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Bulletproof Car FAQ ***********************************************************

This FAQ is copyright 2002 by Nate Tackett  ([email protected]). It may
not be copied without consent of the author, and all sections including this
copyright must remain in their full, unaltered content. It 
may not be used or distributed for any commercial purpose. This FAQ can be found on
the following sites


1.0 - Introduction

2.0 - The Cars
-Barracks OL

3.0 - Closing

1.0 - Introduction

This guide is dedicated to getting those elusive bulletproof cars scattered about
Liberty City. Out of the six I know of, only one are you *supposed* to get. The
others require a bit of ingenuity and a bit of luck to obtain. All of the bulletproof
cars that can be resprayed can do so without losing their special endowments, so if
you dislike your bulletproof car's color, you can cruise on over to the Pay 'N Spray
and change it. Best of luck to you!

Each of the cars will be shown in a simple data sheet. 
Here's how it will look...

Location: The city where the car can be obtained.
Mission: The mission you can get the car in.
Difficulty: The difficulty of obtaining the car. It will be 
rated from one to five stars.
Method: The method of obtaining the car.

2.0 - The Cars

Location: Staunton Island
Mission: Marked Man
Difficulty: *
Method: This is, by far, the easiest bulletproof car to obtain. The mission before
it, Marked Man, can be tricky, but to obtain the car all you have to do is cruise
over to Ray's lockup and take the Patriot. 

Location: Portland
Mission: Turismo
Difficulty: ***
Method: To get the Cheetah, you'll need two tanks. Use the tank cheat to get them,
since the tanks you get with the cheat do not vanish, unlike a normal tank. Park the
two tanks along the road outside your hideout, on the far side of the entrance from
the intersection just down the street. Now start the Turismo mission. Go down to the
staring line and tap one of the Cheetahs with your car, starting the race instantly,
then drive back to your hideout as fast as you can. When you get there, set your view
to the top-down view, since it's easier to keep a Cheetah in your sights in the
top-down mode. Get into one of the tanks and wait. At around 100 seconds into the
race, the three Cheetahs will come roaring down the road, going the wrong way.
They'll plow straight into the tanks, and at least one will get knocked into your
hideout - if you're lucky, it'll fall onto its back. Once all three have hit the
tanks, drive into your hideout and hit the Cheetah there, causing it to explode. This
is where it gets tricky - using the tank, you have to push the blown-up Cheetah into
your garage. If you have trouble controlling the tank, you can park a smaller car
inside the hideout and use it as well. Remember this, though: If you have any major
part of the Cheetah inside your garage, DO NOT get out of your vehicle or pull away.
The door will close on the Cheetah, causing it to vanish. You also cannot let the
Cheetah out of your sights or it will vanish. Either way, once you've gotten the
Cheetah in your garage, you'll probably get a message saying 'You cannot fit more
than one car into this garage' (if you're still in your car when the door closes with
the Cheetah inside). Get out of your car and check in the garage, and there's your
shiny, new Cheetah. The Cheetah is also impervious to fire and explosions. Enjoy!

Location: Portland
Mission: Van Heist
Difficulty: **
Method: The only problem you might have getting the Securicar is the mission itself.
Ram the Securicar until the driver gets out, but instead of taking it to the
Securicar Cracking garage, head back to your hideout - I don't know if it will fit
into the Portland garage, so if it doesn't, use the flying car cheat or the jumping
car cheat to hop the broken bridge to Staunton as I did. Park the Securicar in the
garage, but since the mission is still going on, you'll have to destroy it -
preferably with a method that won't hurl it out of the garage. Once it has blown up
and you get a mission failed notification, leave the garage then enter again, and
you've got a bulletproof 

Location: Staunton Island
Mission: Evidence Dash
Difficulty: ****
Method: By far the toughest bulletproof car to get. Like the Cheetah, this Bobcat is
bulletproof, fireproof, and explosion proof. To start, you'll need a big, tough truck
like a Barracks OL or a Flatbed. Find the Bobcat carrying the evidence and ram it to
flip it onto its hood. You'll get a notification about this car being a decoy - don't
worry about it. This part is what's tough. You have to take whatever vehicle you
might be driving and push the Bobcat all the way back across town to your garage. Let
it go off screen for too long and it's gone, although it can last longer out of your
sights than the elusive Cheetah. Depending on where you flipped the Bobcat, it could
be easy to get or tough to get. 

Location: Portland
Mission: Salvatore's Called A Meeting
Difficulty: *
Method: Just when I thought all the BP cars had been discovered, here I am proved
wrong. The bulletproof Stretch is flameproof, explosion proof, and reportedly
damage-proof as well. The best part is, it's a slick looking jet black Mafia Stretch.
It is also quite easy to obtain. After you leave Toni's, head for Joey's garage, but
don't go into the blue circle. Park a car up against the wall, then enter the faster
game play cheat twice (Triangle, Up, Right, Down, Square, L1, L2) and run between the
car and Joey's garage. It's a bit tricky to get it right, and hard to explain in
writing, but once you get it, you'll be pushed through the wall and into Joey's
garage. Get into the Stretch waiting there, then back out through the back wall.
You'll fall through 'blue hell' for a few moments, and then you'll pop out on the
street behind the garage. Take the Stretch to Staunton Island via the flying cars
cheat over the bridge, and then put it in the garage. You'll then have to find some
way to blow it up, which is tough because the Stretch is bulletproof, flameproof, and
explosion proof. My recommendation is to use the Blow Up All Cars cheat. You could
try detonating another car next to it to set it on 
fire, but I doubt it will work.

3.0 - Closing

Contact me at [email protected] if you have information about any more
bulletproof cars, possible or confirmed, or have noticed any errors in my FAQ. Please
DO contact me by MSN Messenger at Unsteady Dood.

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