Boats and Aircrafts - Guide for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

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                           Getting Around Part 3


Obtaining One
Boats, obviously enough, are stationed in the waterways of San Andreas; most of the 
docks in the game will have a boat or two somewhere nearby. All you need to do to 
get one is climb aboard and press the triangle button. If you’re attempting to 
board a boat while swimming, use the square button to climb out of the water. Note 
that boats don’t play nearly as big a role in San Andreas as they did in Vice City; 
planes are where the real action’s at now. 

Driving One
Not much to it here; just hit forward and try to avoid really sharp turns, which 
will send the boat spinning. Rather, use small adjustments to your steering to keep 
yourself oriented where you want to go. 

Drive-By: As with cars, you can perform drive-bys (float-bys?) in a boat with the 
R1 and L1 buttons. 

Planes and Helicopters

Obtaining One
San Andreas is the first entry in the GTA series where you can truly take to the 
air. Although GTAIII had its Dodo, and Vice City had the Sparrow, these were 
difficult to control and had limited uses. With the sprawling size of the game 
world, though, the designers of San Andreas have seen fit to give players a quick 
way to get between cities. 

You won’t be able to get a plane right away, though; in fact, you won’t be able to 
fly until you complete a set of flying tests before you reach the third city in the 
game. After you get your pilot’s license, though, the airports in each city will 
unlock their gates, letting you roam in and find a vehicle to your liking. 

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