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If you're stuck on a boss fight, this is the FAQ for you! To know where you can
confront the bosses, I've included the day you can find them and the location. The
location is mentioned between the *. You should also know that the numbers between
the ( ) is the stage number the boss is at. That number does NOT tell you how many of
those creatures you'll encounter.


- This is for boss battles ONLY; it won't include the normal, regular fights

Instead of scrolling through this entire FAQ to find a certain fight, you can now
search for the monster! Just press CTRL+F and type in the monster's name. Don't know
it? Then type in the Day number it appears in OR the place it can be encountered.

August 2006: I did a major revision to this FAQ. I updated strategies and HP counts.
Not only that, I also fixed spelling errors and I put in fights for the Ex Game! Hope
you enjoy the new revision!

Okay, let’s begin!

DAY 1|

BOSS BATTLE 1: Actress
*Carnegie Hall*
HP: 40

The very first fight is a boss fight! The Actress’ only real purpose is to show you
the battle system used in Parasite Eve. She has only one attack: an energy beam she
fires every few seconds. This can simply be avoided if you don’t stay in one spot for
too long. Constantly move and only attack right after the Actress fires her beam.

After you shoot the Actress once, you will be introduced to your first Parasite
Energy (PE). It is called “Heal 1.” It heals 30 HP and you can use it anytime, in
combat or not. When you use a PE, your PE bar (the green bar below your HP amount)
will decrease. For more information, I suggest you pause the game and look in the
game’s instructions manual. If you don’t have yours, look around on various websites.
The only purpose of this FAQ is to give you strategies on how to defeat bosses.

If you want to conserve your ammo (because right now it is limited), you can use your
club. After a few shots, the Actress will reveal her identity and the battle will end.

BOSS BATTLE 2: Eve (1)
*Carnegie Hall*
HP: 100

Eve is tougher this time but if you’re at level 4 or 5, you’ll be fine. Your M84F
handgun (the gun you started with) will work but I highly recommend the P220 (you can
get it in the closet in one of the storage rooms). Eve has 2 attacks now: her claw
attack and her double beam. Eve won’t use the claw attack if you’re far away from her
so don’t get too close. Her double beam is a little bit tougher to dodge. Not only
can she shoot 2 beams but she can sweep them across the room. Do not panic, however,
she does sweep them rather slowly and at times she may not sweep them at all so that
should ease the pain a little bit.

To dodge the beams, you’ll want to stand in between the 2 beams. If Eve sweeps them,
slowly walk in the direction she’s sweeping them. Only attack after Eve has finished
with her beam attack because if you get caught standing in one place for too long,
you could pay the ultimate price. Win the battle and chase Eve into the sewers.

BOSS BATTLE 3: Alligator (1)
*Carnegie Hall Sewers*
HP: 120 (Body), 80 (Tail)

Unlike the previous bosses, the Alligator is made up of 2 targets: the body and the
tail. When the battle begins, concentrate on the tail. You should’ve picked up the
M1911A1 handgun in the chest next to the left set of stairs a few rooms back. One of
the most important things to succeeding in Parasite Eve is to constantly upgrade your
equipment. As the game goes on you’ll find more ways to upgrade your weapons and
armor. But there’s no time for this jibber-jabber now. You’ve got a boss to kill.

During the first stage, the Alligator has 2 attacks: his claw attack and the tail
whip/boomerang. Like the first version of Eve, the claw attack only happens if you
get too close to the Alligator. Stay far away and you won’t have to worry about it.
The tail whip and boomerang attack is somewhat difficult to dodge. At times, the
Alligator will use his tail as whip, which can be dodged if you’re not in front of
him and you’re not too close to him. However, after the whip, a series of boomerangs
will come towards Aya. The best thing you can do is try to get in between 2
boomerangs so the will pass by harmlessly. After causing enough damage, the camera
view will change and so will the Alligator’s strategy.

Now that the tail is dead, you can shoot the body now. The good news is that the
Alligator will no longer use the tail whip and boomerang attacks. But to compensate
for that, he has a fire breath attack, which he shoots 3 streams of fire at Aya.
However, this is much simpler to dodge than the boomerang attack. Don’t get too close
to the Alligator and always run. If you get caught in one place for too long, you’ll
increase your chances of getting hit. Successfully kill the Alligator and you’ll move
on to Day 2!

DAY 2|

BOSS BATTLE 4: Giant Worms (1-4)
*Central Park*
HP: 125 (4 worms), 150 (3 worms), 175 (2 worms), 200 (1 worm)

If you’re confused by the HP count above, I’ll quickly explain it to you. At the
beginning of the battle there are 4 worms. All of those worms have 125 HP. But when
you eliminate one, the 3 remaining worms’ HP will increase to 150. Eliminate one of
the 3 remaining worms and the other worms’ HP will increase to 175 and so on. Get it?
If you’re a bit worried about the HP increase, don’t worry. The M16A1 rifle is your
best bet for this battle (Torres should’ve given you this gun back at the Precinct).

At the beginning, the worms are relatively harmless and somewhat lazy. They may or
may not attack. Their only attack right now is using their spike balls. When they
release a spike ball, it’ll explode and several spikes will fly out in different
directions. However, at the beginning of the battle, you don’t need to worry about
the spike balls. You can easily dodge them by moving constantly. You could also try
to move behind the worm that shot the ball at you.

When you eliminate one worm, the others will grow in length and in HP. They don’t
have any additional attacks but the spike balls not only release more spikes when
they explode, they also cause more damage. If you’re trying to dodge more than 1
spike ball, you may have some difficulty. Again, the best thing you can do is try
moving all over the place. Quickly eliminate another worm.

When there are only 2 left, their HP amounts will now increase to 175. Again, no
additional attacks but the spike balls will cause more damage. Quickly eliminate
another worm.

When you’re down to the final worm, not only will its HP amount shoot up to 200 but
it also gains 2 different attacks: body sweep and body slam, in addition to the spike
balls, which causes more damage than ever, however, you’ll be pleased to know that
the worm will now rarely use the spike ball attack. For the final worm, it will
always pop up in the bottom part of the screen. To dodge the body slam attack,
constantly run and try not to get caught in the corners. As for the body sweep,
there’s only one way to dodge it: go to the upper left hand corner and stay there. If
you go down to attack the worm and he uses the body sweep, you WILL get hit. Make a
mental note of this and made sure you have a decent amount of HP so you don’t end up
dying. Eliminate the last worm and continue east, where you’ll find Eve and she’ll
offer you to take you on a carriage ride.

BOSS BATTLE 5: Eve (2)
*Central Park*
HP: 320

This battle is tricky, but only because you’re in a carriage and have so little room
to run. Eve has 2 attacks: claw and the bomb attack. In the previous battle with Eve
(at Carnegie Hall); she would only use the claw attack if you were close enough.
Well, guess what? In this battle, no matter where you are in the carriage, you’re
ALWAYS close enough! The claw is difficult to dodge and you’ll probably be relying on
luck in order to dodge it. Made sure your HP is high at all times.

Eve’s second attack is her bomb attack. Occasionally, she’ll fly off screen and drop
a massive energy bomb at Aya. The only real way to dodge this is to get in the
opposite corner of the impact point. Do not get out of your corner until the bomb has
completely disappeared and Eve is back on the screen. When you successfully deplete
all of Eve’s 320 HP, you’ll enjoy a nice, long cut scene and a couple of FMV’s!

DAY 3|

BOSS BATTLE 6: Mutated Sheeva
*NYPD 17th Precinct*
HP: 400 (Center Head), 200 (Left Head), 300 (Right Head)

Sheeva has three targets: her left head, center head and her right head. I recommend
getting rid of the center head (target 1) first because that’s what heals the other
heads for 100 HP. If your ammo is limited, finish it off quickly. You can dispose of
the other two at your own discretion.

Sheeva has a series of attacks and most of them are difficult to dodge. Her gnawing
attack is easy. Just don’t get too close to her and constantly move but don’t get
stuck in corners. Her energy beam is somewhat easy. Don’t stay in one place for too
long and stay out of corners. If you do that, you should dodge the beam, despite how
fast it travels across the room. Sheeva also has one attack that is unavoidable. Her
growling attack cannot be dodged no matter what and will cause around 80-100 points
of damage. However, you can use PE Barrier to reduce damage or completely nullify it.

DAY 4|

BOSS BATTLE 7: Giant Spider (1)
*St. Francis Hospital*
HP: 450 (Stage 1), 400 (Stage 2)

There are 2 stages to this fight. During the first stage, the spider has 450 HP. The
spider has a series of attacks that if you ignore, you’ll end up dead. The first and
most common attack is the web attack. Here, the spider will shoot 3 large webs on the
roof. If you get caught in one of the webs, you won’t be able to move for a while.
While you’re there struggling to break free, the spider then has the opportunity to
damage you with its other attacks. The arm attack is extremely easy to dodge (as long
as you’re not stuck to a web). Just keep your distance from the spider. The flame
attack is a bit harder to dodge. The only thing you can really do is run from side to
side and hope it passes behind Aya. I recommend a rifle for this stage because it has
such good range and you could probably hit the spider over the webs. After inflicting
enough damage, the spider will run off and Aya will chase after it.

During the second stage, the spider has 400 HP. You may have noticed that there’s not
as much room as there was during the first stage. Because of this, dodging attacks is
going to be a bit tougher but it also means that you can switch to a handgun, which
is faster at shooting and reloading than a rifle. At the beginning of the second
stage, you’ll appear right in front of the spider and because of that, it’ll try to
hit you with one of its arms but simply avoid this by running away. Because of the
limited space, dodging the web attack and the fireball attack is going to be tough.
The best you can probably do is cast Haste and hope that you don’t land in one of the
webs. With Haste, you should be able to dodge the fireball attack fairly easily.
Depleting the spider’s 400 HP will end the battle.

DAY 5|

*Chinatown Sewers*
HP: 215 (each)

Day 5 has the most bosses than any other day and let me tell you ahead of time that
they’re not going to be easy. For now, let’s focus on the Alligators. This is an
optional boss that you can encounter in the Chinatown Sewers. After you encounter the
slime from Central Park, go right at the T-intersection and climb down the ladder.
This is where you’ll encounter this boss.

There are 2 Alligators with one target each. They each have three attacks: claw, tail
whip/boomerang and fire breath. They will not perform the claw attack if you’re far
away from them so no need to worry. The tail whip/boomerang attack is nothing
different but dodging the attack from both enemies can get a bit tough. Try to
eliminate one Alligator as quickly as you can. The fire breath is a bit different
than last time. Instead of shooting three streams of fire, it’ll only shoot one but
the fire stream could then explode and divide into several fireballs which can easily
hit Aya and cause up to 200 points of damage. The best thing you can do is when an
Alligator shoots a fire stream, run towards the Alligator as quickly as you can and
you should be alright.

BOSS BATTLE 9: Centipede (1)
HP: 500 (Head), 120 (Middle), 120 (Middle), 180 (Tail)

The Centipede is somewhat easy at first but things get difficult as the battle goes
on. The Centipede has 3 attacks. If you stay at its side, you’ll be able to dodge 2
out of the 3 attacks (lightning bolt and bite). However, you still need to worry
about the poison attack. At any moment, the Centipede can spit poisonous balls from
its mouth. The only real way to dodge this is to run in out in front of the Centipede
and to keep your eyes open. Using Haste might work a little better though.

After inflicting enough damage, the Centipede will split into 4 parts, all circling
the screen. After circling the screen for a few seconds, they will all, one-by-one,
bite Aya. The bites cause around 70-100 points of damage each. I suggest you get rid
of the head first because that is the most dangerous. Not only does its bite attack
cause a lot of damage, but it poisons you as well. When you eliminate a part, try to
run to the empty space so the other parts will have a hard time biting you.

HP: 856 (Head), 420 (Right Claw), 420 (Left Claw)

This is an optional boss but if you defeat it, you’ll get the AT4 rocket launcher, a
powerful weapon. I recommend you clear the warehouse not for the rocket launcher but
to build up your stats. Trust me! You’ll need to be strong and skillful when you
fight Eve later on.

The Crab has 4 attacks: claw attack, laser eye attack, bubble attack and the grab
attack. He also has 3 targets: left and right claw and his head. The claw and bubble
attacks are easy to dodge if you stay on one of the Crab’s sides. The laser eye
attack is very hard to dodge. When the Crab’s eyestalks pop up, immediately run in
front of the Crab and continue running. Do not get stuck in corners. If you do get
hit, you’ll get a good pounding on your HP. You could also try to use Haste for a
better chance of dodging the attack.

The Crab’s last attack is rarely performed. So rare in fact that many are unaware of
it, but it’s there and it still poses a danger. If you’re in front of the Crab and
you’re very close, the Crab may grab you and zap you for all of your HP except 1
point. If this happens, you’ll want to use a Medicine 3 or 4 quickly. Full Recover
will work the best but you probably don’t have any in your inventory at the moment.

When you eliminate the claws, the Crab won’t be able to do the claw attack or grab
attack. But the bubble and laser attack still exist. Like I said, stay to the Crab’s
side and you’ll be able to avoid the bubble attack and try your absolute best to
dodge the laser attack. Winning the battle will get you the AT4 rocket launcher.

BOSS BATTLE 11: Triceratops (1)
HP: 750 (Head), 900 (Body)
The Triceratops has only 2 attacks: ramming attack and his lightning bolt attack. The
lightning bolt is easy to dodge if you stay to the side of its head. It should pass
by harmlessly. The ramming attack is a problem. It’s very difficult to dodge and it
causes a lot of damage. If you’ve got skills and reflexes, you may be able to dodge
it but it’s much easier using Haste. You should also know that at first, the
Triceratops will try to ram Aya only once but as you cause more damage, it’ll try to
ram her more and more times.

When you’ve inflicted enough damage, the head will disappear and the Triceratops’
speed will increase. This means that the Triceratops will no longer be able to ram at
Aya. However, the lightning bolt attack still exists but you can easily dodge that by
staying at the side of the Triceratops’ neck.

HP: 2,400

The T-Rex is powerful but if you follow my instructions carefully, you should be
fine. The T-Rex has 3 attacks: flame attack, laser attack and his stomp attack. Your
biggest concern is the flame attack, which can hit Aya several times and cause as
much as 150 points of damage per hit.

To dodge the flame attack, go DIRECTLY BEHIND the T-Rex. This is the best way to
dodge the attack. If you get too close, you’ll end up loosing 10 HP. But with the
level you’re at right now, who cares?

The laser attack happens later in the battle. It is relatively easy to dodge. The
T-Rex will charge up a laser beam from its tail and shoot 2 beams at you. If you keep
moving, only one beam should hit you. Maybe none if you’re lucky. If you use Haste,
you’ll have a better chance of dodging the beam, which does about 100 points of
damage if only one beam hits you.

The T-Rex’s last attack is the stomp attack, which he will not perform if Aya is far
away from him. So keep your distance and you won’t have to worry about the T-Rex
squishing you like a bug.

BOSS BATTLE 13: Eve (3)
*Statue of Liberty*
HP: 1,600 (Bottom Target), 1,750 (Middle Target), 1,900 (Top Target)

The next 2 boss fights of Day 5 will not be easy. If this is your first time playing
Parasite Eve, you’ll probably die here 1-2 times before getting the hang of things.
Before you go up to fight Eve, you should do the following:

1. Use your Bonus Points to increase your active time, item capacity and increase
your weapon/armor stats.
2. Heal yourself if your HP is low.
3. Have your best armor and weapon equipped (reload your weapon if you need to).
4. Have your second best armor and weapon available as backup.
5. Anything else you can think of.

Once you’ve done those 5 things, go up to Eve and they will have a brief
conversation. After a few minutes, the battle will begin. You should always keep a
lot of distance between Aya and Eve. Eve has a lot of long-range attacks but they
won’t do as much damage as her short-range attacks.

Eve has 3 targets: the top, middle and bottom. If you have a weapon with a burst
effect on it, that’s perfect for this battle. With the burst effect, you can hit all
3 parts while targeting only one. The Command x2 effect will also come in handy. With
that, you can perform 2 actions in one turn. If you do not have any of these effects,
you’ll have a much harder time fighting Eve.

Eve’s short-range attacks are devastating and cause a lot more damage than her
long-range attacks, as I said previously. She can grab Aya and hit her several times,
causing 170 points of damager per hit. She may even hit her once for all of her HP
except 1 point. To dodge the grab attack, do not get stuck in corners and constantly
move. Keep your distance and you should be fine. You should also use that tactic for
when Eve tries to hit Aya, which generally doesn’t do as much damage as her grab
attack. In general, you’ll want to keep moving from side-to-side to avoid Eve’s
short-range attacks.

Eve’s long-range attacks aren’t as easy to dodge but cause less damage than her
short-range attacks. Eve’s common long-range attack is shooting energy balls in
short, long, short, long intervals. They typically cause around 70 points of damage.
If you keep moving and circle the screen, you should be able to dodge them. Eve can
also shoot energy needles from her fingers. This attack is tough to dodge and can hit
Aya several times. The best you can do is keep a lot of distance between Aya and Eve
and run behind Eve. But don’t get stuck behind Eve for too long because she also has
an attack that in which she uses her back. From time-to-time, Eve will shower the
area with energy from her back. The best you can do is run as far away as humanly
possible from Eve and hope the energy bolts miss. When you kill off all of Eve’s
targets, she’ll evolve into Eve (4), which means you’ll be back to square one!

BOSS BATTLE 14: Eve (4)
*Statue of Liberty*
HP: 2,200

Eve’s HP amount is significantly lower, making this battle a little easier but to
make up for the lower HP, Eve has attacks that are very difficult to dodge. She also
flies around the screen so quickly that you might have a difficult time shooting her.
I recommend a rifle because it has such good range and Eve will have a tougher time
getting out of your targeting dome.

Eve’s attacks are very hard to dodge. She can hit Aya, which not only does damage but
it also poisons her. You may have a difficult time dodging this attack because it’s
so fast. Haste could make things a little easier. You should also use PE Detox or
Cure-P to neutralize the poison if you get hit.

Eve also has another attack that cannot be avoided. She’ll sometimes stop Aya dead in
her tracks and not only damage her but paralyze her. At times, she’ll only paralyze
Aya in which her speed and AT bar are slowed. Other times, she’ll paralyze Aya in
which she cannot move at all. Both effects are harmful and you should use PE Medic or
Cure-M to remove the effect.

Eve’s final and deadly attack is her energy javelin. Occasionally, she’ll fly off
screen and the camera will show a close-up of her as she fires her javelin. The
javelin’s range is extremely high and can cover most of the area. Do not panic,
however. It is possible to dodge the javelin. The important thing you should remember
is that even though the camera shows a close-up of Eve, you still have control of
Aya. When the camera does show a close-up of Eve, immediately run to the opposite
corner. Now you can’t run if Aya is busy shooting so limit your shots to 2 per turn.
You should also make a mental note that the javelin is area damage. Simply put, the
closer you are to the impact point, the more damage you take. If you’re directly at
the impact point, you’ll take a good loss of 400+ HP plus Defense Down.

One of Eve’s strategies includes paralyzing Aya and then shooting her javelin. This
shows how important it is to immediately cure yourself of negative effects.

Another strategy you can use is using PE Liberate. This will cause over 1,000 points
of damage to Eve. But it will deplete all of your PE. But it’s still worth the risk.
Afterwards, you’ll only need to hit Eve a few more times to end the battle.

DAY 6|

BOSS BATTLE 15: Ultimate Being (1)
HP: 1,500

This is the baby Being. It’s not that hard. Most of the time, the Being will follow
Aya and try to attack her with its Cry Beam. This is when the Being lowers its head
and releases a beam. If you have a lot of distance between you and the Being, you
should be fine. Otherwise, prepare to lose a good 100+ HP.

The Being’s second attack cannot be dodged and zaps Aya for all of her HP except 1
point. Use Medicine 4 or a Full Recover quickly and Aya will be as good as new!

BOSS BATTLE 16: Ultimate Being (2)
HP: 1,500 (Stage 1), 1,500 (Stage 2 – Body), 950 (Stage 2 – Wings)

There are 2 targets on this Being: the head and the wings. A burst effect will work
great here. During the first stage, the Ultimate Being has 2 attacks: the lightning
ball attack and the lightning sweep. The lightning ball attack is easy to dodge if
you just keep moving from side-to-side. The lightning sweep can be dodged if you go
under the Ultimate Being.

Once you’ve inflicted enough damage, the Ultimate Being will split into 2. You should
focus on destroying the body because the wings will die when the body dies. Dodging
the attacks from both enemies is really tough. You’ll probably be relying mostly on
luck for dodging the attacks. You could also use Liberate to try to severely damage
the 2 parts.

BOSS BATTLE 17: Ultimate Being (3)
HP: 3,500

This is the real challenge. The mature Being can deliver a series of deadly attacks.
Keep a close eye on your HP and heal Aya when she needs it or you could be looking at
a Game Over screen really soon.

The Ultimate Being now has a full arsenal of attacks. Its most common is a 2-hit
combo that causes around 75 points of damage per hit. It can be dodged by constantly
running and not getting close to the Ultimate Being. Haste will work well, too. In
fact, you’ll probably be using Haste a lot in this battle.

Another one of the Being’s attack is when it hops in any one of the four corners and
shoots a stream of pink energy at Aya from its tail. It can hit Aya twice and cause
as much as 120 points of damager per hit. Therefore, you must always be casting Haste
and when the Being jumps in a corner, quickly run underneath it to dodge the attack.

The Being also has 2 attacks that are very difficult to dodge. One attack halves
Aya’s HP and the other zaps all of her HP except 1 point. To dodge the attack that
halves Aya’s HP, you must get as far away from the Ultimate Being as humanly,
physically possible. The upper left hand corner will probably work the best. The
attack that zaps Aya for all but 1 HP point is incredibly hard to dodge. What the
Being will do is grab Aya and zap her. The grab is so incredibly fast that your
chances of dodging it are probably slim to none. Using Haste won’t do much.

BOSS BATTLE 18: Ultimate Being (4)
HP: 8,000

You may think this battle will be hard. Don’t worry. This battle is cake. The Being
has one attack: a laser which does about 85 points of damage. You may want to cast
Barrier because 85 points of damage can add up quickly.

When you first fire at the being you’ll notice that it won’t take any more than 1-2
points of damage. This’ll happen no matter what weapon you use. But do not worry.
Things will get a lot easier in a moment.

After causing about 23 points of damage to the being, a cut scene will appear. Daniel
will then deliver special ammunition to Aya. After the cut scene, you’ll
automatically be equipped with Maeda’s Gun and the new ammunition. Recast Barrier and
shoot the Ultimate Being for 999 of its HP.

AFTER THE FIGHT: The Being is still alive and you need to find a way to destroy the
ship! Follow my instructions carefully! If you make just one little screw-up, the 
Being will eat Aya and it'll be Game Over, which means, you'll have to do the entire
fight over again! BE SURE YOU RUN FROM ROOM-TO-ROOM! There are 12 simple instructions:

1. Run west to the door, the same one you entered earlier.
2. After viewing the map, Aya will come to the revelation that she must go to the
Engine Room. Her first step is to head through the door to the left, which the Navy
Officer was blocking earlier.
3. Go to the north and turn west at the intersection.
4. Run up the hall and take a right through the first door.
5. Run down the stairs and into the door at the bottom.
6. Go to the east and head north at the intersection. Climb down the ladder to reach
the Engine Room.
7. Quickly search the control panel just below where Aya enters the room!
8. Once things are ready to blow, head to the south over the pipes and then climb the
ladder that's a bit to the west.
9. Head to the south and pass through the door.
10. Continue to the south, and then pass through the door in the west hall.
11. Quickly run up the stairs and through the door at the top.
12. Sprint down the hall to the west and through the exit.

YOU'VE WON!!!! Congratulations! You've beat Parasite Eve! Sit back and enjoy the ending.


In order to access the EX Game, you’ll have to wait for the credits to end and you’ll
receive 3,000 bonus points for beating the game. It will then ask you to save. This
will save as CLEAR DATA and will unlock the EX Game option at the main menu. Load the
CLEAR DATA file and you’ll gain access to a new building: the Chrysler Building.


EX GAME BOSS BATTLE 1: Giant Spider (2)
*Chrysler Building Floor 10*
HP: 1,000

If you’ve completed most of the game before tackling the Chrysler Building, good
strategy! The Giant Spider is back and you’ll want to fight it similar to the way you
fought it in the second stage on the hospital roof. Because there’s so little room to
evade attacks, the web and fire attack could be a problem but if you have a high
weapon attack and high defense on your armor, this battle should end quickly.
Defeating the spider will get you Chrysler Key 1. This enables you to travel through
floors 1-10 on the elevator.

EX GAME BOSS BATTLE 2: Alligator (3)
*Chrysler Building Floor 20*
HP: 1,100 (each)

Another recycled boss! This boss is very similar to the encounter you had with the
Alligators in the Chinatown Sewer. Eliminate one of the Alligators to make dodging
attacks easier. Having armor with a high defense is important, because the fire
breath attack causes more damage than ever but this boss shouldn’t give you any major
problems. Defeat both Alligators and you will receive Chrysler Key 2. This enables
you to travel through floors 1-20 on the elevator.

EX GAME BOSS BATTLE 3: Centipede (2)
*Chrysler Building Floor 30*
HP: 1,200 (Head), 600 (Middle), 600 (Middle), 800 (Tail)

The Centipede’s speed has increased somewhat since your last encounter with it at the
Subway. During the first stage, the Centipede can turn its body quicker and attack
quicker so you may find it hard to keep at its side. Use Haste to make things go a
bit smoother.

When the Centipede splits into four parts, eliminate the head quickly to avoid
getting poisoned. You may be using quite a bit of Medicines here because the biting
attacks cause more damage. When you eliminate a part, take its spot so the other
parts have a tougher time hitting you. Defeating the Centipede will get you Chrysler
Key 3. This enables you to travel through floors 1-30 on the elevator.

EX GAME BOSS BATTLE 4: Triceratops (2)
*Chrysler Building Floor 40*
HP: 1,600 (Head), 1,600 (Body)

Yet another recycled boss. Because there’s not too much room to dodge attacks, you
may have trouble with the ramming attack. Using Haste will help you in this battle.
The lightning attack is no different. Stick to either the left or right side of the
Triceratops’ head and it should pass by.

When the head is eliminated, you don’t have to use Haste anymore because the boss
can’t perform the ramming attack anymore. Try your best to stick to the side of the
Triceratops’ head and you should defeat him in no time. Defeating the Triceratops
will get you Chrysler Key 4. This enables you to travel through floors 1-40 on the


Just so you know things will get tougher from floors 41 all the way up to the final
floors. I recommend you have a weapon with an attack of at least 350 and armor with a
defense of at least 200. You should also be at level 34 or 35 at this point. If you
don’t meet all 3 recommendations, I suggest you hunt for enemies outside of the
Chrysler Building to increase your level and your stats. But if you’re confident and
you think you have the skills, go ahead and continue to climb but don’t say I didn’t
warn you. Oh and FYI, now would be a very good time to stock up on Medicine 4’s,
Revives, Full Cures, Full Recovers and Cure items.

*Chrysler Building Floor 50*
HP: 4,200 (Main Roach), 1,200 (Larva)

This is a new boss that you haven’t seen before and let me tell you that the
Cockroach isn’t going to be messing around. The Cockroach is a fast little creature
so you may want to use Haste but you may be able to deal without. Stay away from the
roach’s antennae and you should be alright when it performs its antennae whip attack.
But if that’s all this boss had, it’d be way too easy.

When the bug starts shaking, it means it’s giving birth and you’ll be able to see the
larva slip out the roach’s backside. At this point, the main roach becomes a flying
roach and gains a new attack: a poison bomb that’s relatively easy to dodge if you
keep moving. When you see the larva, eliminate it quickly because if it gets to be
full-grown, it’ll have stats similar to its mother and it’ll be able to attack you
with its antennae. Eliminate the offspring quickly while it still has only 1,200 HP.

To eliminate both enemies, you should eliminate both of them around the same time. If
you only eliminate one, it’ll give birth to another cockroach. A weapon with a burst
effect is highly recommended for this battle. Defeating the Cockroach will get you
Chrysler Key 5. This enables you to travel through floors 1-50 on the elevator.

*Chrysler Building Floor 60*
HP: 6,400 (Head), 1,600 (Right Claw), 1,600 (Left Claw)

And now you’re back to recycled bosses again! Don’t let the high HP scare you. This
boss is easy if you have strong equipment and are at a high level. You MUST use Haste
in this battle because the Crab’s speed has increased dramatically. If you don’t,
you’ll have a very tough time trying to catch up with this boss. The strategies you
used for your first encounter with the Crab should work fine here. Defeating the Crab
will get you Chrysler Key 6. This enables you to travel through floors 1-60 on the


You are about to enter the most difficult floors of the Chrysler Building. This is an
update to tell you on where you should be. Aya’s level should be at about 35 or 36.
Her weapon attack should be around 400 and her armor defense should be around 250. I
strongly recommend you meet these stats because the enemies from here on out don’t
fool around. You’re inventory should also be filled with Medicines and healing items.

*Chrysler Building Floor 70*
HP: 600 (Bee (1)), 1,200 (Bee (2)), 12,000 (Bee (3))

This battle is tough and extremely frustrating. Now you’ll know why I warned you with
having strong equipment and having an inventory filled with healing items.

The big bee you see at the start of the battle is Bee (3), the one with the highest
HP amount. From time-to-time, she’ll have her Bee (1)’s and Bee (2)’s come out and
attack Aya. For your convenience, I’m dividing this boss fight into 3 sections: one
section for each Bee and to tell you its attacks and purpose.

BEE (1)|

The Bee (1)’s are a pain but most of the time they’re relatively harmless. One will
occasionally make its way from the Bee (3)’s side and thrust its stinger at Aya,
inflicting poison. Use Detox immediately to remove the poison effect. You’ll need all
the HP you can get! The stinger attack can be dodged by moving to either of the Bee
(1)’s sides.

But the true purpose of the Bee (1) is to heal the queen Bee for 200+ HP. Make sure
you eliminate the Bee (1)’s as soon as possible. Otherwise, depleting the queen’s
12,000 HP could take a lifetime.

BEE (2)|

These aren’t that tough. One will fly slowly towards Aya and attack her when they get
close. Because they do have a high amount of HP, it may take several shots to
eliminate them. Just keep your distance and pick them off quickly. A word of warning:
try not to get in a situation where you have to worry about dodging the Bee (3)’s and
the Bee (2)’s attacks at one time. It may prove to be a little too much.

BEE (3)|

The queen bee doesn’t move around too much during battle, which makes it an easy
target. But that’s about the only break you’ll get. The queen bee is a real challenge
and her attacks are difficult to dodge. Like I’ve said before, you need strong
equipment or the Bee (3)’s attacks will most likely kill Aya in a single hit.

The queen bee has 3 attacks, 2 of which are hard to dodge and the last attack (which
is probably the cheapest attack in the game) is unavoidable.

The 2 attacks that are hard to dodge are the energy wall and the 2 energy sickles.
The energy sickles always come after the energy wall attack. To dodge the wall, you
need to use Haste and move far enough to one side so that it passes by harmlessly.
After the wall, the 2 energy sickles will come after Aya. To dodge the sickles, you
need to be as far away from the boss as humanly possible and if you’re lucky, they
should pass by without damaging Aya.

After inflicting enough damage, the queen bee will gain another attack and possibly
the cheapest attack in the game: 400+ damage, defense down, can’t be dodged and it
prevents Aya from moving. But there’s a second danger here. Because the attack holds
Aya down for a long time, the queen bee’s companions can come up and attack Aya. The
best you can do is cast Barrier and hope it absorbs the damage and pick off the
queen’s companions quickly. Defeating the Bees will get you Chrysler Key 7. This
enables you to travel through floors 1-70 on the elevator.


There are no enemies, no weapons and no items on floors 71-76 except an increasing
amount of mitochondrion goop. The walk up to the 77th floor is a refreshing little
breather but the boss on the 77th floor is your ultimate challenge. Below is what
your stats should look like. Remember that if you exceed the recommended level,
you’re more likely to succeed.

LEVEL: 35+
INVENTORY: Filled with Medicine 3’s and 4’s, Revives, Full Cures, Full Recovers, Cure
items and a backup armor. You’ll be using a lot of parasite energies so you’ll need a
backup armor to kick start your PE bar when it stops refilling. Your backup armor
should also meet the armor recommendations above.
YOU SHOULD ALSO: Use any stat boosters you have remaining in your inventory before
going up to the 77th floor. Be sure to also make any last-minute stops to Wayne at
the precinct to dump any unnecessary items and use any remaining tools to tweak your
equipment. Use any bonus points to increase your stats. When you think you’re ready,
head up to the 77th floor.

EX GAME BOSS BATTLE 8: The Original Eve
*Chrysler Building Floor 77*
HP: 40,000

This is your ultimate challenge. Defeating this purebred Eve will unlock the second
and canonical ending to Parasite Eve but defeating Eve will not be easy. However if
you’ve made it this far, you have the skills. The only question is: do you know how
to use them?

Eve’s most common attack is disappearing and reappearing to deliver a series of
crushing blows to Aya. At first, the attack is relatively simple to dodge if you
constantly move and try not to stand in one place for too long but as the battle goes
on, it becomes tougher to dodge because Eve will follow Aya around the room until she
gets hit.

Eve’s second attack is charging up her mitochondrial energy and using her body as a
bullet. If it hits Aya, it’ll zap her for all but 1 HP. Unfortunately, there’s no
real way to dodge the attack. Using Haste might help but that’s no guarantee. Barrier
might be able to reduce the damage but I highly doubt you’ll be able to nullify it.

Eve also has 2 attacks that involve Maya. Both are unavoidable and can cause either
stiffness or confusion. Eve can also use Maya to erect a barrier so that the damage
done to Eve is reduced to 1 point of damage. Eve can also use Maya to heal her, which
is where the real danger comes in.

Maya’s ability to heal Eve is the real danger in this battle. This is because Maya
can heal Eve very quickly and not only that, the amount of HP Eve recovers is
increased by 1,000 every time. This means that Eve can easily heal herself back to
her full 40,000 HP in a matter of minutes. Now you know why it’s important to have a
weapon with strong attack power.

I highly recommend you use Liberate as many times as you can. This will do 1,200+
points of damage to Eve but it will deplete all of your PE, which is why I recommend
a second piece of armor to kick start your PE bar when it stops refilling.

While your PE bar is refilling, constantly shoot Eve and heal yourself when you need
it. If you have the Auto Heal effect on your armor, good show! This way, you can
ignore the damage done to Aya and concentrate on shooting Eve while you let Auto Heal
and Revive do their jobs.

When your PE bar is full again, go ahead and use Liberate. But your main concern is
trying to inflict a ton of damage in a short amount of time.

I should also tell you that you should never, never, NEVER shoot Eve while Maya is on
the screen. Even if you just see Maya’s shadow you shouldn’t shoot at Eve. By doing
so, you’ll keep Maya from healing Eve so that should ease the tension a little bit.
If you have the patience to wait 5 seconds for Maya to leave, there should be no big
problems. If you manage to deplete all of Eve’s 40,000 HP, you’ll see the second
ending to Parasite Eve. Enjoy! You’ve earned it!


I am pretty sure this walkthrough is 100% accurate. If there is a mistake that you’ve
spotted, please let me know about it! Below are my contact methods. 

YAHOO! E-MAIL: [email protected]

NETZERO E-MAIL: [email protected]


-Questions about fighting the regular monsters
-Questions on finding certain items
-Questions about the controls
-Questions on tips and hints for other games

Thank you very much!

END  |

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