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Blades Quests 1-4

Note: the blades quests are the main game and I suggest that although these that im 
presenting here are relatively easy the other blades quests get increasingly harder 
and you should probably get as much expirience as possable via the factions.

Blades quest #1-Hasphat Antabolis: Caius Cosades wants you to get information on the 
sixth house and nerevarine cults. In this first quest he asks you to get this 
information from Haspat Antabolis, located in the lower floor of the fighters guild. 
Talk to him about either cult and he’ll ask you to do a favor for him first. He 
wants you to get a dwemer puzzlebox from arkingthand. A dwemer ruin in the area. To 
get there simply leave balamora from the south (the gate near the silt strider) and 
then turn west toward fort moonmoth. when you come to the crossroads head left (if 
you see fort moonmoth you went the wrong way). Youll soon see two more paths. one 
going up a hill and the other continues your current course. go up the hill and you 
should see a bridge. Head across and at the end youll see a man. He’ll attack you 
and summon a skeleton. ignore the skeleton and kill him quikly because the monster 
will dissapear. Continue up the hill until you see the ruins. The door is closed. 
From the bridge you should have seen a crank to your left. its useable and itll open 
the door. youll find yourself in a huge cavern. Climb down to the floor and look to 
your west for a way up to the second floor on the other side. once up a door to 
yourleft should lead to the cells of the hollow hand. inside a man will attack you. 
kill him. turn to your right and on the second shelf the puzzle box should be 
there.head back to Hasphat and give him the box he’ll give you some notes for caius. 
bring them to the spymaster and he’ll have another quest for you.
ARKNGTHAND: if you have a relatively tough character you could seach this ruin to 
its full extent. trinkets and weapons pop up in smugglers crates and the like. a few 
obsticles may be in you way(like lava) but if you have a level 3-4+ warrior type or 
5-6+ anything else you could find many riches here.
Blades Quest #2 Muzgrob: Hasphats information only covered the 6th house not the 
nerevarine. Caius wants you to go to Muzgrub,an alchamist on the bottom floor of the 
mages guild. She to wants a favor from you. She asks you to get the skull of Llevule 
Andrano. As a little gift she gives you a nice enchanted shortsword to kill the 
immune-to normal-weapons tomb dwellers. Only ghosts are immune to normal weapons in 
this tomb but theres enough of them to go around. the Llevule Andrano tomb lies 
between the road to sedya neen and pelagiad. if you ask around the mages in the 
guild will point at her being a necromancer but they have no proof. theres a copy of 
the book legions of the dead in a chest and if confronted with this shell teach you 
a summon ancetral ghost spell to keep a lid on you little secret. once at the tomb 
search around. the skull is next to a dagger in a room guarded by a lesser 
bonewalker. return to her to get the info and go to caius to complete the quest. 
he’ll bump you up a rank and if you ask about “blades apprentice” he’ll  give you a 
little something for your troubles.
Blades Quest #3 Vivic: Caius wants you to get information on the cults from 3 people 
in vivic and gives you directions to help you remember who they are. These people 
are Addhiranirr, a khajiit, Huleeya, an argonian, and mehra milo, a dark elf 
librarian. Only a few people know of addhiranirrs location. shes in the underworks 
in the St.Olms canton. Ask around if you need help but only a few people know.there 
are a few ways to get to the underworks but the easiest is to go to the canalworks
(via the waistworks) and go down the trapdoors there. you may see a woman in front 
of a door dressed in steel armor. ignore her and dont go in the door. a sleeper base 
lies there(you may have encountered such crazed dagoth ur worshippers before but 
they, unlike the people in the base, werent hostile) and unless you have a level 6-8 
character it may be the only base you ever see. if you do see the base you can look 
STRAIT AT THE DOOR  and go right and then left through the tunnel. once out of it 
addhiranirr is there.she is hiding from a census and excise agent named Duvianos 
Platorios and wants you to get rid of her. you may have talked to him before (I cant 
remember or not but he may be wearing a dress.. I tend to block these things out) in 
the waistworks. if not just head the way you came or if you didnt come from the 
waistwroks.. up and tell him  that little addhi has left and he may be able to catch 
her. return to her and shell give you some notes. 1 down... The next informant is 
huleeya and (thankfully) he isnt hiding but is just kind of stuck.  hes in the black 
shalk cornerclub in the forign quarter canton. hes been surrounded by some dunmer 
and if he tries to leave itll start a fight.huleeya wants you to talk to the thugs 
and have them let him leave without a fight. Raise their disposition as high as you 
can make it/afford through persuasion. at least 55+ id say and talk to them about.. 
dirty lizard or something to have them let huleeya pass. now just cross the  canton 
into the opposite hallway and into jobashas bookstore(make sure huleeya stays with 
you he may get caught on plants,people, etc) once inside talk to him or he’ll talk 
Mehra milo is in the library of the halls of wisdom.if you ask about her people way 
say shes in her room or th library but shes in the to her and shell say 
shes being watched and will lead you to the back of the then tell you 
to tell caius about the codename amaya and talk about the nerevarine cult. she wants 
you to get a book called the progress of truth which can be found in jobashas rare 
books or in the library in the northeastern section (I think) which uless your an 
amazing sneaker you will have to pay the fines(make sure you drop the book before 
the guards get there.. along with anything else youve stolen because they’ll take 
the stuff if you dont and you can pick it up again.). bring her the book. FEEW! your 
done. go back to cauis.. rest a day(in the game) then ask him for more orders.. geez 
arent you ever gunna turn that thing off!!! its unhealthy to play for this long!!
Blades quest #4: Well I guess your still reading this.. unhealthy I say.. but caius 
wants you to talk to an ashlander.. he also hints that the reasearch is almost done. 
the ashlander is staying in the Ald skar inn. hes living off of the spoils of his 
dads great achivements so hes rich but uncivilized.. weird. Talk to him about 
ashlanders and ask about gifts (NOT THE OTHERS HE’LL LIKE YOU LESS) he’ll say 
something about how ashlanders cant be friends until theyve givin each other a gift
(sad sad childhood).  Now talk to the bartender upstairs about gifts. she’ll say he 
has books downstairs. well.. a rich uncivilized guy who likes poetry.  You can check 
out what kind of books he likes. youve got a few options here. you can go and buy 
this guy a book (caius gave you 100 bucks dont be greedy) either one he has or 
another poetry book. OR (you cheap little..) you can steal one of his books  and 
give it to him... he wont notice haha what an idiot. OR you dont buy him a gift and 
you just raise his disposition up a lot. (expensive and time consuming)  I 
personnally just tried it for fun and it worked. whatever you do talk to him about 
the ashlanders and nevervane and go to caius. he’ll promote you and give you a 
decoded version of the package you gave him.I’ll leave it at that chew on it. 
hopefully you can wait till I make the next 4 quests.
NOTE: Talk to caius about blades trainers he’ll list off there names. then talk 
about each one individually. youll write down where they are in your journal. talk 
to the people about blades trainers and theyll give you some used stuff thats 
baisically moderate or you can train under them for a fee... theyve got to live too 
ya know!

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