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The Legend of ZELDA: Ocarina of time 

Hello, I am Robert Feind and I will help u with some of the Ocarina of time bosses, 
no duh. I will tell you how to defeat Queen Gohma- Volvagia. Have fun J
Queen Gohma  
----------------------- Well, this boss is fairly easy. Also, found in the deku 
tree. All you have to do to fight her is to look around with c-up. Eventually, u 
will fight Gohma.   When Gohma’s eye turns red, hit the eye with your slingshot. She 
will slip stunned, allowing you to hit her with your sword. Then the nasty queen 
will climb up the wall to lay her eggs. This is tricky, but right before she lays 
the eggs, her eye turns red. Hit her and she will fall, stunned again but for a 
longer time so you can hit her more. Repeat until defeated. Get the heart container 
and go through the blue portal. Than the Deku Tree will tell you a 
looooooooooooooooooooooong story about the three goddesses. The next dungeon awaits…
King Dodongo 
Man, this boss is easier than queen gohma!  Located in Dodongo’s Cavern. The big 
Dino creep will follow you for a while, and than he opens his mouth. Quickly throw a 
bomb in his mouth, and he will fall to the ground for a second. Hit him with your 
sword. When he tries to roll into you, avoid it by running to the corner. Repeat 
until you have another spiritual stone!!!!!!!  
Okay now, this thing isn’t as easy as you would hope he would be. Located in Jabu 
Jabu’s belly. When Barinade starts swinging its jellyfish around, try to hit the 
lung part, not the jellyfish, with your boomerang. It will drop all the jellyfish. 
Repeat until all jellyfish are defeated. It will grow more, and it will be harder. 
Repeat what you did on step one.  It will grow more jellyfish a couple of times. 
After a while, it will change its strategy by not growing jellyfish, but by trying 
to spin into you. Hit one of the strings that hold it up with a boomerang.  It will 
sink into Jabu, allowing you to hit it with your sword. But be careful, it can shoot 
out electricity! Repeat until you have the last spiritual stone!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go to 
the Marketplace to find out your next mission.
-----------------------Phantom Ganon
----------------------- Hey, this guy looks pretty cool! Located at the forest 
temple. Once you step on the triforce picture, leave and iron bars will come up, 
keeping you from leaving. Phantom Ganon has risen! When he jumps into a painting, 
look for him coming out of another picture. Careful, one is an imposter! To find out 
which one is real, the real phantom has an ax in his hand. When you see purple light 
coming from the picture, immediately, shoot the purple light. The Phantom will be 
injured and run back into the painting. Repeat three times, and he will get off his 
horse, and shoot energy bolts at you. Slice your sword at the energy, and it will 
bounce back at Phantom Ganon. Ganon could get smart and hit it back at you. No 
worries, just hit the energy again. Repeat a couple times and you get a new 
medallion! From Saria!!!

I hope you have lots of fairies with you ‘cause this battles not an easy one! 
Located At Fire temple. When he pops his head from a lava pit, play whack the mole. 
Hit Volvagia repeatedly with your megaton hammer. If you see him turn white after a 
couple of slams, you successfully hit him…once. The next time he pops from a hole, 
RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!! He will fly out, trying to scorch you. After he needs to fly 
into a hole again, you are injured, but okay. Third time, feel free to repeat step 
1. The fourth time, Volvagia will fly from a hole again, causing an earthquake. 
Dodge the falling rocks and repeat step 1 again. Repeat these steps until you win 
the fire medallion from none other than…Darunia?     

Well, that’s all for now, I hope I helped!

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