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Blades Quests 5-8

Urshilako Ashlander camp

Blades Quest #5: Cosades tells you that your mission is to meet the conditions of 
the nerevarine prophecies. He’ll give you a decoded version of the package you 
brought to him. He’ll send you off to the Urshilako Ashlander camp to speak with sul-
 matuul. Do I really have to tell you where it is? Didnt you get a map with this 
game? Oh alright. Go to maar gan via silt strider from balamora to ald’ruhn to Maar 
Gan. go out of own to the left exiting the silt strider service. head north a ways 
and  then make a right into the foyada bani-dad head north west to a shipwreck. swim 
around the moutains to the right and pass the daedric shrine. head south a little 
and your there. scouts in maar gan could help too. Dont enter the ashkans tent like 
a madman(or madwoman... dont hurt me! I dont discriminate!)  talk to people.. boost 
their dispositions up to at least 65 or so( maybe 60 I had it at 65) you’ll be sent 
to a guy named Zabamund and you’ll need to have him let you see sul-matuul. The 
ashkhan’ll send you to get his dads bonebiter bow from the Urshilaku Burial caverns. 
Its somewhere to the southeast about halfway between the camp and the ghostfence. 
The best way is actually stick to the beach. go east to some rocks and then 
south.Like any burial ground this one has ghosts. make sure you have an enchanted 
weapon or some good spells. The bow is in the wraith Sul-Senipal.When you bring the 
ashkhans bow back hell make you a clanfriend (it seems to be a faction, being an 
ashlander) and tells you to go see the wiswoman. their yurts are always taller and 
have a rug in front of the door so you shouldnt have trouble finding it among the, 
what... eight, yurts.The wise woman will tell you your not the nerevarine but you 
could be. Kinda like in The Matrix when the Oracle tells Neo hes got “the gift” but 
hes waiting for something. Your done here. Whip out your divine/almsivis 
intervention scrolls and warp out to caius cosades. otherwise you got a LONG walk 

Dagoth Gares and the divine disease

Blades quest #6:If you havent made it to level 6 (WIMP) caius will basically say get 
lost and go work out but you can still take this tough quest on if you feel your 
the “man of steel” at like level 4 (haha.. nice knowing you.. sorta) Some sixth 
house smugglers were sposed to be stopped  by some guys from Buckmoth fort south of 
ald’ruhn. if you go to ald’ruhns fort you’ll learn that the men were killed ‘cept 
one and he came back so mangled with this thing called corpus disease he died in .. 
well not very long... Your going to Ilunubi a smugglers cave on an island north of 
gnaar mok near khartag point. I wrote this down somewhere... geez cmon... here we 
are... Go through saints carcass, marowaks spine,Blackend heart , and finally to 
souls rattle( the saints carcass is connected to the.... 
marowaks spine, the marrowaks spine is connected to the....blackend heart...[etc]) 
Here waits dagoth gares, some glass boots, and some cool gauntlets. When you come up 
to Gares (be wary hes a “dagoth”) he’ll do the bad guy speech then try to tear your 
guts out. wipe the floor with him. of course as he dies he does another creepy 
speech and curses you with the divine disease.. Corpus, the same thing that killed 
that soldier. get back to caius.(NOTE: dont talk to anyone while you have corpus, 
until you complete the next quest. they dont like you as much making faction quests 
harder. finish the next quest before you get off track)

The Corpasium and the mysterious wives/daughters/ female friends of Divayth Fyr
(with special guest: the last living dwarf)

Blades quest#7: You’ll be promoted when you get back. your probably ready to punch 
caius for sending you on that stupid mission. dont. the incurable disease may have a 
cure (woah wierd)! The wizard Divayth Fyr , who runs a corpasium for those inflicted 
with your tormenting disease can stay out of harms way. Problem is he lives on an 
island that boats dont go to and is on the other side of vvardenfell from 
balamora.but lets not get ahead of ourselves. Caius gives you 1000 gold (nice touch) 
some levitation potions(wizards dont use stairs) and a dwemer artifact for the 
ancient wizard as a gift( bumps his disposition up to 80). best be is to first go to 
the mages guild in vivic and pick up a scroll of windform from the enchanter who 
stays in the entryway. This amazing scroll will Cast a levitate 500 points and an 
invisability enchantment for 60 seconds. although it will cost you probably half of 
caius 1000 and it isnt recomended or even mentioned in the came you’ll literally fly 
to the corpasium( you can be a cheapskate and swim or slowly levitate but its not as 
pleasant or fast). Go to sadrith mora.  head to the swampy area to the south of  the 
port. then look exactly southwest( I dunno but maybe caius put it on your map.. you 
could check) if you use the scroll of windform and keep going southwest you should 
be there in around 15 seconds. you sohild see a little telvanni bridge then a tower. 
at the base is a little round door. this is named onyx hall but its the place. it 
should also say tel  fyr. go inside there should be   a woman( there are quite a few 
around here... are these fyrs wives, daughters, or friends?) in bonemold armor shell 
tell you fyr is upstairs. he is go back to the entrance and the go up (from the 
entrance to the right not the left and through the door there. then go forward a bit 
and look  up. you should see a hole. use one of the levitation potions . fyr is in a 
full suit of daedris armor minus the helm. talk to him. give him the gift and tell 
him how you might be the nerevarine and have corpus. Fyr offers an experimental 
potion . He says it might cure you and it  might kill you. Just to lean you toward 
taking the potion, fyr has you go down to his corpasium to the last living dwarf for 
some  enchanted boots and to see what would happen to you if you dont take the 
potion.go back down and into the corpasium (the left path). DONT KILL THE PATIENTS! 
even if the patients try to kill you. youll be hunted down and killed. run to avoid 
the corpus victoms. down in the corpasium bowels the last living dwarf will give you 
the boots (no favor? what would a fat 2/3rds of a dwarf need?) and talk about the 
dissaperance of the dwarves. Go back to fyr(if your out of potions use the boots 
they have a levitaion enchantment or steal some potions from the room on the right.) 
and he’ll ask you to take the potion right here so he can see what happens. agree... 
its not like it can kill you. right?... oh... wait.Ok YAY your alive (theres no 
factors here.. youll never die from this potion no matter who you are unless your 
not the hypothetical nerevarine which you always will be by now)!but if you talk to 
fyr you still have corpus. WHAT you said this was gunna cure me! well it did.. 
sorta. You still have corpus, just not the bad corpus. the “im immune to all 
diseases corpus”.Wait didnt you find out that the nerevairn had to be immune to all 
diseases.. woah maybe your the nerevarine after all.and if you didnt buy the scrool 
of wind form your semi-rich. this was a better quest than the last one huh?

Wheres Milo?
(haha, get it?)

Blades quest #8: When you get back some sad news comes in (MAN WHY WHY WHY?) caius 
is getting recalled. he promotes you to operative (the ranking blade in the area 
that he knows of) . make sure to talk to him about “promoted to operative” he’ll 
give you some cool sneaky thief spy stuff. he tells you that you need to talk to 
mehra milo (the library lady) and get the lost prophicies from her. But like milo 
said shes imprisonded (caius doesnt tell you that) go to the hall of wisdom and find 
milos room. pick the lock (lvl 20 I think) and scoot inside.On the dresser is a note 
to “amaya” and some levitation potions. The note says shes been “detained”in the 
Ministry of truth and to bring TWO divine intervention scrolls when you 
come “visit”. (I bet your just out of divine intervention scrolls. janand maulinie, 
the windform scroll lady, has them in stock.) Fly up to the top platform. the guard 
there is a milo simpithizer and will give you a key. go to the other end of the 
platform and use that door.once inside go to the right be wary of guards and use the 
hand-me downs caius gave you. wait for the guard to get away from the prison keep 
and pick the lvl 10 lock.Once inside the ordinaters will attack. remember that the 
guard didnt want any violence. use any remaining potions to levitate to the right 
hand cell. Give milo a divine intervention scroll and zap out of there after her 
with the second.milo will tell you to tell blatta hateria about going fishing and 
shell take you to the dissident priests base (thats a good place) go up the stairs 
once you get there and youll see a dome. it only opens from 6-8 am or pm. once 
inside talk to Gilvs Barelo about the lost prophicies. your done! NOW ALL YOU HAVE 

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