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FAQ Title:Boy Meets Girl

                           TABLE OF CONTENTS

                      * The Story

                      * Shipping Items

                      * Animals

                       THE STORY

          In Boy Meets Girl, you will be able to marry. Details about marraige are 
not announced yet, but we can look forward to it.

You can own a pet like in the older versions, but this time you can choose from 3 
types of dogs, 3 types of cats, a pig and an eagle (Like what Cliff had in HM64) 

You can own more than one horse, and might become a G1 race(no idea what that is). 
Until now you could only own one horse, but now you can own many horses, as many as 
you can have cows and chickens. If you ship elaborately raised horses, it might 
become top G1 Race Horse. If you horse did become a top racing horse, you might see 
his article on the magazine in the bookstore!

You can grow Rice in the game. There is a new items called a shovel, which you can 
use to dig the ground and let water run into the field and it will become a rice 
field as you sow rice seeds. Also you can grow barley too.

There is a new mini game. It is snowboarding which is able to be done become of Game 
Boy Color.

The world is larger. Your farm is on a small island, which is left with a lot of 
nature and lots of secrets. Once in a while, a ferry runs to the main land(City) 
where you can do many things there. A mermaid in a secret cave? Sleeping volcano 

There are new events and attractions like a Theater and an Aquarium. You can see 
fish you caught in the aquarium, and in the theater you can watch movies(that's what 
the screen shots of the fish are, movies!).

                            SHIPPING ITEMS

Shipping things in Boy Meets Girl is a little different then what you are used to. 
To ship things you have to.......

Gather things and put them in your knapsack(by pushing the A button while holding 
something, you must be standing still.)

Go to the building on your farm next to the hot spring building(the hot spring 
building is where you find the shovel) and enter.

In the building you won't walk around, but there will be a menu type thing showing 
all the different items you can sell. Find the item you have and want to sell and 
make sure when you go over it it turns colors, if it doesn't do that push A while 
the item is selected.

Leave the building and go into your house and get on the phone. Answer the questions
(like do you want to ship stuff) then put in how many you are shipping and ok it and 
then at 6 you will get the money!

You can ship as many items as you want during the day(using the phone whenever). You 
can only ship one different item per phone call, so you can't ship eggs and milk 
together, you have to make two different phone calls. 

Make sure the item you want to ship is highlighted in blue! If it is no need to 
select anything just exit the menu. 

                                  THE ANIMALS

There are 4 different animals that you can own and buy. The horses, chickens, cows 
and sheep. You also get a choice of one of 8 pets in the beginning of the game!

Pets to Choose From

Picture Name Description 
 Big Dog The largest dog. 
 Medium Dog This dog looks a lot like the one
from the SNES and other game boy games. 
 Small Dog This is the cutest animal I think,
it is so tiny and adorable! 
 Pig Yes, you can have a pet pig! 
 White Cat This cat looks pink in the game,
but when you select it, it is white. 
 Black Cat This looks the same as the white cat, but it is black. 
 Brown Cat In the selection screen, this cat looks
spotted, but it is really only brown! 
 Bird There's only one choice of a bird.
It acts like any other animal. 

Animals you Buy

 Cows You can have up to 8 cows. They give small, medium or large milk.

Small Milk-150G

Medium Milk

Large Milk

Chickens You also can have 8 chickens. An egg is worth 50G I believe, and there is a 
golden egg or something, but I'm not sure how much that is worth yet.
Sheep Yes, again you can have 8 sheep. There are three different types of wool, I do 
not know the prices yet, but once I do I will put them up!
Horses Finally, you can have more than one horse! I believe there is room for 8 
horses, and I'm not sure yet what they are for! 

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