Better Players And Cheaper Pros. - Guide for Madden NFL 08

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Okay, we've all drafted some pretty lame players over the years. Well a few tricks 
work like this:
First, save your game in advance of Super Bowl weekend. Then skip through 
everything until you get to draft day. Skip through the draft, then review all the 
players listed as "Rookie". See where all of them were drafted (i. e . ! St Round, 5th 
Pick or 4th Round 26th Pick). Try to draft the players you really want just before 
those spots come up in the draft order. 
Second, as far as positions go, wide receiver and cornerbacks are the easier ones to 
pick guys for. Find someone with speed, good agility and good acceleration. You 
can't teach speed, so get someone that fits the speed you want. Then teach them to 
catch (or jump) during the Training Camp drills for WRs and DBs. As for RBs, it all 
comes down to personal favorites, big and slow power backs or slick speed guys. QBs 
are a matter of arm strength and accuracy. Forget about Awareness, as they will get 
better if they are on a winning team. O-line I like guys with good balance at speed, 
strength, acceleration and awareness. 

Another cheat is all about the money. You will have player's contracts expiring all the 
time, and you want to save a little dough. The easiest way to do this is to cheat your 
best players out of their hard earned millions. The quickest way to get the guy you 
want from free agency or shave a few zeros from the paycheck is to change the 
players position to something they are much less qualified to do. Make your star 
runningback a middle linebacker and his overall rating will plummet. This usually means 
that he'll want a much smaller contract, sometimes even League minimum. Turn that 
defensive lineman pro-bowler into a third string offensive tackle, and he becomes 
much cheaper. 
A note of caution though, some players will take their change of position as an insult 
and lose some of their overall rating or become a "Team Distraction", others will still 
demand top dollar. Also, the original position of a player will limit what other positions 
he can be moved into. A linebacker cannot become a QB, and kickers and punters 
can only kick or punt, so keep an eye on who can move where and how it alters his 
overall rating. 
Here's to saving millions on your roster!

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