Biggorons Sword - Guide for The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time

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As an adult, go to kakariko village and talk to the cucco girl. She will give you an 
egg. When the egg hatches find Talon in one of the houses and wake him up. Go back 
to the girl and get cojiro. Go to the lost woods and you'll find a wierd lookin guy 
propped up against a tree trunk. Give him cojiro in return he will give you a 
mushroom. Take that mushroom to the old hag in the potion shop at kakariko village. 
she'll give you a potion. Go back to where that wierd lookin guy was and give the 
potion to the little girl (she is standing where the wierd guy was sitting). the 
girl will give you the poachers saw. Take this to the carpenter near gerudo valley 
(you need epona in order to jump across the broken bridge unless it is already 
fixed). He'll give a broken sword. You take the broken sword to the big goron on top 
of death mountain. He'll give you a prescription and you have to take it to king 
zora. if you haven't already unfroze him, you need the blue fire to thaw him. King 
zora will give you frog eyeballs. You need to take these eyeballs to the professor 
in lake hylia. He'll give you the eyedrops. take these eyedrops to the top of death 
mountain and give them to the big goron. play the suns song six times and then give 
him the claim check. 

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