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                                                   Blitz Knight Stunt Presents:

           ____             _       _         _     ____             
          | __ ) _   _ _ __(_) __ _| |   __ _| |_  / ___|  ___  __ _ 
          |  _ \| | | | '__| |/ _` | |  / _` | __| \___ \ / _ \/ _` |
          | |_) | |_| | |  | | (_| | | | (_| | |_   ___) |  __/ (_| |
          |____/ \__,_|_|  |_|\__,_|_|  \__,_|\__| |____/ \___|\__,_|
  `.  ____...-----------------------------------------------------...____  ,'
   | |   ____    _    ____     _____   _    _    ____     _____   _  __  | |
   | |  |  _ \  | |  / __ \   / ____| | |  | |  / __ \   / ____| | |/ /  | |
   | |  | |_) | | | | |  | | | (___   | |__| | | |  | | | |      | ' /   | |
   | |  |  _ <  | | | |  | |  \___ \  |  __  | | |  | | | |      |  <    | |
   / /  | |_) | | | | |__| |  ____) | | |  | | | |__| | | |____  | . \   \ \
  | |   |____/  |_|  \____/  |_____/  |_|  |_|  \____/   \_____| |_|\_\   | |
  | |                        ______________________                       | |
  \ `.                     ,'                      `.                    ,' /
   `. `--..___             `.       __      ___ _  ,'             __..--' ,'
     `--..____``---.._______| ||\ ||_ ||\ || | |_  |_______..---''___..--'
              ``---...______| || \||  || \|| | |_  |______...---''
                            |                      |
                            |`-._              _,-'|
                            |  | `-..______,.-' |  |
                            |  |   |  |  |  |   |  |
                            |,'|.'-|. |  |  | .'|,'|
                            '  \'  |`.'. |'.\' ,'\ '
                                `     ` `-\  ` '
             _____       _               _         ___             
            | ____|_ __ (_)___  ___   __| | ___   / _ \ _ __   ___ 
            |  _| | '_ \| / __|/ _ \ / _` |/ _ \ | | | | '_ \ / _ \
            | |___| |_) | \__ \ (_) | (_| |  __/ | |_| | | | |  __/
            |_____| .__/|_|___/\___/ \__,_|\___|  \___/|_| |_|\___|
 ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯
            Platform:   Playstation 3
             Version:   1.00
        Last Updated:   5/26/2014

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                   ___                   ___
                  | _ )                 |_ _|
                  | _ \ I O S H O C K    | |  N F I N I T E
O==<                          Table of Contents                           >==O

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 - Introduction......................................................[BSI-INT]
 - Controls..........................................................[BSI-CON]
 - Tips and Tricks...................................................[BSI-TIP]

 - Chapter 01:  DeWitt Investigations........................[BSI-01]
 - Chapter 02:  Market Street................................[BSI-02]
 - Chapter 03:  Arrived at Fontaine's Station................[BSI-03]
 - Chapter 04:  The Pavilion - First Floor...................[BSI-04]
 - Chapter 05:  Housewares...................................[BSI-05]

 - Gear Inventory....................................................[BSI-GEA]
 - Voxophone Transcripts.............................................[BSI-VOX]
 - Trophies..........................................................[BSI-TPH]
 - Version History...................................................[BSI-HIS]
 - Credits...........................................................[BSI-CRE]
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                  | _ )                 |_ _|
                  | _ \ I O S H O C K    | |  N F I N I T E
O==<                            Introduction                              >==O

 Hey everybody, Bkstunt here with a guide for Bioshock Infinite's first
DLC titled "Burial at Sea: Episode 1". I admit that I am REALLY late at
getting to writing these, but I finally got around to it and here we are!

 If anyone needs a reminder (which I doubt), you will have preferably
played through the game "Bioshock Infinite" completely before undertaking
this game! Hopefully you all remember me from the guide I did for that game,
which you can find below if you need it:


 Bioshock Infinte was a blast and it was one of my favorite games and guides
of 2013. I hope it was one of yours as well. Now... let's go get buried at sea!

 Enjoy the guide everyone!

 ~ Bkstunt


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                   ___                   ___
                  | _ )                 |_ _|
                  | _ \ I O S H O C K    | |  N F I N I T E
O==<                               Controls                               >==O

 Here are the controls for Bioshock Infinite:

                _,.--.,_                              _,.--.,_
               |  _____ |                            | _____  |
               |-'     `'.__________________________,'`     `-|
             ,'    __     `.                      ,'    .,.    `.
            /     |  |      \        SONY        /     (/_\)     \
           !   __  \/  __    |                  !  ,-.  `-'  ,-.  |
           |  |__ >  < __|   !__SELECT   START__| ([ ])     ( O ) !
           !       /\        ___`-.        ,-'     `-'  ,-.  `-'  |
           |\     |__|     ,'   `. \      / ,'   `.    ( X )     /|
           | `.           /       \ |    | /       \    `-'    ,' |
           |   `-.____,-. \       / |____| \       / ,-.____,-'   |
           |           ,'\ `.___,' /      \ `.___,' /`.           |
           |          /   `-.___,-'        `-.___,-'   \          |
           \         /                                  \         /
            \       /                                    \       /
             `.__,-'                                      `-.__,'

 |                                                                        |
 | Right Analog: Look Around.                                             |
 |                                                                        |
 | Left Analog: Movement.                                                 |
 |                                                                        |
 | X Button: Jump / Sky-Line Attach.                                      |
 |                                                                        |
 | Square: Use / Reload.                                                  |
 |                                                                        |
 |         Hold: Open Tear.                                               |
 |                                                                        |
 | Triangle: Melee. Hold to Execute.                                      |
 |                                                                        |
 | Circle: Crouch.                                                        |
 |                                                                        |
 | R1: Fire Weapon.                                                       |
 |                                                                        |
 | L1: Fire Vigor.                                                        |
 |                                                                        |
 | R2: Switch Weapon.                                                     |
 |                                                                        |
 | L2: Switch Vigor.                                                      |
 |                                                                        |
 |     Hold: Open Radial Vigor Menu.                                      |
 |                                                                        |
 | R3: Toggle Iron Sights.                                                |
 |                                                                        |
 | L3: Sprint.                                                            |
 |                                                                        |
 | UP Button: Display NAV Aid.                                            |
 |                                                                        |
 | DOWN Button: Replay Voxophone.                                         |
 |                                                                        |

                   ___                   ___
                  | _ )                 |_ _|
                  | _ \ I O S H O C K    | |  N F I N I T E
O==<                           Tips and Tricks                            >==O

 Here's some basic tips and tricks to the game.

 o Want to understand the story better? Find and listen to all the Voxophones
   in the game! This seriously helps a ton and the guide shows you where they
   all are.

 o SEARCH EVERYWHERE! You can get rich by looking in every crate and container
   for Silver Eagles. They scale up as you progress through the game as well,
   so it is ALWAYS a good idea to thoroughly explore.
 o Do the sidequests as soon as you can. The guide does them as soon as you
   can and you should as well. You can miss them entirely if you don't!

 o You can POSSESS Vending Machines to make them spit out money for you.
 o Be sure to stop and review your GEAR choices every once in awhile. It is
   really easy to forget about and you could be helping yourself out a ton
   by remembering to simply review your gear.
 o The game DOES NOT give you enough INFUSIONS to let you max everything, so
   you will be forced to choose between SHIELDS, HEALTH and SALT. In the end
   it is your choice, but I strongly recommend shields given their regenerative
   property. In fact, there are only FOUR INFUSIONS in this entire episode!
 o Similarly, you won't have enough money to upgrade EVERY weapon and Vigor,
   so prioritize upgrading the weapons and Vigors you personally use and avoid
   wasting money on something you'll rarely use. That money can be better spent
                   ___                   ___
                  | _ )                 |_ _|
                  | _ \ I O S H O C K    | |  N F I N I T E
O==<                     BURIAL AT SEA: EPISODE ONE                       >==O

                      Chapter 01: DeWitt Investigations            [BSI-01]
\                 Infusions:  0   Voxophones:  0   Turrets: 0                /

 As the game starts, Booker will be having a bad daydream... remembering
something from another time, perhaps? Players of the original Bioshock Infinite
will recognize the words here. However, like in the beginning of any good Noire
film, a dame will soon walk into the Private Eye office with a request.

 Get up and light Elizabeth's cigarette. She'll tell you what she wants
afterward and leave you with your first objective:
 o OBJECTIVE: Find out what Elizabeth knows about Sally
 Turn around and get the money from the counter on the back wall (note that
the game doesn't count it yet) and search the [_DUFFEL BAG_] to the left if
you wish, then head outside. You'll be following Elizabeth now for this part.
Also, doesn't it feel good to be back? No kings, no gods, only man! It is
enough to give me goosebumps!

                          Chapter 02: Market Street                [BSI-02]   
\                Infusions:  0   Voxophones:  4   Turrets:  0                /

 Feel free to explore as you walk with her: the people scattered around this
place will often have interesting conversations. You can find booze and some
smokes in a bar on the right, but neither are worth using. Keep going up the
stairs to see a line of little sisters... freaky. Keep going and soon you'll
see a Big Daddy outside. Here look at the bench's nearby for a [_BAG_] and
the pipe for a [_PNEUMO_], both of which are searchable. Enter the nearby door
(labeled "901") and search behind the counter to the right. There is the gam's
very first [_VOXOPHONE_] down here as well as a [_WALLET_]. Nab both!

 Head back outside. As you continue on to the left is a male/male couple
enjoying the view (which I only note as I think Rapture would be very
progressive... after all it is 1958!). Continue on. There is a building door
with the name "Andalusian Arms" to the right that you can enter to learn
Booker isn't welcomed there! HA! Leave and head up the nearby stairs and into
the elevator. You'll learn more here about what exactly Sally means to Booker
and what exactly may (or may not) have happened to her.

  High Street
 After declining the drinks, the waiter will teleport off. Now that is service!
This area is rather big and, for the most part, is just for exploration. There
is an audio log though, so let's go get it first. Head left and check out the
nearby pimp and prostitutes if you wish. Rapture Records is nearby as well but
has nothing for us. Go up the stairs now and you'll see a shop called "Maison
Vosges". Head in and to the back. There is a [_Purse_] and [_BOX_] outside the
dressing rooms. The corner dressing room has a [_BAG_], [_BOX_] and what we
came in for: a [_VOXOPHONE_]. The other dressing room has a [_DESK_], [_PURSE_]
and [_BAG_] in it. Gather it all up and exit.

 Now, you can go explore the right side of this area as well if you wish. There
is a liquor and tobacco shop down below (the guy knows Booker) and inside is a
"Now you know" machine. Similar to a Kinetescope. Up above is an artist's
studio and another "Now you know" machine between the artist's place and the
store you found the voxophone in. Head down the stairs now to the second half
of the area.

 There is an information desk nearby with a [_WALLET_] in the lost and found
box. Take a right now and go down the stairs. By the chatting threesome you can
find a [_PURSE_] on the bench. There is a shop nearby called "The Golden Rule"
that you can check out if you want, but head further in through the left door.
There is another "Now you know" machine in this lobby and a locked maintenance
closet (that we'll unlock in a second). Head further in to see a diner called
"The Watched Clock". Head in and head back to the kitchen. You can find some
[_FRIDGE x2_] to search but more importantly our third [_VOXOPHONE_]. This one
has a code even: "2076".

 Yep, that code is to the maintenance shed we passed earlier. Go back and enter
in the code to open it. Inside isn't much in the way of treasure. [_PURSE x3_],
a [_TRASH_] bin to search, a [_TABLE_]... ugh. We do however get our fourth
[_VOXOPHONE_], so at least we got that going for us.

 We're done exploring for now. Head back to the open area with the shops and
head straight. You'll talk to Elizabeth a bit about Cohen before getting an

 o OBJECTIVE: Enter Cohen's
 Head up and pound on the door. Turns out we're not invited. Go figure, right?

 o OBJECTIVE: Search the local business's for a mask.
 There's three businesses we can check. Let's start with "The Golden Rule"
since it is nearby. Head across the way and touch the door for a scene. Enter
the shop and the counter to the backroom will open for you as Elizabeth gives
you a distraction. Head back to the back room. Look around here for a total of
[_PURSE x3_], [_BOX x2_], and a [_DESK_] all out in the open. In the safe is
some [_MONEY_], a [_SMALL GOLD BAR_], a [_RIND_] and the [_MASK BOX_]. Damn.

 Leave the store now. Let's go visit the Artist's Struggle next, so take the
stairs on the left to get there easier and hang a left. Talk to the owner and
Elizabeth will do her thing. This back room is spacy, but hardly has anything
worth noting! You can search the [_WHISKY CRATE x2_] back here but I'd say
don't get drunk. The [_MASK BOX_] in on a table in the back. Damn again. Of
course it would be too easy, right? Head outside once more.

 One last place. Rapture Records. Head across the top deck to the right and
down the stairs to Rapture Records. Ask the shop owner to help the lady and
make your way to the back. There's more stuff back here than the last shop.
You can search around for a total of [_BOX x2_], [_CASE x3_] and a [_DUFFEL
BAD_]. There's a violin you can pluck back here as well. The [_MASK BOX_] on
the right side of the area has the treasure we seek! Finally!

 o Return to Cohen's

 Leave the store and make your way back to Cohen's. The comments on the way
back are gold. Knock on the door and choose to enter to continue.

 Argh, blinding white! I can hardly take it, but my writing spares my eyes
for a few moments!

 o OBJECTIVE: Talk to Saner Cohen
 Push onward and the attendant at the other end will open up a dark corridor.
Better than white. Keep going and soon you'll be at the party. As you head down
the stairs, keep your eyes on the dancers for something shocking (sorry, can't
help myself sometimes). Walk around the area and go talk to Cohen to learn what
he knows. He'll even offer to send us to her... for a dance.

 No choice here, go dance with Elizabeth. You'll talk for a bit and then soon
Cohen will deliver on his promise.

(-NOTE-) You should have the Bronze "Down in the Briney" trophy now for
         beating the game.

                  Chapter 03: Arrived at Fontaine's Station        [BSI-03]   
\                Infusions:  0   Voxophones:  0   Turrets:  0                /

 You'll wake up in an elevator with Elizabeth, on your way down to the
department store you've heard so much about. This should be fun...

 o OBJECTIVE: Find Sally
 I suppose it's time to fight again. We start out with a Hand Cannon (with
limited shots) and the Devil's Kiss and Possession Plasmids. Search the
[_CORPSE_] ahead of you and the [_SUITCASE_] on his right. On either side of
this area are [_CABINET x2_] to search. The left side has three pieces of
[_MONEY_] while the right side has a [_LUNCHBOX_]. Grab it all. Head forward
a bit to the displays and note the cubbys on the left and right. Each of them
has a Kinetescope with some Cohen work in it that you can watch. Rather odd,
but still.
 Head up as the game reminds you how to fight. Head to the right. Elizabeth
will point out the blockade. The nearby counter has [_SILVER EAGLE x2_] and
a [_CANDY BOX_] behind it. Further in is a Sky Hook!... er, Air Blaster!
Constants and Variables! :)

 With your new sky hook you can grab a ledge above the gate. Your hook will
get "stuck" here, which lets you see a wintery plasmid in action. Now, do
an air attack on one of the enemies once you jump down to kill him and melee
the other one to death (Triange). You'll see "Housewares" from the window and
will get an objective:

 o OBJECTIVE: Get to the Tram
 The nearby counter has some [_SILVER EAGLE x2_] and a  [_BAG_] to search.
Now enter the elevator the previous splicer did. You'll have a good chat with
Elizabeth on your way down.

                   Chapter 04: The Pavilion - First Floor          [BSI-04]   
\                Infusions:  4   Voxophones:  7   Turrets:  7                /

 In this new area there are three splicers in total. You can easily kill the
woman here by sneaking up on her (Press O to duck). I prefer to bum-rush the
other two now and just melee them to death. As long as you watch your shield
you'll be fine. Once they are dead, Elizabeth will point out the tram
station. Seems like we need that freezing power.

 o OBJECTIVE: Find a way to freeze the water
 Elizabeth will also point out an ice rink to us on the right:
 o OBJECTIVE: Visit Rapture on Ice
 Before you go off that way though, head to the other side of the area to
find some vending machines. You can spend some money here if you want.

(-NOTE-) Remember to POSSESS vending machines to get money out of them!

 o Health Kit [80%]  $36

 o Health Kit [20%]  $14
 o Salt [100%]  $67
 o Salt [25%]  $19
 o Hand Cannon Ammo (6) $8
 o Winter Boost $125
 o Winter Mod $225
 o Bronco Attract $190
 o Bronco Aid $100
 o Shock Jockey Bounce $140
 o Shock Chain Aid $100
 o Possession For Less $100
(-NOTE-) I recommend saving money on this go around.

 After that, be sure to check the nearby counters on both sides for some
[_SILVER EAGLES x4_] and a [_WALLET_] and some Eve over by the left counter.
Enter the doors now to find a bloody scene... still, search the [_CORPSE_],
the [_BAG_], [_PURSE_] and pick up the [_SILVER EAGLE_]. There's another
burst pipe here, so no going this way for now!

 Head back to the ice display area across from the vending machines. There's
a [_TRASH CAN_] to the right in the back and [_SILVER EAGLE x2_] to the left
by the cash register. Behind the desk is also a [_HATBOX_]. Grab them all and
ask Elizabeth to pick the nearby lock. Enter in. To the right behind the
counter is a [_BOX_]. Grab it and look near the iced door for some Eve then
head in. There's a group of splicers here. The game will explain how to set
"Trap Plasmids", which we are going to use. Sneak around the corner and set a
Devil's Kiss trap near the red barrel. Soon you'll be spotted but that little
trap (combined with the barrel) will equal devastation! Wipe up the survivors.
There's two more splicers up the stairs to the right, so go kill them as well.
Beware: one is a shooter. Wipe them all out and loot the corpses.

 Ah, that was fun. Go back to the starting area and loot the [_BAG x2_],
[_HATBOX_], and nearby [_TRASH CAN_]. Now head up the stairs and you'll see
a turret nearby. I actually killed this thing with melee by using the column
to hide behind. You can too if you wish, just be quick. There's actually a
trophy in the game for killing all the turrets, so let's count them! This will
be [_TURRET 1/10_]. Once you kill it you can pick up the nearby [_LOCKPICK_]
and on the other table [_SILVER EAGLE x2_] and a [_BOX_]. There is also some
[_GEAR_] behind the turret in the room. Grab it and equip it (no reason not

 Now look around and you'll see an open gap in the wall nearby. It has some
red light shining. Duck down and head in. Kill the splicer you find and then
loot the room for a [_LOCKPICK_] and a [_WALLET_] and a [_VOXOPHONE_]. Very
nice. There's various food here too. Back outside, two more splicers have
shown up. I recommend beating them to death. Also, before we get too far ahead,
go back down to the door the splicers were at. With your new lockpicks, have
Elizabeth pick the lock to get inside "The Daily Bread".

 Search behind the greeter box for some [_HANDCANNON_] ammo, [_SILVER EAGLE
x2_] and a [_CIGAR TIN_]. There's also a TOMMY GUN on the ground near the
[_CORPSE_]. Yes, our second gun! Hurrah! Further in is another [_CORPSE_]
and a lootable turret (not putting this in brackets). Near the bar are all
sorts of goodies: [_HANDCANNON AMMO_], [_SILVER EAGLE x7_], plenty of booze,
an [_INFUSION_] (our first of the game), a [_VOXOPHON_] behind the counter,
[_WHISKY CRATE x2_] and finally a [_SILVER EAGLE STACK_].

 While you are looting all this a female splicer may very well come up and
see you. Take her out. You can hide if you are quick enough and take her out
easier. Now time to head downstairs. You'll see two splicers working on a
turret. This is a great place for a fireball. Kill them all. This nets you
[_TURRET 2/10_] as well.

 Search under the stairs for a [_CORPSE_] holding a [_SMALL GOLDEN BAR_].
Now go search near the turret. In a toolbox is a [_LOCKPICK_]. There's a
second [_TOOLBOX_] nearby as well. Loot all the casualties and head further
in. In the back search the far right corner for your second piece of [_GEAR_].
It is tucked away, so don't leave without it! Grab it and head back outside
the store. This time take the nearby stairs and search near the railings to
find some [_BAG x2_] by the railing and a [_TRASHCAN_] on the way up. The next
room has some people encased in ice but also a group of four splicers standing
about. A trap here is a good idea. Set one up and fire at them to get them to
run at it, then play clean up. The display in the corner has some food and a
[_LOCKPICK_] by it. Grab it and then look up to see a hook. Use it and you'll
hear some fighting nearby.

 Land on the ground and wait for the splicer to kill who he is fighting.
Examine the [_CORPSE_], and nearby [_BAG x2_]. There's also a [_TRASHCAN_]
nearby and [_SILVER EAGLE x2_] on the counter. Once he is done, sneak up behind
him and smack him to kill him. Grab the nearby [_GEAR_] now and equip it. Look
at all the destroyed gear boxes! Sad face!

 Head up the left stairs and look on the counter to the right for a [_BOX_].
Now, look up and jump to the hook. Nearby is a turret. You can do air strikes
on it from here. Do so until it is dead to kill it while saving resources.
Head into the Haberdashery now. You may encounter a splicer here depending on
how they came out earlier. Up ahead is a [_CASH REGISTER_], [_BAG x2_] and a
[_BOX_] on the counter. There's also [_SILVER EAGLE x2_] behind the counter and
[_BOX x2_] in the left corner and a [_HATBOX_] in the right corner.

 In the back is [_TURRET 4/10_]. Take it out and explore the two rooms it
was guarding for a [_VOXOPHONE_], some [_TOMMY GUN AMMO_], a [_SILVER EAGLE
STACK_], some [_GEAR_] and [_SILVER EAGLE x2_] (one in each room). Once you
have all these goodies, four more splicers will be out in the hub area, so
be ready for them (a trap by the door to the Habadashery is a good idea).

 After killing them, head out and take the door to the right. Cycle the
airlock you find and wait a bit as the next part of the level loads up.

  The Pavilion - 2nd Floor

 Search the counter on the left. There's [_SILVER EAGLE x4_] over here as
well as a [_BAG_]. Further in you'll see a pneumo line running overhead. To
the left up the stairs is a door that needs some Shock Jockey... but we have
yet to find any. The counter beyond it has a [_BAG_] and [_PNEUMO x2_] to
search. Head further on to see the "Ladies Wear" section. The counter here
has a [_DUFFEL BAG_] and [_SILVER EAGLE x4_] behind it. Grab them and head in
to Ladies Wear.

 Grab the [_TRASH CAN_] on the right and then head into "Jewelry". This area
has two splicers in it, so get the jump on them. The cubby to the right has a
[_BAG_] and [_PURSE_] on a bench. The center area has a [_CORPSE_], full Eve
bottle and a [_CASH REGISTER_]. Further in is a wide circular area with a
[_BAG_] nearby as well as a locked door that requires THREE LOCKPICKS. That
is a tall order this early in the game, but you should have exactly three
picks right now so go ahead and open it. Inside is a [_VOXOPHONE_], a [_RING
x2_], a [_LOCKPICK_], a [_DESK_], a [_NECKLACE_], a [_WALLET_], a [_CABINET_],
a [_PURSE_] and finally a [_BOX_]. Whew, that was a lot of stuff. Remember the
code you got from the Voxophone as well!

 Head out of the room and you'll see an [_INFUSION_] in front of you. You
aren't dreaming... it's real. BUT IT'S A TRAP! The woman by it is actually
alive, so kill her before grabbing it. There's two more female splicers in
this room as well, so be careful and take them out. You have to have Elizabeth
unlock the room to get out.

 OK, back out to the open area. Kill off the splicers here. There's some air
hooks up the stairs you can use. I like to kill them as they run down the
stairs though. In the left back corner of the area is [_TURRET 5/10_] as well
that you can kill with an air drop. Note the food and [_SILVER EAGLE x2_] by
the turret. Once the killing is done, check out the shop by the left stairs
(the one with the exploding barrel in it) to find a [_CORPSE_], a [_LOCKPICK_]
on the counter, [_BAG x2_] behind the counter and a [_BOX_]. Now jump up to the
air hook outside and get on the shop's roof. There's another [_CORPSE_] up here
with the words "Hoarder". There's also some eve and some hard to grab [_SILVER
EAGLE x2_].

 Time to explore the nearby shoe store. Inside are two splicers. Take them out.
There's also [_CORPSE x2_] lying around. This place is pretty barren, but to
the right on the round display is a [_BOX_], and of course there is the [_CASH
REGISTER_] and some [_SILVER EAGLE x2_] behind it. Nearby is a door with a lock
on it. This is unlocked using that code from the Jewelry Store: "0928". Enter
in the code and enter. Now, there is a splicer and [_TURRET 6/10_] here, so be
sure to take them out. Thre's also a TON of boxes... [_BOX x9_] (I hope my
count is right). There's also a [_LOCKPICK_], a piece of [_GEAR_], and in the
back a [_VOXOPHONE_] near what looks to be Moses Lydecker. Damn. Poor guy. Be
sure to check the [_CABINET x5_] back here as well (again, hopefully my count
is right). We got all the important stuff anyways, so head back out.

 Back outside are four splicers wandering around. You can kill them all with
air drops if you time it right. As you near the exit door (we have to go back
to the pneumatic railing) four MORE splicers will show up. Take them all out
and backtrack back to the entrance of Ladies Wear. Head up the rail now to
the third floor. Up here you'll have to fight a group of splicers leaving a
door. Take them out. Stay mobile if you can and air drop for instant kills.

  The Pavilion - 3rd Floor

 Once the fight is done, let's explore the third floor. The right side has
some vending machines! Note the [_TRASH CAN_] and [_TOMMY GUN AMMO_] behind
the nearby counter. Check out the note in the guide below as well!

  VENDING MACHINE - Pavilion 3rd. Floor
 o Health Kit [80%]  $36

 o Health Kit [20%]  $14
 o Salt [100%]  $67
 o Salt [25%]  $19
 o Hand Cannon Ammo (6) $8
 o Tommy Gun Ammo (35) $8
  VIGOR MACHINE - Pavilion 3rd. Floor
 o Winter Boost $125
 o Winter Mod $225
 o Bronco Attract $190
 o Bronco Aid $100
 o Shock Jockey Bounce $140
 o Shock Chain Aid $100
 o Possession For Less $100

(-NOTE-) You can buy the two WINTER MODS here for the bronze "Fully Equipped"
         trophy. You should be able to afford it with ease at this point.

 There's two doors up here. Let's head to "Fontaine's Plasmids" first. Have
Elizabeth unlock it for you. There's a number of splicers in here. I recommend
putting a trap by the first set of stairs and then using possession on one of
them down below to the right. That one will die and the rest will come after
you and be hit by the trap (go off to the left to lure them over). Then you can
safely play clean up. Go up the stairs now and check the store for some food
and [_SILVER EAGLE STACK_]. Follow the path now and head down to the safe
the splicers were clawing at. Have Elizabeth open it now for THREE lockpicks,
which will decimate our lockpick count but should be doable. Inside is our
third [_INFUSION_] and a [_VOXOPHONE_]. Good stuff! Continue onward to find a
trashed room with the [_SHOCK JOCKEY_] in the middle! Despite looking like a
clear trap, you are OK. Check out the [_CASH REGISTER_] in the back and head
out of this place.

 With our new Shock Jockey, head down to the 2nd Floor now using the rails and
use it on the elevator door to open it. You'll be able to ride the elevator
down now to the 1st Floor. Jump out and look under it for a [_CORPSE_], some
[_GEAR_] and a [_SMALL GOLD BAR_]. Head back up in the elevator now and ride
the rails up to the 3rd floor. Enter "Jack Frost's Village" now.

 In here you'll see the gift shop. Go up either set of stairs and shoot the
gift shop door with some Shock Jockey to open it. Inside is some [_GEAR_],
a [_VOXOPHONE_] and a [_DESK_]. There is also a safe inside you can open, but
it only has a [_PURSE_] and [_SILVER EAGLE STACK x2_]. It only costs one pick
though. Get it if you want and cycle the airlock to the next door. To the
right is a rental booth. Enter it and search the dead man for a [_CARBINE_],
our third weapon. There is also a [_LOCKPICK_] in the back on one of the desks.
Check up front near the cash registers for [_SILVER EAGLE x4_] and then carry
on to the next door where you'll get a new objective:

 o OBJECTIVE: Defeat the Frosty Splicer

 This ought to be fun. There are pneumatic lines in here to use, which I of
course like to use for instant minion killing. You are fighting the Frosty
Splicer and five minions here. Whittle down the minions before taking on the
splicer. He isn't THAT much tougher than normal splicers, but does have a
freezing attack and can slide. Still, a few shots to the face will kill him

 One he is done, examine the central stand to see he DRANK every last bottle
of Old Man Winter. Elizabeth will help us out here with one of her Tears,
which she passes off as a new plasmid. Ha! Grab [_OLD MAN WINTER_] and quit
asking question!

 o OBJECTIVE: Return to the burst pipes on the first floor.
 Before we do that, let's ransack this place. Down on the ice rink is some
eve and a health kit, as well as a [_CORPSE_] and [_CARBINE AMMO x2_]. To
the right in the booth are [_CASH REGISTERS x2_] and some [_TOMMMY GUN AMMO_].
In the back is a [_TRASH CAN_] and [_DUFFEL BAG_] and to the left you can
find [_HAND GUN AMMO x2_] and [_TRASH CAN x2_].

(-NOTE-) There is a trophy for freezing and breaking people with Old Man
         Winter. You have to do this to five enemies. Just do it when you
         can for the trophy.
 Time to head back to the first floor. As you exit, you'll hear voices.
That's because there are three splicers in the rental shop. Take them out
(preferably using the note above) and continue. Out on the tired floor you
will see some tears. Call in the "Samurai" to attack the splicers and help
him polish them off. Don't forget the "Carbine" tear for ammo. Head down to
the 2nd floor and use the elevator to the 1st.

 o OBJECTIVE: Create an ice bridge to the Tram Station.
 BEFORE creating the ice bridge, head left through the door to the door with
the "Pret-A-Porter" sign. Create a bridge here with Old Man Winter and go
across. There are three splicers in this first section. Use the "Decoy" tear
nearby and kill who you can before the turret and splicers kill it. Destroy
the [_TURRET 7/10_] last since you can avoid its fire easily. Once it is dead,
check the left side for a [_HAT BOX_] and check near the decoy for a [_CASH
REGISTER_]. On the far wall by the stairs is a [_BAG_]. Up the stairs note
the "Samurai" and hit up the vending machines if you which.

  AMMO MACHINE - Pret-A-Porter
 o Acceleration Mod $150
 o Slow Cook Mod $200
 o Hand Cannon Ammo (6) $8
 o Tommy Gun Ammo (35) $8
 o Shotgun Ammo (4) $8
 o Carbine Ammo (8) $8
  VIGOR MACHINE - Pret-A-Porter
 o Winter Boost $125
 o Winter Mod $225
 o Bronco Attract $190
 o Bronco Aid $100
 o Shock Jockey Bounce $140
 o Shock Chain Aid $100
 o Possession For Less $100

 Note the Shotgun ammo and weapon mods. Get them if you want. Across from the
vending machines you can find [_BOX x2_]. Head back to the dressing rooms now.
Someone did something cute in the first one. The second has the [_SHOTGUN_], a
[_CORPSE_] and a [_VOXOPHONE_]. The third has our fourth [_INFUSION_]. Once you
have all this picked up, head back to the beginning. Call out the "Samurai" as
three splicers have appeared. Take them out with the Japanese Warrior's help
and head to the Tram Station and make an ice bridge there.

 o OBJECTIVE: Take the Tram to Housewares
 Cross the bridge and investigate the piano. There's a suitcase with [_SILVER
EAGLE x3_] and a [_SMALL GOLD BAR_] here. Head forward to the lobby. There are
a LOT of items here. Search around for [_TRASH CAN x3_], [_SILVER EAGLE x2_],
a set of [_GEAR_], [_CORPSE x2_], [_BAG x3_], a [_HAT BOX_] and a [_LOCKPICK_].
The only item that is semi-hard to find is the lockpick. It is on the right
side by the upper benches. It is hidden behind a bag, so be sure to grab it.
Once you have everything, head to the Bathysphere and proceed to Housewares
while enjoying the talk along the way.

(-NOTE-) You should have the Bronze "Going Places" trophy now for beating
         the game.

                            Chapter 05: Housewares                 [BSI-05]   
\                Infusions:  0   Voxophones:  5   Turrets:  3                /

 As you gain control, you'll catch a glimpse of Sally! Kill the Splicer
here and listen to Elizabeth as she gives us out next objective and a way
to flush Sally out.

 o OBJECTIVE: Close all vents.
 Huh. Check the [_LUNCHBOX_] nearby and the [_CORPSE x2_] to the right.
There are [_SILVER EAGLE x2_] by the woman and a [_BOX_] by the man. Grab
them and check out the left side of the area. There is a [_CORPSE_] in a
chair and a [_LOCKPICK_] and [_FRIDGE_] by him. There's also a shotgun and
[_SILVER EAGLE x2_] nearby. Have Elizabeth bust open the lock to electronics!

 Here check out the splicers on the right side. Take them out as you wish of
course, but check the note below for a trophy.

(-NOTE-) This is a GREAT place to get the bronze "Snowball Effect" trophy
         with the splicers grouped up like that. Set a Old Man Winter trap
         right before them and get their attention to earn it easily.
 Once they are dead loot their corpses and close the VENT nearby. One down.
Around to the left is a [_CORPSE_] and a [_VOXOPHONE_] by the elevator. Note
the code it has in it! Back near the entrance is another [_CORPSE_] and a
vending machine. There are two other vending machines in this area by the
"Bistro" and the Toys section, so I'll just list them all here.

  VENDING MACHINE - Electronics
 o Health Kit [80%]  $36

 o Health Kit [20%]  $14
 o Salt [100%]  $67
 o Salt [25%]  $19
 o Hand Cannon Ammo (6) $8
 o Tommy Gun Ammo (35) $8

 o Shotgun Ammo (4) $8
 o Carbine Ammo (8) $8
  AMMO MACHINE - Electronics
 o Acceleration Mod $150
 o Slow Cook Mod $200
 o Hand Cannon Ammo (6) $8
 o Tommy Gun Ammo (35) $8
 o Shotgun Ammo (4) $8
 o Carbine Ammo (8) $8
  VIGOR MACHINE - Electronics
 o Winter Boost $125
 o Winter Mod $225
 o Bronco Attract $190
 o Bronco Aid $100
 o Shock Jockey Bounce $140
 o Shock Chain Aid $100
 o Possession For Less $100

 To the left of the elevator search near the fallen TV for a [_LOCKPICK_].
Now, head up the nearby stairs to "The Bistro". There's splicers inside of
course. Up top is a woman that you can ambush easily, but more splicers will
likely come up from downstairs. Lay a trap if you wish. I killed four total
coming up from below, but you may do less. Let's go over what is up here
first: a [_CASH REGISTER_] near the front, [_CORPSE x7_] scattered around
and in the booths to the right [_CARBINE AMMO x2_]. Gather it all up and head

 Down here search the booths near the stairs and near the [_CASH REGISTER_]
for [_SILVER EAGLE x7_]. There are a number of things to search here too: an
[_OVEN_], [_FRIDGE_], a [_CIGAR TIN_] next to the fridge and a [_CEREAL BOX_]
next to the locked door. BEFORE you unlock the door, go close the vent nearby.
Now, head back to the locked door enter in the code "3958" to get to the
[_RADAR RANGE_] gun! There is some [_RADAR RANGE AMMO_] here too. Once you
grab it, three splicers will show up. Try it out on the middle one. Hold your
fire down and cook her. The two splicers on each side will feel the pain!

(-NOTE-) This is a GREAT place to get two trophies. Only one really matters
         though. Once you kill the three splicers, do a "Restart Checkpoint"
         to re-load by the vent. Now, go get the gun and kill them again by
         exploding the middle woman. Doing this about 7-8 times will eventually
         net you the Silver "Chain Reaction" trophy. It will also net you the
         Bronze "Cook and Serve" trophy in the process. It takes a little
         while but you'll have it done in a matter of minutes and two more
         trophies will be down!
 Grab the [_VOXOPHONE_] by the cash register and head back upstairs with our
new gun to kill the two splicers up here. Head out into the main Electronics
area and kill the four splicers out here as well, then head to the "Toys"
area to continue. Cycle the airlock to enter "Returns".


 Here kill the two splicers to the left, then search the middle counter area
from where you started. There is a Tommy Gun here and a [_DESK_]. There is
also a safe here you can open for THREE LOCKPICKS. Inside is a [_GOLD BAR_],
[_SILVER EAGLE x3_] and a bunch of booze. You can skip this if you want. In
the door behind you is a [_VOXOPHONE_] and some eve as well as a vent to close
which brings us closer to Sally.

 Head out and to the left now. There is a [_TURRET 8/10_] here by two splicers.
I recommend using Devil's Kiss here near an exploding barrel, then mop up
whatever remains. Note the giant obstruction they were working on. Yikes...
sounds like they made a Big Daddy angry. Check the [_FRIDGE_] and [_CORPSE x3_]
in this area and get the [_SILVER EAGLE x3_] by the door. Have Elizabeth open
the lock to enter.

 Here there is a CRAZY lady holding a reception apparently. Be smart and set a
trap near the door (we'll need it later), then go and hit her over the head.
Yes, we are bad people. Search the counter for some [_GEAR_], a [_CASH
REGISTER_], a [_SILVER EAGLE_] and behind the counter for a [_VOXOPHONE_] and
some eve. There is a [_BOX_] here too. There is also a [_BOX_] and [_BAG_]
over by the changing rooms and a [_HATBOX_] by the record player. As you grab
all this stuff, four splicers will come in including a winter splicer. The
trap will help you know when and you can go clean them up after they spring
it. Foreknowledge for the win!

 Exit the Bridal area now and make your way to the right. Head to the
"Bookstore" now. Enter the first door and head left upstairs. You should be
able to kill a female splicer with a melee attack if she doesn't notice you.
From there there are two splicers near the vent up here by [_TURRET 9/10_].
I recommend Devil's Kiss instead of the Samurai Tear, just to make sure that
YOU kill the turret. Wipe them out and hunt down the last splicer downstairs.

 Upstairs, loot the [_CORPSE x2_] you find and close the vent. To the right of
the vent around the corner is a [_BAG_] as well. Head downstairs now using
the set of stairs you didn't come up from and grab the [_BOX_] from the counter
near the cash registers. To the right is a [_CORPSE_] and some [_TOMMY GUN
AMMO_] as well. Exit out the far left door.

 You'll see a scene here. Sally isn't listening it seems. Search the [_CORPSE_]
and nab the [_SILVER EAGLE x6_] by the vent. You can use the nearby vending
machine if you wish:
  VENDING MACHINE - Near Bookstore
 o Health Kit [80%]  $36

 o Health Kit [20%]  $14
 o Salt [100%]  $67
 o Salt [25%]  $19
 o Hand Cannon Ammo (6) $8
 o Tommy Gun Ammo (35) $8

 o Shotgun Ammo (4) $8
 o Carbine Ammo (8) $8
 o Radar Range Ammo (300) $8
 Go close the vent for your next objective:
 o OBJECTIVE: Find the Central Exhaust in Toys
 Have Elizabeth open the door to continue into Appliances.
 Kill the splicers in here. There's about four of them. You can lure them
to the water on the right and fry them with Shock Jockey if you wish (and
are evil... which you are!). Check the water for [_SILVER EAGLE x3_]. The
central display also has a [_FRIDGE_] and [_POT_] to check. Go down the right
path and look behind the washing machines for [_RADAR RANGE AMMO x2_] (hope
you've been using it!). You can also check out the back displays for yet
another [_FRIDGE_] and [_WASHING MACHINE_] to check. Head on in to the door
and try to open it for another objective:

 o OBJECTIVE: Boost Elizabeth
 Well, go ahead and boost her up. She will take... awhile on this lock. While
you may be worried about HER, you should worry about YOURSELF! Turn around and
get ready for a stream of enemies. You'll face about six of them here in this
room. Use the water and Shock Jockey to your advantage and possess one or two
to really turn the tides.

 Once you've dealt with them go back to Elizabeth who manages to open the
lock. Finally. Search the nearby [_CORPSE_] and grab the [_LOCKPICK_] he is
holding. The lockers here have a [_WALLET_], [_TOMMY GUN AMMO_] and some eve.
Head to the left and FREEZE the water, then enter the door on the left. Pick
up the [_GEAR_] here and the episode's LAST [_VOXOPHONE_]. We are nearly done!
Grab the [_CABINET x2_], [_CIGAR TIN_] and [_FRIDGE_] as well, then head out.
Grab the [_LOCKPICK_] from the other room and search the [_OVEN_], then head
back across the ice bridge.

 Take the door on the right and head down the stairs and look near the base of
the stairs for [_TURRET 10/10_]. Our last turret!

(-NOTE-) You should get the Bronze Trophy "Confirmed Luddite" at this time.

 Search this area for [_CORPSE x3_], a [_CASE_], [_SILVER EAGLE STACK_] and
[_RADAR RANGE AMMO_] in a locker, a [_WHISKY CRATE_] if you want to get
toasted, and [_SILVER EAGLE x5_] in the locker laying down. Head back up now
and take a right (grab the [_TRASH CAN_] I missed mentioning earlier). In the
room beyond grab the shotgun and [_SHOTGUN AMMO_]. Head up and look at the
left lockers for [_CARBINE AMMO x2_]. In the toy room, check the shelf near
the horse for [_BOX x2_], then head out into the wide open area full of tears.
Not intimidating at all!

 Despite how big this area is there is little to search. Up top near the
stairs you came from is a [_BAG_]. Down below you can search around for a
total of [_BAG x3_] and a [_CASH REGISTER_]. This area is mainly for fighting
as you can tell. Elizabeth will check out the vent here and give us another
new objective: 
 o OBJECTIVE: Turn up the Thermostat
 Follow the guide marker into the nearby room. You'll see the barricade from
earlier off to the right. There is [_TOMMY GUN AMMO x2_] over there. Head
into the left room and use the eve if you need it and search the [_TOOLBOX x2_]
before telling Elizabeth to turn the dial.

 o OBJECTIVE: Return to the Exhaust
 Time to go see if we saved her or killed her I guess. Head to the exhaust.
 o OBJECTIVE: Grab Sally
 Look in the exhaust to see what has become of her. Here comes Mr. Bubbles!
 o OBJECTIVE: Eliminate the Big Daddy
 Start firing like crazy and freeze him, then retreat. There's a few things
you should know about this Big Daddy: he can obviously launch his drill at
us (as you saw first-hand) but he can also jump and is just generally much
faster. Still, this is the last fight of the game. After blowing through all
of your Eve (I recommend Old Man Winter followed by shooting), head downstairs
next. Here you can restock on Carbine ammo and find some more eve. Use all of
this and cycle through weapons then when he is near dead, go up and activate
the "Motorized Patriot" tear to help finish him off.

 o OBJECTIVE: Rescue Sally
 Check the corpse and go back to the vent. Interact with it to see the ending
scenes of Burial at Sea: Episode One. Enjoy!
(-NOTE-) You should have the Silver "Burial at Sea" trophy now for beating
         the game.

(-NOTE-) I hope you've found this guide helpful. Be sure to give the guide a
         recommend using the link up at the very top if you've enjoyed it.
         Also, be sure to swing by my Facebook page (Facebook.com/Bkstunt)
         and say Hi, or shoot me an email!
                   ___                   ___
                  | _ )                 |_ _|
                  | _ \ I O S H O C K    | |  N F I N I T E
O==<                            Gear Inventory                            >==O
 In this section I list all of the gear in the game. Unlike the main game,
I don't believe the gear here is random. But still, here it all is for
completion's sake.

 The gear below is separated by category and then alphabetized.
 o EVIL EYE: Weapon damage increases while the player is aiming using the
             sights and after each successive kill (up to five).

 Thoughts: A very decent hat. Use it if you are fond of using the sights
           for a very decent damage boost. Good for hard fights, like the
           last one...
 o TICKET PUNCHER: Melee strikes reach 3 times as far and do double damage
                   but also consume 20% of your shield.

 Thoughts: This is a double-bladed shirt. Loosing shield in the middle of a
           fire-fight is evil and can get you killed quickly. Having double
           the punch is pretty hand though if you can manage the enemy well.
           Your choice, really. I used it, but that's just me.
 o SURPRISE ELEMENT: Bullets have a 50% chance to do fire, electric, or ice

 Thoughts: 50% is a good chance. Combine that with a fast-firing weapon and
           you are BOUND to see some surprises. This is actually a very, very
           good gear, especially for the last boss fight. Try it out then at
           the very least!
 o BETTER MOUSETRAP: Plasmid traps are more potent and cost less Eve.

 Thoughts: You get this gear early in the game, so it is pretty handy.
           You can lay down more traps and it costs less. What's not to
           love here?!
 o MAGIC BULLET: Critical hits do extra damage and have a chance to not
                 consume a bullet.

 Thoughts: Pretty handy if you are an ace at critical shots, which is almost
           all head shots in this episode. I prefer Roar to Life but you do
           get this before that one so go for it.
 o ROAR TO LIFE: When your shield breaks, damage dealt and movement speed
                 are increased for 5 seconds and your weapon clip is instantly

 Thoughts: Look at all those benefits! How is this NOT the best piece of gear
           in the game. You get it very late in the game though, so it really
           doesn't have a chance to shine. Too over-powered I guess...
 o DEATH BENEFIT: Melee kills give a small amount of health. Melee executions
                  give a large amount of health.

 Thoughts: I love this pair of pants. Mainly because I love to use melee
           attacks and executions, so it is win-win.
 o FILTHY LEECH: Using a Plasmid to kill an enemy returns some Eve.

 Thoughts: A good set of pants, if for nothing else than to get some eve
           back. You get this early so it has it's place.
 o QUICK-HANDED: Decrease weapon reload times by 30%.

 Thoughts: Very handy. The reload bonus if very noticeable. Use this if the
           two gear options above don't do anything for you.
 o HIGH AND MIGHTY: Attaching to Pneumo lines and Freight Hooks provides a
                    chance of a Winter Shield and increased damage for 5

 Thoughts: This is the only pair of boots in the game, so whether you like
           it or not go ahead and use it. Boost of damage and a shield can't
           hurt after all.

                   ___                   ___
                  | _ )                 |_ _|
                  | _ \ I O S H O C K    | |  N F I N I T E
O==<                        Voxophone Transcripts                         >==O
 I am a big fan of the Voxophones. So I wrote down all the transcripts and
put them all here. Just like I did for the first guide!
 Chapter 1: DeWitt Investigations
 Chapter 2:  Market Street

 - Sander Cohen
 Ryan's been good to me... Few are the patrons who truly understand the
struggle of the artist. But even I was a little leery when he shuttered
Fontaine's business and sent that bald buck to a grave deep in the briny.
But when Ryan buried all of Fontaine's pals in that department store, someone
had to find a home for all those freshly minted orphans. And if I turned a
dollar or two in the process, you can hardly blame me for doing well by doing

 Voxophone 2: OBSERVATION #33
 - Yi Suchong

 Suchong observe strangest of coincidences. On other side of window, man in
strange hat experimenting on Suchong's own creation. On Plasmid. Man name of
Fink. Outrage! Theft of intellectual property! But - man name of Fink is no
fool. Through addition of oxidizing agent, turns Plasmid ingestible through
stomach lining. Mr. Ryan very impressed with Suchong's initiative. Theft of
intellectual property two-way street.

 - Roscoe Mullins

 I had all of these visions, before coming down her, of utopia. Every man with
his hand on the Great Chain, the wheel of progress turning - every cliche you
can imagine. And what is the first thing that happens when I open up shop?
Petty thievery. Now I have to lock all my valuables in the closet. (Remember:
2-0-7-6.). It's the problem with coming to utopia... is that is still has the

 - Yi Suchong

 When Ryan take over Fontaine Futuristics, scene of terrible violence.
Splicers burning each other to bits. Lucky ones not killed, sent to department
store prison instead. Suchong think he dead man, too... But then, Ryan comes
to Suchong and says, "Suchong want to be buried in filthy store? Or Suchong
want to make good salary, work for Ryan?" "How much salary?" ask Suchong. This
Ryan find very funny.

 Chapter 3:  Arrived at Fontaine's Station
 Chapter 4:  The Pavilion - First Floor

 Voxophone 5: LEFT BEHIND
 - Moses Lydecker
 Ryan, you bastard. Left me here to rot... Sure, I signed the contract: "help
turn Fontaine's into a prison." Ten days, big rush, everything slapdash. Right
before the prisoners're brought in? One of your piece-of-shit turrets.. bam!
Both kneecaps. Now I'm likely a cripple, locked in a jail - surrounded by
maniacs! Haven't even been paid, but I don't care, just get me outta here!

 Voxophone 6: THE OLD BEAR
 - Sander Cohen

 It used to be such a thrill to hear Ryan speak. "Parasites" this and "the
exaltation of man" that. Sure, it could all get a bit of a bore - but the old
bear sure knew how to enunciate.

 Voxophone 7: CRITICS
 - Sander Cohen
 Of my first play, the Herald said: "A dead whale has washed up at the Shubert
Theater, and stinks a little more with each passing night." The Tribune called
my first opera as "having the effect of canceling out all of Mozart's classics
in a single caterwaul." And now, critics take me to task for my humanitarian
work. If I were not there to find a home for these orphans, would these
bellyachers take my place? An artist once said, "All critics should be
assassinated." I just might take him up on that.

 - Moses Lydecker
 I keep dropping audio diaries in the Pneumo tube like a message in a goddamn
bottle. Hoping one'll get through and someone'll save me... If you get this,
send help. I'm hole up in the shoe storeroom. The code's 0-9-2-8.
 - Moses Lydecker
 Heartless -- that's what this town is... All my audio diaries begging for
rescue came back, unread, marked, "Return to Sender. Insufficient postage."
 - Harshel Weiss
 Oh, you're not gonna out-lawyer me on this one, Ryan. You knowingly promoted
Old Man Winter with the implication it produced ice - not dry ice! The ice
sculpture we commissioned for this year's gala at the Kashmir stands where we
left it, a month later, all 2500 pounds of it... And who's still footing the
room rental? Oh, not you, you son of a bitch...
 - Ray Lardner
 Frank Fontaine called me in the other day. Me! Ray Lardner! Says trouble's
comin' an' he's passing out "special" Plasmids to all his best guys. *Shivers*
I mean, it's an honor but, man... I started getting these shingles all over.
Skin's discolored ... like when a guy's about to lose a limb, you know? An' I
can't seem to pile on enough clothes. I hate to ask, but - is this happenin'
to everybody? 
 - Herschel Weiss

 You thought the whole ice sculpture fiasco was just gonna bounce off you,
didn't you, Ryan? Well, you ain't made of rubber. You got your Circus of Values
selling your goods, security devices protecting your property... You think you
own them, but you don't. I'm learning how to turn your creations against you.
I promise you one thing: machine gun bullets don't bounce.

 Chapter 5:  Housewares
 Voxophone 13: OVEN OF THE FUTURE
 - Bert Unger
 "Oven a' the future," huh? Yeah, the kid got hold of that damn Radar Range
last night. Started tryin' it out on everything: apples, marshmallows, spoons!
Had himself a fine time until our Pekinese stepped in the way. And for some
reason, I'm the one in Dutch with the wife. Well, I locked the damn thing up.
Oh, uh, so I don't forget the code, it's 3-9-5-8.

 Voxophone 14: THE KISS
 - Shirley Womack
 All I could think was, "There are millions of bacteria in each drop of
saliva." "Did he - did he brush his teeth?" "What - what if, what if he
touched a door knob and then put his fingers to his lips?" I waited weeks
for that kiss and ... ruined. 
 Voxophone 15: OBSERVATION #17
 - Yi Suchong
 Observation #17 regarding unknown phenomena. Phenomena presents as odd
shimmer, through which is observed ... what? Men in strange hats. Women in
large dresses. Buildings that float. Is phenomena window to other space? Other
time? What was it Einstein said? "The only reason for time is so not everything
happen at once."

 Voxophone 16: A LITTLE HELP
 - Edith Crenshaw
 Why can't Franklin read quietly in a corner, like I did as a child?
Careless - not a single thought to where an accident might lead us...
Doctor Werthem prescribed a Plasmid -- a "mother's little helper" to keep
me sharp. I've had my misgivings, but ... I let my guard down for a second,
that boy may get himself killed!
 Voxophone 17: OBSERVATION #22
 - Yi Suchong
 Observation #22 regarding unknown phenomena. What is source of phenomena?
Suchong employ observers; observer task to find more phenomena. Observer
reports back young woman, appear from phenomena. And just as soon, young
woman disappear. Observer has nothing else to report on topic. If Suchong
can find this woman, she will make interesting new phenomena.

                   ___                   ___
                  | _ )                 |_ _|
                  | _ \ I O S H O C K    | |  N F I N I T E
O==<                         Trophy Information                           >==O
 In this section I'll list all the trophies in the game along with my best
description on how to obtain them. I'm sure that you Xbox 360 players out
there have the same exact "achievements", so this should help you out too.
(-NOTE-) Trophies are here in the order they appear in the PS trophy list.

   .————————————————————————.                                 .————————————.
 __|   Down in the Briney   |_________________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | Took a Bathysphere ride in Burial at Sea - Episode 1.
  How to Obtain | Just play through the game and you'll get this one. You can't
                | miss it!

   .———————————————————.                                      .————————————.
 __|   Burial at Sea   |______________________________________|   Silver   |__
    Description | Completed Burial at Sea - Episode 1.
  How to Obtain | Just play through the game and you'll get this one. You can't
                | miss it!

   .——————————————————————.                                   .————————————.
 __|   Audio Enthusiast   |___________________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | Collected all Audio Diaries in Burial at Sea - Episode 1.
  How to Obtain | Collect all the Voxophones. I point out in the guide where
                | every one is so you should be able to get them all. If you
                | are missing one, check to see which one (check the transcript
                | section) and go from there. There are 17 in total.

   .————————————————————.                                     .————————————.
 __|   Fully Equipped   |_____________________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | Purchased any two upgrades for Old Man Winter or Radar
                | Range in Burial at Sea - Episode 1.
  How to Obtain | I recommend buying the two Old Man Winter updrades. It
                | will cost a bit but the trophy is worth it.

   .———————————————————————.                                  .————————————.
 __|   Confirmed Luddite   |__________________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | Destroyed ten Turrets in Burial at Sea - Episode 1.
  How to Obtain | This is fairly easy, but can be tricky. First of all the
                | guide names all the turrets so you can find and destroy
                | them easily. Next, make sure YOU destroy the turrets. It is
                | best to stay away from possessing them or things around them
                | just for this purpose. Better safe than sorry!

   .————————————————————.                                     .————————————.
 __|   Cook and Serve   |_____________________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | Made 5 enemies explode with the Radar Range in Burial at
                | Sea - Episode 1.
  How to Obtain | This is fairly easy to do once you get the Radar Range gun
                | itself. Just use it, basically. The next trophy is even
                | harder.

   .————————————————————.                                     .————————————.
 __|   Chain Reaction   |_____________________________________|   Silver   |__
    Description | Damaged fifteen foes with an exploding enemy, using the
                | Radar Range in Burial at Sea - Episode 1.
  How to Obtain | This one can be rough. My advice is to follow the note in
                | the guide back where you pick up the Radar Range to start
                | with. It makes this trophy WAY easier and is fairly easy to
                | do... even if you have to go back and do it.

   .———————————————————.                                      .————————————.
 __|   Break the Ice   |______________________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | Shattered 5 enemies who had been froze with Old Man Winter
                | in Burial at Sea - Episode 1.
  How to Obtain | This one's pretty easy (and fun) to get. Shoot your foe
                | with the Old Man Winter to freeze him, then shatter him.
                | Hurry up after you freeze him! Meleeing works well, but
                | gun shots work if you need them. Do this 5 times for the
                | trophy.

   .—————————————————————.                                    .————————————.
 __|   Snowball Effect   |____________________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | Froze 2 enemies with the same Old Man Winter trap in
                | Burial at Sea - Episode 1.
  How to Obtain | This one is a bit harder to do, but still very easy. Just
                | find two splicers not paying attention to you and set up a
                | trap. You can find them doing other things a number of times
                | throughout the game. Examples would be the start of House
                | Wares or in the Bookstore's 2nd floor. Get two at once for
                | this trophy.

   .——————————————————.                                       .————————————.
 __|   Going Places   |_______________________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | Rode the tram in Burial at Sea - Episode 1.
  How to Obtain | Just play through the game and you'll get this one. You can't
                | miss it!

                   ___                   ___
                  | _ )                 |_ _|
                  | _ \ I O S H O C K    | |  N F I N I T E
O==<                           Version History                            >==O

 Version 1.00: May 25th - 26th 2014

 This is a fairly short DLC so it didn't take TOO long to write up. Indeed,
the formatting was probably the hardest part. Glad I got it done though. I
suppose Episode 2 is up next, whenever I get around to it.

                   ___                   ___
                  | _ )                 |_ _|
                  | _ \ I O S H O C K    | |  N F I N I T E
O==<                               Credits                                >==O
 o PS3Trophies.Org for help on the trophy info section and tips.
 o Bioshock Wikia for help with the transcripts (and generally just for being
   a very cool site for a very cool game series!

 o DomZ for the awesome title ASCii Artwork.
 o Johnathan Sawyer for the ASCii Artwork.
 o GameFAQs Contributor board for the support (You know who you are!)
"In Perpetuity"                                      Document © Bkstunt_31 2014
We are all                              Bioshock Infinite © 2013 Take Two Games
Buried at Sea...                                  E N D   O F   D O C U M E N T

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