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                    The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D
                          Boss Chalenge mode Guide
                            By Jonathan Garrett



First of all, thanks for taking the time to read my FAQ. After experieincing 
the difficulties I had with completing this mode, I thought that having a guide
like this would've been very handy. Since one didn't exist I decided to write
it myself. Of course, I started it with just my own strategies & experience,
but if anyone was to submit any info to me that I find to be more useful or
accurate, then I will include it & give you credit for it (just don't copy &
paste from someone else's FAQ or guide, okay?) My e-mail address will be listed
at the end of this guide.



(to skip to any section easily, just use [Ctrl] + F & type in the abbreviation 
located in the [] brackets)

i.) Mode Description & Location [BSSMDE]
  1) Queen Gohma [QNGHM]
  2) King Dodongo [KNGDNDG]
  3) Barinade [BRNADE]
  4) Phantom Gannon [PHNTMGN]
  5) Volvagia [VOLVGA]
  6) Morpha [MRPHA]
  7) Bongo Bongo [BNGOBNGO]
  8) Twinrova [TWNRVA]
  9) Gauntlet [GNTLT]
ii) Closing Thoughts [clsng]
iii) credits [crdts]
iv) copywright & contact info [cnctme]


i.) Mode Description & Location [BSSMDE]

I'm sure that most people who are reading this guide don't need this desription,
but for those who haven't gotten that far in the game yet (or have but haven't
found it yet for whatever reason,) boss mode allows you to re-fight any bosses
you have already defeated in that save file. You can access it anytime after 
speaking with Sheik at the Temple of time after clearing the Forest temple by
checking your bed in Kokiri Village. 

These boss chalenges are timed & have you with just the bare minimum equipment
neccissary: that means no heart containers created from pieces of heart, no
quiver, bomb bag or Deku Seed Bag upgrades, & (with the exception of Bongo 
Bongo & the Gauntlet) no magic or offense/defense boosts from the Great 
Fairies. With the Gauntlet being the sole exception, only things you'll have
available to you going into the boss fight will be your regular sword, your 
neccissary tunic, the special weapon from that dungeon, & (except for the Queen
Gohma battle) a bottle with a recovery drink.

Once you've beaten each of the boss challenges, the Gauntlet (or Boss Rush 
mode, as other people like to call it) becomes available. Besides requiring you
to conquer each boss one after the other, the Gauntlet has some other
differances from the other challenges that we'll go over once we reach that



Available Gear: Kokiri Tunic, Kokiri Sword, Deku Shield,
  Deku Seed Bullet Bag (30 seeds)
Available Items: Fairy Slingshot
Heart Containers: 3

For this battle, you have no Deku Nuts to use to stun her whenever you want, so
you'll be relying largely on your slingshot. Also, to get the best time 
possible, you'll want to make every shot count. To beat her, you should start 
off by locking on & charging her to provoke her into attacking, then dodging
back & firing your slingshot into her eye when she misses. While she's stunned,
equip your sword & jump attack her. If your aim is true, you should get in 3
successful attacks before she recovers & climbs up to the ceiling. Keeping your
lock-on, ready your slingshot & wait for her to stop while making keeping a 
clear line of sight to her face. When she opens her eye wide in preparation to
lay eggs, fire a seed into her eye to stun her & make her fall. Perform two 
more jump attacks & she's done.

My time: 00:23.30

2)  King Dodongo [KNGDNDG]

Available Gear: Kokiri Tunic, Kokiri Sword, Deku Shield,
  Big Bomb Bag (30 bombs), Goron's Bracelet
Available Items: 20 Bombs, Lon Lon Milk (full)
Heart Containers: 4

This battle's simple enough, just lock on & back up while he advances on you
then, when he opens his mouth in preparation to belch fire on you, chuck a bomb
into his gullet. As he's swallowing, ready your sword & perform a jump attack
just as the bomb explodes. If you time it right, your sword will hit his face
just as his face hits the ground. Immediately hug the wall & let him roll past
you, then release the lock-on & charge after him until he hits the wall & turns
around, then lock on again & chuck another bomb into his wide-open mouth 
followed by another well timed jump attack. Rinse, repeat & he's done.

My time: 00:38.96

3)  Barinade [BRNADE]

Available Gear: Kokiri Tunic, Kokiri Sword, Deku Shield
Available Items: Boomerang, Lon Lon Milk (full)
Heart Containers: 5

For this confrontation you'll want to run up a couple of steps to get a 
lock-on with one of its hangling tendrils, then immediatly throw your boomerang
& start circling. Get the next lock-on as soon as you are able & throw your 
boomerang as soon as you get it back. Once you throw your boomerang the third
time, back up (otherwise you'll likely be knocked back when the jellyfish start
to circle). Quickly lock onto the Barniade & throw your boomerang to stun it, 
then quickly eliminate as many of the jellyfish you can with sword strikes &
boomerang throws before it recovers. Once you eliminate the last jellyfish,
quickly lock onto & throw your boomerang at the Barinade. If you're quick
enough, you may be able to stun it before its protective ring of jellyfish
picks up enough speed. Otherwise, you likely won't be able to hit it until they
change their orbit to clockwise (unless you get lucky). If that happens, just 
keep a moderate distance & keep throwing your boomerang untill you tag it.
Once it's stunned,quickly eliminate the jellyfish before it recovers. Finally,
it'll start flying around & firing balst at you; just follow it & throw your 
boomerang until you hit it. When it's stunned, hit it with a couple of leaping
sword attacks, after which it'll sink into the ground & start shooting blasts
at you. When it does, just dance back & forth, keeping it between you & the 
nearest wall, until it rises & starts moving again, then throw your boomerang
again. Repeat two more times & you're done.

My time:  1:41.83

4) Phantom Gannon [PHNTMGN]

Available Gear: Master Sword, Hylian Shield, Kokiri Tunic, Quiver (30 arrows)
Available Items: Fairy Bow (30 arrows), Hookshot, Red Potion
Heart Containers: 6

For this battle, I highly recommend using headphones as it makes the first half
of this battle so much easier, especialy if you're playing in an area with 
backgound noise. When he's riding his horse, you'll see both him & his fake
riding out of different paintings, but only the real one will be making any
noise, so you'll be able to target him by listening to the sound of his hooves.
Just arm yourself with your bow, keeping yourself in first-person view, aim 
where you hear him coming from, & fire as soon as you see the portal appear.

Once you have tagged him three times, he'll ditch his horse & become hovering
in the area. He'll have two different attacks which he will use during this half
of the battle. On occasion he will charge at you with his spear. If he does,
simply dodge out of the way. The attack you'll see most is where he unleashes
an orb of energy at you, just use your sword to hit it back at him. If he hits
it back at you, just keep hitting it back at him until it his him. Then, when
he's stunned by his own blast, hack at him with jump attacks until he recovers.
Just repeat until he stays down.

My time:  1:55.73

5) Volvagia [VOLVGA]

Available Gear: Master Sword, Hylian Shield, Goron Tunic, Quiver (30 arrows)
Available Items: Fairy Bow (30 arrows), Megaton Hammer, Red Potion
Heart Containers: 7

For this confrontation you'll need to play a dangerous game of Wack-A-Mole
When you identify which hole he'll pop out of, get within jumping distance of
it, then when he emerges perform a leaping attack with your Megaton Hammer. As
he collapses, back up a couple of steps & clock him again with another jump 
attack. When he leaps out of the hole & soars through the air overhead, fill
him with as many arrows as you can manage. If you hit him enough times, then
one more double dose of leaping Megaton Hammer attacks will polish him off.
Otherwise, you'll have to dodge a rain of boulders in order to give him his
third & final dose.

My time:  00:43.96

6) Morpha [MRPHA]

Available Gear: Master Sword, Hylian Shield, Zora Tunic, Quiver (30 arrows)
Available Items: Fairy Bow (30 arrows), Longshot, Red Potion
Heart Containers: 8

To vanquish this freak, you'll need to ready your Longshot & back a 
respectable distance from where the evil M&M is circling in the water, then
lock on & use your Longshot to drag him out of the water tentacle he's 
traveling within. If you can perform a quick spin attack by spinning your
circle pad & hitting the B button, then by all means do so. Otherwise, just
hit him as many times with your sword or, when he's out of range, your bow
until he starts preparing to form his tentacle again. Just stay out of the
'water' & keep repeating until he bursts.

My time:  04:30.13

7) Bongo Bongo [BNGOBNGO]

Available Gear: Master Sword, Hylian Shield, Kokiri Tunic, Quiver (30 arrows)
Available Items: Fairy Bow (30 arrows), Longshot, Red Potion, Lens of Truth,
Iron Boots, Hover Boots
Great Fairy power: Spin Attack/magic
Heart Containers: 9

Immediately equip your Hover Boots & prepare your Lens of Truth, Fairy Bow &
Longshot before even going down the hole to confront the one-eyed freak. Once
down there, immediately take out both hands with your bow, activate your Lens
of Truth & shoot the eye. While he's stunned, hack away with leaping sword
attacks until he recovers. If he attacks with a punch, just dodge out of the
way & shoot it as it returns. Just keep repeating until he falls for good.

My time:  2:10.73

8) Twinrova [TWNRVA]

Available Gear: Master Sword, Mirror Shield, Kokiri Tunic, Quiver (30 arrows)
Available Items: Fairy Bow (30 arrows), Red Potion
Heart Containers: 10

After you climb to the center platform to begin the battle, lock onto one of 
the sisters & keep moving to keep both of the sisters in front of you. When
one of the sisters prepares to fire, switch your lon-on to the other sister &
the blast will be deflected to her. However, if the angle between the sisters
is greater than 40 degrees, then just release the lock & run to the opposite
side of the platform: otherwise, the blast won't be deflected & you'll be the
one hurting.

When you've tagged them three times total, they'll merge into Twinrova, who'll
alternate between three fire blasts & three ice blasts. Keep a lock-on & absorb
three like blasts with your shield, then hold your shield out to release her
blasts back at her, then nail her with leaping sword attacks. Late in the
battle, she'll try to trip you up by releasing one type of blast followed by
three of the opposite. If you can anticipate it, then dodge that first & absorb
the next three. If you absorbed that one blast, then just dodge the other ones
until she releases the ones you absorbed before. Then just bast her, slash her,
and they're done.

My time:  3:19.26

9) Gauntlet [GNTLT]

Initally available Gear: Kokiri Tunic, Kokiri Sword, Deku Shield, Deku Seed
Bullet Bag (30 seeds), Master Sword, Hylian Shield, Goron Tunic, Zora Tunic,
Quiver (30 arrows), Bomb Bag (20 bombs)
Initally available Items: Deku Sticks (0), Deku Nuts (0), Bombs (0), Fairy Bow
(30 arrows), Fairy Slingshot (30 seeds), Megaton Hammer, Hookshot, Boomerang,
Lens of Truth
Available Great Fairy Power: Spin Attack/magic
Initally available Heart Containers: 5

Finally, you've reached the Gauntlet: a challenge in which you face all eight
of the bosses (besides Gannondorf & Gannon, darn it!) in a row without a real
opportunity to refill your life or items. On the other hand, after you defeat
each boss, you're given a choice of chests to open, which can contain either 
something very useful (items, upgrades or refills, heart containers, etc.),
mildly useful (recovery hearts), or utterly useless (deku nuts). For the most
part, what you get in the chest appears to be MOSTLY random (I will note the
exceptions when they occur,) but I found that I was able to get through just
fine by always choosing the small chest. Here is what I've last confirmed to
be in the chests:

    bombs, deku nuts, deku sticks, empty bottle, LonLon Milk (only if you prev
    got & epuipped the bottle), red potion (only if you prev got & epuipped the
    bottle), longshot, bigger quiver, Giant's Knife, recovery heart, Heart

Now, since you have access to some items you didn't before & don't
(immediately) have access to some items you had before, the boss strategies
will be slightly different, so let's go over them together.


The only significant difference here is the addition of the Spin Attack, &
since you still have no supply of Deku Nuts, I'd recommend sticking to the 
strategy of shooting her in the eye with the slingshot & hacking her up with
your Jump Attack. If, after she falls, you sustained any damage cut up the
grass to claim any recovery hearts you need before grabbing teh chest &
stepping on the warp.

LARGE CHEST: Deku Nuts  (most certainly: AVOID)
SMALL CHEST: Bombs      (most certainly: PICK THIS)


If you got the bomb refill, the strategy should be the same as before. If you
somehow didn't, then first run back to the bomb flower behind you, grab it,
then chuck it down his gullet as he's preparing to fire, following it with a
Jump Attack as he falls. Then hug the wall, run to the Bomb Flower as he
passes, grab it as he starts to turn around, then run up & chuck it into his
mouth again. Repeat, repeat & he's done.


The strategy for this electric creep is the same as before: cut the hanging
tentacles with your boomerang, stun him with the boomerang to take out his
protective orbits of jellyfish, & stun him to hack him up with jumping attacks.
If you sustained any damage, break the jars to grab the hearts before leaving:
this will be the last 'rest' chance you get before the end.


Once you get here, go ahead & equip your Megaton Hammer, Goron Tunic, Mirror
Shield, & Fairy Bow then quickly get up the stairs, approach the triforce mark
in the center & backtrack to the stairs to begin the battle (the clock is
ticking.) The first part of the battle plays the same: just hit him three times
as he exits the paintings with your bow. The second part of the battle is also
similar to before with one exception: after you've stunned him with his energy
blast you've batted back with your sword, hail him with a jump attack with your
Megaton Hammer instead of your sword. He should go down quicker than he had
last time.


Once again, the clock is ticking, so make your way quickly to the battleground
to start the fight. This fight plays out much the same as before, but it's your
choice whether or not you wear him down with the bow between rounds of "Hammer
Time": unless you're lucky enough to get the Quiver upgrade from one of the
next two chests, you will be running critically low on arrows by the time you
actually need them, so I recommend holding fire & just dodge the rocks like a


Because the clock is still running, just equip the hookshot or longshot &
quickly hop over to a piller to start the fight. Because you're not very likely
to hit it with your bow anyway & you're about to where you need the arrows,
just drag it out of the water tentacles with the hook/longshot & bash it with 
Megaton Hammer strikes. If it bounces into the water, then hit it with quick
sword strikes whenever it hops into range. Otherwise, stay out of wrapping range
of its tentacles & keep bashing away until it bursts.


Hope you've save your arrows for this (or got the quiver upgrade in one of the
chests), otherwise this tough fight is going to be much, MUCH harder. The thing
that makes this fight much harder than it ought to be is that you don't start 
off with the Hover Boots, & the different times I've played this mode I didn't
find them in any of the chests (if anyone does find them, please let me know how
& where), so you're constantly being bounced in the air & you can't fire in
mid-air which leaves you vulnerable to attack. If you have enough arrows, then
the strategy is much the same as before, but you'll have to time your shots in
between the beats. If you happen to run out of arrows, however, you'll have to
use your hook/longshot (which is slower & less accurate against moving targets)
until the cyclopian freak supplies you with more. Just shoot both hands, locate
& shoot its eye, then use leaping sword attacks until it stays down.


Finally, the end of the Gauntlet!  If you were lucky enough to find the Giant
Knife & kept it intact (or the Biggoron Sword, if it's even available here), 
then be ready to switch to it on a moment's notice. Otherwise, just equip your
Master Sword, Mirror Shield,  hook/longshot & Megaton Hammer. The first part of
the battle will be fought exactly the same as before: just deflect the energy
beams back to the other sister till they merge. Then after stunning her by
absorbing & releasing her blasts, just like before, then lock on & shoot her
with your hook/longshot & convert your fall into a jump attack with your
Megaton Hammer/Giant's Knife/Biggorron's Sword for mega-damage. Just repeat
until they pass on.

My time: 19:05.33

ii) Closing Thoughts [clsng]

This mode seems to be merely a fun diversion with no practical purpose in the
game, & would've been vastly improved by an online leaderboard, but there can
be no denying that it is fun. If only Gannondorf & Gannon were included as
well, that would've made it better too.

iii) credits [crdts]

I'd like to thank GameFAQs for making it easy to put this information out there

iv) copyright & contact info [cnctme]

If you have any tips that pertain to the Boss Battle mode, or any detailed info
pertaining to the items obtained in the Gauntlet, then feel free to e-mail them 
to me & I will check them out. If I find it useful & accurate, then I will add
it to this FAQ & credit you four your contribution. You can reach me at 
[email protected], be sure to include your contact info & how you'd like
your contribution ID to appear (please, no vulgar IDs though).

This FAQ is the original work of Jonathan Garrett, Copyright 2011. 
This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
private use. It may not be placed on any web site beyond GameFAQs, Gamespot or
any of their affiliates, or otherwise distributed publicly without advance
written permission. Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any
public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright.

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
respective trademark and copyright holders.

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