female character, pray you don’t get hit 
(which will happen regardless of which God you pray to) because you 
will just stand there while Dracula continues on with his onslaught.

On hard mode, his first form isn’t much more different. His second 
form changes a bit though since it’s curse attack goes faster and 
is a bit more difficult to maneuver around. His final form definitely 
changes some though. He adds one more fire attack by summoning several 
pillars and shooting lighting horizontally above you. Simply get 
between the flames and DON’T JUMP to do it. Then comes Demonic 
Megiddo. As he is readying this attack, three pillars of flames will 
block each wall off. See the problem? No where to run right? Well 
if you simply duck next to the flames and wait for them to vanish, 
you can slide and just BARELY dodge the god-like attack.

If you are awesome enough, the screen will shake and zoom out after 
dealing the final blow. Dracula will turn into bats and fly off as 
always, signifying his defeat. Once you get the awesome item he leaves 
behind, the credits roll. Congrats! You beat the game!…… Story-wise 
at least.

Drop: Normal - Satan’s Ring, Vorpal Blade (Alucard), Mercury Boots/ 
Hard - Valmanway (Alucard, Soma), Claimh Solais (Soma), Winged Boots, 
Impervious Mail, Ancient Armor, Minerva Mail (Shanoa), Dracula’s 
Tunic (Alucard, Soma), Simon’s Plate (Whip wielders)

Spell: Ghost Chaser - Unleash a vengeful spirit, Hellfire - Shoot 
three flames at once, Dark Inferno - Launch a torrent of magical power

Soul: Red (0.3%) - Launch a torrent of magical power



I would like to list a number of people that made all of this possible. 
Without them, I wouldn’t have the passion nor drive to make the 
bestiary for all to use. Anyone who helps with spell checks, info 
help, etc. will also be mentioned as a special thanks from me.

- Konami for their amazing imagination and ideas. May this gaming 
company continue to make more amazing Castlevania games for future 
generations, and myself, to enjoy for years to come.

- The Castlevania Wiki helped greatly when it came to making this 
bestiary. I would like to thank all who took part in helping to make 
such a large number to statistics. This would have taken MUCH longer 
without their help.

- My friends James (Spooner) and Steve (Chewy) helped me quite a bit 
when it came down to the strategies and idea on how to make this FAQ 
easier for people to read.

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