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                           Runescape Quest Walkthroughs
                            (Black Knight's Fortress)

   Items Needed: Iron Chain Mail, Bronze Medium Helmet, and 1 cabbage.

   Requirements: 12 quest points, ability to kill or rune from lvl 31 Black

   Starting Point: Go to Falador Castle on the second floor and talk to Sir Amik 
   1. Once done talking to Sir Amik Varze, head to the cabbage feild near Monastery
   If u need to pick a cabbage.

   2. After u pick your cabbage, head west of Monastery to Black Knight's Fortress.

   3. Put your Iron Chain Mail and Bronze Medium Helmet on, then go in the sothwest 

   4. Push the walk North of you as soon as you get in.

   5. Go up both ladders, then just south a bit u go down that ladder, proceed east
   two rooms and climb up another ladder.Then climb down ladder east of you.You will
   be attacked by Black Knight's. Kill them or run from them and go to the ladder 
   and climb down it.Follow a narrow path southeast untill you find a grill and use

   6. Go back down the wall where u fist entered the fortress  and enter the east
   door.A guard will stop you, tell him you dont care you are going in anyway.Go
   up the ladder to the North,follow the path southeast,push the wall,and enter the
   7. Use the cabbage in the hole to stop there plan.

   8. Head back to the White Knight's Castle in Falador,talk to Sir Akim Varze to 
   receive you reward.

   Reward: 2,500 Gold Pieces and 3 quest points.

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