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|\        /| |-----  |------  ------ |\        /| ------ |\    |
| \      / | |       |        |    | | \      / | |    | | \   |
|  \    /  | |---    | -----| |    | |  \    /  | |    | |  \  |
|   \  /   | |       |      | |----| |   \  /   | |----| |   \ |
|    \/    | |-----  |------| |    | |    \/    | |    | |    \|

|------| |------| -------- -------- |       |------ |\     | |------ --------  
|      | |      |    |        |     |       |       | \    | |          |      
|------  |      |    |        |     |       |       |  \   | |-----     |       
|      | |------|    |        |     |       |-----  |   \  | |          |     ----
|      | |      |    |        |     |       |       |    \ | |          |          
|------| |      |    |        |     |------ |------ |     \| |------    |

\                / /------\ /------|  |  /     ------\ | /------| |      |     | |--
 \              /  |      | |      |  | /            |   |      | |      |     | |
  \            /   |      | |------/  |/        -----|   |      | |      |     | |--
   \    /\    /    |      | |      \  |\             |   |------| |      |     | |
    \  /  \  /     |      | |       \ | \            | | |      | |      |     | |
     \/    \/      \------/ |       | |  \     -----/    |------/ |----- |-----| |--

Author's Note: Sorry I haven't updated this for a while.  I've been doing a lot of 
camps and I very rarely get time to play.

Table of Contents:
I. Dex's disk a.k.a. Flashman episode
II. Zoo Ordeal a.k.a. Beastman episode
III. WWW's Washing Up Trouble a.k.a. Bubbleman Episode
IV. The N1 Grand Prix a.k.a. Desertman episode
V. Mamoru's Condition a.k.a. Plantman episode
VI.  Match gone good? a.k.a. Fireman episode
VII.  Plan to Stop Alpha a.k.a. Drillman episode
VIII.  Time is Running Out a.k.a. Alpha episode 

I. Dex's disk a.k.a. Flashman episode

When you start the game, you'll be in the new SciLab.  Talk to all of your fellow 
students and closest friends.  If you talk to the little boy you see first, he'll 
tell you about e-mail and you'll receive your first e-mail about Netcrime.  Then 
Mari.  When that is done, everyone lines up for a tutorial from a scientist.  When 
he tells you to jack in, don't move, and just press R to send in Megaman.  In the 
SciLab Square, you'll go through a tutorial on how to battle viruses.  After that's 
done, Megaman will jack himself out, and Yai will talk to you and the others about 
chat time online.  When you arrive back at school, talk to everyone again and Yai 
will tell you to meet at the park.  As you leave, talk to another little boy with a 
blue hat and take note of the parasol he leaves at school.  When you leave school, 
head for the park.  
As you, Dex, Mayl, and Yai talk, a man in a cowboy hat will come and tell you of a 
tournament to find the number 1 Netbattler, the N1 Grand Prix.  The prelims are 
being held at the square of ACDC in the Cyberworld.  Everyone agrees to go try it 
out, so head on home (it's the blue house for all you newbies).  At home, talk to 
your mom, and go to Lan's room.  When you enter, you'll get mail from Dex saying 
everyone's started.  Jack Megaman into Lan's PC.  Leave the PC, and follow the 
yellow path to ACDC 3, where the Square is.  As you go, pick up any mystrey data 
find, and you might even run into Roll and Gutsman.  In ACDC 3, go down the slope 
the second path and step into the red circle to be in ACDC Square.  When you 
talk to everyone and check the message and chat boards.  Glide will tell you he 
already cleared the round, and talk to the green Navi next to him.  He's the DNN 
Navi, and says there are 3 missions.  Answer his question with YES!, and you'll 
begin.  It's a true or false mission that requires you to search all three areas of 
ACDC for an O (true) data or X (false) data.  The answer to the first question is 
true so look in ACDC 3 for the O data.  Bring it back and go to mission two.  The 
answer is false, so look in ACDC 2 for the X data.  Bring it back for Mission 3.  
The answer is false again, so look in ACDC 1 for the X data.  When you bring it 
back, you'll clear round 1.  If you got any wrong, you'll play Simon Says and use 
the Control pad, A, B, R, and L buttons to repeat what the Navi says.  Roll and 
Gutsman will come saying they passed, and Yai will tell everyone to meet at her 
homepage after dinner.  Glide will give you the YaiCode so you can access Yai's 
Talk to Mom to eat dinner.
After you eat, go to ACDC 2 and find Yai's secirity cube and use the YaiCode.  
Yai's HP, and talk to everyone, and the chat will start.  An hour later, everyone 
will say it's time to stop and Lan and Dex remember they didn't do their homework 
(bad boys!).  Dex will then say he left his disk at school so everyone will head on 
over there.  when you arrive at the gates, they'll be shut and Megaman has to find 
Navi guarding the cyberkey.  Go back home and jack in and go to ACDC 2.  Go to the 
big square area of the area and you'll see the Navi and key.  Press A to unlock the 
gates.  you'll receive an e-mail from Mayl saying the gates are unlocked but the 
front doors of the school are mystreiously open.  Jack Megaman out and go to the 
school.  When you enter, everyone wants Lan to be leader.  Go to the homeroom and 
Dex will look for his disk.  When he can't find it, everyone gets flashbacks at 
where Dex was.  look at the last amimal cage on the left and Lan will find Dex's 
disk.  Yai thinks she hears something.  Go the school lobby and everyone will hear 
sound; go though the big doors and the second door on you left to enter the 
teacher's lounge.  Go to the door up in the front, and everyone else will go in 
before you.  Follow them and you'll watch a cutscene where they see a man in the 
room.  His Navi Flashman, will hypnotise everyone except Lan.  When everyone 
Lan will escape before being hypontized.  Go to the lobby and talk to Mayl.  
Something will fall out ofr her pocket, and it's actually a Roll Chip.  Add it to 
your chip folder (trust me, you'll need it), and find yai and Dex.  You then have 
search for something to stop that hypno flash from Flashman.  Go to the other 
homeroom, and find a light reflecting parasol.  Go back to the principal's office 
and Lan will use the parasol and be able to jack Megaman into the computer.
In the computer, it'll be dark.  Go find forward and look for a program.  It'll 
you that you need a KeyData to get through the doors.  But since it's too dark, no 
data will appear.  As Lan, go to the classroom where you got the parasol and turn 
the lights.  As Megaman, go get keydata A.  Go south where you entered and get 
1.  Find the door that needs Keydata A, and look in that area for Keydata B.  Watch 
out for any mystery data that launches viruses.  Open the door and get Keydata C 
open that door.  Look for a warp pad and step on it.  The area will be dark again.  
Look for a Navi, and it will tell you you need to turn on the lights to find three 
passwords to open the door.  Megaman will note a statue in the area, and there was 
statue like that in the teacher's lounge.  Take Lan there and turn on the lights.  
As Megaman, go and find the three passwords in the area, order doesn't matter.  
you find Password A, look along that path for an HPMemory.  When you get the three 
passwords, open the doorand confront Flashman.

BOSS: Flashman
Flashman isn't that hard of a Navi to defeat, but he moves a little fast.  Just 
watch out for his electric attacks.  If he launches two towers at you, you must 
destroy the towers before they explode and damage you.

Recommneded Chips: Any kind of firing chip, Sword and/or Widesword and Area Grab 
combo, Roll

After you defeat Flashman, his operator tells him to finish Megaman off.  He uses a 
strange flash before he is destoryed.  The operator says that the flash is a major 
beacon for a major catastrophe.  He leaves and Megaman feels weird.  After he 
recovers, leave the lounge to find your friends back to normal.  At the gates, 
you'll get an e-mail from Dex, asking you to battle.  Attached to the mail is the 
DexCode so you can access Dex's PC.  Go to the park and battle Dex and Gutsman.  If 
you win, you'll get a Gutsman chip (very useful).  Before you go home, check the 
electronic dog house for any data.  Go back home, talk to mom, and got to bed.  A 
cutscene will come showing Flashman's operator bring the "Tetracode" to a strange 
man.  The man then sends another big man to carry out the next plan.

II. Zoo Ordeal a.k.a. Beastman episode

This begins with a young boy coming out of the train station and he's looking for 
his brother.  At Lan's house, Megaman acts weird so they decide to go see Dad.  Go 
to the Metroline and you'll see the boy, Mayl and Yai there; talk to all three of 
them.  The boy says he's looking for the #1 Netbattler, and although everyone 
Lan is, he says that Lan isn't his brother.  Go to the school and make your way to 
the classroom.  A boy there will tell you Dex is in detention and is calling 
the #1 Netbattler.  Find Dex and talk to him and you both will go the boy.  The boy 
is Dex's little brother, Chiaso.  Chiaso then tells Dex to battle Lan.  Accept and 
face Gutsman V2.  Beat Gutsman, and you'll get Gutsman V2 chip (handy), Chiaso will 
get mad and leave, and you'll be free to go on the Metroline.
Take the Metroline to the SciLab.  Before you go see Dad, buy a Subchip or two and 
look at the Job Board.  You can take on these jobs anytime you want, but I'm going 
do the 1st two right now.  Take the first job and meet the person in the other ACDC 
1 area (via Lan's PC back home).  The female Navi will say her husband forgot his 
tools but can't deliver them.  Take them and go to the school and jack in to the 
board in your homeroom.  Deliver the tools to the green Navi and go back to the 
in ACDC 1, and she'll give you a Yo-Yo1 chip (also handy).  Before you go, go to 
ACDC Square and buy a HPMemory (author's note: I got most of my chips by collecting 
data and used all my Zennys for HPMemories.  So that's a tip if you want to take 
so don't buy chips unless there's a chip you REALLY want).  Go the Job Board for 
your next job.  There's a girl in the SciLab station who needs a Recover30 * chip 
for her Navi.  If you've been gathering mystery data, you'll probably have gotten 
one.  If not, look around in ACDC 3.  Give the chip to the girl, and she'll give 
a RegUp3.  All your jobs are now done.
Use the elevator to go up to Dad's level.  Talk to a scientist who'll tell you Dad 
is in a meeting.  Lan will tell him his dilema and the scientist will give Lan a 
SubPET.  Go down the elevator and you'll run into the man with the cowboy hat.  
He'll tell you the 2nd Round for the N1 is in SciLab Square.  There is a meeting in 
the area where you can jack into the Square (recall the beginning of the game) so 
he'll give you a a ticket for Megaman to use on the Cyber Metroline in ACDC 1.  Go 
home, jack in, and go to the area where the female Navi was.  Keep going till you 
find the Metroline.  Use your pass to go on the train.  You'll arrive in SciLab 2, 
and as in ACDC, follow he yellow path through a doorway to get to SciLab Square.  
Look for a purple Navi with a human face and he'll start you off.  The first part 
this round is 3-round survival battle.  Win all three battles for the next 
You have to search in the SciLab area for a Navi disguised as a bad Navi.  You'll 
greeted by everyone when you exit.  Look in Scilab1 for the bad Navi.  Megaman 
thinks he'll be tough, but Lan tells him he's just an actor.  The actor will call 
cut and tell you to search for him in SciLab2.  Find him and you'll finally battle 
him.  Win and go back to SciLab Square for your final mission.  You have to go to 
ACDC2 for the final mission, so the Navi will give you a pass to go back to ACDC1.  
Go through ACDC3 and to ACDC2.  A green Navi blocks the way, but he's the DNN Navi 
who'll test you.  It's another 3-round survival mission.  Win and you'll clear 
2 of the N1.  But suddenly, the PET acts weird and Megaman can't get ahold of Lan, 
receive chips in battle, or jack out!  You have to get to the spot where you jacked 
in, Lan's PC.  If you battle viruses, you can only fight with your blaster, or if 
your strong (like with my idea of only buying HPMemories) you can escape the 
battle.  When you get to Lan's PC and Megaman jacks out, he'll have to be stored in 
the SubPET until the PET can be fixed.
Lan and Megamn both complain how they can't do anything right now until the PET's 
fixed.  Before Lan goes to bed for his field trip tomorrow, Dad comes saying he has 
the night off.  Lan will talk to him and Dad says he can fix the PET, but it'll 
a while.  Go to bed.
The next morning, Lan will be late getting up.  Get over to the school.  Nobody has 
left, and now that Lan's here, they all can go.  At the Yoka Zoo, the zoo will be 
closed, so today will be a free day.  You can talk to anyone, but you'll eventually 
want to head over to the inn.  Talk to you friends in the room and then talk to 
Mayl.  She'll say Yai is outside.  Go outside via the pathway near Mayl and talk to 
Yai.  Press A on the gate to check it out.  Ms. Mari will then say it's bath time.  
Lan and Dex will take a bath, then there'll be a pillow fight, and everyone will go 
to bed.
The next morning, Lan will get e-mail from Dad.  The PET is fixed and Dad even 
a new program called the Navi Customizer.  After reading the mail, Megaman will 
start the Navi Customizer.  Go through the tutorial.  After that, it's time to go 
the zoo!  Go outside, and at the stand, you'll find a pretty girl named Tamasko (?)
who uses a Navi named Metalman.  If you want, challenge her to get a Metalman 
Go to the front of the zoo and meet your class.  After Ms. Mari stops talking, talk 
to you friends and they'll say to meet at the lion's cage.  Go see ALL the animals, 
rad their info, and notice how strange they are.  If you see a path near the 
cage, take note of it, it's important.
At the lion's cage, Lan, Mayl and Yai will talk.  Then, they'll see the condor fly 
away with Chiaso.  When they try to go after him, the lion will block them, as well 
as all the animals.  If you notived the secret path near the panda cage, you can 
sneak past the elephant.  In Zoo1, Dex wil say the front gate is blocked; go up the 
secret path and go through the busted gate leading to the inn.  An animal has 
crapped (yuck!) in there so go outside.  The innkeeper will fight the snake so you 
can go through.  Go outside and go to the big electrical tower.  The condor has 
Chiaso on top and won't let anyone get to it.  A zoo helper will come and say the 
manager is responsible for the animals behavior.  Lan has to go back to the panda 
cage and jack into the computermainfraim there.  The gate is now open so you can go 
that way now.  Go the computer in Zoo2 and jack in.
As Megaman, to get to the boss, who have to get past Mettataur viruses that act 
animals by using the clues Megaman gives you.  Example: for the gorilla, if you 
to bring something it likes, look for a program that is a bannana.  Eventually 
you'll get to the boss, Beastman.  The operator, the manager, will tell you Wily is 
alive and made a new WWW.  Now, to save the animals, you must face Beastman.

Boss: Beastman

One word to describe Beastman is fast.  He has some devastating attacks and 
goes diangonally across your side, so know when to avoid it!  When his HP gets low, 
he'll use a combo of attacks at once, so try to avoid as many as you can!  If you 
get face to face with Beastman, quickly use your Metalman chip, if you have one.  
For most of this battle, you'll rely on your blaster again.

Recommended chips: Life Sword (program advance.  To get this you need a Sword, 
Widesword, and Longsword chips with the same chip code), Roll, Gutsman V1 and V2, 
Metalman (optional), firing chips

When Beastman is defeated, Lan will talk with the guy, and the guy will leave.  Lan 
runs back to the tower, and Dex manages to catch him when he falls.  After a convo 
there, you all will end up at the park in ACDC and fool around a bit.  At WWW's 
base, Wily is mad about his tow agents, but he now has the two "Tetracodes" and has 
only two to go...

III. WWW's Washing Up Trouble a.k.a. Bubbleman Episode     

The next day at school, Lan will learn about compressing data.  After school is 
over, talk to your friends about hanging out.  They'll all be busy.  When you talk 
to your last friend, you'll receive e-mail from Higsbey.  Leave and go to his shop 
(before you go on, refer to the "Cheat" section of this game and get all the 
available chips, subchips, and Navi Customizers available.  You'll need these 
chips).  Talk to Higsbey and he'll say he has a cold and can't go out and asks you 
to work for him.  To make it all short, complete the 3 jobs.  Before you head back 
to him, do all the SciLab jobs.  Talk to Higsbey when your work is done, and he'll 
give you a Snake chip.  You'll then receive e-mail saying the final N1 preliminary 
is being held in a secret location.  The clue you receive actually tells you to go 
to the yellow square area in SciLab Square.  Go home, jack in, and go to SciLab 
Square.  At the area, there's a girl yellow Navi.  Give her the chip she requests 
and she'll give you a CyberMetro pass to go to Yoka Square.  Go there via 
CyberMetro.  Look for a blue and orange Navi. He'll switch your folder for the 
prelim and tells you that in the real world there are 5 people dressed as Navis.  
The first is in ACDC Park and the second is in the teachers lounge in the scool.  
The third is near the secret entrance to the hotel at the zoo and the fourth is the 
bath place in the hotel.  The final one is at the SciLab.  Defeat all of them and 
then return to Yoka Square.  The final test is a 3-Round survival trial.  Beat it, 
and you'll be fully qualified for the N1.  Your friends come and say that everyone 
except Roll and Mayl got in as well.  Chaud and Protoman also come and taunt them 
and leave.  Mayl will ask Lan to help her with a washing machine.  Jack out and go 
to bed.

The next day, Lan wakes up and Megaman tells him to help Mayl.  You'll receive mail 
from Dad saying he has to leave.  Go Mayl's house and you'll find Ms. Mari there as 
well.  Higsbey also comes and Mayl says she was supposed to work for him for a 
chip.  Lan ends up having to help instead.  All you have to do is get a Wind * 
chip.  The Wind viruses are located in Yoka 1.  Defeat them quickly to get the chip 
and give it to Higsbey.  The Bubblewash comes and Lan helps hooking it up.  After 
some refreshing tea, Mayl decides to use the Bubblewash and Ms. Mari goes to help.  
They scream and Lan and Higsbey find them trapped in bubbles.  Mayl gets mail 
the she actually bought a WWW Bubblewash and when the bubbles turn red, they'll 
explode!  Go to Mayl's PC, jack in and get to ACDC 1.  A Navi named Bubbleman will 
be seen causing trouble.  When Megaman arrives, Bubbleman fakes him out and 
escapes.  He does leave bubbles behind so you can track him.  You'll receive mail 
from Mayl containing a MaylCode and Roll V2 chip.  Add the chip in and use the code 
to open the security cube.  The trail will take you to Yoka 1.  But when you get 
there, Bubbleman will be on the other side of a narrow bridge that Megaman can't 
across.  Remembering about compressing data, Lan and Megaman decide to find such 
Jack out and go to the SciLab.  Go to Dad's floor.  A scientist there will tell you 
of "PressData" in the computer.  Jack in and talk to a program there, and it'll 
attack you.  Defeat the virus, and the program will apologize and give 
you "PressData".  However, your Navi Customizer can't allow it in.  Go back to 
Higsbey and he'll say his programming skills can't help.  Leave the house, and 
you'll bump into a guy you might've seen when you faced Flashman.  He'll use some 
programming skills so you can use the PressData.  Add it into the Navi Customizer, 
jack into Mayl's PC and get back to Yoka 1.  The new data will alow you to cross 
those bridges.  Eventually, you'll run into Bubbleman, and he'll create a bubble 
barrier that Megaman can't get through.  Bubbleman calls his bubble brigad and 
them the Needle to pop the bubble.  They decide to go to ACDC 2 and leave.  Lan 
receives e-mail saying the bubbles are now yellow.  Jack out and re-jack in and go 
to ACDC 2.  The Brigade are at the place were the school's security key was.  
Deafeat them, and Megaman will get a style change (depends on how you fought 
viruses.  I got HeatGuts).  The Brigade decide to go to SciLab 1.  Use the Cyber 
Metroline and go striaght ahead when you get off the train.  Locate the Brigade and 
defeat them.  They decide to go back to Bubbleman in Yoka 1.  Go there and there'll 
be a cutscene before you fight them again.  Defeat them one last time and they'll 
give you the Needle and leave.  Pop the bubble and pursue Bubbleman.  When you get 
to him, be sure you're fully healed cuz this is going to be a tough battle.  
will also call and say the bubbles are now red and Lan must hurry.

Boss: Bubbleman

Bubbleman always stays far back and his very middle square has bubbles come out, 
some contain fish viruses that hurt once you shoot the bubble and it comes out at 
you.  Pop thoses bubbles and move out of the way of the fish.  There might be a red 
bubble with a viruse that can't be destroyed.  Stear clear off them.  When 
has about 150 HP, you go into a protected bubble and might launch lances at ou.  
must shoot his barrier to attack him.  use the recoomended chips and combos bellow.

Recommended chips: Area Grab and Life Sword combo, MiniBombs, HeroSword

After you defeat Bubbleman, he'll beg for mercy.  He acts like he deactivates the 
bubbles, but then tries to escape.  Protoman arrives and destroys Bubbleman.  
Protoman and Chaud tell Lan and megaman to stop being wishy-washy and leave.  
Everyone turns out to be fine but is still thinking about what Chaud said.  Megaman 
tells him not to worry and says to go to bed.  Do just that.  A scene will show 
Chaud talking with his dad.  Chaud says he'll win and his dad gives him a hard time 
and says he won't be there to support him, and he leaves Chaud in silence.

IV. The N1 Grand Prix a.k.a. Desertman episode

The next day, the day before the N1, Lan gets mail saying that Megaman will get a 
chance for an interview and encourages him to bring his friends.  Megaman will e-
mail everyone, and then jack in to Lan's PC.  Go to May and Yai's PC's and locate 
Roll and Glide.  They both can't go so head over to Dex's PC.  Look for a program 
there and it'll tell you Gutsman is in Yoka 1.  Go to the heater and Gutsman will 
say he's in a contest right now but he'll meet Megaman there.  You'll get e-mail 
with a Cyber pass to go to the Beach area.  Go back to Yoka Square and go to the 
Beach area.  To get to the square, follow the orange path and use signs and hints.  
Once you get there, buy anything you want (excpet chips, like me) and then talk to 
the yellow girl Navi again.  She'll start the interview.  A few seconds into the 
interview, the cameraman says that Netopia Navis are rioting in Beach 2.  They both 
go and Gutsman follows them.  Lan and Megaman are worried so follow them.  In Beach 
2, the girl, cameraman, and Gutsman are trapped by the Navis.  Follow a path to get 
to to them.  You'll know you're on the right path when you have to fight Navis and 
their viruses.  Eventually, you'll get to the group.  One of the Navis comes to 
fight Megaman, but his other two companions are detroyed by Protoman, so he 
Before Protoman can be interviewed, he jacks out so Megaman does too.
Mom calls Lan down and tells him to take a DataDisk to dad.  Go to the SciLab and 
dad's floor.  Give it to a scientist there and go down.  You'll run into Dad and 
Chaud.  Dad gives you a PET case and leaves.  Lan boasts to Chaud he that he won't 
lose to him, but Chaud says he has no chance.  Lan gets mad, but Megaman says that 
there must be some reason Chaud is such and idiot.  Do any of the jobs in the 
area, then go home and go to bed.  at the WWW base, Wily decides it's time to take 
care of Chaud and Protoman.
The next day, Lan almost oversleeps and manages to get up, cuz today's the big 
You'll get e-mail from Dex saying he has to get there earlier.  Leave and take the 
subway and go to the Beach.  When you exit, you'll see a guy from Netopia and he'll 
sell you a new program to modify your Customizer.  If you've been saving your 
Zennys, like I have, buy it immediately.  After that, head south and look for at 
buliding that says DNN and go in.  Welcome to the N1 Grand Prix.
Talk to all of the contestants.  The last person you'll talk to is a kid named 
Tora.  He boasts a lot and challenges to to a battle against his Navi, Kingman.  To 
defeat Kingman, I'd recommend staying in front of the first three squares near the 
pawns.  If you defeat Kingman, fine, if not, learn from it.  The cowboy guy comes 
and tells everyone to come to the stage.  Go through the doors next to the desk and 
follow the path to the stage.  After everyone is introduced, you'll learn that for 
the next round, it'll be held on Hades' Isle.  You'll end up in the lobby, so 
go to the pier to the boat and talk to the cowboy guy.  You'll enter the boat and 
everyone will be knocked out by sleeping gas and there will be a clicking sound.
When everybody wakes up, they'll be at Hades' Isle.  Enter the cavern.  Go to a 
computer that everyone's at.  A DNN reporter is guiding and informs you that until 
you leave Hade's Isle, you'll be using a folder called the Hades' Folder that has 
all kinds of chips.  For this round, you have to find a "VictoryData" to pass.  
you're jacked in, go north and go across a narrow bridge.  Keep going until you 
and item called "HadesKey."  Go back to the warp center and go down a slope and go 
across some bridges till you get to a cyber door.  Use the key and keep going till 
you get the data.  Everyone jacks out, and only you, Tora, Jennifer, and NB Q 
(Netbattler Q) will go on.  Go up a path till come across some doors.  You have to 
choose a door that has a playing field for your battle.  Choose whichever one you 
like (me for instance, cuz my Megaman's HeatGuts, I choose the lava area).  Your 
opponent will always be Tamako and Metalman.  Defeat them to proceed.  You are now 
given 3 minutes to find a new sub-folder for your battle.  If you go back to the 
first challenge area, the guy there will give you a pretty good folder, but if you 
leave the cavern and go to the top of the island, a boy will give you the best 
folder if you answer his five questios (I don't know how good the folder is, but 
think it is).  Choose whichever one of those folders and go back to your room till 
time is up.
The next round is Netbattles and you'll face Dex.  Defeat him and Gutsman.  In the 
end, you, Tora, Chaud, and NB Q will be in the final four.  Go through the door and 
down the island, and go in the boat.  You'll arrive back at the Beach.  Before you 
can go back to the stage, Ribberta wants you to find Chaud.  He's not too far (look 
for a girl you'll say she's too shy to ask for Chaud's autograph) and talk to him.  
You two will argue, Ribberta comes, and Chaud leaves.  Go back to the stage.  
end up facing Tora.  If you beat him before, that's good, if not, use your mistakes 
to your advantage.  When you beat Tora, he'll become your friend.  As Chaud's and 
Q's battle begins, you'll get a call from Mayl about Yai.  Go outside of the 
to meet up wiht Mayl and Dex.  Yai had hit her head when she lost and she's in the 
hospital.  Lan' about to go, but Yai calls from the hospital telling him to stay 
win.  Go back to the stage.  Chaud is having a tough time against a regular Navi, 
and that Navi transforms into Desertman.  NB Q reveals himself as the cowboy guy, 
then lights go off, and he's gone, so Chaud leaves.  Follow him and go up the 
elevator you saw.  Chaud confronts the guy and his father is tied up.  WWW wants 
Chaud's PET!  Protoman tells Chaud to do it and Lan whispers a plan the Megaman.  
Chaud is about to hand over Protoman, Lan rushes in and throws his own PET into the 
guy's head.  Chaud unties his dad and Lan faces Desertman.

Boss: Desertman

Desertman can be a little tricky.  He ven had me had 1 HP before i beat him.  He'll 
have a pillar blocking him and his two hands will charge at you.  Destroy the 
and then use your chips on Desertman.  When he gets at about 200 HP, he 
drop blocks of sand on you, so watch out for the shadows!

Recommend chips: Gutsman, Roll, HeroSword, Lifesword, and, actually, all chips will 

When Desertman is defeated, the guy will try to run, put Chaud will stop him so he 
and Lan can surround him.  The finals of the N1 between you and Chaud will have to 
be sadly canceled.

V. Mamoru's Condition a.k.a. Plantman episode 

The next day, the gang is talking about going to see Yai in the hospital, but Lan 
has to stay after for cleaning duty.  After he's done, head to the beach and go to 
the hospital.  talk to the receptionist.  go to yai's room on the 2nd floor at the 
very end of the hall.  Talk to her and she'll ask you to go get her "Tea."  Go back 
to the first floor and find the vending machine near the reception desk.  After Lan 
gets the tea, a nurse will come asking if he's seen a kid in a wheel chair.  Go 
outside and go down the wheelchair ramp and find the kid.  Talk to him and he'll 
tell you his name's Mamoru.  He's a fan of Lan's and after a bit of talk, he'll go 
back to the hospital.  Go back to yai's room and give her the Tea.  Dex starts 
acting weird and leaves.  Head on home.  When you get back, Mom will tell you you 
have a visitor.  Go up and you'll find tora.  After a bit of talk and dinner, Tora 
will say he knows Chaud's secret to why he's good.  Tora will offer to tell you, 
he's short on cash and will need your help.  Go to bed.  
The next day, you'll get e-mail from Dex telling you to meet him in the park.  Go 
there and talk for a while until Tora comes.  He and Dex will battle, then Dex'll 
leave without telling you what he needed.  Head over to the Scilab and meet Tora.  
He wants you to complete all the jobs with his name next to it.  Complete all four 
jobs and talk to Tora.  After he reveals Chaud's secret, he'll give you a new 
and you can head home and go to bed.
The next day, Lan has to rush to school,so head over there.  When you get over 
there, you'll notice everyone but Dex is there.  After you talk to your friends, 
class will begin.  Lan asks Ms. Mari where Dex is, and Ms. Mari will sadly say that 
Dex is moving to Netopia.  Lan will run out of the classroom, so head over to Dex's 
house.  The door's locked and he fears he's too late.  However, dex comes out and 
talks to Lan.  The whole class then comes and sees Dex off to Netopia.  Later, Lan 
will be home and he and Megaman decide to see Mamoru at the hospital.  Head to the 
beach and go down the ramp to find Mamoru there again.  Mamoru reveals that he's 
lived in the hospital all his life because of a disease known as HIB.  Lan then 
offers to get Mamoru a chip, and mamoru says he wants the rare chip everyone's been 
talking about, Iceball M.  Lan says he'll get it, and because off the excitement, 
Mamoru starts hacking his lungs out.  Megaman tells him to take deep breathes and 
Mamoru feels a bit better, but Megaman tells Lan to go find Mamoru's doc.  Lan asks 
Megaman how he knew how to deal with that coughing, and Megaman says that HIB was 
how he died when he was Lan's bro, Hub.  Talk to the receptionist and she'll say 
Mamoru's doc is on the 3rd floor.  Head up there.  The doc says to head back to 
mamoru.  Do that, and the doc and nurse will come by for him.  After they all leave 
and the nurse will come back and say Mamoru is refusing to have this better kind of 
surgery.  lan decides to find the chip Mamoru wants, Iceball M.
Now, the location of Iceball is at Hades' Isle.  To get it you must get a Navi 
Customizer program called "Fish."  If you have at least 8,000 Zennies, head over to 
Yoka, go to tamako's PC, jack in, and use the shortcut to get to Beach Square.  Buy 
the Fish program from the customizer seller and install it into Megaman.  Head over 
to Hades' Isle and jack in to the computer the first challenge was in.  Be patient 
and the virues known as Coldheads will come.  Defeat them with a good busting level 
to get the chip.  After you get, stick aorund and wait till they attack again to 
your own Iceball, cuz it's a powerful and useful chip.  After that, head back over 
to the hospital.
Go to mamoru's room (right next to Yai's old room) and talk to the poor boy.  
says he doens't believe the surgery will help.  Lan tells him about his bro, Hub, 
and after the pep talk, Mamoru decides to do it, not just for himself, but for 
Lan then hands him the Iceball M chip.  Head on home and go to bed.
Three day later, Lan gets e-mail saying Mamoru's condition has worsened so head 
to the hospital.  Go Mamoru's room and talk to him.  he says he's ready cuz he has 
the chip with him.  They then take him to surgery.  Go to the 3rd floor and go up 
the doors.  Lan decides to wait.  A few hours later, Megaman tells Lan to take a 
break.  Head for the elevator.  As you go down, the elevator stops and then 
restarts.  When Lan gets down, the Tree of Life has sprouted vines all over the 
hospital.  The PA comes up and says most of the equipment is shut down.  Worried 
Mamoru, Lan decides to head up to the 3rd floor.  Do that.  Vines separate you from 
the room.  The nurse says the operating equipment is working, but the vines are 
coming near.  She suggests that Lan check the Tree's computer.  Lan heads for the 
elevator but it's shut down!  The nurse says to use the emergency staircase.  It's 
electronically locked so Lan jacks Megaman in.
Look for a program that'll give you a ChangEngy programs that change fire and water 
chips into cyber fires and water pillars.  Equip it to Megaman and burn down as 
trees as you can till you get to the electronic lock.  a Navi named Plantaman 
the way and launches a virus at you.  Defeat and Megaman will say the lock is open, 
so he'll jack out.  Use the staircase and go to the second floor.  Head over to 
Yai's room.  There's a window that's open so Lan'll jump out.  Both he and Megaman 
will be fine after the fall cuz they'll end up in the ocean.  Head back inside the 
hospital and get a key from the nearby nurse.  Head back to the beach, near 
place and go into the room.  Lan is about to jack Megaman in when Platman's 
comes from the elevator.  She's totally brainwashed and tells Lan he'd better hurry 
is he wants to save Mamoru.  Lan will then rejack Megaman in.
Inside, you must use your chips to burn the trees till you get to another computer 
to clear the vines.  The doc will call Lan and say that evryone's locked in the 
room.  Use the elevator and go up to the 3rd floor.  Lan will jack Megaman into the 
computer near the room.  You must repeat the same process till you get to the last 
computer where you'll see Plantman.  You must burn the grass till you find 3 blue 
switches to open the doors blocking the way to the teleportaiton pad.  Some of the 
grass will contain fire viruses and some may have muliple fire chips.  Go up to 
Plantman (save before you battle!) and face him.  He now has the Tetracode, tells 
Megaman about the codes, and Megaman must beat him to save Mamoru.

Boss: Plantman

Plantman will sometimes use needle shots at you so watch out.  Sometimes he uses a 
vine that will not only hurt you, but it goes over to your side and holds you down 
so Plantman can use his needles.    When he lauches two flowers try to destory 
them.  The yellow one will damage Megaman and paralyze him, the pink will mixes his 
movements, except his blaster, up.  Plantman can be tricky, but he's not that hard 
to beat.

Chips: All swords, Gutsman, roll, and fire chips (extra damage!).  If your Megaman 
is any kind of Heat style, use you flamethrower a lot.

After Plantman is defeated, Megaman will fix the system, but it isn't functioning 
properly because it's out of energy.  The nurse will say Mamoru doesn't have much 
longer, so Megaman decides to use his own energy.  Megaman releases his energy, and 
through all his pain, the equipment works again.  Megaman jacks out and the 
operation continues and is finished.  With all the hazards, there might not be a 
chance for Mamoru.  Lan falls asleep, and hours later, Mamoru wakes up.  The doc 
decides to keep him for a while, but says Mamoru will be able to go home.  mamoru 
says in his dream, he say a boy just like Lan and told Mamoru not to give in.  Lan 
decides to go home.
At the WWW base, Wily is talking with some kind of Navi taht agrees to help him...

VI.  Match gone good? a.ka. Fireman episode
In the park, Lan, Mayl and yai talk about Dex.  Ms. Mari then comes and said 
of the WWW incident, Lan is to receive a commendation!  The cermony is being held 
the SciLab, and ms. Mari add how she is truly proud of him.  Go to the SciLab and 
head into the computer lab.  Dad will be there with several other scientists.  
you receive your award, leave, and you'll see a man.  The man in Mr. Match from the 
first Megaman game.  He says he's joining the SciLab.  After that, you'll receive 
word of bad Navis in the area.  Follow them and fight them wherever they are.  
will keep you informed where they are.  Eventually, you'll chase them to the SciLab 
area.  Match's Nvai, Fireman, will come and destroy them.  After your done, jack 
out, and go find Match.  Since he helped you, Match has a job for you.  He gives 
3 fire sysytems and instructs you to put them in designated areas.  After you're 
done, go to bed.
The fire systems go off, and it sets the SciLab on fire.  Dad decides to stay and 
help the Net.  Go to the SciLab.  An official blocks the way.  Talk to him; you'll 
receive a call from Match, saying how you helped WWW.  In order to help everyone, 
you must put out the fires in all the Net areas, ACDC, SciLab, Yoka, and Beach.  
your EngyChng customizer and use your water chips.  If you run out, and you have 
enough Zennys, go to Higsby's and buy as many water chips as you can.  In Yoka and 
Beach, if you have the Fish program (which you should if you got Iceball M), you 
use it to attract water viruses.  You'll know if all the fires in an area are out 
Match calls you and tells you.
After all the fires are out, Match will say Fireman is in Undernet 3.  To there via 
the Beach area.  The entrance is in Beach 2 on the lower half of the city.  A bad 
Navi will see the "Tally" you got when you helped Tora, and he'll let you through. 
The Undernet had tough viruses, so make sure you have some FullEngy subchips.  The 
way to Undernet 3 is hard at first, but you'll find it eventually.  As you 
Megaman will feel a strange power.  As you walk, you'll see a Navi following you.  
When you come to one area, it will be cut off by a Net earthquake.  If you walk a 
little bit back, you see a bad Navi.  Face him in a battle and you'll get through.  
Keep walking and you'll find Fireman.

Boss: Fireman

Fireman can be very tough.  He was two candles behind him and their color affects 
his power.  Green protects him from damage, orange send tow fireball things in your 
area, and red helps him recover his energy.  A few hits from your blaster should 
them out.  Remember, even if one candle is still actice, the effects continue to 
work.  Even without the candles, Fireman has his own fire attack.  When his damage 
is in half, he'll use a more powerful fire attack from time to time, so be 
After the candles are not lit, attack him with all your might, cuz this will be a 
very tough battle.

Recommended chips: HeroSword, and program advances, powerful water chips     

After the battle, Fireman will try to attack Megaman again, but he'll finally be 
destroyed by an attack.  The attack was from Bass.  Megaman BN 2 players will 
remember him from the game as the last boss.  Bass fights you.  There's no way to 
beat him yet, so don't be afraid to lose.  After the battle, that Navi that was 
following you comes.  He activates a shield.  Bass has trouble getting through the 
shield, so he leaves.
After Lan recovers Megaman, get to the SciLab and go to Dad's floor.  He'll fall 
unconcious and is rushed to the hospital.  There's nothing you can do for dad now, 
so leave and go to bed.

VII.  Plan to Stop Alpha a.k.a.  Drillman episode

In his base, Wily summons a Navi named Drillman to take the Tetracodes and unlock 
Alpha.  Wily knows that if Drillman fails, he still has Bass.  At the school, Mayl 
and Yai talk about Lan.  He's been out for 3 days so they decide to visit him.  
Lan's depressed in his room with what happened to his dad.  Megaman suggests 
but Lan doesn't want to go.  Mayl and Yai come, but he yells for them to leave him 
alone.  Megaman scolds him for that, so make make Lan run to the door after you 
a knock.  Lan's thinks it's the girls, but it's actually Chaud!  He tell Lan about 
Alpha and the Tetracodes.  He also tells Lan of a Forbidden Program to freeze Alpha 
and it's held by a Navi called "S" in the Undernet.  Lan won't go and he tells 
of how he helped the WWW, but Chaud won't arrest him, and tells him to go see his 
dad.  Go to the hospital.  
Dad's room is where Mamoru used to be.  As you walk in, you'll see Sean, the 
original owner of Gospel from BN 2, talking to Dad about how Wily used him to 
Bass.  After Sean leaves, Dad tells how he's making amends for his ways.  Lan 
the beans about the fire incident.  Dad tells him to also make amends, so Lan does 
that.  You get an e-mail about a virus breeder that allows you to raise your own 
viruses.  Head to the SciLab.
If you want to, do some jobs (by the way, the yearbook is in the teacher's 
Go to the computer lab and talk to Chaud.  He tells Lan the job is risky, but Lan 
and Megaman will take the risk.  The Undernet uses a system called "ranking", and 
that "S" is a ranked Navi.  So, to find "S", Megaman must be ranked.  Chaud gives 
you a custom program called "BlckMind."  It will make Megaman look evil.  Head off 
to the Undernet.
You need to get to the Under Square via Undernet 3.  A navi will let you through.  
In the square, buy anything you need.  Talk to some Navis and learn that the 
will take place at a statue here in the square.  The statue isn't hard to find.  As 
you wait at it, a bunch of bad Navis come and surround Megaman.  The staue speaks, 
to fight ranked Navis you must defeat all the Navis surrounding you.  After they 
leave, leave as well and fight the Navis in Undernets 1-3.  There are 10 in all.  
After that you may now fight ranked Navi's till you get tp "S".  #10 is in an 
area "where evil falls".  The location is on Hades' Isle.  Go to the Beach and take 
the ferry.  The Navi is in the computer from the N1 and is on the top part.  Use 
Press data to reach it.  He wears a cloak.  Defeat him and become rank 10.  He 
advises you to stay away from S.  You recieve mail from Mayl saying Roll's in 
trouble at the zoo, but it doesn't sound like Mayl...
Jack into the zoo computer and go to Zoo 2.  You'll be ambushed by 4 bad navis.  
beat them in the prelims to ranking, so beat them in 4 battles.  You'll then 
mail from the old rank 10 Navi that rank 9 is in a place "where science gives 
life."  It's in the hospital area.  
Go Yoka and take the shortcut in Tamako's homepage.  Through the Beach area, find 
the warp to the hospital PC.  You'll see the Navi there.  However, the guy's 
tired of all the Navis that challenge him that he gives Megaman rank 9 without a 
battle!  He also says #8 is in an area called "Rednu3."  That is actually Undernet 
spelled backwards.  The area is where you fought FlameMan.  After a bit of convo, 
Navi #8 is an old friend... BeastMan!

Mini-boss: BeastMan Version 3

BeastMan is more tough than last time, so stay on your toes!  I was able to beat 
with the help of the LavaStage chip cuz my Megaman's FireGuts.  You know that 
of attacks he used the first time you faced him?  Well, he does it about 2-3 times 
after you whittle down his HP to about 200.  You need all the powerful chips and 
Program advances you have to defeat him.

Recommended chips: Any Program Advances, Lavastage (for Fire Styles only!) 
HeroSword, etc.

After defeating BeastMan, you get Rank 8.  A bad Navi then comes and tells you the 
clue to find rank 7.  As you leave, he'll fight you cuz he was origanally rank 8.  
Defeat him.  Rank 7 is actually in the Principal's PC at school.  Search there; the 
Navi says he'll give you his rank if you find "one of many birds."  Go to the 
hospital and go to Mamoru's old room.  Look under his bed to find Origami.  Give it 
to the Navi and become rank 7.  You'll then get mail from Chaud saying about a 
disturbing message in ACDC Square.  Go there; the message is from Rank 3, asking to 
challenge you!  You need to go to Undernet 4; to get there, go to Undernet 2.  You 
might've seen a Navi blocking an entrance to an area.  Talk to him and he'll let 
you through.  
In Undernet 4, ride the platforms till you find the slope.  Before you go 
down, go to the navi customizer and add AirShoes to Megaman (trust me, YOU'LL NEED 
THEM!).  Three bad navis come and try to attack you with a huge boulder.  Just when 
it seems all hope is lost, someone comes to your rescue.  It's none other than... 
GUTSMAN!  He and Dex have moved back to ACDC, and Gutsman manages to save you in 
time!  Gutsman attacks and destroys all three Navis.  When he leaves, he comes 
back!  But Megaman says it's not Gutsman; the Navi introduces itself as CopyMan, 
he decided to copy Gutsman.  He'll also say those other three Navis were Ranks 6-
You'll face him for Rank 3.

Mini boss: CopyMan as Gutsman Version 3

Gutsman V3 is tough without the Airshoes program, so make sure you have them.  When 
he gets to about 200 HP, he'll use a Program Advance called Z-Punch!  Be careful 
avoid it as best you can!  Respond with your best chips and your own Program 

Recommended chips: Program Advances, powerful chips, HeroSword, LavaStage (for Fire 
styles only!)

Defeating CopyMan gets you Rank 3!  Talk about a jump through the ranks!  CopyMan 
says Rank 2 is in a "place of battle."  That area is the computer area in DNN where 
you fought KingMan in the N1.  Go there and you'll find Rank 2, a Navi named 

Mini-Boss: BowlMan

As his name suggests, BowlMan uses stuf with bowling pins and bowling balls.  He 
a grenade launcher that launches bowling pins at you.  He might set up three pins, 
and if his bowling ball hits it, it'll try to attack you, so avoid it!  These are 
about all the tatics he uses.  BowlMan is tricky, but not hard after a while.

Recommended chips: HeroSword, LifeSword, Z-Cannon

By defeating BowlMan, you become Rank 2.  Bowlman says "S"'s real name is Serenade, 
and his headquarters is behind "a boulder."  The boulder is in the bath palce in 
Yoka hotel.  When you go up to the boulder, you'll find an elevator.  Inside, 
find the UnderNet server.  A voice calls out for you to jack in, so Lan will do 
that.  Megaman finds a giant hole; the voice commends Lan for getting this far.  
It's Serenade and Megaman demands the program to stop Alpha.  Sernade says the 
program must be weilded by a Chosen One.  A ball of smoke appears, and Serenade 
if the flames go blue, Megaman is chosen, but if he's not, he'll suffer the 
consequences of being frozen.  Megaman is not chosen... or is he?  Megaman comes 
back and says he can use the program!  As Megaman leaves, Serenade says that 
can also weild the program...
A voice comes from behind Lan, saying he's the administrator of the UnderNet... 
Mamoru!  Someone else created the UnderNet, his father, but he runs it.  The 
UnderNet was a weapon to counter Alpha and to preserve the Forbidden Program.  
Mamoru then tells Lan of the Forbidden Programs power to freeze the whole Net.  He 
also says Alpha was a creation of the SciLab.  An alram sounds, saying the 
has been broken!
In SciLab 1, Drillman enters Drill mode and activates the TetraCodes.  He busts 
through all four doors and reaches the glowing sphere.  Drillman makes a hole and 
escapes.  Head to SciLab 1.  Find the hole Drillamn went through and enter it.  
You'll end up in Undernet 5.  Navigate through 5 till you come face to face with 
Drillman.  He wants revenge on you for destroying Bubbleman

Boss: Drillman

All of his attacks are easy to avoid; the trick is damaging him. He always has a 
drill one square in front of him, so you must fix your folder.

Recommended chips: Use Roll right away!, heatShot, Bubbler, Shotgun, etc., 
Wideswords, Gutsman

After Drillman's destroyed, the Alpha program comes out.  But, before Megaman can 
take it, Bass arrives and takes it.  Megaman decides to use the Forbidden Program, 
but Bass is able to stop it!  Bass was a Chosen One too!  Bass spares Megaman and 

VIII.  Time is Running Out a.k.a. Alpha episode

In the WWW base, Wily is greatly pleased with Bass.  Lan then has a dream he's in 
Cyberworld.  Megaman comes and says he must go and he leaves.  Lan wakes up, and 
hears noises outside.  The army is coming and martial law is being held!  It's 
probably a plan for Alpha.  Go to school.  Dex says school's closed.  Go find Yai 
and Mayl.  Mayl will give you the Roll V3 chip.  You'll get mail from the SciLab 
saying that Lan should come to a meeting about WWW.  You must meet Protoman in the 
SciLab Square area and receive and "OfclPass" from him for the Metroline.  Go to 
Yai's house to take the shortcut.  Get the pass and use it so you can board the 
Metroline and go to the SciLab (and guess what?  you're an offical netbattler like 
There are some new jobs if you want to take some time off.  Talk to Chaud to get 
meeting under way.  The head offical says Alpha was created 10 years ago and it's 
actually the Internet!  He also mentions an "AutoNavi" that was deleted because of 
problems, but it was Alpha that did the problems.  With Alpha, everything from 
to programs will be deleted.  An alarm sounds saying all the AutoTanks have gone 
berserk.  Go to ACDC and head to the end of the street to find Dex, Mayl and Yai 
facing a tank.  The tank will start firing at you. You’ll run up and jack in.  
You'll find some viruses, and they are TOUGH!  You’ll jack out, and a scientist and 
Chaud will show up.  They say the tanks were run by the AlphaBug and Wily has 
started to decode Alpha.  They’ll leave, and you’ll get a phone call from Lan’s 
Lan’s dad has left the hospital.
Head to the hospital and talk to mom in dad's room.  Megaman says to check this 
room, and Mom gives you the medication Lan's dad takes.  Look under the pillow of 
the bed to get a note and a card key.  Dad says he left to stop Alpha and he's 
looking for some devices.  Go to dad's office in SciLab.  Use the Cardkey on the 
meeting door.  Dad says the scientist who created Alpha was a man he respected 
highly, his own father, Lan's grandfather.  Dad collapses and Lan gives him his 
medication.  Lan says he'll stop Alpha.  Dad says the WWW base is at Demon Waters 
the ocean.
You need a boat, and the only one available is the one that took you to Hades' 
Isle.  Head there; Megaman says the engine is old.  Go to Yai's and she'll give you 
the engine.  Go home and go to bed.  Wily calls his WWW agents, thanking them for 
Alpha.  Wily then makes an announcement to everyone about destruction.
Lan wakes up, and his dad sends e-mail with a program to install to Megaman to find 
Alpha, so equip it. Go to the beach and go to the boat.  Before Lan leaves, his 
friends come with Chaud.  Lan takes Dex and Chaud, and Tora arrives.  Lan takes him 
along, and everyone leaves.  Then they arrive at the WWW base...
Enter a door.  Lan can't use the elevator, and there's no place to jack in.  The 
who helped Lan with the Press data comes, introducing himself as Cossak, a former 
SciLab scientist.  He tells everyone that the weird chair is a Pulse Transmission 
System, which allows humans to go into the Cyberworld.  Cossak enters the chair and 
starts the elevator.  Before Cossak leaves, Bass comes.  Cossak them builds up 
and plans to self-destruct himself.  Bass also builds up power and almost kills 
Cossak.  Dex takes care of him and you and the others go.
Go through the elevator.  Before you go to the next door, a robot attacks you, 
Flashman's Hypno Flash.  Tora distracts the robot, Chaud works on the beam, and you 
must disable the droid, so Lan jacks in Megaman.  Inside the robot, Megaman must 
find keys to unlock several doors.  Watch out for the red puddles, that's Alpha!  
There are also guard robots, and you must get your timing right to get past them.  
At the end of the maze, Flashman and his NetOp. are there and want a rematch!

Mini-boss: Flashman

Flashman uses the same tactics, but is more fast.  Remember to take out his two 
towers!  *Refer to boss help*

Recommended chips:  "Refer back*

After defeating Flashman, continue through the island.  Dex is attacked by a robot 
shooting bubbles.  Those bubble can only mean one thing... jack in.  Go through the 
maze and try to find the key(s) to get through the gate(s).  The guard robots are a 
more trocky, so be careful.  If your guess was right, then the Navi creating all 
the problems is nonw other than Bubbleman.

Mini-boss: Bubbleman

*Refer to boss strategy*

Recommeded chips: *Refer back*

After that robot, keep going.  Chaud is attacked by a robot spewing fire.  jack in 
and find the key to the gate (the robots are a lot harder!).  At the end, it's 
Plantman AND Fireman, and their operators will attack in a double duel, Plantman 
first, then Flameman.

Mini-boss 1: Plantman     

*Refer back to boss strategy*

Chips: *Refer back*

Mini-boss 2: Flameman

*Refer back to strategy and chips

After they're defeated, enter Wily's lab.  His office is blocked by you're old 
rival, Drillman.

To be continued...

I HAVE RETURNED!  I'll try to update more frequently when school gets out.  I'll 
get to work on those thank-yous as soon as I can.  Don't 
forget to e-mail me 
with problems at [email protected]

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