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  There aren't as many bosses as I expected.

Uncle Ben's killer: This guy is as easy as it get's. Watch out for his gun. Other 
than that he's a cakewalk. Also, the flash grenades he uses don't hurt at all.

Shocker: This guy may also be easy. He does have really only one move. He can form a 
tornado like thing that will suck you up. Just throw stff at him when he does this. 
Fight him otherwise but dodge his blasts. He also likes to mock you. I love winning 
on this level.

Vulture: Easiest boss in the game, no doubt about it. He really shouldn't be a boss. 
This guy has two health bars, one flying one, and one regular one. Alright, attack 
him in the air, but look out for bombs and stuff. Knock down his flying bar and 
he'll insult you. Follow him to the building and bash him. Don't worry, he can't 
attack you on the ground. He'll get up and attack in the air again. When he get's up 
run away. Do this over and over again.

Scorpion: This guy is better than the last boss in the game. He is kind of like you. 
He can fight in combat, jump super high, and instead of shooting webbing he shoots 
lasers out of his tail. Here we go. I suggest that you fight him with ariel attacks, 
because he's a devastating combat fighter. Don't climb walls or he'll nail you like 
a pin coushion. All right, he will sometimes go on walls and power up his laser to 
FULL BLAST. Shoot him with webbing or he'll blast you so hard you'll be knocked into 
the next demension, well not really. No more advice. Good luck, you'll need it. 

Green Goblin: Last level, are you ready. Hope so cause here we go. First thing's 
first SAVE MJ. Do nothing else but save MJ. If you don't she'll die, level over. 
you've picked up MJ put her on the spider thing. Now you fight the Goblin. Like the 
Vultre two bars. Smack down his first bar[ Watch for guns and bombs]. Now for the 
real struggle. Unlike before his glider attacks you! You cant fight it though. Do do 
a lot of damage throw cars at him. Other than that Fight like before. 


 Only useful ones

Arachnaphobia- Enable you to play all levels.
Organicwebbing-Gives you unlimited web.
Romitas- Skip level option on menu screen.
Koala- Get all fighting moves.

1. When fighting Shocker, wait till he makes a tornado with his body. Then throw 
items on him.
2. Use stealth to sneak up on enemies.
3. To get on an enemies head press X in the air and hold it.


Thanks to my mom and dad, brother, my dogs, God, Treyarch, Activision, Tobey 
Maguire, and Stan Lee.


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