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Rift Beast
     Nekton - New Bodhum 3 AF
     Clione - Oerba 200 AF
     Pleuston - Academia 500 AF/New Bodhum 700 AF
     Meonokton - New Bodhum 3 AF
     Chelicerata - Oerba 200AF
     Pantopoda - Academia 500AF/New Bodhum 700 AF
     Gogmagog - New Bodhum 3AF
     Gogmagog - New Bodhum 3AF
     Gogmagog - A Dying World 700AF
     Aloeidai - Yaschas Massif 10AF
     Pacos Amethyst - Academia 500AF
     Pacos Luvulite - Academia 500AF

Feral Creature
     Silver Lobo - Archylte Steppe ???AF - Sunny, East
     Gorgonopsid - New Bodhum 3AF
     Uridimmu - Bresha Ruins 5AF
     Managarmr - Academia 500AF
     Ugallu - Yaschas Massif 110AF
     Albino Lobo - Bresha Ruins 5AF
     Bloodfang Bass - Oerba 300AF
     Breshan Bass - Oerba 300AF
     Hedge Frog - Archylte Steppe ???AF - Sunny/Rain, West
     Mud Frog - Archylte Steppe ???AF - Sunny/Rain, West
     Ceratosaur - Sunleth Waterscape 300AF
     Ceratoraptor - Sunleth Waterscape 300AF
     Spiceacilian - New Bodhum 3AF
     Tabasco Toad - New Bodhum 3AF
     Pitterpatter - Yaschas Massif 100AF
     Chunerpeton - Yaschas Massif 110AF
     Gremlin - Bresha Ruins 5AF
     Garchimacera - Bresha Ruins 5AF
     Imp - Yaschas Massif 110AF
     Ahriman - Yaschas Massif 100AF
     Bamapama - Academia 500AF
     Mimi - Academia 500AF
     Fachan - Sunleth Waterscape 300AF
     Unsaganashi - Sunleth Waterscape 300AF
     Amanojaku - Bresha Ruins 5AF
     Notsugo - Bresha Ruins 5AF
     Apotamkin - A Dying World 700AF
     Yaksha - Vile Peaks 10AF
     Yakshini - Vile Peaks 10AF
     Gandayaks - Yaschas Massif 10AF
     Vodianoi - Archylte Steppe ???AF - Cloudy, South-East
     Shaguma - Vile Peaks 10AF
     Gahongas - Yaschas Massif 10AF
     Samovira - Archylte Steppe ???AF - Cloudy, South-East
     Haguma - Vile Peaks 10AF
     Barbed Specter - Archylte Steppe ???AF
     Triffid - Archylte Steppe ???AF
     Clematis - Yaschas Massif 100AF
     Dendrobium - Bresha Ruins 5AF
     Mandrake - Yaschas Massif 10AF
     Necrosis - Yaschas Massif 1XAF
     Navidon - Archylte Steppe ???AF
     Bunkerbeast - Yaschas Massif 100AF
     Calautidon - Sunleth Waterscape 300AF
     Crawler - Yaschas Massif 100AF
     Caterchipillar - Archylte Steppe - Sunny/Rain, West
     Sarracenia - New Bodhum 3AF
     Spiranthes - Yaschas Massif 10AF
     Exoray - New Bodhum 3AF
     Svarog - Bresha Ruins 5AF
     Vouivre - Archylte Steppe ???AF - Sunny, maybe Cloud? East
     Kanna Kamuy - Yaschas Massif 110AF
     Deathgaze - Yaschas Massif 100AF
     Illuyankes - Sunleth Waterscape 400AF
     Xolotl - Academia 500AF
     Miquiztli - Academia 500AF
     Tezcatlipoca - Academia 500AF
     Long Gui - Archylte Steppe ???AF - Sunny,East
     Flanbanero - Sunleth Waterscape300AF
     Seeping Brie - Sunleth Waterscape 400AF
     Flangonzola - Archylte Steppe ???AF - Sunny or Rain, East
     Flandit - Sunleth Waterscape 300AF
     Garganzola - A Dying World 700AF
     Miniflan - Sunleth Waterscape 300AF
     Blue Miniflan - Sunleth Waterscape 400AF
     Yellow Miniflan - Sunleth Waterscape 400AF
     Black Miniflan - Sunleth Waterscape 400AF
     Pink Miniflan - Sunleth Waterscape 400AF
     Mutantomato - Sunleth Waterscape 300AF
     Royal Ripeness - Sunleth Waterscape 300AF
     Royal Ripeness - Sunleth Waterscape 300AF
     Feral Behemoth - Yaschas Massif 10AF
     Greater Behemoth - Augusta Tower 200AF
     Reaver - Archylte Steppe ???AF - Sunny, East
     Zaghnal - Oerba 400AF
     Narasimha - Yaschas Massif 01X
     Goblin - Archylte Steppe ???AF
     Goblin Chieftan - Archylte Steppe ???AF
     Munchkin - Bresha Ruins 300AF
     Munchkin Maestro - Bresha Ruins 300AF
     Moblin - Archylte Steppe ???AF
     Major Moblin - Archylte Steppe ???AF
     Buccaboo - Archylte Steppe ???AF
     Buccaboo Ace - Archylte Steppe ???AF
     Gancanagh - Archylte Steppe ???AF
     Gancanagh Ace - Archylte Steppe ???AF
     Oannes - Sunleth Waterscape 300AF
     Swampmonk - Archylte Steppe ???AF - Rainy? West
     Apkallu - Academia 500AF
     Sahagin Prince - Sunleth Waterscape 300AF
     Ochu - Archylte Steppe ???AF - Rainy, West
     Microchu - Archylte Steppe ???AF - Sunny/Rainy, West
     Cactuar - Archylte Steppe ???AF - Sunny, East
     Giant Cactuar - Let Cactuar live, and he'll grow into it eventually
     Metallicactuar - New Bodhum 700AF
     Cactuaroni - Cactuaroni - Cloudy, East
     Flowering Cactuar - Flowering Cactuar - Sunny, East
     Gigantuar - Archylte Steppe ???AF - Spawns from Cactuar Statues
     Metal Gigantuar - Archylte Steppe ???AF - Sunny/Rain? Rare Encounter
     Tonberry - Bresha Ruins 300AF
     Don Tonberry - Bresha Ruins 100AF
     Cait Sith - Bresha Ruins 5AF
     Mewmao - Archylte Steppe ???AF
     Schrodinger - Academia 500AF
     Forked Cat - Oerba 400AF
     Chocobo - Archylte Steppe ???AF - Sunny/Rain
     White Chocobo - Oerba 300AF
     Black Chocobo - Vile Peaks 10AF
     Blue Chocobo - Archylte Steppe ???AF - Sunny/Rain
     Red Chocobo - Archylte Steppe ???AF - Sunny/Rain
     Green Chocobo - Yaschas Massif 100AF
     Purple Chocobo - Bresha Ruins 300AF
     Faeryl - Archylte Steppe ???AF - Sunny, South-east

Militarized Unit
     Orion - Augusta Tower 200AF
     Viking - Vile Peaks 200AF
     Yeoman - Academia 500AF
     Fencer - Academia 400AF
     Dragoon - Augusta Tower 200AF
     Lancer - Vile Peaks 200AF
     Thexteron - Augusta Tower 300AF
     Luminous Puma - Augusta Tower 200AF
  Zwerg Droid
     Zwerg Scandroid - Oerba 200AF
     Zwerg Merodroid - Augusta Tower 200AF
     Koboldroid Yin - Academia 400AF
     Koboldroid Yang - Vile Peaks 200AF
     Vespid - Vile Peaks 200AF
     Vespid Soldier - Augusta Tower 200AF
     Frag Leech - Oerba 200AF
     Lucidon - Oerba 200AF
     Thermadon - Augusta Tower 200AF
     Flanitor - Augusta Tower 200AF
     Flanborg - Augusta Tower 300AF
     Proto-Behemoth - Academia 500AF
     Garuda - Vile Peaks 200AF
     Kalavinka - Bresha Ruins 100AF
     Pink Lily - Oerba 300AF
     Paradox Alpha - Bresha Ruins 5AF
     Atlas - Bresha Ruins 5AF
     Atlas - Bresha Ruins 5AF

Ancient Automata
  Pulsework Soldier
     Pulsework Soldier - New Bodhum 3AF
     Pulsework Knight - Bresha Ruins 5AF
     Pulsework Gladiator - Archylte Steppe ???AF - Cloudy South-east
  Combat Engineer
     Hoplite - Bresha Ruins 5AF
     Testudo - Archylte Steppe ???AF - Cloudy South-east
     Scutari - Archylte Steppe ???AF - Cloudy South-east
     Immortal - Archylte Steppe ???AF
     Centurion Blade - Archylte Steppe ???AF
     Bomb - Vile Peaks 10AF
     Circuitron - Bresha Ruins 300AF
     Cryohedron - Vile Peaks 10AF
     Cloudburst - Archylte Steppe ???AF - Cloudy, South-east
     Tempest - Bresha Ruins 100AF
     Debris - Archylte Steppe ???AF - Cloudy, South-east
     Grenade - Oerba 400AF
     Dreadnought - Vile Peaks 10AF

  Shambling Cie'th
     Ghoul - Academia 400AF
     Ghast - Bresha Ruins 5AF
     Strigoi - A Dying World 700AF
     Taxim - Academia 400AF
     Vampire - Archylte Steppe ???AF - Stormy, South East, or East, not sure
     Geiseric - Academia 400AF
     Fomoire - Archylte Steppe ???AF - Stormy, Western Area
     Wladislaus - Archylte Steppe ???AF - Stormy, South East Area
     Malebranche - Archylte Steppe ???AF - Stormy, South East Area
  Winged Cie'th
     Nelapsi - Academia 400AF
     Varcolaci - Archylte Steppe ???AF - Stormy, Western Area?
     Chonchon - Oerba 200AF
     Cocytus - Academia 400AF
  Unusual Cie'th
     Ispusteke - Archylte Steppe ???AF - Stormy, Western Area
     Seeker - Oerba 200AF
     Yomi - Archylte Steppe ???AF - Stormy, South-east platform
     Zenobia - Academia 400AF
     Vaballathus - Academia 400AF
     Gorgrya - Yaschas Massif 01XAF
     Raspatil - Oerba 400AF

     Caius Ballad
     Caius Ballad
     Caius Ballad
     Caius Ballad
     Caius Ballad
     Caius Ballad
     Caius Ballad
     Caius Ballad
     Proto Fal'Cie Adam - Augusta Tower 200AF
     Right Manipulator - Augusta Tower 200AF
     Left Manipulator - Augusta Tower 200AF
     Proto Fal'Cie Adam - Augusta Tower 200AF
     Right Manipulator - Augusta Tower 200AF
     Left Manipulator - Augusta Tower 200AF
     Proto Fal'Cie Adam - Augusta Tower 200AF
     Right Manipulator - Augusta Tower 200AF
     Left Manipulator - Augusta Tower 200AF
     Proto Fal'Cie Adam - Augusta Tower 200AF
     Right Manipulator - Augusta Tower 200AF
     Left Manipulator - Augusta Tower 200AF
     Chaos Bahamut
     Twilight Odin - Vile Peaks 200AF
  Winged Chaos
     Jet Bahamut
     Garnet Bahamut
     Amber Bahamut

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