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General Ourumov
In the facility you don't have to kill him but when you go into the bottleing room 
plant your mines, start talking to Alec, then go up the stairs and look through the 
window with your kf7 scope.  When the Alarm goes off there will be no Ourumov
	In The silo you again don't have to kill him so just use your kf7.  Open the 
door he and his men are hiding behind shoot then strafe,shoot and strafe is all you 
need to do to get that wimp to run.

She is soo easy to kill with this strategy.  USE AN ARR33 ASSAULT RIFLE!!  When you 
cross the bridge she will talk so just run over to the big tree.  Go to the right 
side of the tree and zoom down the middle of all the trees when you begin to see 
movement SHOOT.  She'll be dead and you'll be untouched.
This may take more than one try

Also easy with my strategy.  When you get to that big room he hides in STAY IN YOUR 
CREVACE!!  Now Shoot at either Jaws or the moonraker people.  This will get his 
attention so run bakward in your crevace all the way then when you see him shoot and 
strafe like with Ourumov.

In your encounters with him you must strafe strafe strafe strafe strafe.  When you 
first get to the shack with the control console inside you should open the door then 
back away so the turrets can't get you but you can get them.  Always be alert 
because his guards are infinate.

Baron Samedy  
I dont think even the worst player in the game can kill this guy.  You just get the 
golden gun here are the stepes you need to take to get it.
1. Go all the way to the left. 
2. Go up two squares. 
3. Go over 3 squares to the right. 
4. Go up another two. 
5. Go over one to the right. 
6. Go up one. 
7. Go to the right once.
8. Go up two. 
9. Go to the right once. 
After that you just shoot Samedy it's not rocket sciencel.

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